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Bottling Problems

by Mélodie

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This morning started like it would be a wonderful spring day. The sun was warm, not a single cloud in the sky, birds singing and the smell of nature growing again. As I entered the building, I had no idea how bad it would turn. I started by reading my email and some websites about technology news before removing my high heels and putting on my safety shoes. I am an engineer. Not an easy job in manufacturing as there is a lot of sexism. Every guy on the floor who doesn't know me tries to tease me or worst harass me. I quickly shut them off except for a few of them and those really don’t like it when I get to them. It is the only way to get respected in that almost exclusively male environment when you measure only 5 feet 2 inches.

I took my safety goggles and ear protectors before heading onto the floor. This morning, we are producing the 8 litre liquid detergent for the wholesale warehouse with the name everybody knows. Yes, these are "family size" containers. Every time we produce these, we have problems. Containers fall on the floor, labels are put at an angle, and the detergent gets spilled on to the bottles. All kinds of problems happen occasionally for no good reason. It is the same line that produces the bottles from 1.5 to those 8 litre ones. All the machines can adjust automatically just by selecting the size of the bottle on a computer. Electricians, mechanics and plumbers, they all have inspected every little piece of hardware multiple times, but found nothing wrong. As the customer is complaining and as it is a big and important customer that doesn't hesitate to change supplier, I have to find what's wrong and quickly.

So, this morning I intended to find the problem. I was ready to spend the entire day watching the machines as they do their job. I started at the machine which makes the bottles from plastic pellets. I spent more than an hour and a half looking at every of those 5 machines at all the steps of the process, even picking some bottles as they exited on the conveyors. They were all done to perfection. Empty bottles from these 5 machines merge on a single conveyor to go to the next step. At that time, my bladder required me to take a break. I had to walk back to the office to use the lady's room as there are only male restrooms on the factory floor. That was a nice break for my ears at the same time as the noise level is quite high on the floor.

As I approach the detergent bottling line, I saw a guy near the conveyor. He was holding what looked like those old milk jugs in his hand. He put it on the floor before picking up an empty detergent bottle and putting it back on the conveyor. There was a little bit of fog coming out of it. Why is that guy putting liquefied nitrogen in that bottle?

As I was almost as his level, the bottle with nitrogen got to the bottling machine and as soon as detergent hit the liquefied gas, there was a huge burst and detergent was spilled all around. This guy is history here; I immediately reach of his ID badge on his belt when I received a huge blow behind my head. I passed out.

"Did you get that with your phone? It was amazing."

"Nope, I had to silence her. "

"What! What is that bitch doing here? I never saw her coming. Have you killed her?"

"She saw you put the bottle on the conveyor and what happened. I had to stop her. Stay here and if she moves, hit her on the head with this bottle. I'll be back in a minute. I missed recording the explosion but we will have better than that."

As I regained my senses, I saw 2 guys. I understood by their look that the second one must be the one who hit me with something heavy. I tried to ask them why they were doing this but that all came out was:

"hy ouu o iss?"

I had something in my mouth that prevented me speaking normally but air was still flowing. I tried to use my hand to remove whatever it was but I could not move my arm. I realised I was wrapped in plastic film normally used to wrap shipping pallets. My legs were bent with my knees pressed on my chest and my arms bound around my legs. Then I realised that I was naked under the plastic.

" eaese e oh ishe ouu n  iig oule".

"You speak too much, this will silence you."

Then the guy raised his hand toward my face with a bottle cap in his hand and he screwed it on the anti-spill cap I already had in my mouth. Not only I could not speak anymore but I had to breathe with my nose.

"That is better. Hold the bottles so I can put her on the conveyor."

With that, he lifted me like I was a pillow and put me upside down on the conveyor. I fitted just right between the conveyor sides and as soon as he released me, I started moving toward the bottling machine. As soon as I entered it, I felt a nozzle entering my vagina and liquid flowing.  Shortly after that it was in my other hole that I felt a nozzle pressing on, I tried to prevent it from entering me but the pressure from the machine was too great. It entered me with a sharp pain then started to fill me in the rear. I felt the pressure increasing inside my tummy.

My vagina was already filled and detergent was running between my legs. It was coming down between my legs and knees and on to my neck. Luckily, it ran on both sides of my chin preventing it from going in my nose. That would have surely meant death by suffocation, drowning in detergent, yuck. Soon, the pressure in my tummy was extreme, 8 litres of detergent, and the nozzle tightly inserted in my rear hole. At one point, detergent started to spill around the nozzle in the rear. The nozzle in my vagina retracted and I understood that the other one would retract in an instant.

I exited the bottling machine with pain in my tummy. I passed under the next machine which inserted an anti-spill cap in both of my holes. The one in my vagina was easy to go in but in the back it was a little harder due to the size of it. Luckily, the nozzle had stretched my hole a little bit and the detergent was lubricating it. An instant later, it was the capping machine and caps where screwed sealing the remainder of detergent into my vagina and rear hole. What an enema I just received. At least, I will be really clean when I'll be able to empty myself.

Not long after, a label was affixed on my back and another one on my leg. I went down the conveyor until the packing section. There I fell onto my side as I was pushed by an arm alongside the already filled bottles, more bottles where pushed all around me. Then a layer of cardboard was put on me and the bottles. The pallet was lowered to allow more layers of bottles until the pallet was full. Then the pallet with me filled to the top with detergent and capped in my mouth and holes, stuck surrounded by bottles moved to the next machine.

There the pallet stopped moving and quickly started to rotate so it would be wrapped in plastic film. After that I was dizzy as the pallet rotated quite fast for what appeared to be 10 turns. The pallet then continued down on a conveyor until it reached the automated warehouse. This whole area was run by machines, it was an area of the factory where no humans ventured, unless there was a breakdown. The pallet was pickup by an automated lift that raised it and put it on a shelf until it was ready to be put in a trailer.

This is how I am now, stuck sideways surrounded by big detergent bottles, with more on top of me, all wrapped on a shipping pallet. I am also naked and filled with the same detergent as the bottles in my vagina and rear passage. There is a cap in both my openings preventing the detergent to flow out as well as one in my mouth preventing me from speaking. Of course, I can't move at all as I am also wrapped in the same plastic film in a tight ball, my knees pressed on my chest and arms wrapped around them. The pallet containing me is on a shelf somewhere in the warehouse and nobody knows that fact except my 2 tormentors. Of course my tormentors recorded me going down the bottling line, especially as I was filled.

I don't know how long before someone will find me. It will probably only be when I am put on sale in the wholesale warehouse. How far will I go? How many days will the trip will last? How many days will I stay on a shelf? I just hope that it doesn't take too long. Will I be found by an employee when the warehouse is closed or by a customer surrounded by more customers?

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