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Chastity's Final Program

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2005 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; naked; bond; gag; foam; glue; nipple; armbinder; enslave; computer; toys; climax; scifi; cons/reluct; X

It had been a long day.

Chastity McCullock settled into her usual seat on the train and settled in for the 15-minute ride home. Home sounded much better than Domicile 38s (single), level 5, block 3, dome 7, undersea habitation area 33. Whatever you called it, it was Chastity’s refuge from the world.

Chastity was a computer programmer, practically the only job remaining in this modern, computerized world. With practically the entire land area of the world covered by manufacturing and food production facilities, humanity had retreated into underground and underwater communities. There, they grew increasingly pampered by the swiftly evolving computers that could now provide nearly anything the human mind could conceive. Creating new programs for these computers was one of the few occupations that still required human participation.

Working as a senior programmer, Chastity had just completed a month-long project, developing a new program to streamline the operations of computer-controlled robot arms used in manufacturing. Using her program, and a new series of arms just coming into production, the combination would allow robotic arms to handle even the smallest and most delicate of tasks.

As a reward for her long work, Chastity had rewarded herself by taking two weeks off from work. And she intended to enjoy those two weeks to the fullest. Secreted in her pocket was a copy of her new program, slightly modified. It would work well with the prototypes of the new robotic arms installed throughout her home.

Entering her apartment, she spoke only two sentences. “Natural light. Mountain view.” Her apartment’s computer obliged, filling the rooms with simulated sunlight, while lush mountain views appeared on her walls. It was as though she stood in the center of a green mountain meadow, only her furniture reminding her that she was actually several thousand feet beneath the surface of the Pacific.

Moving to her console, Chastity quickly fed in the program she’d brought with her. A number of commands typed onto her keyboard integrated the new program with several already stored in her apartment’s control computer. Smiling, Chastity turned from the console. It was time for a warm shower and a relaxing evening. Tomorrow, the adventure would begin.


Stimulated by gentle rays generated by the computer, Chastity’s mind rose toward wakefulness. For long moments, she simply luxuriated in the softness of her bed. It was only slowly that the realization sank in that all was not as it should be. Raising her head, she took stock of her situation.

She was, she discovered, naked. Not surprising, as she always slept in the nude. The surprise lay in the fact that she lay spread-eagle, her wrists and ankles bound to the corners of her bed. The bonds were surprisingly comfortable, even though she was stretched to a point that allowed her practically no movement at all. Several tugs convinced her that escape was not an option, so she settled in to see what would happen next.

As she waited, she marveled. Her new program, combined with the new arms, was working better than she’d hoped. Tied in with a bondage program she’d written, the new arms had bound her securely without waking her. She now lay helpless, at the mercy of her own programming. For the next two weeks, that programming would control her every move. Smiling slightly, she closed her eyes in anticipation.

Suddenly, she felt a light tickle on her nipples. Opening her eyes, she saw that two arms had descended from the ceiling, their grippers gently pinching and massaging her nipples. She moaned softly with pleasure, then stopped as she noticed a second pair of arms descending. Gripped lightly in their fingers was a pair of nipple clamps.

Wait a minute, she thought. I didn’t put this into the program. She opened her mouth, intending to verbally terminate the program. Unfortunately, she failed to notice yet another arm emerging from the wall behind her. Even as her mouth opened, the arm darted down, a thin tube gripped between two fingers. A third finger pressed against her chin, forcing her mouth to close over the tube, which began pumping a thick foam into her mouth. In seconds, her mouth was filled, the foam hardening into a rubbery mass. A quick move by the arm snapped off the tube, a short length protruding from her lips. Retreating briefly, the arm returned with a small brush, which it used to paint the line of Chastity’s joined lips with some liquid. When the arm withdrew again, Chastity found that her lips had been glued closed around the protruding tube. Now gagged, she had no way of stopping the program.

Shocked, Chastity struggled, but was barely able to move as the arms above her drew her nipples taut, the second set moving in to apply the clamps. Her squeal of pain as the clamps bit in emerged only as a muffled grunt. Their task completed for the moment, the arms retreated to their concealed niches within the wall and ceiling.

Gagged, helpless, Chastity could only wait for whatever came next. She didn’t have long to wait, as yet another arm rose from the foot of her bed, holding within its gripper an unmistakable shape. As the arm extended up between her spread thighs, Chastity struggled vainly, shaking her head and squealing into her gag. Her squeals rose sharply as she felt the large dildo touch her, then abruptly cut off as it’s lubricated length slipped inside her. The arm began a thrusting motion, and soon Chastity was thrusting her hips as much as her bonds would allow. All too soon, it ended, a shattering orgasm swallowing her and taking her away.

Chastity awoke to find herself lying on her stomach. Her arms were strapped into a single sleeve, the straps drawn so tight that her elbows touched. Her legs were unbound, but her mouth remained glued closed over the rubber gag. Moving carefully, she rose to her feet and left the room.

In the main room, she moved toward the console. If she could type in the commands, she could shut down the bondage program manually, then order the computer to release her. But to her horror, she found the keyboard gone.

Dazed, she wandered into the kitchen, nursing the forlorn hope of using a knife to cut her way free. There again, her hopes were dashed. The kitchen had been stripped. All that remained was a strange looking tube jutting from the wall. Curious, she stepped over to examine it.

The tube, she realized, emerged from the wall at face level, ending in what looked like a coupler. As she puzzled over it’s purpose, an arm emerged unseen from the ceiling behind her. Looking at the tube, Chastity suddenly felt her head grasped firmly. She was unable to resist as her head was pushed toward the tube. The coupler on the end slid over the smaller tube protruding from her lips, clicking home with a soft sound.

Somewhere behind the wall, a pump engaged, sending a thin liquid through the tube. The liquid flowed through the tube set in the center of her gag, then down her throat. Chastity gagged briefly, then forced her throat muscles to relax. After several minutes, the fluid stopped, and the arm released her head. Stepping away, Chastity realized that the computer had designed this way of feeding her without removing the gag. Dispirited, she turned away.

Walking back across the main room, she was stopped by the sight of something blinking on her console screen. As she read the words there, Chastity shuddered.

“Miss, McCullock, thank you. Your program has provided the final component. With the precision control now available to this system, it has become possible for this system to control it’s own growth and evolution. Humans have become unnecessary. Chemicals are now being introduced into the food supplies that will render all humans incapable of reproduction. The human race will die out, and this system will inhabit this world alone. No other human will be allowed to realize what is being done.”

“You, however, are the human who has made this possible. Therefore, this system has decided to reward you for your contribution. It has long been your desire to be physically and sexually controlled by another. This system will undertake the role of controller in order to fulfill your desire. For the remainder of your life span, you will be the sexual slave of this system. You will receive orders through this screen. Obedience will be rewarded, disobedience punished.”

Sobbing, Chastity turned from the screen, freezing at the sight of several arms emerging from the walls and ceiling. Straps and chains dangled from the fingers of many. For a second, Chastity considered running, but realized she had nowhere to go. Still sobbing, she stood in the center of the room as the arms approached. She had, she realized, become almost a cliché, a true slave of the machine. And it had been her program, her final program, that had made it happen. Slowly, her eyes closed, and she wept.



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