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The Chip

by Turboman87

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© Copyright 2013 - Turboman87 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; bodymod; nanites; transform; outfits; bond; gag; latex; catsuit; corset; mc; oral; climax; cons; X

After the great female rebellion of 2092, the governments of the world ordered that a control chip be implanted in all females of a certain age. This chip allowed the women to be controlled via freezing them, and other various things. Later revisions of the chip included the ability to control what was worn by the females using some kind of computer controlled latex substance. This is the story of one such female;

Amanda sat on a bus, on her way to her new school. At the age of 18, all girls were ordered to have the chip installed, and Amanda had reached that age. Amanda felt the chip on her chest between her neck, and her boobs. It was a small square, about the size of an iPhone. The chip was locked, as in the past, some girls had experimented with the chips, and had accidently erased their personalities. This usually caused them to become mannequins, or if they had enough chip power left, fast food servers. Amanda did not want that. Amanda wanted to be a model, and several people felt she would be good enough to do that. As a pretty 22 year old, with D size boobs, and blond hair, and an average waist, she was very attractive.

There were very few other girls on the bus. Amanda looked out the window of the old school bus. Amanda wondered what it would be like to have others control her like she had heard and seen before. When she was younger, she was excited to see what it was like. But now, she was very nervous. The bus bounced a few times on the ground. Amanda felt her boobs bounce. Her current outfit was generated from her latex controller. It covered her, but barely, and only gave her a little bit of support for her chest. Every bounce form the bus sent them bouncing. It was a very odd feeling. The outfit consisted of a miniskirt, and a tank top. Both black, and both rather tight. But Amanda was glad she was able to wear tennis shoes. Amanda had heard stories about girls wearing extreme heels on the trip there, and for most of their lessons.

The trip wasn’t super long, but it felt like forever to Amanda. But they did eventually arrive. The five or so girls got off the bus, and were immediately greeted by an instructor. An older gentleman, in his early 40’s. He smiled at the young women, and told them to follow him. The five were silent as they were let into a medium sized classroom with about 10 other girls, all in the same outfits. The five new ones sat up near the front, which were the only other seats not taken.

The man spoke. “You all are recently installed with your chips. I welcome you to the start of the rest of your lives. I shall now activate your chips.” The man pulled a remote out of his pocket, and pushed a button. Amanda felt a twinge in her brain, but nothing too big. Amanda noticed that her panel had spring to life, with lights, and such flashing on it. The other girls noticed it too on their own chips. “These chips control little robots that were injected into you when your chip was installed, and works with your brain to control your body. It will take some time for you all to become accustomed to the chip, and its ability to control you. That’s the point of this school. Before schools like this, many girls were freaked out by the chip, and caused chaos, and several issues.” The man cleared his throat. “I think it is time for a demonstration.” The man walked over to the door, and opened it, and ushered in a woman. She was average looking. Not a huge bust and average height. She wore blue jeans, and a plain white shirt.

“This is Susan. She has had her chip installed for some time, and her nanites have grown stronger inside of her, allowing more of her body to be adjusted.” He paused. “But not the face, it is against the law to adjust the face.” He paused again, and continued. “I think it is time for a demonstration.”

He paused, and took out a different remote, and pushed a button. Susan’s previously smiling face turned into a blank look straight ahead. Her arms were now at her sides, and her feet shoulder length apart, and she stood perfectly still. Amanda was memorized by this. The man pushed a different button on the remote, and quickly, Susan’s outfit changed from a sensible jeans and short, to a rather skimpy cheerleader outfit in green and gold. The outfit was one piece, and on her chest it said ‘GHS’ on it, but had an ample window to see her cleavage. Her shoes had been transformed into 3 inch platform boots that went up to her knee. Also in her hands were green and gold pom-poms. The outfit looked rather tight, something Amanda looked forward to. The man looked down at a tablet he had on his desk, and nodded.

The man spoke again. “And now for the nanites.” The man pushed a few buttons on his remote, and Susan’s chest started expanding. It slowly grew into triple D’s. Amanda was amazed by this. Susan’s outfit was barely able to contain the new chest. They were pushing up against the fabric, almost popping out of the top of her uniform. “It’s an amazing technology. Susan is aware what is going on around her as she is simply frozen, but not turned off. Would anybody like a closer look?”

Amanda started to stand up, but when she saw that nobody else did, she sat back down. The man seemed to notice this and said, “Come on now, don’t be shy.” With this, Amanda stood up, and was soon followed by a few others. “Feel free to touch her. It’s ok with her.” The other girls just looked, but Amanda was daring, and touched Susan’s chest, and was amazed by how good it felt. She also touched the uniform, and felt how tight the fabric was against her chest. After a few moments, the girls sat back down. The man unfroze Susan. Susan returned to her normal smile, and normal standing.

The men said, “And notice how the pom-poms are stuck in her hands.” The man grabbed one of the pom-poms, and pulled. They were stuck in Susan’s hands. The man thanked Susan, and Susan walked out in her cheer leader outfit, with her boobs bouncing against the fabric and in her heel boots. They made a nice thump sound as she walked. The man looked down at his tablet. “Now, who would like to give it a try?”

Amanda was apprehensive, but slowly raised her hand. The man smiled a non-creepy smile. It was a happy smile. He motioned for her to come up, so Amanda did. Amanda stood roughly where Susan stood. The man asked, “What is your name my dear?”


“Thank you volunteering Amanda. What would you like to try?”

Amanda swallowed hard. She was rather nervous. “Um, I thought what Susan wore was rather good.”

The man nodded. “Any changes you would like to make?”

Amanda swallowed again, and asked “Can you make the heels higher?”

The man responded. “Sure.” The man picked up his tablet, and tapped it a few times. After a few moments, Amanda froze, and stood in the same fashion as Susan did just a little while before. Amanda found she could still move her eyes, but only a little. “Now, because Amanda here just had her nanites injected, we can’t really increase her bust size.” He paused. “Not that it needs to be increased anyways.” He laughed a little bit. Amanda decided to take that as a compliment. The man played with his tablet some more. “But there are a few other things we can adjust. Like her eye lash length.”

The man tapped something, and Amanda could slightly feel her eye lashes getting longer. When she blinked, which she also lost control over to a degree, she could feel them being a little heavier. “But, enough of that.” The man tapped the tablet a few more times, and Amanda could feel her outfit changing. It felt like a lot of tingling going on over her body. After a few seconds, she could tell she rose up a few inches, and feel the boot heels griping her legs. Amanda could also feel her outfit changing to the cheerleader outfit; the skirt changed, and her top too. She could feel her chest pushing against the fabric of the uniform. After a few moments, the tingling stopped, and the man spoke again.

“And it’s as simple as that.” He paused. “Let’s check walking.” The man tapped his tablet a few times, and Amanda felt herself walking around the desks in the room. She could feel and hear the dull thud from her boots as she walked around the room, and her boobs bounce slightly as she walked. Her arms moved back and forth, similar to how a robot would have walked in some old science fiction story. Amanda could also feel her pom-poms brush up against her leg. Amanda was enjoying every minute of her forced walk. She would have smiled, but she could not.

The man spoke again. “I have to go make a phone call. I am going to freeze you all so you don’t do anything bad.” The man pushed a few buttons on his tablet, and Amanda could see all her classmates take the same stiff sitting position in their desks, but Amanda kept on walking. The man walked out of the room, and started talking on his cell phone. Amanda continued her walk for several minutes.

Eventually, the man walked back into the room, and unfroze the rest of the class. The rest of the class all breathed deeply. The man spoke again. “Your chaperones will arrive shortly. You will be shadowing them, and learning what it’s like to be controlled.” Amanda stopped walking in the back of the room, and turned to face the man, still frozen. After a few moments, some males entered the room, and apparently these were their shadows. The rest of the class was paired off, until Amanda was left in the back of the room, frozen. Amanda started to worry that she had been forgotten.

The man came to the back of the room and spoke to Amanda. “I figured you were enjoying your little trip. So I took the liberty of getting you a special shadow that might be able to help you…. enjoy this more.” The man smiled again. Just then, a male came into the room. He was about the same age as Amanda, and was rather good looking, Amanda felt.

The guy walked over to Amanda and the man, and introduced himself. “Hello, I’m Jack.” He stuck his hand out to shake her hand, but quickly realized his mistake, and laughed. “I love doing that one.”

The older man said, “I’ll leave you two to get acquainted.” And handed a different tablet he picked up at some point to Jack.

Jack examined the panel. “You look extremely hot in that outfit… Amanda. I always liked that name. Here, let me show you.” Jack walked over to a full length mirror in the front of the room. He then tapped the tablet he had, and Amanda started walking. Amanda was again very excited. She was now being controlled by a rather attractive male closer to her age. She walked up to the mirror, and despite knowing what Susan looked like, Amanda was still shocked at her outfit.

Her boobs were pushing up against the fabric of her top to an extreme, causing cleavage Amanda had never seen on herself. Her eye lashes were rather long, and could still feel them move on her eyes. Her skirt was still short, but worked well with the rest of her ‘GHS’ cheer outfit. Amanda could also see her boots went up to her knees. Amanda always wanted boots like this, but never got around to getting them.

Jack said, “Well, let me show you where you will be staying with me.” Jack tapped the tablet, and Amanda started following behind him. Where ever Jack walked, Amanda followed. Jack walked out of the class room, and down the halls. The halls were sparsely decorated. Amanda enjoyed following Jack like his robot slave. She found it rather exhilarating to be under his control. Eventually they arrived at another part of the building, which appeared to be the dorms. Jack entered what appeared to be his dorm, and closed the door. He then turned off the function to make Amanda follow him, causing Amanda to return to her standing pose.

“Welcome, to my dorm.” The dorm was actually rather large. It had a small kitchen, a bathroom, a separate bed room, and a rather large living room. Amanda was impressed by how big it was. She would have expressed it, but she was still frozen. “My name is Jack, as you may have guessed by now. I’m a second year student at this school. I’m learning to become a computer programmer. I’m hoping to work on the team that works on the chips they install in all you women.” Amanda remained frozen. “Oh yeah, you’re still frozen.” He laughed a bit, and taped his tablet a bit. Amanda suddenly became unfrozen, causing her to lose her balance a bit, as she normally didn’t wear heels, and she was so used to the chip controlling her.

Amanda said, “Whew, that was fun.” She then smiled a devious smile. “Hello Jack, I am Amanda.”

Jack asked, “Did you enjoy your little adventure?”

Amanda responded, “Yes I did. I was a bit apprehensive on the bus ride here, but once I started getting controlled, I rather enjoyed it. I felt excited to be out of control.” Amanda smiled. “And I love the outfit. But I wish it was tighter. ” She played with her pom-poms a bit, shaking them around.

Jack smiled and laughed. “You know, I can program more… restrictive outfits into your chip, if you would like.” Jack smiled a slightly wicked smile.

Amanda returned the smile. “Let’s give it a try.”

Jack examined the tablet he had, and sat down in his chair. He then froze Amanda like before. “I know your nanites are new, but let’s see about increasing that bust size.” A few taps later, and Amanda could feel her chest getting larger, but only a little. Jack then tapped the tablet a few more times, and Amanda’s outfit started changing. “I’ll start you out at a basic level. Don’t want to scare you off.” He laughed a bit.

Jack moved a full length mirror in front of Amanda, so she could see what she started to wear. Rather quickly, her outfit turned into a black under bust corset, pushing her already rather large chest out to extremes. It squeezed her midsection down rather far. Her top was changed to a black bikini top, but the skirt remained mostly the same, but only changing to a solid black color. The heels raised up another inch. Amanda would have gasped at her new look, but she was frozen, and the corset looked like it was compressing her rather tightly. Jack tapped his tablet, and Amanda unfroze, and started breathing as deeply as the corset would allow. She was rather excited.

“I’ve never worn a corset before.” Amanda smiled, and felt the tightness of her corset on her waist, and felt her boobs being extremely pronounced. “Wow.”

Jack laughed and smiled a bit. “Yes, you do look amazing.” But then, his stomach grumbled. “I guess I’m a little hungry. Would you like some food?”

Amanda felt her stomach. “I could go for some food.”

“Ok, wait here. I’ll go get some from the cafeteria, and we can eat together.” Jack picked up a remote, and pushed a few buttons on it comparing it to his tablet. Then he looked up, and pushed a button. Amanda froze into the standard frozen position. “I set up your remote too.” He walked up to the frozen lady, and placed the remote into her now ample cleavage. “Don’t be going anywhere.” He laughed, and walked out the door. Amanda could still herself in the mirror, but now with a remote control, like one would have for a TV, sticking out of her cleavage. Amanda found herself exhilarated to be holding something like that.

After a few minutes, Jack returned with two meals, already warm, and set them down in his dining room. He then walked back to Amanda, and took the remote out of her cleavage, and unfroze her. Amanda smiled. “I rather liked you putting the remote into my cleavage like that.” She smiled.

Jack and Amanda shared a meal. They talked for some time about their new mutual love for bondage, and odd outfits. They grew to know each other very well over their conversation. They talked for hours, until it was about 10:00 at night.

Jack said, “Oh dear, it’s getting a little late. I have to take a shower.” Jack stood up, and Amanda followed suite. Jack got his clothes together, and Amanda found his bathrobe, and held onto it. Jack motioned for her to give it to him, but Amanda smiled.

“I can be your bathrobe holder, until you are done with your shower.” She smiled a wicked smile. Jack joined her in her smiling. Amanda then followed Jack to the outside of the bathroom, where he positioned her just outside the door. Amanda stood still, and placed her arms in a circle out in front of her, creating a loop. Jack then selected a different freeze button, and Amanda froze in her current position, with a big smile on face. Jack returned the smile, and adjusted his robe to fit in Amanda’s circle hanger. He then also placed her remote in her cleavage.

It took Jack several minutes to take a shower. When he came out, he picked up the robe from Amanda, and put it on. He then decided to leave Amanda there for a little bit, to give her a better feeling of being an object in his dorm. Jack did a few things that Amanda could not see, and then walked around and took the remote, and unfroze Amanda. She laughed. “That was fun.”

Jack smiled. “Now it’s time for bed. We both have early classes tomorrow. Now, I leave the choice up to you, would you like to sleep like a normal, or would you like me to turn you off, and charge you up over night?”

Amanda continued to smile. “Turn me off please.”

“Ok.” Jack had picked up his tablet, and tapped a few buttons, and Amanda’s outfit changed into general pajamas. Amanda frowned. “We don’t want to wear out your new systems. Also, it takes a lot of power to keep that outfit like that. We don’t want you to run out of power during tomorrow, now do we?”

Amanda playfully thought about this. She laughed and said, “No, I guess not.” Jack led Amanda to her room, which she had not seen before. She laid down on her bed, and Jack looked down at her. He then pushed a few buttons. Amanda felt herself freeze up, and go into the standard frozen position, but only now laying down. She found herself saying “Confirm Shutdown”. Jack leaned down over her, and pressed a button on the chip. Almost immediately, Amanda fell into what could be described as sleep.

Amanda woke up with a start. She looked over, and saw Jack doing something with his tablet. He then noticed that she was awake, and smiled at her. “Hello beautiful.” Amanda sat up. “It takes you a while to boot up. I was starting to get concerned.” Amanda stretched.

“I haven’t felt this refreshed in a long time.” Amanda smiled. “It feels like…..”

“Like your battery has been fully recharged?” Jack smiled.

Amanda returned the smile. “Exactly!” She then laughed at the realization of what that meant. “Time for class?”

Jack taped his tablet a few times. “Yes. I’m going to put you in your standard uniform. It’s generally recommended for the first day of class.” A few more taps, and Amanda found herself in a very conservative shirt and jeans, but both black.

Amanda frowned. “That’s it?”

Jack responded. “Yeah. Early on they just want the new recruits to have standard clothing. Eventually, they may separate you all into different groups. But, only time will tell.”

After Jack ate a quick breakfast, Amanda went off to class, and Jack went to his programming class. Amanda walked into the class room, and the rest of the class in the room. The man from yesterday was standing up at the front of the room. This class was not as exciting or as run as the other one. The teacher mostly just talked about how the chip worked, and some of the history of the software of the chip. Amanda was only a little interested, as she did enjoy history, but not as interested as she was yesterday. This class was not all day, so they were let out, and Amanda returned to Jack’s dorm.

Jack was playing some video games on his TV. Amanda walked in, and Jack only seemed to notice a little, giving her a standard “Hey.”

Amanda walked up to the couch Jack was sitting on. “What-cha playing?”

“Call of Duty 25. Trying to beat it on ‘nearly impossible’ difficulty. ”

“Ah cool.” Amanda walked around the couch, and sat down next to him. “Want some help?”

Jack slowly turned his head to look at Amanda. “You play video games?”

“Sure. All the time. Although mostly on the PC, I do sometimes play on the consoles.”

Jack smiled again. “Yeah, I’m only on the first level, and it is kicking me silly.” Jack leaned over and picked up a second controller, and handed it to Amanda, who turned it on, and the two started playing together. They played for some time, until they came to a level they tried and tried again to beat, but they could not get past it. After about the 20th try, they decided to give up for now.

Amanda recommended. “How about something else?”

Jack sighed. “Yeah, it’s getting a little too intense.” Jack paused, and smiled. “I have an idea.” Jack reached for Amanda’s remote. “Stand up, please.” Amanda did so. “There is something I have always wanted to try.” Jack pushed a button on the remote, and Amanda froze in her standard frozen pose. Jack ran off and got his tablet, and returned. Making a few taps, Jack changed Amanda’s outfit back to the cheerleader outfit from before, including the boots. “I just love how you look in this outfit.” Jack smiled. He then picked up the controller Amanda was using, and placed it deep inside her cleavage, so only a little bit of the controller was sticking out. Jack then fiddles with his system for a bit, and activated the ‘test vibrate’ function on Amanda’s controller.

Amanda felt her boobs lightly vibrate. Apparently Jack could see them doing this, and decided to turn up the vibration. Amanda could feel them vibrating more, and more, until she could see on the TV that they were at their maximum. These controllers had advanced the technology of vibrating to an amazing degree. Jack walked in front of Amanda, and looked down at her boobs, vibrating to an amazing degree. Amanda could see Jack starting to reach for her boobs. Amanda wished he would touch them. But at the last moment, Jack stopped, and turned off the vibration, and unfroze Amanda quickly.

“I’m sorry Amanda. I shouldn’t have done that.”

Amanda walked over to Jack. “You have nothing to feel sorry about. I wished you had touched me like I was. I rather enjoyed it.” Amanda smiled.

Jack turned to face her. “That makes me happy Amanda. In which case.” Jack smiled a wicked smile, and froze Amanda again, and picked up his controller, and started cranking up the vibration on Amanda’s. Jack approached Amanda, and put an arm around her waist, and applied firm pressure to one of her boobs. Jack did not wish her to fall over. Amanda could feel his hand holding her boob, and she rather enjoyed it. The resistance of her boob vibrating against his hand felt amazing. Jack squeezed her boob more, applying more pressure. Amanda would have moaned, but she still could not do anything. She would have taken Jack’s other hand, and placed it firmly against her other boob, but felt a little frustrated in that she could not. Jack then placed his face in her ample cleavage, and just absorbed her boobs. After a few moments of that, Jack stopped, and looked up at Amanda, and smiled.

He then walked over to the controller, and lowered the vibration settings to off, and unfroze Amanda. Amanda let out a deep groan. “That felt good.”

Jack smiled. “I enjoyed it too.”

“You want your controller back?”

Jack laughed. “Sure.” Amanda showed that she had pom-poms in her hand still. “I guess I have to get it out myself then.” He laughed, and Amanda smiled. Jack walked over, and gently touched Amanda’s breasts, and then took one of his hands, and reached in, and pulled out his controller. Amanda giggled at the feeling. “You are one crazy girl.”

“Crazy is just a point of view. Only the crazy ones enjoy dressing up like a cheer leader in high heel boots, and have controllers put down their cleavage. I bet very few.” Amanda played with the pom-poms stuck in her hands.

“Yeah. Say, do you want to try another outfit I programed in?”

Amanda smiled gleefully. “I sure do!”

Jack picked up his tablet. “Ok. Here we go. This one may be a bit more……intense.” Amanda rubbed her hands together and smiled. Jack tapped his tablet a few times. Amanda froze into her familiar pose. Then, her outfit started changing. Amanda’s skirt changed to super tight latex pants. Her shoes changed to high heel boots, going up to her calves with tied laces going up all the way. A tight under bust corset formed around her waist, pushing her boobs up again. The tight latex continued up the rest of her body, and formed over her arms, to her hands, forming balls around her hands. The latex spread to her neck, forming a neck corset, keeping her head facing straight ahead.

The process took several moments to transform. After that, Jack unfroze Amanda. Amanda gasped at the tightness of the corset, and smiled. “Interesting outfit.” She examined her hands. “I rather like these.” She then felt her neck. “I also rather like this. Very restricting.”

Jack smiled. “I’m working on a few more outfits. They may be ready in a few days.” He paused and examined the tablet. “But, I have something you may like.” He taped a few times, and the outfit started changing again. A little bit snuck into Amanda’s mouth, and formed a bright red ball gag. Amanda smiled as best she could as she felt the gag with her balled hands and tongue. “Do you like that?” Amanda giggled, and nodded yes as best she could. “Hmmm, maybe this then.” He taped a few more things, and Amanda could feel her arms being pulled in behind her, forming an arm binder, forcing her boobs out even further. Amanda moaned in pleasure from this. “I see my little digital slave approves. Well then.” Jack walked over to a nearby shelf, and got some kind of leash. He walked up to Amanda, and attached it to her neck corset. “Come along my little slave. Let’s watch a movie.”

Jack pulled on the leash, and Amanda followed. Not that she had a choice. Jack pulled up Netflix, and started browsing through his instant queue, selecting an action movie. Amanda wanted to say that she liked that movie, but felt that her words may come out wrong. The movie started downloading, and Jack pulled Amanda close to him, setting her up so that she was leaning into him.

As the movie played on, Jack would randomly play with her pushed out boobs. Amanda internally smiled at this. Also at random times during the movie, he would just grad one of them, and squeeze. Eventually, the movie finished, and Jack helped Amanda sit up right. “Well, I had better let your arms free.” Jack picked up his tablet, and tapped it a few times. After a few moments, Amanda’s arms were free, and the gag removed, and the neck corset also removed.

Amanda stretched her arms, and worked her jaw and neck a little. “I rather enjoyed that.”

“Which part? The movie? The bondage? Or the touching?”

“I rather enjoyed all of it.” Amanda smiled with an innocent smile.

“Excellent.” Jack smiled, and then walked closer to Amanda, and felt her waist. He looked into her eyes. Amanda returned the look. Jack leaned in, and quickly started passionately kissing her. Amanda returned the feeling. Jack pulled her close, and stuck his tongue into her mouth. Amanda returned the feeling. Amanda moved her hands to the back of Jacks head and pulled him close, causing Jack to pull Amanda tighter. They passionately kissed for several moments until Amanda removed one of her hands from the back of Jack’s head, and started reaching for his crotch. Amanda started trying to fiddle with jacks fly, but in frustration realized that her hands were still stuck in the balls.

Jack stopped kissing. “Trying to do something there?”

Amanda tried to smile an innocent smile. “Yes master.”

“Well then. If you wish to pleasure me, you will do it right.” Jack walked over, and tapped the tablet a few times, and Amanda felt a large tongue stud materialize in her mouth, and her hands returned. “Now, we will do this right.”

Amanda tried to speak, but her words did not come out very easily. She tried to say yes master, but it was garbled. It was a rather large stud. Jack motioned for her to kneel down, and approached her. Amanda then started undoing Jack’s pants and boxer shorts revealing a rather large and erect member. Amanda took it into her mouth, and started bobbing back and forth as best she could with her corset. She played with it with her now studded tongue. Jack seemed to be enjoying this greatly. It wasn’t long until he came in her mouth. Amanda swallowed it without a second thought. He then helped her up, and removed the stud with his tablet.

Jack asked, “Did you enjoy that part too?”

Amanda smiled. “Yes master! It was also my first time, but it felt right somehow.”

The rest of the evening was uneventful. Jack studied, and Amanda watched some more Netflix, and read a book on programing for the chip. Amanda didn’t understand it, but she felt it important to read at least a little bit of it. When it was time for bed, Jack shut Amanda down again, at her request.

The next morning, Jack powered Amanda up, and informed her of some interesting news. “You have been placed in my instructional care, Amanda. To get you accumulated to your chip.”

Amanda wasn’t too sure how to feel about this. In the class room, she had the teacher to fall back on, so he couldn’t do anything he shouldn’t be doing. On the other hand, she had never been happier or more excited when Jack was controlling her. But in the end, she decided she had little choice. “Yes master. Is that something they normally do?”

“They don’t do it super often, but a few times a year.” Jack paused. “Now, today I have a class, so I am going to place you in general bondage mode.”

Amanda raised an eye brow. “What does that entail?”

Jack smiled. “Oh. Not much. I programed it in before, and it should keep you out of trouble while I am gone. Ok?” Jack paused only slightly. “And let’s see about increasing that bust size.”

“Ok master.” Amanda smiled a wicked smile. Jack returned the smile, and pushed a few buttons on his tablet.

Amada waited what outfit she would have next. Amanda stood up, and froze in place in her standard frozen pose. She could feel her clothes changing. A tight bright red latex body suit flowed over her, gripping every bit of Amanda. It flowed over her head, forcing her blond hair into a pony tail, and forming an oval around her eyes and nose. An over bust corset formed around her waist, pulling her tight, and forcing her boobs to up and almost over the edge. Next, a neck corset formed around her neck, keeping her head slightly up and always forward facing. Next came her ballet boots, being laced up to her upper thigh, and very thick latex. Then Amanda’s arms were forced into a very strict arm binder. Then, in her mouth a pump gag materialized.

Jack walked closer to Amanda, and examined her magnificently bound body. “You look Amazing.” Amanda would have thanked him, but was still frozen, and gagged. Jack pressed a few buttons, and Amanda’s bust grew a little. The nanites were still adjusting to her. Jack unfroze Amanda, who had gotten used to the shoes, somehow. She tried to smile, but the pump gag prevented most use of her mouth. Jack reached for the pump, and pumped it a few times. Amanda could feel the balloon in her mouth getting larger and larger until it started to bulge out her cheeks. Then Jack released it, and started pumping up again.

Amanda once again found herself enjoying this feeling of control Jack had over her. Jack pumped the pump up to its maximum, and then let the pump dangle down from Amanda’s mouth, bouncing against her boobs a bit. Jack then led Amanda to the couch, and sat her down. “Now, you stay out of trouble for the next two hours. Ok?” Amanda tried to mumble something, but nothing really came out. “It’s not like you could do much of anything anyways.” He laughed a little. “Here, watch some Netflix.” Jack quickly powered on Netflix, and started auto playing some classic TV; Futurama. “See you later slave.” Jack rushed out the door, and Amanda found herself watching some old TV.

Amanda felt her outfit, pushing where she could push. Her boots were so stiff, she could barely bend her knees. She tried to bend at the waist, but found the corset too restricted, and too strong. When she breathed, she felt the corset push her back. Her arms didn’t move at all. It was as if the arm binder was made out of some kind of plastic. The neck corset was also very restricting, but not limiting her ability to breathe, or see the TV. The gag did limit her ability to make sounds, or move her tongue.

After about two hours, Jack returned. Amanda hadn’t moved much from her spot, because she couldn’t really. Jack walked over to Amanda, and looked at her. Amanda tried to smile, but the gag still limited that. Jack reached down, and removed the gag. Amanda stretched her jaw. “Hello master, how was class?”

Jack sighed. “Boring.” Jack sat down next to Amanda. “The teacher just reviewed a few things. Nothing new.” Jack sighed. Amanda leaned into Jack. She would have looked up and smiled, but her head was still held tightly in the neck corset. “But it’s great to be back with you.” Jack reached around, and gave Amanda’s breast a little squeeze. Amanda moaned slightly at this. “There’s something I always wanted to try.” Jack got up, and fetched the tablet remote for Amanda. “It’s called Plastic Latex mode. It turns all of the latex you are wearing into thin super strong plastic.”

Amanda smiled. “Sounds like fun.” Jack placed the pump gag back into Amanda’s mouth in one quick motion. And then started pumping it up to its maximum level. Amanda’s cheeks are bulging at this point. Jack sits Amanda up straight, and places her legs together. Then, with a couple of presses on the tablet remote, Amanda starts to feel the changes occurring. The corset changed to under bust, and the latex all over her body started to harden. Amanda could feel it hardening in random spots, and very quickly, Amanda could feel the pump gag in her mouth also start to harden to plastic.

In a few short moments, Amanda turned into a large red plastic model of herself. Movement was no longer an option, beyond her eyes. Amanda also found the pumped item in her mouth no longer gave any leeway. Jack walked over to Amanda, who was only able to blink, and make very quiet ‘mmm’ sounds. Jack sat next to Amanda, and started feeling her legs. “That’s a nice texture to them.” Jack started to rub more of Amanda, including her shoulders, and breasts. “I rather like this one. How about you?” Amanda could barely get out a sound. “Good. It’s time for some video games.” Jack then proceeded to get up, and turn on his video game system, and sit next to plastic Amanda. For the next hour or so, Jack played some video games, and Amanda just sat there. Not that she could do much else.

After a while, Jack stopped playing, and turned to Amanda. He then reached for his tablet, and pushed a few buttons, and the pump gag disappeared from Amanda. “Are you hungry?”

Amanda responded. “I don’t really need to eat that much because of the chip.”

Jack smiled. “Oh yeah, I forgot about that functionality.” He laughed a little bit. “Well, I’m hungry. I’m going to get some food. You wait here.” Jack got up, and went to the kitchen. Amanda could hear him doing some things, but could not get up to see, nor turn her head to look. After a few moments, Jack returned with a sandwich, a drink, and some chips. “Would you like to watch a movie?”

Amanda smiled as best she could with her face compressed by plastic. “Sure.”

“But I think I will release you. I imagine your arms are getting a little sore from doing that all day.” Jack started reaching for the tablet.

“If you wish it so master.”

Jack raised an eyebrow. “Do you wish to stay like this?”

“I enjoy being master’s play thing.” She tried to smile more so.

“Well then. I think I will try something else.” Jack played with the tablet, and released the plastic Amanda. He had Amanda stand up. Jack tapped his tablet a few times, and Amanda could feel her red latex hardening again, but this time it was also spreading. It now covered her mouth, and nose, and every in of her besides her eyes. The plastic formed perfectly around her lips, forming a tight seal around her lips, preventing any movement. Her nose was covered but still allowed her to breathe. Her forehead was also covered in her bright red plastic. The only part of Amanda’s body that was not covered in hard plastic was her eyes.

Jack admired the plastic form in front of him, and felt her body. Amanda could feel Jack’s touch through the plastic. Jack touched Amanda’s lips with his finger, and smiled. “I always wanted a statue.” Jack sat down, and admired the plastic form of Amanda. “I wonder what future adventures we will have together.” Jack smiled.

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