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Storycodes: FM/mf; drug; captive; bond; naked; straps; machine; electro; tease; torment; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Jackson and Jillian Hilliard started out as the dream couple, high school sweethearts who'd married right after graduation, attended college together, then went on to create a home and a family. It was the perfect story. For a while.

Unfortunately, by the time their only child, a daughter, turned nineteen, the shine seemed to have worn off this golden marriage. Though successful, the two were anything but happy, and their frequent arguments very nearly became their only contact. Finally, in desperation, their daughter Lacy turned to her boyfriend, nearly begging him to use his special skills to help her bring her parents back together.

Preparations had taken over a year, but, finally, they were ready. Lacy invited her parents over for dinner, something not even their chronic fighting could make them refuse. After a hearty meal, both soon found themselves growing drowsy. In only moments, both slept soundly, allowing Lacy and her boyfriend to begin their work.

The two awoke some time later to find themselves in a most unusual situation. Jackson stood in the center of what looked like a large basement, his back to a cold metal pole. Leather straps secured him in place at ankles, knees, tops of his thighs, just above his hips, chest, and a final strap around his forehead. His arms were pulled back around the pole and cuffed together. Overall, the straps held him quite firmly in place, allowing almost no movement at all. Below his staring eyes, the leather panel of a gag covered his mouth.

Jillian's position was a bit more complex. She, too, was strapped to a metal pole. She, however, was bent at the waist, her ass perched on the edge of a small platform attached to the pole, the upper half of her body secured much as Jackson's was. Her legs were stretched in front of her with knees spread, her feet secure into stirrups mounted on a pole that was, in turn, mounted to the back of Jackson's pole. The poles were positioned just inches from each other, with Jillian at a very slightly higher level than Jackson. This allowed for the final ingredient of their situation, with Jackson's hard cock just barely penetrating Jillian. A cock ring ensured he remained hard, and the tightness of their bonds kept them from moving enough to let him slip out of her.

Even as they began to struggle, both stiffened, staring down at themselves. Each, it turned out, had wires running down the front of their bodies. Jillian had three. One of these was attached to each breast with clear tape, leaving a small circle at the end of the wire visible over each nipple. The third vanished within her mound, tape once more holding it in place. For Jackson, there were two wires, one each attached to his balls. It was a sudden, light shock that had halted their struggles.

A moment later, the shocks came again. The two stared at each other before turning to look at a large clock mounted prominently beside them. Tensely, they watched the minute hand. Sure enough, each time the hand moved forward one minute, they received another shock.

Jackson stared at the clock. The time, he saw, was just past twelve. Midnight or noon, he had no idea, but in either case, they'd been out for some time. Tensing as yet another movement of the minute hand sent another shock through him, he watched Jillian shudder from her own shock.

"Good, you're awake." Recognizing Lacy's voice, both tried to turn their heads, only to be defeated by the tightness of their forehead straps. Unable to move, they could only listen as their daughter spoke.

"You know," she said, "I'm getting tired of hearing the two of you fighting all the time. When I was growing up, you never fought. Hell, even when I had my sweet sixteen, you couldn't keep your hands off each other for very long. Now you'd rather fight than fuck, and I've had enough of it. You're going to stay just as you are for a while, and you're going to fuck regularly, just like you used to. Dad's wearing a cock ring to keep him nice and hard. As for you, mom, I'm afraid you'll have to hope you can keep the moisture going. Either way, you're stuck, so you might as well get used to it." The sound of a door closing told them they were once more alone.

Together, they began to struggle, halting only when their muscles stiffened with each regular shock. As the endless moments passed, they could only stare at each other, wondering how this qualified as regular fucking.

Suddenly, Jillian's pole began to move, lowering her even as it moved slightly closer to Jackson. The stirrups holding her feet pivoted, allowing her knees to bend slightly more, at the same time drawing them slightly further apart as she was lowered onto Jackson, driving him deep within her until he was completely buried. Then, just as slowly, the pole returned to its original position, leaving him just barely penetrating her.

Together, the two turned to stare at the clock. One o'clock. Their eyes widened as they realized what was happening. Chad, Lacy's boyfriend, was an inventor and an avid watch maker. Somehow, he had turned them into parts of a huge clockworks.

Stunned, the two could only watch helplessly as the minute hand advanced, enduring regular shocks with each passing minute. As the minute hand once more approached the top, both tensed. By now, both knew exactly what was about to happen.

Sure enough, as the hand topped the twelve, Jillian's pole began moving again. This time, it lowered her onto Jackson twice before halting in its original position. The cock ring kept Jackson hard, but he was surprised at the amount of moisture between Jillian's spread thighs.

Jillian wasn't. That third wire, the one that vanished between her thighs, ended squarely against her clit. These light shocks, not strong enough to be painful, instead had her in a state of high arousal even before her pole had moved that first time. By the time her two o'clock "fuck" was finished, she was moaning softly, much to her husband's surprise.

Slowly, the day passed. Three o'clock. Four o'clock. Five o'clock. By now, Jackson was adding his own moans to Jillian's. The light shocks to his balls, along with the feel of his wife's muscles gripping him during her hourly plunges, had him nearly quivering with need.

Still the day passed. Six o'clock, and Jillian's moans had become panting gasps. Seven o'clock, and both sets of moans had taken on a slightly pleading tone. Eight o'clock, and Jillian's eyes had closed, her body writhing with need.

By eleven o'clock, both believed they were going crazy, the mad twitching of Jackson's cock matched by the frenzied squeezing of Jillian's pussy. With glazed eyes, the two stared at the clock, watching the minute hand once more approach the hour.

This time, however, things happened differently. At the stroke of twelve, Jillian's pole once more began to move. This time, instead of a slow, maddening series of thrusts, the pole dropped her rapidly onto Jackson, lifting her only to drop her once more. Long before the twelfth thrust, her body exploded into a massive orgasm. At the same time, the ring encircling Jackson's cock suddenly sprang open, freeing him just in time to join her with his own orgasm. His groans and her panting cries filled the room as their bodies writhed helplessly together. Gradually, their bodies fell limp. As Jackson cock, freed of its ring, finally slipped from between Jillian's thighs, it brought one more shared moan from the two.

As the two panted from their orgasm, each sensed motion behind the other. Before either could react, hands held rags over both faces. Gasping with surprise, both quickly fell prey to the chemicals soaking those rags.

Slowly, the two awoke to find themselves in their own bed. For long moments, they simply stared at each other. Then, without a word, Jillian rolled herself against Jackson, her head on his shoulder as his arms closed around her.

After a long silence, Jackson spoke softly. "I'm sorry, love. I don't know how things went wrong with us, but I'm very sorry they did."

"Me too," Jillian whispered. "I'd forgotten how much I love being with you like this. Do you think we can get it back?"

Jackson smiled. "I think someone just gave it back to us," he said. "Question is, can we keep it?"

Instead of answering, Jillian raised her head, her body stiffening. Turning to see what she was staring at, Jackson picked up a note from the bedside table. Reading it, he stiffened as well.

Jack and Jill,

The couple Hill,

Who fought more than they oughta.

A clockwork pole,

With peg in hole,

A lesson from their daughter.

Eyes wide, the two stared at each other before turning their attention to the final line.

And don't make me repeat it. Love, Lacy.

Strangely, it took several minutes for the pair to stop laughing enough to make love the way they had before. And, thanks to a rather strange lesson from their daughter, both knew it was the way they would make love again.

In the future, however, both agreed that there was one nursery rhyme that would never be spoken in their house again.

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