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Computer Controlled Asylum

by Steff

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“I HAD FINALLY DONE IT!” I thought to myself. A few weeks ago, I hit the largest lottery ever. After hitting it I bought a large plot of land in the northern Rocky Mountains. I ordered a house built on the land and thanks to modern building technology, it was already completed. Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. The year is 2104. After a series of technological leaps and the invention of practical space travel people were looking to the moon, Mars and IO for colonization, forgetting about the Earth. That’s how I was able to buy the land and get the house built so quickly.

It was a nice spring day and like I had been doing for the last couple weeks, I went out exploring my land. I was taking my time enjoying the scenery and views. I was just about ready to turn around and head home when I crested a hill and noticed a tower in a valley I had just found. Since it was getting late, I marked the tower on my GPS and decided to check it out tomorrow.

The following morning, I got up early, ate a quick breakfast, grabbed my backpack and headed out. Since I took a 4-wheeler I got to within a mile of the tower in about an hour before I had to get off and walk. Finding the tower was easy and it didn’t take long to figure out it was a solar power tower. I followed the power lines to a man-made entrance into the mountain. After a few hundred feet inside the cave entrance there was door with a sign that read “Authorized Personnel Only.” There was a company logo on the sign that I didn’t recognize. I wasn’t worried about it since I knew I owned all the land and there weren’t any liens or other legal surprises on the land. I was able to use my Auto-Lock to open the old school lock and enter the facility. As I entered the lights turned on automatically. The facility still had power.

The main hall I entered led to a larger room. In the middle of the room was a circular desk that had a series of computer monitors. There were 3 other halls leading in different directions. I sat in the chair and began to check out the computers. I discovered that this was a facility that belonged to a mental health company that was shut down by the government ten or so years ago. It seemed they used a controversial technique to their patients. This facility was abandoned after the last few patients were transferred out and everything was left on. Thanks to the solar power tower the facility was still operational. It only took a few minutes to figure out the controversial treatment. They used pleasure and fetish activities. The theory was to reward advancements by pleasure. According to the computer, all the patient rooms and equipment were still operational.

I spent the next few hours going through all the directions, notes and other information the computer had. I knew I had to try out at least some of the things.

I decided to set up a patient profile that I would use when programming my sessions. I set the computer up for a standard admittance process, low level restraints and low pleasure level. Once that was completed, I went to the admittance room and got things started. The admittance room consisted of a desk with a computer terminal on it, 3 uncomfortable looking plastic chairs along the wall facing the desk and another door besides the one I came in. One the wall opposite the door next to the desk was what looked like a sliding door. I sat behind the desk, logged into the computer, and set it up to process me. After the computer was set up, I walked over to one of the plastic chairs and sat down.

I only had to wait for barely a minute when a panel over my chair opened and a latex hood was lowered in front of me. The hood was bright red and would zip closed in the back. The inside of the hood had a built-in gag that was shaped to have the wearer bite down on it. There were short rubber tubes that would go into the wearer's nose. I also noticed that there were no openings for eyes so the wearer would not be able to see.

A computer voice said, “Chloe Miller, patient IM469, you are instructed to put on the hood before you. You will be rewarded for good behavior and punished for bad. If you do not put the hood on, orderlies will assist you.” Since I set this up, I naturally grabbed the hood to put it on.

I turned the hood inside out, noticing that it was lubed up already, and inserted the gag into my mouth. I positioned my lower teeth into the indentation in the bottom of the gag then slowly closed my mouth gently pushing the nose tubes up my nose. I was glad they were short because I had never done anything like that before. After the nose tubes were in place and my teeth were seated correctly in the gag, I wrapped the hood around and over my head. Making sure my hair was out of the way I zipped the hood closed. I was surprised to hear a click from the zipper when it was all the way closed. I tried to move the zipper, but it was locked in place making sure I could not remove the hood. I was already under the control of the computer and I just started.

I was not given much time to get used to the hood before I felt the cable connected to the top of the hood begin to pull upwards forcing me to stand. Once I was on my feet I was pulled forward. Since I was blind, I held my hands out and followed the pull of the cable. The only thing I felt was a doorway with just the tip of one of my fingers before the computer told me to stop, remove my clothes and toss them to the side with my right hand. I was also warned that if I try to disconnect the cable from the hood I would be punished. The cable attached to the hood gave me enough slack, so I could reach my feet and remove my shoes. Since I had a button-down blouse, it was not hard to strip like the good patient I was. 

Once I was naked, I was again pulled by the top of my hood. This time, when I stopped, I was told to walk forward with my hands and insert them into the holes I would find. I followed the order and found the holes. The holes felt like lubed latex sleeves. Because of how thick and tight the sleeves were, it took some effort. The ends of the sleeves were shaped so that my hands were forced to close into fists. Once my arms were fully inserted into the sleeve there was a firm tugging on the sleeves and lubed latex was tightly wrapped around my waist and shoulders. I gasped because the latex initially was cold, and I didn’t expect it. The latex was pulled tight, zipped up and the zipper was locked into place. There was an opening in the front that my breasts were poking through. After the zipper was locked in place, my arms were pulled around in front of me before they were wrapped around my waist below my breasts. My arms were then secured behind my back, so I was stuck hugging myself. This turned out to be a straightjacket that left my breast out for all to see.

I again felt the pull on the top of my hood, so I blindly followed the pull. The computer told me to stop, then turn. Once I was facing the direction the computer wanted, I was slowly pulled by the hood until my thighs bumped into a padded table or something like that. I was told to bend forward and as I did the tension on the top of the remains constant, like it was being pulled toward the floor of the top of the table. As I lay face down on the table my breast naturally fell into lubed, padded openings in the table. Once my breasts were fully seated into the openings the padding tightened around them. The pressure was enough to trap me on the table with just my breasts. I was then told to spread my legs. When I did my ankles bumped into opened metal rings which closed and locked my ankles in place slightly spread.

After a minute or two a cold and smooth rod was slowly inserted into my ass. The diameter of the rod was large enough to be slightly uncomfortable but not painful. The rod was inserted for what felt like six inches then part of it inflated insuring it would not fall out. After the inflation a warm liquid began to enter me through the rod. I was being given an enema and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The fluid continued to fill me until I almost to the point of cramping then it stopped. After I don’t know how long, but it felt like several minutes the liquid began to get sucked out through the rod. After the process was repeated 3 more times, the rod deflated and was removed from my ass. Once the rod was removed my ass was rinsed off with a warm water stream.

A few minutes after the water stopped, a lubed dildo was slid into my ass and another into my pussy. Both of them were slightly larger than I was used to but they felt good inside me. A belt was wrapped around my waist that had a crotch piece that went between my legs. My crotch was then sealed by the piece as it was pulled tightly ensuring that the dildos would not come out. Once the belt was secured my breasts were released and I was pulled up to a standing position by the cable attached to my hood.

The cable pulled me out of the room into the hall. I could tell because of the sound. I was led to a different section but, since I could not see, I didn’t know where in the facility I was. Without warning the cable attached to the hood was released and I was left standing, without a guide and blind as a bat. A few seconds later the dildos inside me began to vibrate. The vibration was intense and since I was already horny, I was quickly building to an orgasm. I struggled for control enough to take a few steps before I bumped into a padded wall. I slid myself along the wall for a few steps before I bumped into another wall. I repeated the process until I figured out the room was big enough for me to lay down comfortably.

After my blind exploration of my room, I laid down just in time to be overtaken by my first orgasm. The orgasm caused waves or pleasure to wash over me. I laid there moaning into the hood enjoying the pleasure. After the orgasm receded the vibrator’s intensity lowered to a point that would cause a slow build up to another orgasm. After laying there for what felt like a long time I was finally pushed over the edge and had my second orgasm. This time just as I was pushed over the edge the vibrators increased and the pleasure of the orgasm was nothing short of mind blowing. I screamed and struggled as the ecstasy took hold of me. The total lack of control increased the feeling and intensity. It didn’t take long before I was nothing more than a twitching bundle of pure ecstasy.

The vibrator finally stopped and as the orgasm receded, I soon fell asleep totally spent. It seemed like no time passed but I was woken up by the vibrator’s starting up inside me at full strength. They stopped just before I came and I groaned. I was told to stand. Once I was finally on my feet, I was guided to a specific place then I heard a click and felt the familiar feeling of being led by a cable attached to the top of my hood. After a short walk I was told to kneel. I lowed myself as carefully as I could and discovered that there was a pad that cushioned my knees. Once I was on my knees, I was pulled forward until my neck slid onto a rounded half circle. The collar then tight wrapped around my neck as slowly raised up until I was kneeling straight up. I felt something happening to my gag then a fluid was squirted into my mouth. After the initial fluid discharge the gag inflated in such a way that it changed shape into a penis. I was told I have to suck the gag for my meal. If that wasn’t bad enough my vibrators started to pens work their magic inside me.

The more I sucked, the greater the intensity of the vibrator grew. I was just about to cum when the cock squirted into my mouth and down my throat. I was able to hold off the orgasm long enough to swallow the fluid before I came like a freight train. The orgasm was intense but short. Once the orgasm stopped, I resumed sucking the feeding cock. After I had two more orgasms and the cock squirted four more times the gag deflated to the original shape and I was released from the collar. 

I was forced to stand by the cable and led to a different room where my straight jacket was removed. I was made to shower, which wasn’t tuff once I found the soap and the water turned on automatically. When I was finished drying myself, I was led into a room and after hearing a click I was told to remove the hood. Once I unzipped hood, I pulled it being careful of the tube in my nose. I was in the central control room. In front of the computer I used to set up my patient profile. The screen said that all my reaction were normal and I didn’t require any actual therapy. There were three options for me: release me from my chastity belt and I could leave; keep the belt until I return for a pleasure session; or I could choose a session and continue. 

I looked at the date and time and discovered I had been here for about 12 hours. I opened the menu that had the treatments I could pick from. There were many to choose from. Some of them were what I had just been through, total isolation, pleasure and pain threshold testing and many others. There was only a basic description of the session, which was probably intentionally done. The only options for treatment alterations and limitations were length of treatment time, some treatment intensity and a couple of “out-patient” options. I decided to remove the chastity belt and leave for the day and come back over the weekend. I printed up the treatments and left.

Over the next few days, I decided on the treatment and returned to what I called “My Private Playhouse.” I went to the central computer and set up my next “session.” I set up isolation and pleasure testing. The duration I set was random between 6-12 hours. I was then told to follow the lights as a row of lights on the side of a hall lit up. I followed the lights to a door that had lit up. Since the door had no markings to tell me what was behind the door I opened it and walked in.

The room was only about 15 feet by 15 feet. The wall opposite the door I entered had another door. The ceiling had a closed round hatch and a track leading to the other door. From a hidden speaker I was told to remove my clothes and put my hair into a bun on the top of my head. When I finished a panel, from one of the side walls, opened so I put my clothes into it. The panel closed then the hatch in the ceiling opened and a hard plastic hood was lowered. The hood was attached to a metal pole. It opened in 2 parts and had a complex looking fastening system to close the halves together. There was enough room between the open halves for me to slide my head into the gap. The outside of the hood was smooth featureless black, except for a round opening where the wearer’s mouth would be. The inside was also smooth and featureless except for a small tube that corresponded with the location of the opening on the front of the hood. The speaker told me that once I insert my head into the hood my treatment would begin and would not stop until the time expired. After taking a few deep breaths I stuck my head into the hood.

The inside of the hood was lined with a soft gel filled latex lining. I opened my mouth and worked the ring into the opening for my mouth. Because of its size, it took effort to work the ring into place behind my teeth. Once my mouth was in place, the hood automatically closed around my head. As the hood closed the gel in the latex moved around my face ensuring that I would not be able to move my head. I shuttered with a small orgasm when I heard the locking of the hood halves. When I recovered, I tried to move my head but I wasn’t able to move at all. The tight hood was actually comfortable and smelled good. After a minute or two I began to relax knowing what was going to happen. I was so relaxed that I didn’t freak out when I felt tubes sliding into each of my nostrils. Since the tubes were smooth, I had no idea how far they slid into me.

Through speakers in the hood, I was given a short countdown before the hood was disconnected from the pole. Once the hood was released and I got my balance, the hood was pulled. Naturally I followed the tension out the door opposite of the one I entered. After a short walk I felt the hard floor texture changed to latex. A couple steps later I was told to sit down and make sure the plugs are inserted. As I sat down, I reached between my legs and noticed there were two plugs sticking up. I made sure the larger one went into my pussy. Thankfully my ass plug was lubed and slid easily into place. Once I was seated my legs were lifted, squeezed together and from the knees down a latex sleeve squeezed them together.

Next my arms were wrapped around my legs, that were lifted so my thighs were pressed against my breasts, as my arms were pushed together, they slid into a latex sleeve. The sleeve from above one elbow to the other making sure my hands were stuck holding the opposite elbow. It was so tight that I was not able to separate my arms. As the plugs left me, the latex I was sitting on was lifted off the floor and wrapped around me. I hung there for a short time when I heard, through speakers in the hood, that the heat shrink I was in would only take 30 seconds. The temperature went up quickly and the latex that I was wrapped in tightened up quickly and evenly all around my body. 

Just as the heat was getting uncomfortable, the shrinking stopped and I started to cool off. The material had tightened up so much I could not move much. I also realized the material was hardening up. In just a few minutes I could not move at all because the material had hardened. I only sat there for a short time before I was lifted and moved. I was lowered slowly and felt something sliding up and both my holes were filled. Something then wrapped around my lowered body preventing me from falling over, so all I could was sit in the dark totally unmoving and wait. 

The speakers in the hood came to life and said, “Good morning Patient IM469. Over the next 2 days you’re going to experience, in addition to orgasm testing, the automatic feeding and waste disposal feature of the short-term restraint system.”

When I heard that I began to struggle and get loose but I was held in place. I yelped when both the dildos inside my crotch holes began to vibrate and wiggle around. Because of the pressure all over my body the vibrations were felt all over. In a short time I was rocked by my first orgasm of the session. The orgasm left me twitching and breathing heavily. The intensity of the vibrations decreased and then something was shoved into my mouth. It was smooth and round and slid in deep. Once it was inserted a thick paste was squirted into my mouth and down my throat. The paste had a slightly sweet taste so I didn’t mind it that much, not that I could do anything about it. 

Some time later, I had no idea how long, I had had a few more orgasms and was actually sleeping when I felt a warm liquid filling my ass. The pressure increased to an uncomfortable level then it remained inside me. After what felt like a long time, the liquid was released and I felt it leaving me. What I couldn’t believe was that I was actually a little horny. I yelped around the feeding tube when I was filled by another round of warm liquid. Once the pressure was released, I ended up worked up even more. The enema process repeated two more times before it stopped.

For the next two days I was held so tightly I could not move, getting vibed to orgasms, fed automatically through a feed tube locked to my hood and I went through another enema process. The speakers came to live and a different voice said, “Congratulations Patient IM469, you have completed your two-day isolation session.” The vibrators turned on to the highest settings yet. It didn’t take long before I was launched into a series of massive orgasms. They slammed through one after another until I passed out from ecstasy and exhaustion.

 I woke up laying on the floor still stuck in the hood but released from all the other bondage. I felt the tension of the top of the hood gently pull me to my feet. Once I was standing, I was led into a room that was warmer and more humid. A cold hand took my arm at the elbow. I was led to a tub and made to lower myself into it. The hands then began to wash and message me. I knew I fell asleep because I was woken up by two fingers wiggling around inside my pussy. The finger continued until I had an orgasm. It was less intense than the ones I had when I was restrained but it still felt good. I was helped out of the tub and dried with the softest towel I ever used. I was led by the elbow to a different room and made to sit down.

“Patient IM469, I hope you enjoyed your session and hope you return for more. I used the data from your two visits and have updated your treatment options. The drone will now remove your hood.” I jumped when I heard the latches popping open then the pressure round my face. The hood was slowly removed and I could finally see again. There was a female looking metal skinned drone walking away with the hood. On the floor next to me was the plastic box that held me clothes. I got dressed, decided to check the computer to find what happened with the session duration later and then went home and slept for almost 18 hours.


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