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Cub Reporter Becomes a Human Cow

by homeboundboy

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"So, Miss Andrews, you've toured our facility and talked to all of our employees. Do you have any other questions?" Jake Brighton asked the young reporter seated in front of him.

Jessica Lynn Andrews thought for a moment. She had been assigned by the local newspaper to write a story about Humilk Industries, a local business specializing in producing human breast milk for public consumption. Since a worldwide outbreak of mad cow disease had led to the Great Economic Collapse, milk had been in short supply. Human milk production had begun and with massive unemployment, companies like Humilk had offered women opportunities to escape the Poverty Houses by selling their breast milk.

Companies like Humilk and others had turned the enterprise into a profitable business but stories of how they exploited and dehumanized women had led Jessica to suggest to her editor an expose of the company.

But Jessica had found herself surprised by what she saw at Humilk. While certainly the milking stations where women knelt like cattle with their breasts attached to pumping machines seemed inhumane, the women themselves were largely unaffected. The employees showed Jessica the apartments where they lived on the sprawling farm, with large flat screen televisions and comfortable beds with pillow top mattresses. The apartments were twice the size of the one Jessica lived in, a small studio with a bed that doubled as a couch and dining table. Jessica envied the large showers the women shared and the deep soaker tubs. Her shower was barely large enough to turn around in.

The women talked about how the milkings, sometimes two or three times a day were not at all painful, and in fact were sometimes pleasurable. A few of the women said the mechanical dildos that provided stimulation while they were milked were better than any man they had ever met. They shrugged off Jessica's concerns about how they were bound in place for the milkings, explaining that otherwise they might squirm too much and could hurt themselves if they pulled away from the milking machines. While they didn't make much money, the free room and board was worth far more to them in the current economy.

Jessica had to admit her time at the farm was seriously making her wonder if she had chosen the right line of work, which gave her an idea. "Well," the reporter replied, "I was thinking I might like to try one of the machines myself. I think to tell the story fairly, I should see what the whole process is really about." Jessica was only partly telling the truth. Seeing the women bound and their breasts being milked had stirred something inside her. She found herself extremely turned on as she watched the girls being milked.

Jake looked at his foreman, Brian Hanson, who shrugged as a reply. "I guess we could use bay 6," Jake said. "Rob has it down because the software has to be upgraded so it is not part of production now." Rob was the chief technician who managed the software programs that controlled how long the women were milked and distributed the milk through the refining process afterwards. Brian agreed, "That way we wouldn't have to worry about contamination the lines." Jessica wasn't sure what that meant, since she didn't think she would be producing any milk.

"All right," Jake said to the reporter. "If you want to try it out, it looks like we can set it up." He pulled out some forms from his desk for her to sign. "These are standard disclaimers, hold liable less forms, that sort of stuff. It's a basic employment contract all of the women sign. The process is completely safe, of course, but we have to have your full consent before you can use one of the stations. You know how the legal system is now. We'll need you to sign all of these." Jessica looked over the forms quickly and signed each at the bottom, getting more and more excited at the thought of being strapped to one of the milking machines.

Brian led Jessica down to the central area where several milking bays were set up. Bay 6 was off to the far right of the large open area. Three of the other bays Jessica passed were currently in use, three women down on their hands and knees with metal cuffs around their wrists and ankles. Plastic cups on their breasts could be seen squeezing their tits and a stream of white milk flowed through the tubes attached to the cups. Two of the women had tubes in their mouths gagging them and dildos pounding away inside them. Jessica was getting wet just looking at the women.

As they reached bay 6, Brian stammered and finally said, "Uh, I guess, you need to take off your shirt and, um, bra." For a guy who spent a lot of time around naked women, he seemed awfully shy. Jessica pulled her shirt over her head and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Her 32C chest was exposed as she pulled the garment off and dropped it to the ground. "So I just kneel down there?", she said, pointing at the metal frame on the ground. There were two metal poles running parallel to each other, connected by another metal pole. Each of the two parallel poles had metal cuffs attached to their ends. Two other poles rose vertically in the air from the ground. The vertical pole in the front had a large metal collar at the top while the one behind it had another metal pole perpendicular to it.

"Yep," came the reply from Jake, who had come up behind them. "Kneel down so your head is resting on the front post and your stomach on the bar. Put your wrists into the cuffs and we'll slide the cuffs over your ankles." She did as she was told, wishing she hadn't worn a skirt, since she could tell her panties were likely visible bent over like this. She hoped her wetness wasn't visible to the men. Jake fastened the cuffs over the woman's ankles and she felt a 'click' as they electronically locked themselves shut. He did the same with the collar around her neck. He pulled up the plastic cups and placed them over the girl's breasts. She shivered as his hands touched her bare skin and squeezed the cups in place on her tits. He attached the rubber hoses to the cups. She asked why he was doing that since she wouldn't be producing any milk and he explained the machine wouldn't work without the hoses in place.

"We'll set it up for ten minutes," Jake said. "That ought to be long enough for you to get the full experience."

Brian pressed some buttons on a computer panel and the milking cups came to life. Jessica let out a small gasp as the cups squeezed against her bare flesh. The suction began kneading her breast tissue and she had to agree with the other women who said the experience could be pleasurable. The gentle pulsation on her breasts felt wonderful and she felt herself getting extremely turned on. She wondered if she should have asked for the dildo as well. The cups expanded and sucked in the entirety of her teats. Her nipples were distended at least an inch and pulled down into the suction tubing.

Jessica rocked back and forth as the machine kneaded at her breasts. She was afraid she was going to orgasm in front of the two men even without any other stimulation. She heard a faint beeping sound from behind her and assumed her ten minutes on the machine were up. Brian and Jake were talking to each other and she heard Jake call to go get Rob. She called out, "Um, is there some kind of a problem?"

Brian looked at Jake and then replied to the girl. "Uh, well, the timer has expired, but the machine hasn't released you like it should have. We'll get it straightened out in a minute." Brian tapped a couple of buttons on the screen and Jessica felt the pressure on her breasts increase. She screamed out, "Hey, that really hurts."
 "Sorry, ma'am," he said. "I tried the manual release but the machine seems to be caught in a program."

"Caught?" Jessica screamed. "What does that mean?"

She heard the two men talking in hushed tones behind her and shouted "Hello?"

Jake came around in front of her. "Miss Andrews," he said, "the computer is stuck in one of the program modes. It won't release until it finishes the cycle. It looks like it is stuck in what we call 'full stim' mode. The machine is expecting the full apparatus to be installed and since it isn't, it won't release. Rob thinks we need to attach everything and then the computer will finish and release. But we're discussing other options."

"Well," Jessica replied, "if that is what it takes, then do it, damn it. I want these fucking things off my breasts."

"Uh, okay," Jake replied. "But I have to tell you it may not be comfortable."

"I'm not comfortable now, jackass," she said.

Brian came around in front of her with a thick cylinder with a small tube. He asked her to open her mouth and he pushed the cylinder into her mouth before she could protest. The cylinder was attached to a metal arm in front of her that locked it in place in her mouth. "This is a hydration device. It provides nutrients to the subject during the milking."

Jessica was not happy about being gagged by this device but couldn't do anything about it now. She felt a liquid seeping out of the tube and began swallowing it down. But if she was not happy about that intruder, the next one was even worse. She felt someone pulling her panties down and tried to squirm away, but the metal cuffs held her tight. Something was being rubbed against the entrance to her vagina and slowly pushing inside it. Jake explained, "Some of the girls prefer vaginal stimulation to encourage lactation. This is part of the 'full stim' cycle." The dildo he inserted was attached to a reticulating metal arm so it could move back and forth inside the bound woman.

The next intruder was even worse. She felt a plug being pressed against her asshole and slowly sliding in. She'd never had anal sex and the pain was worse than she imagined. If she could have looked back, she would have seen a cow tail sticking out of her anus. "Full stim includes anal stimulation," Jake said. "The tail is just for show, though." If Jessica could have scowled at him, she would have.

The devices inside her started to vibrate and pulse and, to Jessica's surprise, the sensation was pleasurable, if unexpected. The dildo was slowly stroking inside her and she found herself getting more and more aroused. Jake said the timer still read 10 minutes so they would have to wait at least that long. Jessica squirmed against the dual intruders all the while the cups continued to massage her breasts. After she put the image of herself as a cow down on all fours out of her mind, she relaxed and began to enjoy the stimulation, grinding herself against the dildo.

The ten minutes passed and the machine beeped again but still did not release the young reporter. Jake and Brian, joined by Rob, looked at the screen and then at each other with worried looks on their faces. Jessica couldn't see them but she knew something was wrong.

Rob spoke in hushed tones and Jessica strained to hear him ."This pod was down for a software upgrade. It's using the old OS that had some issues. All of the fail safe programs are offline for the upgrade. And I disabled the manual override so I could lock the devices into place without an employee there. It looks like it's somehow cycled into full milking mode. But she's not lactating so the computer won't release her until she fills her quota."

Jessica screamed through her gag, which just came out as grunts. How the hell did they expect her to fill a milking quota?

Jake approached her. "Miss Andrews, we are very sorry for the inconvenience. It looks like we are going to have to encourage milk production in order to get the machine to release you. We are going to add a growth hormone to the nutrition you are receiving. It should trigger milk production which will satisfy the machine and then you will be let go. We are very sorry for the malfunction. Nothing like this has happened before."

The girl was furious. Now they were going to modify her so she produced milk? She was incensed and outraged but bound as she was to the machine with the gag in her mouth, there was no way to protest it. The taste in her mouth changed and she started slurping down the new liquid as she had no choice. She felt a small pinch on her arm and realized they had started an IV line as well.

The three men walked away and began talking again quietly hushed tones so Jessica could not hear them. "We've got a big problem, Jake," Rob said. "That machine is not just expecting a little milk. The console says it's set for 1000ml of milk." Jake and Brian looked at him, startled. Brian ran through the math. "It's going to take a few days for milk to come in with the drugs. Only a couple of ounces first few days so probably four days until she really starts producing. Four milkings a day at 50ml each will take another four days. So she'll have to be like that for over a week and a half at the least."

"Fuck," came Jake's reply. "This is the end of the company. We have to call the authorities and report this and see if there is some way to get her out." Rob stepped in. "I wouldn't recommend trying to disconnect anything while the computer is in program. If you pull one part now, it might clamp down somewhere else. I really don't know what program it is running. Even if we pulled the batteries and cut the power, with the fail safes disabled, I'm not sure we could disconnect everything."

Brian chimed in, "She signed the waiver, right?" Jake nodded his head. The foreman continued, "So she's under contract and consented to everything?" Jake nodded again. The waiver he had Jessica sign was the standard contract all of the women sign when they are employed by HuMilk. It explains the pumping process, the various apparatus used and the risks involved with hormone therapy and prolonged lactation.

"Ok," Jake said after a minute. "Legally, we might be fine. She signed the full employment contract so we can put her on the payroll so she's an employee. Ethically, we are still in deep shit. She's a reporter and when she writes her story, it's going to be hell explaining how our software fucked up and enslaved her for a week." Jake stared at his technician. Rob looked away, a little pissed this was coming at him. "The bay was down for maintenance," he said softly. "No one was supposed to use it." The men walked away, leaving Jessica alone in bay 6.

After 30 minutes, the tugging and pulling on the woman's nipples ceased. The dildo retracted slightly so it was no longer deep inside her. The anal plug, which had been expanding and compressing with air relaxed so it no longer filled her cavity. She could still taste the liquid running down her throat. For a moment, she thought her ordeal was coming to an end and the machine was ready to release her. But the cups remained snug over her breasts and pulling up on her metal bonds provided no release.

Jessica began to cry, the first time the full weight of what she had gotten herself into had hit her. She wondered if the other girls felt this way the first time they were strapped into these machines? The sexual pleasure she had felt had passed away, lost to the realization she was a prisoner to these devices for who knows how long.

The machine would start again every few hours, milking her dry breasts for 20 or 30 minutes while the impalers in her pussy and ass attacked her. Each time, the machine seemed to increase in intensity, the computer sensing no milk was being produced and increasing the stimulations. She knew the other women were released between their sessions, relaxing in the hot tubs or lounging and watching TV. But Jessica didn't have that luxury as she was left chained here by the computer throughout the day and into the night.

The woman fell into a restless sleep. Micheal, the overnight operator, had checked on her just after dark, making sure the heaters in the bay were working to keep her warm. Jessica wished they would cover her in a blanket or something but she had no way to speak her desires with the tube in her mouth. She knew a couple of the women who worked here had walked by. Perhaps they would rethink their employment having seen what the machines could do to them.

Michael had retired to the main control room. There wasn't much to do on the night shift. Usually the women all went back to their rooms to sleep, although there was an occasional late night milking if a girl needed to be milked to avoid engorgement. But no milkings were planned for tonight, so Michael put his feet up and relaxed. He didn't hear the tiny robot making its way through the milking center, its scanners searching for unauthorized hucows. When the business was just getting started, rival companies would try to steal the most productive women. They would leave behind women who were no longer producing milk. It became such a problem that Humilk began microchipping its employees. This allowed them to determine when an employee was stolen, but with the collapse of the court system, getting the hucow back was difficult. So the company installed the scanning robot which would detect the microchip in each employee's arm. If the robot found a woman attached to one of Humilk's machines without a microchip, it would use its robotic arm to burn a circular brand onto the woman's buttocks.

This put an end to the rivals trade schemes. Where previously women at rival firms, who were not treated as well as at Humilk, were fine with being exchanged. Without any court system, Humilk would have to honor the original employee contract as if the replacement was the original employee. But when the employees of other firms learned they would be branded for life if caught at Humilk, the practice stopped.

Michael saw the robot approaching bay 6 at the last minute. He rushed out of the control room as fast as he could, trying to intercept the robot. But he was too late. The robotic arm thrust forward against Jessica's bare ass and the smell of burning flesh permeated the air as the branding iron struck. The operator called Jake and told him what had happened and the man rushed down to bay 6. Jessica was in tears again, her heart rate highly elevated and she was thrashing violently in her metal bonds. Jake examined the circular brand burned into the woman's ass. He had brought a first aid kit with him. He cleaned the area around the brand with warm water and placed a piece of gauze over it. Jake would call the firm's doctor in to look at it in the morning. He also made a note to make sure a microchip was installed in Jessica's arm to prevent the robot from duplicating the brand on Jessica's other cheek.

Several days passed for Jessica Andrews, each the same as the first. The machine would alternatively milk her breasts, which she felt growing larger by the day, the hormones doing their job, and stimulating her anally and vaginally. She continued to take nutrients via the IV and orally. Her mind drifted. She was having trouble remembering things, like how she had come to be here or sometimes even her name. The monotony of her condition, the rhythm of the dildo impaling her vagina and the cups squeezing her breasts was stripping away her humanity, making her part of the machine itself.

Jessica's breasts were sore and tender. She could tell they had grown several sizes and the plastic cups around her breasts were almost indistinguishable from her flesh itself as it stretched over them. She felt the first trickles of colostrum oozing out of her nipples on the third day, the thick liquid flowing down the tube. The milking machine, detecting the discharge, had increased both its pressure and its frequency on her boobs, as well as increasing the vibrations in her pussy. She'd lost track of the number of orgasms she had experienced, the combination of the hormones, the dildo and the massaging of her breasts turning her into one large sensitive spot.

By the fourth day, Jessica's breasts were engorged and painful. Milk was flowing freely from her teats now, and the regular milkings increased in frequency over the next day to void her breasts of the milk faster. Rob came by regularly to check on the status of the machine, the gauges slowly filling green showing the output increasing towards its goal. He looked into the woman's eyes, which were blank and vacant, with virtually no response as he spoke to her softly, telling her she was over halfway to her goal. Jessica heard the words but they did not register. She didn't know what goal the man was talking about.

Jake, Rob and Brian gathered in bay 6 on the eighth day since Jessica Andrews had come to their company. The machine read 970ml and they knew it would soon hit its goal and hopefully end its program. The three men chatted until they heard the buzzer sound. Rob looked at the machine console and saw the green lights illuminate. The sounds from the milking machine ended as the vibrator and pumps stopped. The metal arms holding the butt plug and vibrator retracted, extracting the devices from Jessica's anus and vagina. The men could see the electronic locks had released as well and got to work removing the cuffs around the woman's ankles, wrists and neck.

Jake slowly unbuckled the feeding tube and retracted it from the woman's mouth. Jessica's mouth slowly closed as the device was removed and Jake could only imagine how sore the woman's jaws were after a week of being pried open. He tried to remove the plastic cups from her breasts but was unable to get his fingers under the plastic which had stretched over her bloated mammaries. So instead he unattached the rubber hose from the metal fittings to free the woman. He and Rob leaned down and lifted Jessica off of the metal bar under her stomach. The woman was unable to stand on her own so the men slowly walked her through the room towards the women's residence. Brian was concerned that Jessica seemed to be virtually catatonic, not responding at all to having finally been freed from the machine.

The men walked her into a spare bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Jake took another look at Jessica's breasts. The plastic appeared to have become part of her, stretched so thin at the ends that there was no gap to remove it. Her nipples and part of her aureola had been pulled into the metal collar where the tubes attached. He thought maybe he could remove the collar and then peel away the plastic but decided to wait until the doctor arrived. Besides, he knew he would need to be able to attach a portable breast pump to her soon as she would continue to produce milk for some time and her breasts would become quite painful if she didn't have them pumped.

Jessica drifted off to sleep, her mind dreaming of open fields of green grass. She saw herself walking across the field with the other cows, her tail swinging in the wind. Her tail? Other cows? She shook her head trying to clear her mind. She felt something heavy on her chest. There were people talking. Someone was doing something to her breasts but she couldn't move to stop it. She drifted back to sleep.

The woman awoke several hours later, the sedatives she had been given wearing off. She looked around the room and tried to sit up. Her body felt odd, a heavy pressure still on her sternum. She pulled back the covers and looked at her chest. Her breasts were several sizes larger than they used to be, full and plump and round. The size was exaggerated by the plastic cups still molded around them, squeezing them into almost perfect circles. She could see something protruding from the metal rings where the tubes had been attached and she reached down to touch. She realized it was the ends of her nipples, stretched out still into the metal rings. They were wet to the touch.

She was starting to panic and she looked around the room. A copy of a newspaper was sitting on the bedside table and a picture caught her eye. It was a photo of her, under the headline "Why I Chose To Become A Human Cow". She grabbed the paper and saw her byline and read the article under it.

"When I set off to investigate Humilk, I expected to hear tales of abuse and mistreatment. The idea of human women being treated like cattle disgusted and angered me. But when I met the employees and saw their comfortable living arrangements, the spa, the exercise rooms and other amenities that are out of reach for most of us today, I began to understand why women chose this lifestyle. And when I agreed to become an employee of the company for a week, I realized this was the life I wanted for myself as well." The article went on to describe the milking process, leaving out some details like the anal plug and vibrators, and spent a lot of time discussing the "fabulous" living quarters and 'spacious country setting." It ended by discussing how Jessica had given up her tiny apartment and low paying job at the paper for an "exciting new adventure" as an employee of Humilk.

A door opened and Jake, the facility owner, walked in. Jessica reflexively pulled up the covers, realizing as she did it that it was silly since Jake and all of the other employees had seen her completely naked being fucked by a massive dildo.

"I'm glad to see you awake, Miss Andrews," he said. "I was getting a little worried about you."

Jessica waved the newspaper at the man and said, "What is the meaning of this? I didn't write any of this."

"Well, yeah," Jake said, rubbing his head. "When your boss called trying to find out where you were, we needed a way to explain what had happened to you. Since we had your signature on the employment contract, it was easy to convince him you had decided to join us permanently. We posted the article under your name the next day. Your personal belongings from your apartment are all in the closet and we took care of paying off the lease on your apartment."

Jessica stared at the man and exclaimed loudly, "What the fuck! I didn't agree to work here!" She stripped back the covers and said "And get these fucking things off my tits!"

Jake rubbed his head again. "Well, about that. I'm afraid we've discussed this with our doctor and he can't find a safe way to remove the plastic from your breasts without damaging them. He does hope that once some of the engorgement decreases and they reduce a little in size that the plastic may separate."

The woman looked like she had just been slapped in the face. She couldn't believe that she had just heard. Her perfect perky breasts permanently encased in plastic?

"As for your employment here," Jake continued, "it is the logical conclusion. You are going to have to continued to be milked regularly over the next several weeks as the hormones will cause you to continue to produce milk for some time. It's going to be quite painful for you if we don't continue with the milkings. And given what we have done to you," he said, nodding at her misshapen breasts, "it is only right we take care of you for the rest of your life."

"You will be an employee of Humilk and be welcome to all of the amenities of all of our other employees. You don't have to work here, however, if you don't want to, after we have finished expressing the milk you are already producing. Anyway, your clothes are in the closet. We can have some food brought up or you can come down to the cafeteria and eat with the other women if you want."

Jake left the room and Jessica climbed out of the bed. She didn't realize how sore her ass and pussy were after a week of being pounded and stretched by the impalers. Walking felt weird with her new enlarged breasts and she placed her hand on the bed to guide herself to the closet. She looked at her clothes lined up on hangers and realized many of them would not fit. She found a pair of panties and slid them over her swollen pussy and then pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a large sweatshirt. She turned to look at herself in the mirror. She almost looked normal with the big sweatshirt on but she couldn't get the image of her plastic-coated breasts out of her mind. She started to cry and sat down on the bed. She placed her hand on the thick mattress and thought about how much more luxurious it was than the one she had back in her apartment. She looked around the room which was almost as big as her entire apartment.

Her mind raced back to when she first arrived. The tingling sensation she had felt when she saw the women strapped to the milking machines returned as she saw the image in her head again. She realized a little bit of milk was coming out of her tits, wetting the fabric of the sweatshirt. She thought to herself, there were worse ways to make a living. She wiped the tears from her eyes and stood up, her heavy chest bouncing as she stood. She'd have to get Jake to find her some large bras.

Jessica turned towards the door, thought about the next time she would be strapped to the milking machines, and smiled. Yeah, this was going to be a great place to live.


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