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Dominant Fembot

by Steff

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For the last five years humanoid robots have been around. They are used mainly for household chores like cooking, cleaning and lawn care. Their prices are finally low enough that I was able to purchase one. I decided that I would go to a Robo USA showroom to look at what was actually available. When I arrived, I discovered that very few people, three or four per week according to the sales people, actually got to the showroom and did not buy one online. After looking around I decided on a basic model since the upgrades were more expensive and I wanted to save money for robot apps. When I explained these to the sales woman, she offered me a deal. Since I was physically there, I got a 30% discount, an upgraded outer shell and doubled the app credit I bought. I decided to go with a female shell. After making arrangements to have the robot delivered that afternoon, I went home a happy customer.

When I got home, I logged into the “Robot App Store” and began to look at what all was out there besides the ones I already knew I wanted. I was really surprised by the sheer number of apps there. You could get your robot to do just about anything around the house. What really surprised me were the amount of sexually oriented apps. I have been into bondage since high school so I ordered a bondage app and a Fembot dominatrix app.

Once the apps were bought, I had to configure them. This took a while and all I had left were the bondage and Dom apps when a knock on the door disturbed me. I forgave the disturbance since it was my robot being delivered. The delivery people set up her charging and programming station in the second spare bedroom. Once she was plugged in, I returned to configuring the last two apps. Like all the other apps it took a long time to set them up. When I was finished, I went to bed looking forward to trying out my new Fembot.

In the morning I activated the Fembot, named her Wendy and had her make me breakfast. By the time I got out of the shower breakfast was waiting for me. I complimented her on it then put her to work around the house and told her to run an update when I went shopping. By the time I was back the house was cleaner than I had ever seen it. I thanked Wendy for the job well done and then told her to activate the Dom app until 2am and then release me from whatever restraint I was in.

She told me to strip, fold my clothes neatly and be kneeling in the middle of the den by the time she was ready. “Yes Mistress,” I replied. After I was naked and had my clothes folded, I waited kneeling in the den like I was ordered. Wendy entered the room shortly after. She was naked and I was really impressed with the female shell. Except for a rubber like sheen, she looked like an actual flesh and blood woman. Her breasts looked and moved like real ones and she even had a nice-looking pussy.

“Do you like what you see, slut?” she asked.

My reply was softer than I expected, “Yes Mistress, very much.”

She tossed a latex hood, with a built-in cock gag and blindfold, at me. I had worn the hood before but this would be the first time I wasn’t wearing it during a self-bondage session. I slide my face into the back of the hood making sure the cock goes into my mouth and the tubs attached to the openings do into my nose. Once everything is set, I zip the hood in the back. After I’m finished with the hood I’m told to stand. When I am standing a wide collar is wrapped around my neck covering the hood’s zipper and then locked into place. I am now stuck in the hood until the collar is unlocked and removed. I feel warm, yes warm, fingers reaching between my legs into my moist pussy.

“What a slut you are,” she said. “I haven’t even really started and you are already wet. You are like a bitch in heat.” She pulled my arm behind my back and tied my elbow together so tightly they were touching. Next my wrists were tied forcing my forearms together. I felt thick rubber bands wrap around the base of each breast and then my pussy and ass had “Silver Bullet” vibrators shoved into them. Wendy then mummified me with at least two layers of plastic wrap. Not yet done she got a blow dryer and used it to shrink the plastic wrap even tight around me. I could not move at all. Being blind, immobile and not in-control was the most exciting feeling I had ever experienced.

She put down the blow dryer and said, “I am going to clean the living room. If you get to the coffee table, I will permit you to cum. Do not forget that you only have until 2am before I turn the toy off and release you. Any time left when or if you recover from the orgasms we will continue.” She bends down, kisses me and then walks out.

It took me a minute to realize that she meant it and I began to struggle against the plastic holding me. I just got started when the vibrating eggs inside me began to vibrate. The vibrations were making it difficult to concentrate but I continued to struggle. After some time, I was able to loosen enough of the plastic to get one arm loose and both legs below the knee. Since I was so worked up from the vibrators working in both my holes, I struggled to my feet. Since my knees were still tightly wrapped together, I was forced to take small steps. Being blinded by the hood it took me some time to figure out the way to the living room and a few minutes to locate the coffee table.

“Impressive,” Wendy said. The vibrators activity increased as she said, “You were faster than I expected so you have to wait for me to finish before you get my personal attention.” I fell to my knees since I orgasmed almost immediately. The orgasm was long and intense. I fell forward onto the coffee table and rode the monstrous orgasm out. The orgasm receded but the vibrations that caused it didn’t so I was soon writhing in ecstasy as another orgasm slammed into me. The second orgasm was longer and didn’t seem like it was going to stop. My ass was spanked when I reached back with my free arm to remove the vibrators.

After three more spankings I heard, “Did I say you could remove them?” My free arm was then pulled to my side and my hair was pulled hard enough to force me to straighten up so I was again on just my knees. My upper body was wrapped in several more layers of plastic wrap and then heated so the plastic shrunk squeezing tighter than before. I was then shoved back down onto the coffee table and the collar was tied so I couldn’t sit up. “You are a bad little slut in need of training,” Wendy said as she spanked my ass twice.

I was left alone until I started to cum and just as the orgasm started my ass was spanked again. This caused the orgasm to explode into levels of ecstasy I had only read about in stories. My whole world was nothing but carnal pleasure. The ecstasy was all consuming and it didn’t stop. Every time the pleasure started to recede, I would get another spanking and the orgasm would start anew.

Finally, all the activity stopped and I was permitted to come back to a normal sense or reality. “It would appear that you have masochistic tendencies. I think you and I are going to have a good time together, my little slut,” Wendy said. “If you are brave enough to explore them.” After she said that she began to release me. I had another orgasm, since she didn’t turn off the vibrators, before I was released enough to remove them. She helped me out of the hood and then began to clean up the mess. I took a long bath and fell into bed for a long deep sleep.

For the next few weeks, I would let Wendy dominate me for a few hours at a time. I was really enjoying those sessions. The sessions turned out to relieve a lot of my stress and I was doing better at work. I was given a large Christmas bonus and a couple free vacation days off. I decided to give Wendy most of the bonus money so she could buy things she thought I would enjoy. As instructed, I didn’t look in the packages as they came in. I decided to take my bonus vacation day in conjunction with a three-day weekend. I set Wendy up to Dom me for the first four of the days and take the fifth day to recover before returning to work. When she woke me up the morning before my big weekend, she told me to make sure I was shaved from my neck down, to include the bush between my legs. Naturally, before I went to sleep, I shaved myself thoroughly then went to bed excited for my upcoming weekend.

I woke up when Wendy swatted my ass with a riding crop. “It’s time for you to wake up, you slutty little pet!” see commanded. “Take a shower and make sure to give yourself three good enemas. When you get done, wait for me here.” She then swatted my ass again, turned and walked out.

“I think this is going to be a fun weekend,” I thought as I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Laid out on the sink counter were all the supplies I needed so I proceeded as ordered. The enemas were uncomfortable but I finished them and then took a hot shower. I relielved myself when I was showering and then went to the bathroom to wait. I knelt down on the floor where Wendy told me to wait and put my hands on my thighs. I didn’t have to wait long before she walked in.

“I am glad to see that you know your place, on your knees before your mistress,” she said in a menacing voice that got my juices flowing. She handed me a pair of crotch high latex tights that were pre-lubed. I rolled onto my ass and worked my legs into the latex. I stood when I was told and Wendy slid her hands up each leg working the air bubbles out of the tights. I moaned as I was feeling her hand sliding up my legs. I gasped when she shoved her face into my wet crotch and started licking me. It only took a few minutes before I was cumming all over her face. Just as I started coming down from the pleasure, I felt she bit my clit with enough force to cause pain but no damage. I screamed in ecstasy and pain and my orgasm started over again and with more intensity. My knees gave out but Wendy controlled my fall but continued to pull on my clit with her teeth. She shoved three fingers into my pussy and wiggled them around. The orgasm continued to rock me to my core and she continued. Finally, she stopped and let me recover.

“You little slut!” she growled. “Not only did you cum without permission, you came all over my face and hand.” She slapped my left breast and continued, “Crawl your ass to the bathroom and get something to clean me up with.” She slapped my other breast since I didn’t move right away. “What are you waiting for?”

I shook my head to start my brain working after that awesome ride then rolled over to my belly, rose up to my hands and knees. I yelped when I started crawling because my legs rubbing against my clit caused an interesting sensation. My clit was super sensitive from the abuse Wendy caused it. I wet a washcloth, put it in my mouth and crawled back to her. Wendy had only moved to a sitting position so I knelt down in front of her and took the washcloth from my mouth.

“Mistress,” I asked. “May I have permission to touch your beautiful face and hand?” One of the lessons I learned during one of my other sessions was to ask permission to touch her.

“Proceed,” was all she said.

I took my time wiping her face then I set the cloth on my lap. Picking up the hand that she played with me with I sucked on each of her fingers. Once I sucked each of her fingers, I picked up the washcloth and wiped her hand. When I was finished, I just lowered myself onto my spread legs and waited. As I waited, I noticed the latex tights I was wearing had pads built into the knees. I realized that I was going to spend a lot of time on my knees and that thought really got me excited.

After a few minutes she shoved one of her feet between my legs and rubbed it against my sensitive clit. I sat still and moaned as she got me really worked up. I groaned when she stopped but she ignored me as she walked out. She stopped at the door and said, “Come along, pet.”

I crawled after her, following her into the spare bedroom. This was the first time I had been in here since Wendy started to dom me and I was surprised to see several bondage and sex toys neatly displayed. Wendy had me crawl onto a slightly elevated platform. Once I was there, I again just sat back on my legs and waited.

My fembot circled me a couple times before she roughly pulled my hair forcing me to yelp and look up into her face. She shoved a large rubber gag into my mouth. The gag had a channel that my tongue naturally slid into. My teeth also were forced into a channel that held them open but kept the gag in place. There was a hole in the gag so I could breathe through my mouth. It took me a minute to get used to the gag but Wendy just held my hair tightly until I relaxed.

“Well pet, it looks like there is hope for you,” she said as she shoved my head forward. Wendy then attached a bag with a hose coming out of it. “Let’s see if you can eat with the gag in. You are free to remove the gag it you run into difficulties.” She then squeezed the bag and a paste began to flow through the gag. Because of the gag I was forced to just swallow the liquid. I was able to swallow the whole bag’s content. We spent about fifteen minutes figuring out how fast I could handle the flow. “Excellent! Your weekend just got a lot more interesting.” She began to brush my hair and braid it into a tight ponytail. “Close your eyes, pet, and no peeking.”

Naturally I did as I was told. I didn’t have to wait long before a cold latex hood was slid over my head. Wendy took her time lining my nose up to its spot and gently sliding tubes into each of the nostrils. Once the gag’s hose connector was lined up and my ponytail was fed through a hole in the top of the hood, she zipped the hood closed. As the zipper closed, the hood squeezed my face to the point of being slightly uncomfortable. When I started to freak out Wendy grabbed my hand and whispered into my ear that I was ok. Her soothing voice calmed me down and she released my hand as I returned to my kneeling position.

After calming down I reached up and felt the hood. It was tight over my face and head without any wrinkles. There were no holes for my eyes and my ears had settled into spots made for them so they weren’t crushed against the side of my face. The latex went half of the way down my neck and there was a small lock in-place but not closed yet. Now that I had calmed down the hood, while not comfortable, was bearable and I thought I might even get used to it.

As my hands returned to the opened lock I heard a whisper in my ear, “This is the last choice you are going to get for this weekend. If you close the lock yourself, unless there is an emergency, it will not open again until Tuesday midnight when I release control of your life back to you.” I gulped around the gag and after a short pause I closed the lock. I swear the click it made could have been heard across the city. She patted my head. “That's my brave pet.” Between her words, the hood, the gag and the knowledge that I did this to myself I shuttered with a small orgasm.

The orgasm was cut short as both my breasts were hit in rapid succession with a riding crop. My ponytail was pulled forward and down forcing me to bend forward and put my hooded face on the floor. Since that position left my ass sticking up, she began to swat it several times as she said, “Just because I was nice when you were gagged, fed and hooded doesn’t mean you are free to break my rules. You are not permitted to cum without permission and since you are gaged you better hope I am paying attention to or care about your desires.” Despite my best efforts I came again and this was a big one. I yelled into the gag and attempted to sit up. My ponytail was held in place so all I could do was roll onto my side in an attempt to stop the assault on my ass and my out-of-control orgasm.

When my mind started processing something other than pleasure and pain, I was laying on my side breathing heavily and twitching as the orgasm’s aftershocks worked through me. Wendy attached a wide metal collar around my neck and pulled an attached leash. Groaning I got to my hands and knees and followed the direction my leash led. After a short crawl I ended up being guided into a cage with a padded floor. “Sleep my masochistic pet. Your weekend is just getting started.” I spent a few minutes feeling blindly around the cage before I laid down. The cage was too small for me to sit up, keeping me on my hands and knees. Its size also prevented me from stretching out so I had to lay on my side balled up.

When I woke up, I panicked until I remembered why I could not see, my face was squeezed and I could not straighten up. Wendy must have been waiting because I heard the door to the cage open and my leash got tugged on. I groaned as my muscles protested after being stuck for who knows how long. I followed and was led, on my hands and knees, to and told to climb into the bathtub. Once there she told me to do my business and to hurry. I felt myself blush from embracement as I did as I was told. Once I was done the shower was turned on. I was told not to move so I just knelt there as she unbraided my hair and cleaned me up. When she finished cleaning me, I was told to stand and walk. I was led by the leash to the elevated platform and stepped up. My legs were spread and she began to rub what left like polish on my latex cover legs.

“You better not even think about cumming,” she forcefully said. “You don’t have to worry about the glue holding the latex to your legs. It will dissolve by Tuesday. She removed the metal collar I was wearing and said, “Now it’s time to get you ready for your weekend. Stay right there.”

I stood waiting for a short before one of my hands was placed on Wendy’s shoulder and I was told to raise my left foot. I felt something being slid up my leg. The process was repeated with my other leg and then the garment was slid all the way up my legs, over and around my crotch. My arms were then guided into arm holes and the short-sleeved latex leotard was slid into place. Wendy told me to spread my arms and not to move as she straightened the pre-lubed garment out. The latex was tight all over but the pressure was surprisingly comfortable. There were openings for each breast and the crotch was also opened, only being held strips of latex that went on both sides of my openings. Somehow, I was able to control myself and not cum because of all the attention.

She said, “It looks like you can be taught. Now for the really interesting part.” I nervously stood there and waited for the next part of my fate. “I was able to use your employee discount on this. I hope you like it.” Since the company I work for owns several different businesses, more than one sells sex toys of different varieties, I had no idea what was about to happen to me. Again, I used her for balance as I stepped, higher this time, into another garment. When this one got pulled up, I realized this was mainly something solid and firm. I yelped as there was a big upward tug when the waist part of the garment reached my hips. The lube did its job and the garment popped over my hips into place. My arms were guided into holes on the sides of the garment and they were forced outward. I was able to lower my arms and move the back but not forward. I was pressed slightly forward then my breasts were roughly pulled through holes in the front and a metal collar was wrapped snuggle around my neck. My waist got gently squeezed from both sides as what felt like latex covered metal was wrapped around my waist.

Wendy said, “Relax. I will not hurt you. You will be fine.” Then the metal began to tighten around my waist like a corset from nightmares. I was just about to start panicking when the tightening stopped. I was permitted to take stock of my current predicament.

I had latex crotch high tights with knee-pads glued to my leg. My mouth was filled with a gag that held my tongue in-place and had a breathing / feeding tube built in. My head was covered by the tights latex hood I had ever worn. The hood blocked my vision and had tubes going up each nostril for breathing but felt strange. The hood had a zipper in the back, locked by my own hand. The best, or worst part - I had yet to figure out which - was the mostly metal leotard that was locked around me. It had a latex open crotch but the rest was solid. There were openings in the front that my breasts went through but I could not feel them because the shape of the arm openings prevented me from rotating my arms forward. The back wasn’t totally smooth like the rest but I could tell by the feel that the bumps and ridges were there on purpose.

Just as I lowered my arms, the metal around my waist, again, began to tighten. This time I calmly endured the tightening mentally thanking Wendy for the corset training she had been putting through. When it stopped this time Wendy told me it was done and I looked great. I was then told to kneel. Not an easy task to a blind woman not able to bend her upper body at all. Once I was situated to her liking a hose was attached to the gag and she fed me more of the paste we had practiced on earlier. After two bags she braided my hair and helped me stand. I was slowly pushed forward until I was face first against a wall. I felt her attaching something to the back of my metal leotard.

My arms were pulled behind my back, bent at the elbows and forced up towards my shoulders, into a relaxed reverse prayer type position. She used one hand to hold my arms together where they crossed and the other to close something over my arms. She pulled her arm out as she pushed the cover over my arms and locked it into place. My arms were now forced behind my back with my hand near the opposite shoulder. They were held there by a padded metal pocket that locked in-place ensuring that I had absolutely no chance of getting out without help.

“Cum for your mistress my pet,” Wendy said from behind me as she bit hard into my neck between the metal collar and the base of the hood. Between the realization of my trapped situation and the pleasure/pain of her bite, I cam like the masochistic slut I was. The orgasm shattered my sense of reality and despite being blinded by the hood I saw white and the ecstasy slammed through me. I screamed into my gag and fought against my restraints. I shuttered and twitched uncontrollably. After what felt like forever my senses, the ones not blocked by the hood, returned to me. I was leaning back and based on the hands squeezing my breasts it must have been Wendy that I was leaning against. “That’s my good, masochistic pet.”

After she held me for enough time for my legs to work again, she grabbed one of my nipples and used it to guide me around the room and to get me to sit down. Once I was sitting, she laced my feet into high heeled boots. The boots forced my stand on the balls of my feet and the stiletto heels would make walking very difficult. Once the boots were on, I was forced to suck down another bag of “food” before I was stood up. A leash was attached to the metal collar portion of my leotard prison and I was led out of the room. I was stopped then something was wrapped over my shoulders and then around my front covering my breasts. The leash was pulled and I led outside the house. I was forcibly jerked forward when I hesitated so I just followed the leash. I was guided to and sat in the car. The leotard prevented me from bending and with my arms folded behind me meant I wasn’t too comfortable but I really had no choice. The car started and we drove away.

After a couple minutes of driving Wendy’s fingers slid into my still wet pussy. She inserted two of them and began to wiggle them inside me. Once I was good and worked up her thumb began to mess with my clit. It took all my self-control not to cum, but I was right on the edge when she removed her hand and shut off the car. I was helped out of the car and just stood there as Wendy removed what was covering me and that made me nervous. I could hear people talking and moving around. We were not in private and I was standing restrained in a metal leotard with my breasts and crotch hanging out for all to see. My head was covered in latex, I was blind and gagged.

“Remember I will not let anything bad happen to you,” she whispered into my ear. I spread my legs when she used her crop and swatted my inner thighs. I yelled into the gag and tried to jump up as a rubber band was quickly and painfully wrapped around my clit. The band was positioned high up leaving most of the nub sticking out at attention and I knew it would be getting more and more sensitive by the minute. Wendy let me dance around trying desperately but futilely to get the rubber band off until I calmed down. “Now it’s time for your fun to really start.” Again, I yelled as both my nipples had strong clips attached to them. Wendy had used nipple clips on me before but these were strong then anything she had used before. She didn’t give me much time to recover as both the nipples were pulled by leashes that were attached to the clips.

I had thought my clit was sensitive after Wendy bit it this morning, but the rubber band caused it to be even worse. Rubbing against my thighs my clit was driving me crazy. It felt really pleasurable but it was also uncomfortable at the same time. As we walked, I heard people talking about me and asking Wendy about what I was bound in. I could tell when we entered a build because of the temperature and sound. The temperature dropped because of the A/C and the floor made my heels sound different. The sounds were confusing and I started to get worried so I slowed down. My nipples were pulled again so I sped up. I was led for a few minutes until we stopped and my nipple leash was dropped.

Wendy pushed me back until I was against something solid. I heard a click at the back of my leotard’s collar. “We are at the convention center at the Hotel. We are going to spend the rest of the weekend. I am going to the Robo USA booth for a check-up and to tell them all about you. You will be fine here until I get back.” I jerked, twisted and pulled but the struggles were totally fruitless so I just slumped against the object I was locked to. “Now that that’s out of your system, I’ll be leaving you. You do have permission to cum as much as you can,” Wendy said. I was relieved she had waited but now I knew she was gone.

I heard people talking about me a minute or two after Wendy left. I jumped when my clit licked one. I nervously waited to see what would happen next. After a short amount of time, my clit was licked again and this time the licking didn’t stop. It didn’t take long before I was rocked by my first public orgasm. The orgasm was good and strong. It ended quickly after the licking stopped. I yelled and jerked when my extra sensitive clit was pinched.

“You little slut,” a male voice forcefully said. “You made a mess on my slave’s face.” My nipple clips were pulled upward and then the leash was tied behind my neck. My breasts were not being pulled upward and held in-place by my nipples. He then pinched my clit which caused me to cum again. This orgasm was massive and I yelled into my gag. The ecstasy slammed through me causing me to twitch and wiggle uncontrollable until I was totally spent and collapsed inside my leotard restraint, totally supported by whatever held me in-place. The guy laughed and said, “God you are such a slut.”

The man released my clit and I was left alone. After a few minutes I was able to gain control on my legs and stood up again. I yelped when my clit rubbed against my thighs when I closed my legs. I immediately opened them slightly so my clit didn’t rub against anything.

A few minutes later someone slid their hand over my hood. Then my head was turned and the person examined my hood. The hand left and again I was left alone. Someone else came up and examined my metal leotard and then left. After a few minutes my nipples were really getting uncomfortable but I forgot all about them when some fingers were shoved into my pussy. The fingers were shoved all the way in and started to twist and wiggle.

“If you hold out until I give you permission to cum I will untie your nipples from your neck,” a woman said. “If you cum before I say I will make you even more uncomfortable.” She continued with her figures but also started to fuck me with them. I struggled not to cum but the orgasm was rapidly approaching. “You’re doing good, but you’re not there yet.” Just as I was about to cum when I was given permission and my clit was squeezed, so I exploded. My orgasm shattered my mind and I was totally consumed with pure carnal pleasure. I struggled against my metal leotard but was held firmly so I just rode out the waves of ecstasy. The woman continued to finger fuck me and abuse my clit. My vision turned white from the pleasure that continued to build on itself until I passed out.

When I woke, I was still hanging by my leotard. After three attempts I was able to get my legs underneath me and stood up. I felt my tits had been released and that was a relief. “It looks like you had a very good time,” Wendy said. I groaned and nodded. A hose was attached to my gag and another package of food paste was squirted into my mouth. After a second bag was fed to me and the hose was disconnected from my gag, I was released from the wall I had been stuck to. She then led me but my nipples.

We went to an elevator and up a few floors and into a hotel room. I was forced to spread my legs and my ankles were tied up so I could not close them. She rubbed and gently squeezed my clit for a short time. My nipples were pulled downward forcing me to bend over. The clips were tied to my ankles, keeping me bent over. She grabbed my waist and shoved a dildo deeply into my ass. The dildo she was using had bumps or some kind of texturing that was driving me crazy and in no time I was cumming like a mad woman.

Wendy continued to hammer my ass as she said, “You are just an undisciplined slut. How hard is it to learn you aren’t supposed to cum without permission?” I could barely comprehend what she was saying when the rubber band tightly wrapped around my clit broke. As the blood flow returned the pain was incredible. It was extremely painful but the pleasure was just as extreme.

I remember a mass of pleasure forcefully slamming into me then I blacked out. When I woke, I was laying on the floor, my nipple clips had been removed, my boots were removed and I was released from my metal corset. The hood was still locked in-place and my latex tights were still glued to my legs. I struggled to move my arm for a few seconds before Wendy sat me up and began to slowly move and stretch my arms. As feeling returned to them, she forced feeling back into them. Once I had control of my arms, she helped me to a bathtub full of hot water. After a glorious hot bath that included more stretching and another two bags of food paste, I was led to a bed. The massage that followed was so relaxing that I fell asleep quickly.

I woke up slowly and was very content. I didn’t even freak out when I realized I was still locked in my hood. “Good morning pet,” Wendy said. She helped me out of bed and pushed me to my knees. She fed me more food paste and told me about the day. “We are going back to the convention. The Robo USA people have a proposition for you. Today you will spend most of the day on your hands and knees.” She then put my hands into mittens. My hands were closed around a round rod and then the material of the mittens was tightened forcing me to leave my hand closed around the rod. The mittens were padded so my knuckles would not get sore crawling on them. I was made to lay on my back and my legs were folded and a latex sleeve was slid over each leg. The sleeve forced me to keep my legs folded and ensured that I would be forced to crawl on my knees.

“Roll over and stand up.” Once I was up on my hands and knees, she attached a collar around my neck and then pulled the attached leash. “Come along, pet. I don’t want to be late.”

I followed the pull of my leash out of the room, down the hall and into the elevator. I sat back on my back legs for the ride. It was then that I realized that besides my hood, mittens, and leg restraints I was totally nude. The idea of being nude in public got my juices flowing.

After a short elevator ride, I again blindly followed my leash into the fetish convention. I got confused for a couple minutes by the noise, my lack of sight and being on my hands and knees. Wendy stopped and gave me a couple minutes to relax and calm down. Once I was ready, she pulled my leash and led me deeper into the convent. She stopped me and told me not to move. Somebody climbed onto my back and a rubber covered cock slid into my pussy.

The guy on my back took a minute to get comfortable before he started fucking me. I could tell he was restrained similarly to me. That didn’t stop him from fucking me for all he was worth. In a short time, he groaned and shot his load. I heard a swat and the guy flinched forward and caused me to fall under his wait. The guy’s mistress called him all kinds of names about his lack of control. She told him he had better make me cum because she had been embarrassed by him. He climbed off me and then dove his face into my crotch. I moved forward for about half a step before Wendy grabbed me and told mt cum when I was ready. The guy had skills and it didn’t take him long before I was cumming for all to see. The orgasm felt really good as the wave of pleasure rolled over me. The guy left and I was again following my leash.

I was stopped a few times so Wendy could answer some questions and so I could be felt up by people. My clit was still sensitive from the rubber band yesterday and my previous orgasm so I almost came when one guy played with it a little bit.

Finally, I heard Wendy say, “As promised, here she is.”

“Look at you,” a woman said. It took me a minute to recognize the voice as the saleswoman that sold me Wendy. “I was surprised when Wendy came in for her check up and showed us what she’d been up to. Are you enjoying your Robo USA purchase?” When I nodded yes she continued, “I have a proposition for you. We will upgrade Wendy here to a deluxe model with all the bells and whistles. Her personality and memories will be transferred into the new unit so there will be no learning curve. All you have to do is agree to remain here in the Robo USA booth or sport some of our bling for today and tomorrow. You will be a living demonstration of the robot’s ability to dominate someone. Wendy will receive three years of free maintenance and you can choose eight more apps from the app store. Wendy will not exceed your limits and she will be in total control of your treatment. The only difference is you will do it for the company’s benefit. What do you say?” I nodded yes and was told to stay.

I sat on my legs and waited for a few minutes before the sales woman told me Wendy was getting downloaded into her new body. My leash was and I followed it until the leash was secured and the woman left. A short time later people came up and started to play with my breasts. They were stopped when someone told them to make room. After some laughing, they backed off and I was gently but forcibly forced onto all fours and then forced down so my face was on the floor but my ass was in the air. This was done by what felt like a large strong guy that was also bound like I was. He then shoved his cock into my ass and began to fuck me.

This guy had stamina and was very large. His cock was the largest thing I ever had shoved into my ass. The force he used demonstrated the reality of how helpless I was and the ass fucking brought me to a large long climax. The pleasure washed over me in waves and they continued for a long time. I was coming down when he shot his load and that brought my orgasm back in full force. Again, I was in heaven with pleasure.

I heard a smack and the guy yelped. Wendy said “You stupid mutt. You made a mess of MY pet here.” I heard another smack from her riding crop, “Don’t look at me that way. Clean her up!” There was another swat but this one was on my ass and it stung. “Don’t think I noticed that you came without permission. You might as well cum as he cleans your ass because you’re going to be punished so you might as well earn it.” She swatted my ass again and told the guy to get busy.

Another voice, male this time said, “I warned you about misbehaving in here. You better get busy or I will let this dominatrix punish you alongside her pet.” That was all it took because the guy immediately started to lick and suck his cum out of my ass. As tongue was just as forceful as everything this guy had done and I cam twice as he sucked my ass and fuck it with his tongue. After I recovered from my second orgasm, he stopped for a second before he lowered his head, shoved forward and sucked my clit into his mouth. I was instantly forced over the edge by an orgasm that surprised me as much as his assault on my clit. I heard his master yelling at him but he just growled and firmly bit my clit. The pressure he used sent pain and pleasure through my whole body. I was totally lost in ecstasy until my clit was released and I collapsed to the ground.

I was only half in my mind and heard the guy apologized to Wendy and gave her permission to punish his “dog” until 3pm. She agreed and the guy told his dog to behave. I must have fallen asleep because Wendy woke me up with a series of crop swats to my ass. Once I managed to get to setting position, she fed me two more bags of paste then I spent the rest of the day with Wendy personnel attentions. There was a lot of pet play, pain and pleasure.

When we returned to our room Wendy removed my mittens and my leg sleeve allowing me to stretch out. When she was done massaging the feeling back into my limbs, I noticed her fingers felt more natural, as far as skin feeling and temperature. After my “dinner”, three more bags of food paste, I was made to sleep on the floor. In the morning, after breakfast, the sales woman came in, completely ignoring me kneeling on the floor, to Wendy and told her that I was supposed to wear the suit she had brought. Beside the two-hour long session at the booth Wendy was free to do what she wanted with me as long as we remained at the convention. Wendy seemed happy with the arrangements. I was soon wearing the incredibly tight latex bodysuit that had condom sleeves going into my ass and pussy. Each of my breasts were encased in thinner but no less tight latex but my nipples were not covered, because they were sticking out through holes in the suit.

After spending some time working, Wendy said, “I have the perfect place to take you.” I was led out of the Robo USA booth to another booth. My arms were pulled behind my back, forearms pushed together and then a mono-glove armbinder was slid up my latex covered arms. Straps from the top of the armbinder were wrapped around my chest crossing under my tits before going over my shoulders and attaching back to the armbinder. Once the straps were buckled the main part of the armbinder was zipper up. As the zipper was raised the mono-glove tightened around my arms squeezing my forearms together. Next nipple clips were attached to my nipples and they jingled because each clip had a bell attached to it.

As I was guided to another booth my nipples jingled and I heard people talking about them and my outfit. I was gently guided to sit them. My feet were slid into knee high ballet boots that forced me to walk on my toes. The boots were lace up and Wendy helped me to stand. She kept a hand on me as I got used to walking in them. She had me training in similar boots but I had always had my arms for balance and my sight to help. Once she was happy with my balance, she removed her hand and started to guide me by just my leash.

We walked around some more and then I heard an announcer saying a demonstration was about to begin. I was led in the direction it sounded like the crowd was going. Wendy told me to stay, then she went off to talk to someone. She returned and led me to a place and helped to kneel down. I was grateful for the soft pad I was kneeling and the pads built into my latex legging. I was however surprised when both my holes were filled with dildos. My ankles were tied to my thighs and then Wendy sat next to me. She fed me some more food paste then attached the bottom of my armbinder to the padded bench I was startling. As a result, I was forced to bend slightly backward then she attached my leash over my head making sure I was balanced and going to stay that way.

As we waited Wendy played with my nipples making sure the bells jingled merrily. “Good luck my pet, and feel free to cum all you like,” she said. Right after the announcer started talking.

It turns out this was a product demonstration for several bondage and sex toys. After a few introductions he told everyone that the cell phone app they had downloaded was able to control some of the machines that various subs were secured to. He explained that the time they had control would change randomly as well as the machine that was controlled. Just before the demonstration started, he announced that Robo USA had a robot here and a sub that had turned her freedom and orgasms to the robot. I heard Wendy stand up and based on the applause she waved. An electric shock went into my ass and I yelped into my gag and jumped as much as my bonds permitted and that caused my nipples to jingle which brought laughter to the audience. Wendy told me the suit I was wearing had its own built-in electric pads so they worked to the ones of the machine I was sitting on.

Chuckling the announcer said, “It looks like Robo USA is going to try to outshine me.” Once the laughter died the show started. Just as the show started, so did the vibrator in my pussy. It vibrated intensely. It stopped and then the one on my ass started. Eventually they both were turned on at the same time. I got close to cumming but the activity stopped. A minute or two later both my holes were shocked by an electric shock followed by the vibrators starting with a low intensity; they began moving deeper into me and then retracting. Again, the activity stopped before I was able to cum. I groaned but all I could was sit there and stew in my own juices.

Throughout the demonstration the cycle continued, to include I wasn’t able to orgasm. After the demonstration Wendy released me from the evil machines and helped me to stand. I followed my leash as Wendy led me to the Robo USA booth. The people working at the booth sounded surprised by the amount of people that followed us. I was bent over a table and tied down by my collar and my legs were spread and secured to the leg of the table I was now decorating.

Wendy sat next to me and began to answer questions about herself, me and our relationship. As she spoke, she played with my pussy and ass. I was getting worked up but fought not to orgasm. While she was still playing with me my ass was swatted but someone’s hand. I flinched but was not able to go anywhere. When I was spanked the second time, I lost my fight and came all over Wendy’s hand. The orgasm was short but intense. “Like I said, she is a total masochistic slut,” Wendy said. “She also lacked any self-control. She knows better then to cum without permission.” After a conversation I could not hear, a large cock was shoved into my ass. I moaned into my gag but jumped when my clit was sucked into someone’s mouth. It didn’t take long before I was rocked by a massive orgasm.

This orgasm slammed into me and the ecstasy was all consuming. I twitched, wiggle and spasmed as I lost all control of my body. The orgasm exploded with renewed strength and my clit was bitten. I yelled and wiggled but was held in place despite my struggles. Pleasure and ecstasy were all I knew for a long time. Every time I thought my orgasm was going to end my clit was bitten and the pain caused the orgasm to just continue.

I didn’t pass out totally but I vaguely remember at least 3 other people taking turns fucking my ass. When my brain finally started working again, I had been released of all my restraints but the hood and the latex body suit. Wendy fed me three bags of food and then just walked me to our room. Once we reached the room, she showered me and then let me sleep on the bed next to her. I noticed she felt more human. Her skin felt more natural, her chest rose and fell like she was breathing and her temperature felt human. I fell asleep quickly. I was woken up with a riding crop swat to my clit. I yelled into the hood and rolled away from it.

“Wake up pet. We have to get you ready. We have to check out today.” She helped me to the edge of the bed and in what seemed like a short time I was back in my steel opened crotch leotard and my arms were stickily restrained behind my back. She also laced my feet into the ballet boots from yesterday. “Since you were a good little bee this weekend, I have a special gift for you.” I spread my legs when she tapped my thighs with her crop and then a strong clip was locked onto my poor clit. I yelled and jumped around until I was caught by Wendy before I fell over. After I caught my breath and calmed down, I felt a gentle tug on the clip so I followed as quickly as I could blind and wearing ballet boots.

After she checked us out of the hotel, we returned to the Robo USA booth. The sales woman told me they sold all the robots they had including Wendy’s old body. I was given free access to all the apps and software upgrades on the website and a large company credit for my next big purchase. She told Wendy to take care of me then we left. We got to the car and I was covered by the cape she used to cover me on the trip here. The drive to the house was short and when we got inside, I was told to kneel. Once I was down, I felt the leash on my clit clip pulled tightly and tied to something. Wendy returned to me and fed me 3 food bags before, without notice, released my clit from the clip. I screamed and jumped to my feet only to be shoved backwards onto some kind of swing or hammock. I was supported comfortably by my upper body. My legs were lifted up and outwards and tied that way.

“Now my little pet,” she said. “I’m going to try out all this new body has to offer. I plan on making you scream, moan and make all the wonderful sounds you make when I push you beyond your limits to new heights.” True to her word she made me cum so much and hard using pleasure and pain that when I woke up the next day still laying in my cage, I hadn’t noticed her remove my hood and gag or that cage door was even opened. When I got out and stretched, I was REALLY glad I had taken a day off to recover.


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