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Down on the Farm

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2012 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; machine/f; caught; milk; torment; voy; mast; climax; nc/cons; X

I was watching the scene on the CCTV, watching my lovely young Au Pair Julia. Fresh from Germany she was a delightful little thing. Slim, lean and blonde like every young German girl should be. An animal lover, a gentle soul and right now she was having a wild old time with my dogs.

I like my dogs, and I like them big. Max and Marcus were part fox hound and part black Mastiff. Big, broad and amenable beasts they loved being around people, and Julia appeared to love being around them. Right down they are all three soaked to the skin down by the milking shed. Julia has the hose out and what started as a session washing my lovable duo and her in her skimpy bikini has ended in a mutual soaking on the flagstones. Julia has her arms about Max’s head and is giving him a big hug. She really shouldn’t be down on her knees like that with them. It makes them harder to control if you do not take a firm hand with them.

Max tossed his head to the left and Julia went sprawling, laughing as she went. Her top slipped off her taunt little breasts as she rolled back onto her knees clapping her hands in delight. Marcus leant forwards and gave her a shove with his muzzle and she sprawled again.

‘They are playing with you’ I thought ‘And that is a dangerous game to play’. As she moved to rise up off her knees Max growled softly as her and shoved her firmly back down and she backed away from him uncertainly and did not notice the flagstones under her hands and knees had changed to steel plate. A wayward hand pressed a pressure pad and as she backed away from the suddenly frightening dogs she did not see her impending doom.

The mechanised arm slid silently from it’s recess reaching out and downwards towards what it’s simple mechanised brain saw as a piece of livestock to be handled as any other.

Down on her hands and knees Julia gave a cry as a padded claw closed about her neck from overhead and a rubber liner swiftly inflated to take a firm yet harmless grip on her.

I watched as her hands clawed desperately at the steel grasp about her throat to no avail and I could hear her lapsing into her native German as it brought all it’s hydraulic power to bear on her body and slowly turned her around until she was facing the steel door that led into the innards of a machine I had purchased only a few weeks earlier at great expense and that looked as if it was about to be tested in a most unexpected way.

With Max and Marcus leaping about either side of her and baying wildly Julia was slowly led away. I could see the slender muscles of her young body fighting every inch of the way, but that arm was designed to lead unwilling cows and goats with equal ease. To it, Julia was a tiny beast that offered absolutely no challenge to it’s hydraulic might. The doors swung silently open and she was hauled protesting out of sight with Max and Marcus baying at her heels.

I reached out and flicked the switch that turned on the inside cameras used to monitor the milking operations and smiled as I saw Julia brought to a halt with a look of fury on her face. She swore bitterly in her native German and hammered the hydraulic bar that had her neck prisoner to no avail.

I smile to myself as I wondered what would come happen next. I knew what the machine was programmed to do of course, but somehow I just could not imagine it would actually carry out it’s function.

Lights flickered and unseen sensors measured and studied Julia’s form as it thrashed against her confinement before more arms moved smoothly into life.

Julia didn’t see them at first as they slid silently out of the darkness. And when they moved into the light she tried to bat them away but to no avail. The same powerful hydraulics that had dragged her into the machine also powered these arms and they were designed to force their way past far greater strengths than her mere human arms. And they had a very specific purpose.

I do not think Julia heard the faint hissing sound and realised what they intended, and when she finally realised she started screaming. Her arms flapped wildly and her legs kicked out at nothing as those arms continued their unstoppable approach.

Her wail as the milking arms attached themselves to her swaying nipples was a delight to hear. Part of me felt for her as that terrible throbbing suction took hold, and another part of me wanted to be her, helpless in the arms of the machine as it mindlessly tried to milk her.

More arms swept down from the ceiling and started to run stiff bristled brushes along the length of her back and down her bare flanks. A grooming attachment that saved hours out on the farm and now added a terrible caress to her torment.

I flicked the switch that gave me the view from Julia’s front and I could see she was crying. Crying tears of frustration, fear and a terrible arousal as her nipples responded to the rhythmic suction of the milkers and the rough, insistent caress of those brushes against her tender flesh.

I could see a terrible flush spreading over her bare flesh and I felt a matching one spreading over me as part of me desperately wanted to be her. I zoomed my camera into her face and soon I could hear her panting breath as her body responded in the only way it knew how. Soon she was shrieking in frustration and I saw her fingers stray down between her legs to give her the relief she so desperately desired.

The screams of her orgasm were music to my ears, overlaid as they were with the baying of my hounds as they tried to get inside to find out what all the guttural sounds Julia had been making were all about.

I watched the camera and I saw her head drop in exhaustion, but as no milk had been forthcoming the terrible tireless milkers kept up their assault on her tender nipples and the brushes kept doing their job of roughly smoothing her non-existant fur. I could hear her crying with frustration and with a heavy heart I reached out and flicked a switch that made the machine abandon it’s milking attempts and bring poor Julia back out into the sunshine.

The milkers released her poor tender nipples with an audible ‘pop’ and the mechanical arm hauled her forwards towards a door that opened silently at her approach and I saw her squinting at the sudden sunshine as she emerged into the light. The moment the mechanical arm released it’s grip her head dropped and she stayed right where she was. Down on all fours, her hair matted with sweat, head drooping, her skin flushed and her breath coming in rasping pants.

Moments later my hounds found her. Concerned muzzles nudged her and big rough tongues eagerly licked the salty sweat from her body and added a whole new layer of sexual frustration to my poor German au pair. I smiled as Max bent his neck and peered concernedly at poor Julia’s face, then Marcus’s tongue found a whole new taste and Julia’s problems were suddenly beginning all over again...


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