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The Contraption

by Baobab

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"Think of it as an art installation," explained Jimmy.

Frank stood gawking at the warehouse sized contraption in awe; gears, pulleys, ropes, springs, chutes, tubs, barrels, cages, nets, buckets, mops, brushes, and even an old fashioned bellows and a medium sized crane.  Hard to tell what all of it was for but it was definitely for something.

"You are going to have to explain this to me..."

"It is basically a full size Rube Goldberg machine that I built to win the bet," said an amused Jimmy.

"But we made that bet a year ago and my Jedi Puppy Light Saber Battle only has about 500 have been working on this all that time in the back of a warehouse?  We only had the cost of that dinner riding on that bet ($47.50).  What did this thing cost?"

"That's not important, what is important is that I built it to your dimensions, so you are the star of the show...and here is your outfit," smirked Jimmy. "And you had agreed to help in the video just like I had to help in yours."

"Tidy whities and bunny slippers? Really?"

"I spent a day cleaning up dog poop for you, plus I will give you 20% of the profits."

Frank reluctantly complied, a bet was a bet.

"All you have to do is hop across the platform and eat that carrot on a string above that hopper."

The Contraption - Wabbit Trap

Jimmy's eye ached from the editing.  The contraption took seventy minutes to run on the first setting but Jimmy had decided to get it edited to under thirty minutes.  He needed two thirty minute segments to keep his backers happy.

Jimmy had been working backwards as an editing trick he had learned in film school, watching Frank's head pop out of the gooey banana split filled feed bag and slide up the chute looking like a tightly netted naked rump roast was precious.  He watched the stunned and confused Frank get stripped of the plastic netting as he appeared to be sucked feet first through a series of Christmas tree net packaging machines.  Jimmy reverse the view and slowed it down to watch Frank slide helplessly through a sphincter of netting that compressed him into a helpless package several times until he decided on the perfect speed and angle for the sequence.

Then the editing got a little choppy, Jimmy just had too many things going on at once.  The shaving and skin dying early on needed to help build to the crescendo.  The banana in Franks butthole and the boot that swung down and kicked him in the nuts hard enough to make the banana shoot into the bowl of ice cream was a keeper, as was the torrent of chocolate syrup that was unleashed by Frank's uncorking.  Even the contrast of the chocolate syrup with the pure white skin dye was perfect, but it was just getting so busy.

This is where Jimmy's editing skills got put to good use; the cow milking machine had brought out Frank's special orgasmic whipped cream way too early (the contents of which was quickly spurted into a bowl of heavy whipping cream and mechanically whisked into a bowl of fluffy Frank flavored dessert topping).  Jimmy had also been disappointed in Frank's "O" face in the process, just not expressive enough.

But with enough editing Jimmy got it to together so it looked like the old boot to the nuts that brought on Frank's grimace had also triggered his orgasmic banana launch, and pumped out his secret ingredients from both ends at once.  Then a quick cut to the making of the banana split with the perverse dribbling of the enema chocolate, then a cut to the slide through the tree wrappers, then the whipped topping, then more tree wrappers, then the pull back to realize that the banana split had been made in a feed bag, then spurting of its messy contents with the face first landing in the bag before it was locked around his neck, then feed bag was slowly squeezed down making sure that Frank did not have any choice about taking the contents of his ass flavored banana split for dessert.

A few minutes later a well fed Frank was wearing a bunny mask and a ring gag and had been ass corked with a fluffy white butt plug and put out on the hopper for display.  Even through the white skin dye his balls were a shade of light purple from the kick.

Jimmy looked over at Frank, hairless, dyed pure white,  netted tight, the bunny mask,  ring gag, and now bunny slippers  firmly in place.  The fluffy white tail butt plug twitched helplessly.   The netting had him trussed up like a rump roast.  The editing felt a little dishonest but it was all in the name of art. Jimmy flipped on a separate set of cameras, pulled on his big bad wolf mask and replaced the fluffy tail plug with his cock. Jimmy had really needed a break from editing and felt he deserved some quality time to savage his little bunny.

Still, even after his break from editing he needed a second "O" face from Frank  for the video and the natural one inspired by his buggering was still a bit weak judging by his view of the monitors.  Jimmy thought the solution was to try another mechanized kick to the nuts to get the visuals he wanted.   He took satisfaction that the load of semen he left deep in Franks backside was destined for another banana  split soon (kind of like an artist signing his work), so he undid  the gag and the mask and watched with satisfaction as the hopper tipped forward and Frank began to slide down Jimmy's cock and back into the contraption.  

"Please don't, not again, no, you win, you win!"

"You better squeeze tighter than that or you are going in," and for a few seconds Jimmy moaned as Frank fought the relentless pull of gravity.

"It was just a stupid bet!"

"You know it has nothing to do with the bet!"

Before Frank could answer his exhausted ass muscles surrendered and the two disengaged with a wet slurp.

This time frank must have realized that his orgasm would trigger the boot to the nuts and he fought the milker for a long time...maybe that's why the look on his face was perfect when the bellows full of chocolate syrup in his keister set him off.  The following kick to the nuts turned out to just be a bonus.  All in all Jimmy liked the video of the second run much better.  Frank just looked so defeated the second time around.

The Contraption - Just Desserts

The contraption had two settings; Wabbit Trap and Just Desserts.  Now that the footage from the second run was perfect, there was nothing to do but pull the lever for Just Desserts.  

Meanwhile, the local troop of homeless vagrants had noticed that the building's garbage shoot would drop some good stuff out at about 4:00 am and then again at 4:30 am each night.  Every night several would always gather.  Tonight would be a load of fine gourmet food (loaded with Viagra) followed by a pile of filth and a little bunny named Frank.  The hidden night vision cameras were great, so we're the vagrants, they never pulled Frank out of the dumpster, they just climbed in and humped him deeper and deeper into the garbage.  

They scattered an hour later when Jimmy drove the trash truck in and picked up the little cum dumpster, careful to only partially compact it. When the truck squeezed out the foul smelling block of garbage at the landfill Jimmy couldn't have asked for a better end shot for the movie. Frank's ass, balls, and a foot were just barely sticking out from one side of the block of garbage, his unnaturally white skin now slick with a nasty collection of greasy fluids, the rest of him seemed buried and possibly dead. Fortunately, one good kick to the balls was enough to bring him around and let the viewer know that he wasn't dead after all, a happy ending!

The movie went totally viral and Jimmy is in negotiations for the construction of the Contraption 2...and still waiting for Frank to show up and claim his share of the profits. 

The Contraption - Alternate Ending

"Please don't, not again, no, you win, you win!"

"You better squeeze tighter than that or you are going in," and for a few seconds Jimmy moaned as Frank fought the relentless pull of gravity before his exhausted ass muscles surrendered, but then they didn't.  Frank's butt cheeks almost seemed to spasm and Jimmy instinctively pushed forward into the sudden tightness.  Jimmy hadn't paid any attention to the smattering of chocolate syrup that had dribbled to the floor, he slipped, tripped, and toppled into the hopper right behind Frank.

Jimmy was dealing with a host of conflicting emotions.  Most of his anger was coming from the fact that he had gotten himself completely shaved, head to toe.  The skin dye could be taken off with an oil dissolving lubricant and a brush, but that automated sheep shearing system had been fast and thorough.  He  had a wedding to attend in a week and he would look like a freak without  eyebrows.

He was looking at Frank's back end in front of him on the conveyor belt, an old wood bellows filled to the brim with chocolate syrup slowly was delivering its contents up Frank's butt. The stainless steel milker was bobbing relentlessly and loudly up and down Frank's cock.  Jimmy glanced over at the boot, (filled with marbles for weight) swallowed hard, and squirmed in his own netting.  He was looking at his future.

Jimmy was bigger than Frank but the netting sizing settings had not been changed.  Jimmy felt like he might pop from the pressure at any moment.  The anticipation was killing him.  Frank would be on the milker until it/he finished and earned his reward of a boot to the nuts.  Jimmy watched the momentary mess as the bellows withdrew before the banana found its way home.  Frank was squirming and sweating, it wouldn't be long now, the milker was relentless.  There was a click, and Jimmy felt the air from the boot as it swung by his head on a collision course for Frank's privates.  The noises Frank made were embarrassing (coughing, wheezing, crying) and Jimmy made up his mind to take show some dignity.

Jimmy already had a raging hard on when he was slid into position and realized almost as soon as the milker grabbed onto his member that he wasn't going to last long.  He guessed he had been more excited that he realized because as soon as he felt the metal tip of the bellows begin to gently prod his anus he began to shutter and heard a distant click.  Jimmy opened his mouth to moan and projectile vomited instead.  The low blow had triggered the violent reaction and he found himself heaving uncontrollably while his cock was still spasming.

He tried to recover his composure.  He noted that there was a line of vomit down the conveyor in front of him for at least six or seven feet.  Then he felt the strange warmth and pressure of chocolate syrup filling his bowels.  He felt like he was expanding like a balloon but the netting was so tight and that damn milker was still pumping away and then that  was when Jimmy realized his cock was about to betray him for the second time in as many minutes.  He heard the click again and his determination to not vomit ended up with him shooting his own bile out his nose in twin streams.  His cock raged as the contraption literally kicked the cum out of him and then Jimmy passed out.  All the editing to make Frank look like he enjoyed being kicked in the nuts, who could have know that smashing Jimmy's balls would be like pushing a joy buzzer.

Jimmy woke up back in the hopper pressed into Franks fully netted and restrained ass end.  The fluffy tip of his tail was halfway into Jimmy's ring gag and was threatening to choke him.   Frank was struggling for freedom but Jimmy knew there was no point.  From inside the hopper the only choice was to push the lever or wait until someone from the outside let you out.

Jimmy was glad they were both masked and gagged, he didn't want to listen to Frank's complaints.  With a few tugs on his tail Jimmy managed to turn Frank to the point where he could see the lever, he was smart enough to figure out he needed to push it into the other position with his head. 

The hopper rotated after Frank forced the lever down and Jimmy had a few seconds to consider if he had taken the whole thing maybe a bit too far.  Just Desserts.

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