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Fine Piece of Meat

by SparkyMira

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© Copyright 2018 - SparkyMira - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; factory; naked; explore; prank; fall; slip; machines; automated; conveyor; process; spray; marinate; graded; brand; wrap; saranwrap; encased; storage; stuck; M/f; discovery; shipped; cons/nc; X

It was a dark and cold night when my cousin Nancy called me and told me to meet her at the new factory downtown for one of her little investigations. Ever since we were kids Nancy always had the tendency to drag me into her weird troublesome adventures and I knew tonight would be no different. So around eleven I arrived in my bathrobe as she suggested and was huddling for warmth as it felt like my long red hair was slowly turning into an overgrown icicle.

It wasn’t long until I saw the naked form of my beautiful cousin waving to me from the other side of the fence. With a sigh I dropped my robe in the bushes where I was hiding revealing my rather large bust and shapely body to the full extent of the cold. With my teeth chattering I sprinted into the factory to try and warm up as soon as possible. 

I entered the dimly lit factory and started walking around very cautiously while searching for Nancy. It wasn’t until I heard the cry of “Hey Sammy, up here!” that I looked up to see her hanging from a mechanical arm and swinging back and forth. I just rolled my eyes and laughed at her for being her normal fun loving self.

“C’mon Nancy get down from there so we can go look around a bit.” I say to her as I walk towards a stopped conveyor belt and get onto it so I can have a better look around the room.

“Ok cuz!” she yells and falls forward getting a gasp out of me because I thought she had died.

“Nancy!” I yell frozen in place.

“Don’t worry Sammy these pigs broke my fall!” She said lifting a dead pig up a bit to show me.

“Please don’t scare me lik-“

I was cut off as the machines around us started coming to life and the belt I was standing on started moving causing me to fall onto my ass. Nancy started saying something but it was drowned out as a mechanical arm grabbed her and another pig and placed them into another machine. Slowly I turn to look at where the belt is taking me and gasp when I see a few cow carcasses placed in front of me. I try to get up and run but just ended up falling onto my belly as one of the arms grabs my butt and waist effectively lifting me off of the belt and placing me into another machine. 

After I regain my bearings I notice that I am on some type of turn table with four other cows. One by one some type of sprayer comes down and covers each cow before me in some liquid. When it reaches me I close my mouth and eyes tight so they don’t get sprayed. The spray smells like a hospital. Before I can think on it anymore I am dumped back out onto a belt and start moving forward again. With my view of the factory back I look around to see if there is any way out or if maybe Nancy is free.

My eyes widen when I set my sights on the belt below me. There looking like she is sleeping is Nancy belly up in a line of dead pigs that are being fed into yet another giant mechanism. I try and shout or wave my arms but my limbs refuse to follow my commands. Looking down at my arms I gasp seeing that they have taken on a slightly darker hue and look a bit like skinned leather. This causes me to redouble my efforts however failed they might have been before I was dropped onto some type of giant metal disc.

I was trying to piece together where I was until I was covered in some fine powder that burned my every sense. I was coughing as the disc slowly spun me around and marinated me in this seasoning powder that was now soaked into my every pore. I lost track of the time it took before I was lifted up by more arms and taken to the final stop in my journey.

I was sobbing a bit when I saw the cows in front of me hanging in the air and being prodded by multiple arms. It wasn’t until I got close enough that I realized they were scanning the meat to grade it. I tried to move but in combination with my now heavy limbs and the tight grip of the machine I just accepted it.

When the red scanner passed over me I didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t until the three other appendages poked me and I felt a slowly building heat did I find out what actually happened. In the reflection of the metal surface before me I saw a dangling girl with a bright red 'A' marked on the top of her left breast with the small words 'Beasley Processing Co'. underneath it and a bar code on her neck. It was too late now, I was branded meat and was moving into wherever the meat was stored.

It took a while for the load I was in to finish but before too long another scanner went over me and not a minute later I was covered, my body from neck to toe was sealed in skin tight saran wrap.

A hook was placed into my ass and the arms withdrew but I was bound too tightly to even move my fingers once they let go. The last thing I remember before succumbing to sleep was a slight drop in temperature and seeing many other cows placed in rows before me.

Epilogue 1

Carl was a decently fit man who was head of loading at Beasley Processing. His job was to load different animals into trucks and ship them off to the markets that they were designated for. Today he needed to load a small truck with three 'A grade' cows and pigs that were going to be used for a small party. Using the machines to bring forth the cows he needed his mouth dropped when among the dead animals he saw a woman. 

Thinking that his eyes were playing tricks on him since he passed up his coffee he reached up and squeezed her tits. When he felt them he knew this was real and he looked around to see if anyone was pranking him. But seeing no one else he just shrugged, who was he to stop whoever’s idea this was. So he lifted her off the hook and tossed her into the freezer with the other two cows. Sighing he moved onto the pigs.

Nothing else weird could happen right?


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