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I have always been an engineer at heart. But I quickly realized that there was no fun or money in it. So. I opened a strip club in the Philippines. There wasn't much money in it either, but it was a lot of fun. The club girls gave me some headaches, but I was lucky enough to have two good mamasans working for me to keep the girls in line. I partied every night for about a year. I had girlfriends and sometimes an effeminate boyfriend. Then a pandemic happened, and business took a nosedive. Tourists stopped coming in, and the bills started to pile up. So, one day while I sat at home playing on my phone, I went to a webcam site that featured girls that performed acts for a monetary amount. I noticed that the girls were making money like crazy. It got me thinking about how I could find something close to the same thing.

I dug around in my garage, came up with a few odds and ends, and applied my engineering prowess. I came up with something relatively simple. It was easy to manufacture. I built a box out of old windows that were in ok shape. They housed a motorcycle seat with a substantial power sander attached to the bottom of the seat. It was about 2 feet high off the ground, and even my tiniest girl could stand over it comfortably. I then attached a rheostat to the power of the sander. I basically made a vibration seat. I set it up just inside the doorway of the club.

The plan was straightforward. The customer would pick his favorite girl and give her a ride in the seat. The girl would staddle the seat, and the customer would control the vibrations trying to make her cum. It was a live video game with the girl having all the fun. While a dollar wasn't much, time flies when you are having fun. It was fun to watch a girl get all hot and bothered when she rode it. I called it the fun box. At first, none of the girls really tried it. The fun box was right inside the doorway in line with the sight of tourists. It was a novelty. A group of tourists asked about it and tried it out with a girl. I really didn't make much for the girl, but I did make a bunch off the drink they bought while they played with the setup. They were so focused on the entertainment and feeding the machine they missed how much they drank. They just kept putting money in trying to make the girl cum. Then word got around a little, and more of the tourists would stop by to play a few rounds of the fun box and laugh. The girls didn't make money off the fun box, but an excellent ride and acting allowed for them to pick up a date for the night. So they were ok with it. It became a big hit. I had to make another to keep up with the demand. I was standing outside one night and heard one of the tourists complain that it was a rip off. He was a drunk Australian, so I asked what was wrong. He stated in a slurred voice that a girl could raise themselves a little and pretend that something was happening. He may have been drunk, but he was right. I made a third one.

I went back to tinkering with the design in my garage. I made a square wood platform that raised it up another foot, and now the girl had to kneel on the platform while straddling the seat. I attached a stronger sander to the saddle. It was one of the contractor types that could be used on heavy equipment. That new sander definitely vibrated a lot more and with way more power. I found four old seat belts attached to them inside the platform and fed the straps to the top through some slits I made on the top of the platform. The seat belts were the ratcheting type that was always tightened but won't give if yanked on too quickly. I increased the tension in them so that it took me two hands to pull loose, and I had to go slow, or the clutch would engage. A couple of D-rings later and I had Fun-box 2.0. The girls had to slip their legs in the straps before the machine started. One set went just above the knees, and the other set went around the ankles. Once set in place, it made it hard for the girls to pull their legs together. This forced the girls to be pulled down onto the saddle more. I also found an old claw game coin machine from a defunct arcade, pulled the dollar receiver out of it, and set it up to take the money. I set it up to have a small screen above it, and for every dollar paid, it increased a jackpot 10 cents. 

It was a small interface I did with an old cell phone. If the jackpot was hit, then the customer got a free night with the girl. The girl got half of the pot, and I got the other half. I set up the timer for it to jackpot once a month regardless of the amount of money or usage it would just go off. I told the girls about the jackpot but not the timer. I placed the new box farther back in the club. It was much of the same thing. The girl just used it to get dates, and the customers liked it for the novelty and trying to make a girl cum. The jackpot kept getting bigger. Within two weeks, it had surpassed the amount that a girl could get on a date alone. 

This is what I had been waiting for. The girls were more willing to get the customer to give them a ride in the hope of hitting the jackpot. In three weeks, the amount doubled the jackpot to what the girls could make on a date. Now my poor machine was in constant use. The girls would spend about ten minutes with the customer, get them to buy a drink, and then pull them over the fun box. I don't know how many hours they went for, but there always seemed to be orgasmic moaning and cuming from my club, which kept customers wanting to see what was going on. This increased my profit margin.

The fourth week the jackpot had doubled again. Now the girls were getting into a fight about how long each girl was on. I was out one night and got a call on my cell from mamas and back to the club quickly. I knew it was bad if she was calling. I made my way back, and before I even entered, I heard the commotion. I saw two of my new girls that just started on the floor throwing punches and wrestling moves like pro-MMA fighters. I was impressed at the efficiency that the girls showed when beating each other up. I had a good-sized crowd gather, and some of the customers were making bets.

I grabbed a bucket of ice and threw it on them. The cold shock stunned them and got them to stop. I heard a collective groan from the crowd, and some of the customers walked out. I got an explanation from mammasansan. It seemed that one of the girls was hogging their fun box. She had brought her boyfriend to feed the money that she was making on dates hoping that it would pay out the jackpot. She had been on it for more than four hours. I asked how that was possible. Mammasans stated that the girls figured out that if they roll their hips forward, it will stay off their magic button and that they could endure it longer and cum less. 

I laughed and knew I had to change my design again. Back to the garage, I went. I left the old modified fun box still in the bar as the girls constantly used it, and it was making me good money. The next box I had planned was going to be much harder. I still used a motorcycle saddle, but this was bent in the form of a large "U" shape. I attached a car spring on the bottom with a center pole. I placed a cut out where the girl’s love button was going to be. I purchased a heavy-duty sander and layered the head with some neoprene to make it soft. I then attached the same leg straps as before but much wider apart. The entire area was now enclosed with plexiglass. The girl would have to ride in the "U" with their legs stretched out more, and with spring pressure from the seat, their little love button was forced out of the cut out right onto the sander. The girls had no choice but to take the stimulation straight to their clit. 

I placed the new box next to the other, but I doubled the jackpot's rate. The first girl that got on it was a veteran in the bar and knew all the tricks from the old boxes. She got her customer to put in 20 bucks. She strapped herself in, and the machine started up. I watched as she started to rock her hips but couldn't get away from the sander. Then she came fast, and only a minute had passed. The normally fake plastered smile slowly faded and was replaced with a concerned look. She tried to pull herself off the saddle, but the straps held fast, and the plexiglass enclosure didn't help her with any grip. Within five minutes, she came again. This time it was much more profound and more prolonged. The concerned look was gone, and a look of despair had taken its place. She was almost frantic and cycled between Cumming and pulling at the straps. The ten-minute mark had come an additional two times, and she was pleading for someone to let her out. The man loved it. I knew he was going to take this girl home, and the bar was going to make some money that night. She made it to the 20 minutes and was exhausted and barely talking coherently. She had cum some many times that there was a pool of fluid under the seat. The man who paid her bar tab was out the door with her so fast she wasn't even in total control of her legs and could barely walk without help. The girls after that called that machine the C-box as in cumm-box. Some of the girls didn't like it, and it cost extra for a patron to get them to ride it, but some of the girls loved it and would feed their own money for a quick five-minute ride to knock the edge off a stressful night. 

In the meantime, the girl trying to get her boyfriend to hit the jack top actually did. She went home with close to five-time the pay with her boyfriend that night. This did not endear her at all to the other girls. Mammasansan told me that she even made a smug remark to her on the way out for the night and that I should fire her. I told mammasansan that in time she would be taken down a notch. Just give it time. 

The business was busy. I was making good money from the drink and fun boxes. I was happy. I even hired a few new girls. One of the girls I was impressed with was smart, and it turned out that she had attended the university till her family fell on hard times in the second to last semester of her engineering degree. She had to drop college and work this job because of the quick money and flexible hours. I liked her a lot. I took her under my wing and left her into the garage to play around. She explained that she wanted to make a box also. 

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