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G Man At The Kennel

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2013 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; collar; naked; petdog; walks; outdoors; crate; transport; machines; shave; storage; cond; cons/reluct; X

After teasing Jackie about waiting for my turn in her kennel (see Ken's Birthday Gift), she finally placed me in one! Gromet


Fortunately the mysterious disease only seemed to effect the larger breeds, and not fatally either. Their skin would stink though, and they would scratch themselves raw trying to satisfy itches that wouldn't go away. It was highly contagious, so much so that humans had unwittingly passed it from one dog to another with visits to the veterinarian in search of a cure. These were well loved dogs, and their owners would do almost anything to stop their suffering, and the center for disease control set up an automated facility to care for these dogs using the only method that looked successful.

Owners were to drop off their precious pets at several facilities around the state, and once there the process was one hundred percent automated to prevent any recontaminating. Machines could be left in position on the "hot" side of the facility, and as long as their power cables were hooked up and their programs ran, they could work twenty four seven like no human could. The owners cars as well as their houses would be decontaminated by separate machines, and in a week their pets would be returned to them extremely clean and hopefully disease free.

G man didn't have a dog, but one of the games he and his lovely bride played at had him wearing a collar and pretending to be one. He had his own collar and leash, food and waterbowl, and even a large sized dog training crate that he sometimes found himself locked into when his bride felt the need to remind him who was in charge. Their games sometimes were played in the country where G man was walked down deserted country lanes and paths on his leash as a form of foreplay before the main event.

Whenever he wore his collar she was automatically in charge, and he elected to wear it often when they were alone. It was good kinky fun for the couple, and as a touch of realism for his last birthday she registered him with the township as a large mixed breed dog, and he wore that license tag on his collar with pride. It would have to be renewed each year, and she knew if she ever tired of their game she could symbolically not renew the license and tell the authorities she no longer had the dog.

The certified letter came by post to their house telling her in two weeks time she was to have her large mixed breed dog G man at the automated kennel facility for the week, but that she was not to worry as her beloved pet would be treated quite well. If however, she had a signed document from G man's vet certifying he was disease free, her pet would be excused from it's appointment at the facility. At first she was horrified when she read the letter, but the second time through it she burst out in laughter at what their game had gotten G man into. For her part she decided not to tell G man about his appointment, and to see if she could somehow find a vet to certify him clean.

She had run into other large dog owners at the market the following day who had their dogs and houses robotically cleaned, and other than receiving them completely hairless, they seemed happy and unharmed. The ladies at the market had told her that their houses had never been so clean, and wondered aloud about the ethics of purposely reinfecting their dogs just to get the free cleaning job again. It was a joke between the ladies as she was sure that they wouldn't really do such a thing, but it got Mrs. G man thinking...

Two weeks later G man was in the back of her station wagon wearing his collar, however this time he was locked in his training crate with a sheet thrown over it, and naked as the day he was born. When he took his walks in the country with his bride he was always naked in his dog persona, except for the little rubber paw pads she buckled on his hands and knees, but this was the first time his clothes had been left behind. The added risk of discovery had G man very excited, and he hoped his walk was a short one so they could get to the main event quickly. G man had no idea where he was being taken with his crate all covered up, but he thought the ride was over far too quickly. One of the rules of their little game forbid him from speaking once his collar was on, and his bride loved that aspect of it most of all, but if not for that G man would have asked what was going on.

She could tell he was nervous when she opened up the rear hatch of her wagon and uncovered him, and he looked positively terrified when he heard the other "dogs" barking on the other side of door she had backed up to. Under her breath she told him if he says just one word all kinds of alarms will go off, and he will have some serious explaining to do. Without another word she clipped his leash to his collar and removed him from his crate, and walked him to the door on all four legs.

Once inside she was greeted by a machine just like she had been told to expect by the ladies at the market, and it asked what kind of animal it was. She responded with "male mixed breed" and she gave his license number, and the simple machine seemed satisfied with that. G man was weighed after she was asked for the leash, and it became clear she wouldn't be getting it back for a week. The two shared a look, but of most importance was G man nearly dragging the ground as he was lead away by his robotic handler, clearly "up" for the game. She knew then that she had done the right thing, and this just another step in G man's life as her petdog. She walked away without another look back, knowing she would miss him for the next week.

The robotic cleaners were already cleaning out her car when she walked back outside, and she knew another team was likely hard at work in her house at the same time. Before she drove away she heard a familiar bark from the other side of the door, and a smile spread across her lips.


G man was lead by his leash to the hot side of the facility by the robot, and it paused as robotic clippers popped out from it's many openings. The electric shears flew in a blur and snipped all his hair off as he was terrified any motion could cause deadly peril, but when it went to work behind him he twitched involuntarily, and the robot stopped instantly. He again held as still as possible as the machine went back to work, and all of his bodily hair was eventually in a pile on the floor around him. He was then covered with medicated shaving cream, and the shears were replaced with razors as the robot didn't stop until no possibly contaminated hair remained on his body. When the robot was happy with it's job G man was rinsed down with nice warm water, and his hair was washed down the drain on it's way to an incinerator.

He was lead to a waiting training crate in the next room, just like the one he rode in on the way to the facility. This one had a nice soft pad for him to sleep on, and it was moved to a shelf on the far wall by his robotic handler with a food and water bowl already inside. The facility was well heated as all the dogs he could see were just as bald as he now was. None of them barked at him like they did at each other, their senses telling them that this "dog" was different than all the others. Not wanting to attract any attention to himself he kept quiet and ate his food and drank his water, and hoped no humans came and recognised him for what he was.

The robotic handlers clipped onto his collar and walked him around the secluded yard three times a day, and G man could either be a good dog, or make a mess in his crate where he slept, which he wouldn't do. G man ate his food and took his walks, and after each one he was washed down with special soap to kill off any bacteria that might cause a reinfection. The robot sprayed him down each time with warm water, and it's aim was uncanny in it's accuracy. The special soap smelled of hair remover, and G man wondered if he would ever be able to regrow what he lost.


It's called total immersion, and it's the way foreign agents learn a language and culture quickly, or apparently how a normal but kinky man learns to be a dog. G man took his walks and ate his food, and over the course of the week forgot how to be a human. He was surrounded by other dogs, and not in the company of another human, and by the end of his stay at the facility he had assimilated his new culture. He saw the other dogs come and go, and when it was his time to be returned to his owner he had mixed feelings.

After his morning walk that day he was lead out of another door by his robotic handler, and not to his crate home. This was the same door he had seen his fellow dogs leave by, and he was surprised to find his owner waiting for him with her station wagon, and a familiar training crate open inside. He hopped right in and she closed the door and signed off on an electronic pad with the robot. She covered the crate so nobody could see him in all his hairless naked glory, and she was relieved to see he was really no worse for the wear. All attempts to talk with him on the drive home were answered with whimpers and barks, and she figured he was just venting his displeasure at being dumped at the facility, just like a real dog.

By that night she realised he wasn't playing, and she was now the unwilling owner of a large mixed breed dog, and the only good thing she could say about the experience was at least he was housebroken...

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