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Hospital Escalation

by Leexxx

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Ashley had been in college long enough and was fully ready for the real world application of her nursing and care degree. Today was her first interview with a hospital, and hopefully the only one she would need for a while. Despite being a mental ward, she met all the requirements to apply and being close to her apartment was all the bonus she needed to get over the whole mental ward dilemma. She showed up half an hour early dressed in her best professional suit, a black button down with a blue jacket and matching suit skirt. She signed in as a guest and waited to be called in by the doctor who would be interviewing her.

It didn’t take long before an older man, whose hair was just starting to grey, came through the large swinging doors. He was fairly handsome which Ashley took note of immediately, appreciating the silver wolf appeal he had. He called her name and she was snapped out of her day dream and stood up. “I’m Doctor Jack Kayne” he said introducing himself with a simple smile and handshake before he led her into the hospital out of the waiting room. He shared a little small chit chat as they walked towards his office where he opened the door for her and showed her the seat across from his desk. The whole interview did not take very long and her enthusiasm to work seemed to ease along the process. The hospital was semi-desperate for new employees and he hired her on the spot.

“You wouldn’t have happened to bring a set of scrubs with you, I’d like to give you a tour and get a better understanding of your hands on skills” he asked at the end of the interview. Ashley stuttered and responded “I.. I didn’t know I was supposed to bring a pair.” He calmly put his hands up and said “It’s okay, it wasn’t on the required list of things to bring, I’m sort of flying by the seat of my pants right now with how hectic the hospital is. Normally it would take several weeks to have all of the clearances put through but if I can see first-hand your skill in patient handling I can sign a release to expedite the process and seeing how the ward is short staffed I would like to make this as fast as possible.” With that he pressed a com button on his phone and asked another nurse to bring in a spare set of scrubs. A few minutes later after a little more chit chat, another female nurse came in carrying a sealed package and said, “Sorry but we are out of spare nurses’ scrubs due to a backorder issue but we do have plenty of the white patient outfits.” With that the doctor dismissed her and stood up, “I’ll let you change in here and then we’ll get started on the tour.”

Ashley cursed her luck as she looked at herself in the mirror. She had purposely worn dark clothing to cover up her under-layers. To boost her confidence, she had worn a bright pink, sexy lingerie set. The full works, a lacy pink bra to support her D cup chest, pink boy short panties that made her ass curve so perfect, even a garter belt to hold up her black panty hose. It all bled through the white scrubs plain as day. She tied her hair up into a ponytail as she looked at herself in the full length mirror in the corner of his office. She huffed a little then accepted her fate of showing off her underwear and poked her head out of the office door to see the doctor. He blushed a little when she fully revealed herself then coughed to clear his throat with. “Let’s begin then.”

They quickly covered the different wings of the hospital. Recovery from addiction, mentally ill patients, a high risk ward, and long term treatment. “For the most part the orderlies are these robotic servants but it still requires nurses to do check-ups and physical evaluations and since these bots are still in their testing phase we still have to maintain staff to make sure they’re functioning properly” the doctor said as they passed a booth with two humanoid robots. Instead of legs the robots had a base similar to a cabinet with wheels supporting the “torso” which had several arms and a head, Ashley imagined was full of cameras and sensors. “They’re pretty much harmless as long as you have a badge or doctor nearby but they are quite efficient at subduing patients should things escalate and are fully equipped, they won’t ever replace humans and in most cases are only used in the more severe wards. They mostly retrieve what is needed from the storage area currently but they have a very sophisticated program that I don’t even fully understand yet.” He explained as they continued to walk.

The doctor was showing her the equipment and storage room when his buzzer went off. “You’ll have to excuse me, I’m needed in the long term ward. You can wait in here and explore a bit, I shouldn’t be long” he said before stepping out of the equipment room. She took his advice and started to explore the storage area. She was well adept with the “medical equipment” section, just getting done with school, however she was not as well versed in the “restraints” department. She wandered over to the aisle then began her investigation of arguably the largest section of the storage room. She didn’t know there were so many different varieties of restraints, some she would not want to experience first-hand. Quite a few things caught her interest as she wandered up and down the aisle, padded cuffs, large mitts to prevent self harm, straitjackets and arm binders in a slurry of sizes and varieties. A lot of the stuff looked like bondage equipment from her favorite pornos adapted for medical treatment.

Her interest was ultimately peaked when she found a variety of ball gags. They were in red, blue, and purple colorations. ”Maybe they should order more uniforms and less gags” she whispered to herself as she looked at the overstock of purple gags. She picked up one of the purple gags and her pure interest made her strip it from the hermetically sealed packaging. She had always been intrigued by bondage but had never been this close to the actual artefact. She shivered a little as she opened her mouth to accept the ball. It was stiff rubber and as it slipped in behind her teeth she couldn’t help but bite down and test the strength. Her hands moved on their own as she held the gag in place, the ends of the straps met and she slowly began to tighten the gag in place. She wasn’t paying attention to the gag as she pulled the straps together tight and felt the hugging embrace of the gag on her cheeks.

Mere seconds later she heard the sound of the door to the storage room swing open. She panicked and ducked down to the side as she reached up to undo the gag. Had she been listening as she tightened the gag, she would have heard the distinct sound of the locking mechanism, much like a zip tie, trapping the gag in her mouth. She panicked even more as she heard the sound of an electronic drive and rubber wheels on concrete rolling her way while she fidgeted and struggled to get the gag out of her mouth.

As it rounded the corner it “saw her”, crouched on the floor pulling at the gag. Both parties froze, Ashley slowly turned and looked towards the robot as it began to run programs to assess the situation. It analyzed the garments and now the gag in her mouth, it did not register a nurse or doctor’s badge in the vicinity and Ashley did not have a patient band around her wrist. Ashley tried to put her hands up and mime to it that it was a misunderstanding as it started to charge towards her. To it, she looked like a patient in her white uniform and ball gag trying to escape.

Within seconds, the large machine was on top of her, quickly it latched onto her wrists and pulled her arms out to the sides to keep her from struggling. She moaned and groaned and tried to explain through the gag that this was a misunderstanding. The machine registered her mouth movements and vocalizing as its software assessed the situation further.

Unbeknownst to Ashley, red gags were used to make patients shut up when they wanted to be too loud. Blue gags are used for patients that like to spit and bite. Orderlies are allowed to remove those gags but purple gags are a whole different story. They don’t get used very often because it’s fairly rare but purple gags are ‘doctor only’ permission and have a locking mechanism that only a doctor has the key to. It usually means a number of things, red and blue combined as well as high risk such as suicidal or heavily addicted which means they’ll try to swallow anything. Ashley tried to protest now even more as the machine announced in a mechanical voice, “Purple article requires further restraints and doctor approval for removal.”

She struggled even more against the machine as it read her her rights as a patient. Somehow she managed to get one of her wrists free from the mechanical grasp. “Subject is defiant, chemical restraint approved.” Moments later she felt a prick in her thigh and cold fluid rushing in. All of a sudden she lost all of her strength to fight back as the muscle relaxant coursed through her body and numbed her. The machine had not been calibrated recently in its administration of the sedative, registering it had given her 150ml when in reality it had only given her 50ml.

“Subject is in patient uniform, no patient identification present, assuming patient has removed type one wrist band, accessing records” the machine announced. With the smaller dosage of sedative Ashley still had a bit of strength left to pull at her bonds a bit before going completely numb. “Cross referencing records, Female, blonde, 5’4”, chest DD, extreme resistance to capture, sedative resistant indicating long term patient, purple restraint.”

Ashley figured there was no way there was a patient with all of those criteria in the hospital and that she would be set free or brought to a station where a nurse would assess the situation. “Patient match, transfer from outside of hospital arriving today, acquiring records, assigned doctor, recommended treatment, contacting program advisor for processing.” Ashley was stunned that there was a patient matching all of those criteria and even more cursed her luck that that patient had been transferring today.

Several miles away a tech sitting behind a computer received an alert from one of his companies’ bots. Quickly he poured over the information being fed to him from the machine in question. “Uh huh, a registered patient caught ‘escaping’ in the equipment room.” He briefly laughed to himself, “you’ll have to try harder than that to fool my programming, it’s probably just a test to see if the bot is capable of handling its procedure” he said to himself as he clicked the treatment approved button on the screen, then leaned back in his chair again and fell back asleep waiting for the next alarm to go off.

“Processing approved by monitor, beginning administration.” The machine said as it began to hum, multiple systems coming online. Ashley’s eyes went wide as she said, “You can’t be serious” garbled by the gag.

“Type 2 registration denied” the machine said, “applying type 3 patient registry.”

Had she not have been wearing a purple gag when she was caught, the machine would have laser engraved a steel strip and wrapped it around her wrist and cold welded it shut, slightly more permanent than the normal plastic wrist band. However the purple gag and the record that was now transposed onto her set her at a chance of danger to employees, a steel strip could potentially be broken and sharpened into a weapon. Instead type 3 came in the form of a tattoo on her wrist. The ink would dissolve if it was exposed to the correct frequency of UV light when she was “cleared” of treatment however Ashley still had to endure the pain of the needle.

An arm protruded from the back of the robot carrying the tattoo gun and began to inscribe her new information. She winced as it scratched her new name, patient number, and status on her arm.  She read as the information was revealed “Katrina Sugar” was her name which made her mumble and say “that sounds like a stripper name.  Her patient number was “6996” which elicited, “great, she chose a slutty number for herself too.” All was revealed when her crimes and history were inscribed, “nymphomaniac, heavy drug addict, personality switch.”

“Objective, restrain in Doctor Patricia Dawson’s recommendation and deliver to long term treatment center for care.” The machine said before it began to roll further into the restraints section looking for the required materials. When it stopped it announced, “patient is in incorrect garments for proceeding.” With that the torso opened up to produce several smaller and more delicate arms which began to strip her clothes. It neatly folded her white scrubs once they were removed. It analyzed her undergarments then announced, “patient has been transferred in personal clothing, removing for storage” as it began to unclip her bra and garter belt before it whisked them away and folded them into her pile. It set the pile on the ground, it would retrieve it later and deliver her clothes to the patient personal belongings area.

Ashley dangled naked now, as the smaller arm grabbed her by the waist and released her arms. The longer arm reached to the shelf and pulled down her first new addition. A purple leather arm binder. She was rotated to face away from the bot in order to pull her arms behind her back and into the single sleeve. It started at her wrists and moved up, Cinching the matching purple straps tight till it got to her arm pits. Then it worked backwards down, pulling each strap tighter till she would let out a grunt of pain at the tightness. These straps were the same design as her gag, a zip tie like ratchet locking system that would keep her trapped until a doctor unlocked her, even the machine locking her up currently wouldn’t be able to undo what it was doing as it progressed.

Moving forward she felt her next leather addition being wrapped around her neck, a large and stiff purple posture collar. Again the straps were pulled tight but not the point of cutting off her airflow. At this point she could smell the faintest scent of her own excitement. All of this seemed to be bondage gear and it was almost straight from her fantasies. While the machine had her back to it, it took note of something. “Improper equipment implementation, correction in order” It proceeded to pull her braid from underneath the strap holding her gag in place. The little bit of extra slack was just enough for Ashley to push the ball from behind her teeth with her tongue and say “wait I’m no...” before the machine grabbed the gag and reset it behind her teeth with a sharp pull, tightening the strap around the back of her head firmly securing the gag deeper than it had been previously and much tighter than Ashley had set it in her brief moment of experimentation. The machine ran her few words through a diagnostics program to predict her speech coming up with “Wait I’m not crazy,” “wait I’m not a patient,” “wait I’m not supposed to be here.” Cross referenced with her acquired patient record it further justified her capture with the correlation of the patient’s split personality.

The machine was unrelenting as it continued to the next step. Arms wrapped around her hips and hoisted her while two other arms attached to her ankles. Her leather bound arms wrestled against her back as she was bent over with her legs spread into a very revealing and open doggy style position. She was displayed like this as the machine rolled through the store room till it stopped where it found what it was looking for. Ashley was unaware of what was to be added next as she faced the ground as they moved and the posture collar prevented her head from turning to look.

She heard a distinct sound of a hermetically sealed box being opened by the machines seemingly infinite arms. Shortly after she felt something drip onto her in a very unsettling place. The cold lube was carefully applied to her rear end and the healthy amount ran down between her legs to further lubricate her slit. The lube felt almost numbing as it soaked into her folds and she felt herself heating up, almost excited for the machine to continue.

Unbeknownst to the machine and Ashley, the lube was an accelerator meant to increase sensation and applied in the right place, arousal. One of the orderlies had most likely stocked the lubrications in the wrong place and the machine had grabbed the bottle from the shelf where the normal lubricant should’ve been. 

As Ashley felt herself slip further and further into heat she almost gratefully accepted the touch of velvety rubber against her sex. The machine was slow and methodical as it slowly pushed the large dildo plug into place. Based on the records, Katrina required the largest size available. Of course Ashley was not Katrina, the dildo was several sizes larger than any man she had been with and larger than any of her personal toys. She panted and groaned as the machine pushed it further and further. The pain of being stretched just added fuel to her fire which was becoming more severe as more of the lubricant reached deeper inside of her.

At the halfway point she felt something new, pressure at her rear entry. Her eyes went wide for a second as the machine continued to push, the large tapered butt plug beginning to spread her. She would never come out and say she liked anal but the taboo occasionally came into her life when she was extremely horny or had been watching too many anal gang bang pornos. Her little jeweled butt plug at home surprised a few lovers but had not fully prepared her for this plug. At 2.5 inches at its widest, Ashley felt as if the plugs inside her were touching and rubbing together. The machine added more and more lube to coax the plug into place where it tapered back down to half an inch to reduce fatigue of extended wear.

As the plugs fully seated Ashley’s eyes rolled back and her toes attempted to curl as she experienced a brief orgasm. The machine took note of this and added another check mark on the list of correct judgement. Without the lube Ashley would not have even approached an orgasm but the burning in her crotch made her think she was willing to go along with this.

The machine analyzed the plug set briefly to make sure it was properly placed. It was designed for patients that had a tendency to self stimulate in potentially dangerous manners when they were given the opportunity. The plugs were connected by a stiff piece of plastic which cupped the crotch. The anal plug was designed to be the anchor point. The plastic also  wrapped backwards up to the base of the tailbone and a panel came forward to cover most off her pubic region which just so happened to be clean shaven allowing an almost seamless fit against her skin. With the plugs in place no patient would be able to self stimulate or even hide potentially dangerous object inside themselves, it was a perfect prison.

The machine rolled forward again through the store room as she came down from her momentary high. When it stopped she heard what sounded like plastic being crinkled. A short table slid out from the base of the bot and her body was rotated before her back was laid against the table allowing her encased arms to dangle below. She got a good view of the sound she had heard, a large disposable diaper. The machine quickly slid it underneath her, powdered her, and then brought the front panel forward over her waist. 6 adhesive tabs were used to seal the purple mass around her. “Might be in this for awhile is my guess” Ashley thought as she blushed a little embarrassed to be diapered but the scent of baby powder and the soft padding made her feel secure briefly. The diaper was followed by a set of plastic pants. Inside the waist band was a steel cable and lock. As the cable was pulled tight it sealed her in. Cables around each thigh were also winched tight which would keep her out of the interior of her garments.

Again the machine continued to parade its victim around the store room looking for the next addition.  It acquired what looked to be a purple leather bra next with a full chest panel. It quickly wrapped it around her bare chest. It hung over her shoulders with a few straps that locked shut on her back. A few clasps secured it to her collar next and it began to tighten all around her. Above and below her breasts two straps were pulled tight along with her shoulder straps. Inside her boobs could still move freely against a rubber panel with little fingers the reached out to tickle her nipples. This stimulation made her giggle a little and moan little as the machine manipulated her limp body causing her large heavy breast to swing inside of the bondage.

Because of the stimulation she had missed the long leather strap that dangled from the center of the harness. The machine snatched the strap and brought it up between her legs. She noticed all but too late as the machine fed the strap through a lock at the finger tips of her arm binder. With a sharp pull the machine tightened the strap. This did several things. For starters a jolt of pain was sent through her shoulders as the bondage addition forced a somewhat awkward position, luckily she was flexible enough to accommodate. Secondly, with the strap between her legs, the new tightness forced the plugs upward, this caused the dildo to painfully but oh so perfectly slam into her cervix which was desperate for stimulation from the lube. And lastly, the strap had pulled her shoulders back which forced her chest forward into the tantalizing rubber fingers. With the rapid motion Ashley found herself going head first into an almost blinding orgasm.

She now felt another prick in her thigh, almost in the exact same place as the first time. Slowly her strength was returned to her as the neutralizer took effect. With her muscle strength returning, she could feel how tight the bondage was and a slight ache from it. The machine froze as it counted down how long it would take the neutralizer to take full effect. When Ashley had her strength back it rotated her then stood her on her feet. “It expects me to walk like this?” She thought to herself. A long almost pole like arm attached to a ring on her posture collar before it gave her slight push to start moving with, “you will be delivered to Doctor Patricia Dawson at once for evaluation.”

Luckily the machine had not stripped her slip on shoes as it nudged her again to march. Her first step sent a shiver through her body. The plugs shifted inside of her and not being accustomed to walking restrained she pulled at the strap between her legs when trying to moving her arms. Another push made her take another step. It was like walking on glass, she had to step delicately to keep herself upright and to compensate for the bondage. The thick padded diaper was also not helping much as the bulk made her waddle. Shortly she found herself at the end of the aisle, then at the door to the store room. She paused, she couldn’t go out like this and potentially be seen by nurses and other patients, she looked like... like a lunatic. The bot buzzed the door and it automatically opened then nudged her out.

She couldn’t remember much of the walk to be honest, having to stop multiple times to catch her breath and keep herself from going too close to the edge. On several occasions nurses stepped to the side to allow them to pass. Doctors for the most part kept their noses in their notes but would occasionally glance at the troubled looking girl, knowing she was in a very sticky situation. Some nurses stared as she was lead through the never ending hallways. They finally reached her destination, the sign above the door reading “Long Term Treatment.” The large doors swung open as she was lead in. She saw other patients with purple bondage like her own but most did not appear as severe as her own.

Finally they arrived at the door of the Doctor’s office. She was pushed inside where at the desk sat her new Doctor. She was attractive, a very powerful looking bombshell with jet black hair wearing a dark blue blouse under her white jacket. She had to be at least 6’2” and in incredible shape. Her green eyes seemed to glow in contrast with her hair and were piercing as she looked up from her desk at Ashley. Ashley felt tiny and weak looking at this woman. Directly in front of her desk was a pole which the bot connected the collar to. It was cold steel and Ashley felt herself pressing up against to maintain her balance as she breathed a little heavy trying to maintain her composure.  Dr. Dawson stood up closing her file almost aggressively, “Welcome to MY ward Ms. Sugar.”

Unbeknownst to anyone, the real Katrina Sugar would be delayed indefinitely from arriving at the hospital due to an overdose she had managed to get smuggled in. The news of the event had been lost in communication between hospitals and her record was now overwritten on Ashley. Back in the store room, Dr. Kayne had returned only to find a pile of neatly folded clothes, the undergarments he recognized as Ashley’s but she was nowhere to be found. It was all just a series of accidents that escalated to this point.

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