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by J.M.

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Storycodes: Solo-f; vr; virus; mc; toys; cons/reluct; X

It was a momentous event for the technological community. In 2015 a group of M.I.T. graduates had by accident, discovered a way of translating neural transmissions into a digital form thus creating the worlds first truly immerse Virtual Reality. The Internet had been all but replaced in a few months by Vnet; A world beneath reality. A burgeoning place where anything could happen within the laws of the programming, which, as of this era, was extremely advanced. After jacking into Vnet, a person could go to the mall anywhere on earth and order goods, or participate in any of the myriad of games going on. Violent crimes in nearly every city on the planet ceased to happen as anyone anywhere could satiate their desire for violence, for excitement, for sex, for anything their minds could ever imagine in fully immersive true colour RCom graphics.


Tracy was perusing the electronic doo-dads and thingies in the brand new iSystems store in town. She didn't know what any of this stuff was but she knew that they sold a VR unit that would let her get into Vnet. Quickly and inescapably, an obtrusive fellow in a plastic robot costume came scurrying across the room towards her. Her heart sank; She knew this guy was going to throw a pushy sales pitch at her and she really hated when that happened., 'Excuse me miss', he said like a robot, 'You can't beat our digital deals and our... Aghh..' In an impressive display of the laws of physics the man caught his big plastic boot on a table leg and came crashing down knocking the table over sending a large rack of video chips and a pile of adapter cables all over creating a huge uproar in the nearby staff and customers. Three clerks came out of the woodworks to find out what happened. She nearly burst out laughing right there in the isle but she kept her head down and disappeared into the store to avoid any conversation about this idiocy.

After only a few moments she came upon the VR units. Essentially, the units were reclining chairs which immobilized the user while the nodes pushed in along the spinal cord merging your thoughts and actions with the machine. There were several fancy set-ups with leather or soft coverings and polished stainless titanium framing. They all had lifetime warranties on everything but the coverings. Being a bit of a 'rich girl' her whole life, she decided on the iSystems Deluxe. It was a soft black furry reclining chair with all the trimmings, heat, massage and one hundred node input. Moments after she decided that it would be the Deluxe, the guy in the robot costume came limping in. Before he could say even a word, she told him what she wanted and that he should wrap it up and deliver it today. It was really difficult to remain serious as he may actually have hurt himself. Though in her mind she was snickering at the cracked grey plastic suit the guy was wearing. She paid for it and made the proper delivery arrangements before leaving the store with a happy grin on her face.

Shortly there after she was at home tearing the unit out of its box, sending Styrofoam and cardboard everywhere. The installation instructions were short and simple. 1- Remove from box. 2- Remove pin from interface ram. 3- Connect to your phone line. Easy as pie. She picked up the manual, which was resembling a small bible, and perused through it for a while. This thing had far more features than she would have imagined. It even had a feeding and a catheter system for people who wanted to stay in Vnet for long spans of time. To exit Vnet, all a person had to do was say 'System Exit' or put an open palm to the 'in game sensor' on their chest.

'Huh, foolproof', she thought.

Now, the excitement was peaking for her, she had to try it. The instructions said that the users back needed to be uncovered so the probes could penetrate her back. She dutifully removed her blouse revealing her slender tanned body. She was by all means a beautiful woman, a little shy and self conscious but a kind of beauty that gives you a happy warm feeling all over when you see it. Trying to jack in again, she soon realized that all her clothing needed to be removed to ensure a perfect connection. She lay back on the chair and reclined and many things happened all at once which startled her. Armies of tiny probes pushed up out of the chair and into her all along her back and a catheter hose pushed abruptly into her. All of this was getting a bit frightening when she fell through the floor into Vnet.

She blinked a few times looking around. She was in a cozy room which was apparently her 'main menu', from here she could access any part of the net. The absolute first thing she noticed was that her medium sized breasts were standing out naked before her. That being noticed, she began to look for clothing. Immediately, as she thought it, clothing was materialized on her instantly.

A large warning sign appeared reminding her to update her OS, to which she replied, 'Later'. After this she began traversing the net, listening to bands, visiting other countries and even, on a split second decision, visited a pornography site. This was interesting. It was all like real life, but had the quality and innovation that is rarely seen. The displays were 'interactive' but being as shy as she was could do no more than just look.

As she watched, a message popped into her vision from sender 'Vnet control - address unknown'. She figured this must be important if its from Vnet control. Opening the message, a loud booming laughter filled the room and all things began to move and sound as if in slow motion until coming to a full stop. She looked around for a moment before coming to the conclusion that the system must have crashed and that she should disconnect and call someone to fix it. Putting her palm to her chest, she noticed first that she was naked again and second, that she was still in Vnet. "Exit", she said quickly with an alarming tone in her voice. "Program End, Program Exit, Now! Oh damn what's that phrase again!".

She took a few steps back before freezing in her tracks. It was plainly obvious that she was no longer alone in the room; cold raspy breathing could be heard from the darkness of the corner. She backed away from the breathing in the corner until she was up against the far wall, "Let me out of here!", she yelled.

In a flash, a gob of clear gel-like liquid flew from the corner and smacked against her face. It was cold as death and her voice was stifled as she scrambled to wipe it off. It seemed to just spread and contort the more she rubbed and pawed at it. She didn't want to get it in her mouth, but it was covering her nose. She opened her mouth to breath and it tasted foul, bitter and cold. As she was preoccupied with the goo on her face, her eyes were closed and did not notice the world around her changing. The room shrank to tiny proportions around her and now resembled the inside of a water heater. Cramped, dark and warm. As she fought off (or perhaps it stopped growing) the goo from her face she opened her eyes only to find herself trapped in this small space. Beating the walls with her hands, she learned that the walls were extremely sturdy. As if it were whispering to her, a voice now filled the chamber. "Filler A virus now executing..... Scanning fresh meat..... Virgin meat detected..... Commencing auto-fill protocols".

A dead silence filled the room and soon a resounding drip could be heard, then again, and again. Soon the dripping grew to a trickle and she came to the realization that the chamber was filling faster and faster. It reached her waist in about three minutes. Up and up it climbed until it reached her neck. At this point she was babbling she was panicked so badly. Thrashing this way and that, trying to escape the climbing tide. At a final gasp of air, she tilted her head upwards to the roof and a large tube was thrust downward into her mouth abruptly which immediately inflated in her mouth to a slightly uncomfortable size but made an airtight seal allowing her to breath.

She was left like this for a long while, alone in the dark with only a breathing tube for company. Her mind shifted from the inevitable death of herself to the incredible feeling that her skin had in this viscous fluid. She felt so smooth. Her hands travelled all over her body, caressing her breasts and stomach. It felt so alien to her, but in a good way. Her hands eventually found their way to her sex where they parted her lips and brushed against her clit which was eagerly waiting for any touch. She rubbed herself and ground against the walls of the chamber in a riveting display of sensuality. Her other hand went behind her and began to finger her ass. Wanting something inside her so badly, she pushed a finger into each of her holes and began fingering herself towards orgasm. She began to imagine a phallus thrusting into her.

It was then that the reality hit her that something pushed past her hands and into her holes. Two rather large and uncomfortable objects were thrust into her, deep into her, where they began to fill her as well. She could feel the one pumping into her in her ass, but she could also feel the other feeling around inside her, pushing past her last fleshy defenses of her cute little cunt. At last, it slipped inside and the end began to inflate with the liquid. Like a twisted balloon, it grew, and grew, and grew. She felt her skin get extremely tight, but this only aroused her more. She went after herself with renewed intensity, pawing at her pulsing clit, groping at the tubes running from her, panting ravenously into the breathing tube. She kept running a hand over the tight skin on her ever widening stomach.

In a massive orgasm she thrashed around violently, enjoying total heaven here in this hell. She slumped over in the tank, leaning against the wall still in a state of ecstasy, the orgasm still exploding inside her. The tubes had since turned off and disconnected, leaving the large objects imbedded in her and their contents trapped deep within her. She stayed like this for what seemed like ages, stuck in a hell in a state of total ecstasy. She couldn't make a coherent thought about life, or escape, or anything past the feelings, she had reached the pinnacle of human pleasure and simply stayed there without sleep or thought.

Then, all of a sudden, *snap* her world ended and light was let in. She had woke from Vnet as a programmed failsafe went off alarming her that she had been in there for two weeks. She rubbed her eyes as she lay there. A wide smile spread across her face and a warm thought sat in her mind. She noticed her hand was laying between her legs with a finger between her lips. She giggled slightly as she thought of how viruses used to fill up hard-drives, now they fill up users. With a smile on her lips, she lay her head back down so the probes could re-enter.



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