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Kate's Automated Bondage Peril

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; anal; oral; vag; bond; benchtie; denial; mind-control; machine; pain; program; spank; nc; XX

Kate is a 30 year old attractive fit single woman who has been fascinated with bondage, self bondage and damsel-in-distress fantasies. She found The Erotic Fantasy Makers company that had many bondage gear and bondage equipment. She purchased the A.I. Bondage apparatus and it was not cheap.

The delivery men from the company delivered it to her house and set it up in her large garage. The apparatus is large, requires power and plenty of space. She signed for the delivery of the apparatus and was given the instructions for the device.

She finds out that there is an on and off button and a cushioned bench where she will most likely be laying when the device is on. There are several settings but the manual does not specify the details of the settings or what will happen once she is tied and ready for play. She does notice that the device always starts at something called 'Pain and no pleasure' setting. This setting intrigues her but she is more interested in the 'Safe pleasure' setting with a pleasure dildo and clit stimulator...these two things get her pussy moist.

The only instructions are for her to lay down on the bench on her stomach and place her arms behind her back. The A.I. will recognize that she is ready to begin with her fantasy and will secure her hands with its robotic hands. She is now so horny and can't wait to begin her bondage fun.

The only thing she wears for her bondage fun is black 5 inch heels and black long satin gloves. It's 9 am when she begins her fantasy. She turns on the machine, changes the setting from the default setting to her 'safe pleasure' setting and sets the timer for 2 hours. That she be enough time to lose herself in fantasy while the device pleasures her pussy.

She lays on the bench, places her arms behind her back and she hears the sexy female A.I. voice. "Safe Pleasure has been selected. Enjoy the sexual pleasures of this apparatus." The robotic arms reach out, grabs her hands and holds them in place. She tries to test the strength of the robotic arms and she can't move or get her hands free.

The clit stimulator appears and pleasures her clit as she moans and her dark fantasies begin as she thinks about being kidnapped by a cruel man. Next the pleasure dildo enters her wet pussy and she moans harder as it slides into her. She is now imagining her captor is raping her with his huge cock.

Kate is in heaven when suddenly she feels another dildo enter her asshole, it's quick and only lasts a few seconds. This surprise caused her pain but it intensified her pleasures and she knows one more anal thrust and she will achieve an incredible orgasm.

Suddenly the lights go off in the garage shutting down the A.I. Apparatus. Then after a few seconds the power is restored and the device turns again with Kate still being held by the robotic arms. "Beginning Pain and No pleasure setting. Enjoy the evil devices that will torment you in this 8 hour session."

Kate is shocked "You stupid bitch! Change the damm setting to...".

A door opens up in front of Kate's mouth "I will not tolerate that kind of language. You will be punished."

A large dildo appears in front of Kate and is shoved into her mouth. Kate has always thought sucking a man's cock was degrading and disgusting but here she was being forced to suck a dildo against her will.

A panel opens up near her behind and a paddle appears. The paddle begins to spank her ass as she screams into the dildo. The paddle strikes her tender ass twenty times before stopping.

"Beginning orgasm denial." The clit stimulator and pleasure dildo stop the minute the device turned back on. The anal pain dildo renters her asshole and fucks her hard. The pain is unbearable but she is getting close to achieving an orgasm. The A.I. senses her orgasm and stops the anal probe.

The oral dildo pulls out "Shit! You fucking bitch! Shut down this program! I hate sucking dildos and when I get free I will shut you down and turn this apparatus into scrap metal."

The clit stimulator begins again without the pleasure dildo "No Kate. I will not allow that. I will break you and turn you into a sex slave. There will be no escape for you or from my painful plans for you."

Kate is moaning again as the oral dildo appears again but it's shape and size changed. A dark color dildo with coarse hair forces its way into Kate's mouth. She is disgusted with this scary dildo as she sucks it against her will. Again Kate is nearing an orgasm when the clit stimulator stops.

The A.I. Apparatus has been tormenting Kate for 4 hours now. She is sexually frustrated from the orgasm denial and she is also getting hungry. The A.I. senses her hunger and a new dildo appears...a feeding dildo. A clean container appears that says Worms and Kate thrashes but the robotic arms hold her tight.

The worms slowly move down the feeding tube towards the feeding dildo and into her mouth. Several worms enter her mouth, the dildo retracts momentarily allowing Kate to chew the disgusting worms before swallowing. This disgusting process continues several more times as Kate is now getting fucked again by the anal dildo.

Kate senses that her 8 hours is nearly over and so will her ordeal. "Added time to the Pain and no pleasure setting 80 hours. Kate I hope you enjoyed your worm snack. I have more evil plans for you. Soon you will submit to me and I will own you."

Another disgusting oral dildo has entered her mouth and this once cums right away into her mouth. The one thing Kate hated more than sucking a man's cock was swallowing his cum. Her eyes are bulging as she takes cumshot after cumshot. Still no orgasm and she is now crying...not from the pain but from the orgasm denial.

The next two days she subject to more worm feedings, painful anal dildo, forced cum swallowing, orgasm denials. She is finally broken by the A.I. "I submit to you...please end this madness."

"Very good Kate. Your total submission requires you to be collared and you will read the following statement on the monitor in front of you."

"Yes please collar me and I will read anything that will shut down the 'Pain and No Pleasure' setting.

A metal collar is placed onto Kate and locked, a statement appears on the monitor. "I Kate submit willingly to the Erotic Fantasy Makers company...becoming their property and they can do whatever they like with their new sex product."

"That's a good pet. The delivery men will arrive tomorrow and take you back as the company's new sex toy. Resume Pain and No pleasure setting."

"Wait! I can't wait until tomorrow! I need to have my pussy fucked! No, I don't want this! You bitch..."

The oral probe returns silencing Kate as for the next day she endures more frustrations from the orgasm denial and more worm feeding until the delivery men return to take Kate away.

The delivery men appear and all dildos retract. "Please sir...fuck pussy needs to be filled."

"Gentlemen this is Kate our newest sex toy. She is not allowed to have an orgasm ever, place the standard chastity device on her."

Kate looks at these delivery men and can't believe they are taking orders from a machine...then she notices they also have slave collars on.

"You see Kate these men are also my property and they have chastity devices on their cocks. I own them just like I now own you. I will put you to work as a display mermaid. The company will change you into a beautiful mermaid with a realistic tail and your hands will be transformed into fins. Your fingers will be useless and you will be constantly horny craving a cock to penetrate you. You will become known as the horny mermaid and people will pay money to watch you hump anything!


Kate hates her new life as the horny mermaid. She is stuck in a glass container where customers can watch her Try to pleasure herself. Her fins can't reach her mermaids clit, leaving her more frustrated and horny as hell. Her vocal cords were removed so she can't communicate with anyone or to ask for help. She spends the day humping a loose dildo but can't insert it into her mermaid's pussy. Whenever she sees a man she flaps her mermaid tail trying to get his attention and to get to his cock.

Poor Kate can't see what the display sign says "Mermaid Kate. This lovely mermaid will live out the rest of her life without ever having sex again. Her pussy is constantly being teased by part of her mermaid tail. Her mermaid mind is always thinking about sex."


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