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Kierra in VR

by Rob

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Kierra was a bit of a germaphobe. She didn't really like to kiss people, and she really didn't like to have sex with them. She liked everything to stay dry and mostly on the safe side of things. Not that she didn't enjoy the sensations those things gave her, there was just always this niggling little voice in her head saying how dangerous those things were.

Being a very sexual girl this left her mostly to solo endeavors with toys or fingers. The shower was her favorite place to go for masturbation. This had proved a bit of a challenge over the years until she figured out that she could put her phone in a plastic bag and not destroy it in the shower. This enabled her to watch the various types of porn that turned her on.

Well into a new century in which there had been many advancements, Kierra discovered a new invention that definitely caught her eye. The device was called the Virtual World Generator.

It was much like a video game, but it was as an Xbox was to a board game. Literally generations ahead of it's competitors it immersed the user in whatever world they chose. It was a very powerful computer linked to a series of other computers. It came with a reclining chair, a VR helmet, and a sensory feedback suit.

Most of the technology had been developed for operating different equipment in harsh environments. Operators had been controlling battlefield droids and fire droids with the tech for several years. It was only recently that a startup had decided that the equipment could be used for more and adapted it to a civilian market.

The difference was that this start up had generated worlds of VR that didn't require the cost of the hugely expensive droids but still allowed the user the full experience of danger or risk without the actual danger.

Like apps for smartphones small developers had created numerous different worlds that users could enter. The one's that most attracted Kierra were those that revolved around sex.

Having recently graduated with her Phd in psychology Kierra had received a fair amount of money from her parents after her own hard work had paid for most of her college. Scholarships and grants had left most of the savings her parents had amassed for her safely in a bank account.

With a price tag of nearly 50 thousand dollars the Virtual World Generator wasn't for the faint of heart. Kierra researched the machine and flew across the country to test it out.

She landed in New York on the evening before her scheduled test date. She had been advised that the two hour trial would cost her two thousand dollars. She was advised to fast for 24 hours prior to the trial to avoid additional cleaning expenses. She spent the evening wondering around seeing the sights and got back to her hotel room about midnight.

She didn't sleep much that night because of the excitement of her upcoming test run. She was a little groggy when she woke up and called for a taxi. A few minutes later she was standing in front of a fairly large building. As she entered she saw that it was one of the most well appointed reception areas she had been in.

A pretty woman sat at a desk with a VR helmet on apparently typing on the wood of the desk in front of her. A bell dinged as she approached the woman and she removed her VR helmet to speak with Kierra.

"Good morning, how may I help you?" She aksed.

"I'm Kierra Johnson, I have a two hour test scheduled this morning."

"Here you are on my schedule. I see you have already filled out all of the requisite paperwork online, the only thing left is to have you sign the liability release."

Kierra was already aware of the liability release that protected the company in case she had a seizure or was somehow otherwise injured during the experience. The company had had zero incidents since its inception but risk had to be realized and prepared for by any company. Kierra signed it anxiously.

"Your room is already set up. We will get you all fitted and send you on your way into the VR. This is very exciting. I assume this is your first time?" The woman asked.

"Yes it is. I'm very strongly considering purchasing a unit but I just couldn't slap down 50,000 without a test drive."

"We are fairly sure of your interest because of your 2000 dollar payment for the test."

The receptionist led Kierra down a short hallway and into a room with a chair in the center of it. The chair was much like a dentists chair. Although there were a great many wires leading from the chair there was no computer apparent in the room. A VR helmet sat in the chair.

On a small stand next to the chair was a folded garment, along with some other items.

"The internal portion of the suit will be yours to take with you as we don't recycle them. There is an anal insert and a vaginal insert as well. You will find lube on the table. It is crucial that you remove all of your clothing before donning any of the VR gear."

Kierra was a little bit red because the woman was speaking so casually about the situation. Kierra had her aversions to penetration and this would push past that. She was excited because she could experience it without actually exchanging fluids with anyone.

"We will make a single recording that can be played back on a normal blue ray player for later review. Once you are all set up sit down in the chair, put the helmet on and then follow the prompts. It is very user friendly but to get the best experience be sure to follow all of the machines instructions."

With that the receptionist walked out.

Kierra quickly stripped out of her clothes and picked up the first item on the cart. It was a pair of panties. There were two very narrow dildos sticking up from the crotch. They had a convenient label on them that said front.

Sliding the panties up her legs was somewhat difficult because even though they were stretchy they were very tight. The stretch was minimal. There seemed to be metal woven all through them. When they were close to her crotch Kierra lubed the two inserts and slipped them into herself.

The suit followed. Of similar construction it was like putting on a heavy wet suit with feet and gloves attached. It slipped up over her body like a second skin. It was kind of awkward because the zipper wasn't straight up the middle of her back but more alone the side of her ribs and over her shoulder to the side of her neck. Once it was zipped up she was covered in the material from her chin to her toes.

She sat down in the chair after picking up the helmet and placing it over her head. Once she sat down the VR helmet went active and she found herself sitting in the same room with a computer in front of her. There was no keyboard and the screen appeared to be a touch screen.

The computer first instructed her to place her ankles and wrists into the restraints on the chair. An overlay showed her real body in the room without the computer. Once she slipped her ankles and wrists into the appropriate bands they tightened down slightly, only seeming to be enough to hold her in place and keep her from falling out of the chair.

Once the restraints were in place the real world overlay disappeared and she found that she could move freely again. She lifted her hand and looked at it. It was free of the suit and she rubbed her fingers together. There was no discernible difference in how it normally felt to rub her fingers together.

She ran through a series of prompts. By the time she was done she was a large breasted red head with a glorious figure. She reached up and spent a few minutes playing with her enlarged breasts and her nipples were quite sensitive. Her pubic hair matched her hair and her pussy was quite wet to the touch. She reached up and tasted it and it tasted exactly like it should.

In the real world Kierra's body didn't move at all. Her body remained still except for the slow rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. The suit was sending stimulations through her nerves to simulate motion and sensation. It was truly full emersion VR. The suit used a series of programmed smells that it delivered via Kierra's nervous system. Nothing was real except for the sensations.

Kierra chose the sexual world experience from the list of options. Underneath that were a series of choices, she chose BDSM. It asked her preference and she had the choice of lesbian or straight. She chose straight this time. She noted that underneath the two choices were several more that she was unable to choose.

Next she was asked if she was submissive or dominant. She chose submissive. Switch was also on the list but again she couldn't click on it. She guessed this was to limit the amount of choices that the computer had to deal with.

Lastly there were three choices left to her. Bedroom, hotel room or dungeon. She chose dungeon. Everything faded to black and she seemed to float for a moment in pure nothing.

Slowly she found she was able to open her eyes.

She was kneeling on the floor nude. Her arms were behind her and her breasts were thrust out in front of her. Her legs were spread indecently and she was up on her toes. Her muscles felt a little trembly and her knees were hurting so she stood up to look around the dungeon.

It was very well appointed. There were all manner of impact toys hanging from the walls along with various types of restraints. There were benches and horses and saint andrews crosses about the room. She could see several different types of cages. Some implements she had never seen before. The room was lit by kerosene lanterns hung around the room and a brazier of coals glowed against one wall with a series of branding irons hanging from the wall.

Every conceivable dildo and butt plug hung about the place. Kierra was amazed but only had a few moments to look around before a voice to her side spoke.

"Who told you that you could move slave?"

"I was just looking around" she replied. Her voice was a little lower pitched and seemed strange to her but it was a function of the machine to disguise her real identity.

As Kierra turned to see who had spoken there was the sharp crack of a bull whip against her ass and fiery stinging in her right ass cheek.

"You will always refer to me as master before each sentence and do only what you are told to do, is that clear?"

Meekly Kierra replied, "Master it is clear."

"You have already earned your first punishment."

Kierra had looked at the man briefly. He was probably six four and was built like a heavy weight lifter. His arms were nearly as big around as her thighs and his neck didn't seem to exist. He wore a button up shirt and black jeans. A brief glance had shown a gigantic cock under the jeans and hanging down his right leg. She could only imagine what it would look like hard.

In three brief strides he had her by the hair and was pushing her down to her knees. His strength was far greater than hers and she had no choice but to go with him. He led her to a set of stocks that appeared to be made out of steel. Everything in the dungeon seemed medieval.

He forced her forward into the stocks and pushed her neck down into the hole for it. Telling her to place her arms into the wrist holes she did as she was instructed. He dropped the top portion down and she was securely bound. She heard the click as he placed a large padlock through the hasp.

He stepped away and pushed a button on the wall. She felt the stocks begin to rise from where she kneeled in them. They rose until she was standing on her tip toes. Next the stranger pulled her legs apart and placed a spreader bar between them. She felt horribly exposed.

Again walking out of her sight she could hear him rummaging through something behind her.

"Your little asshole is going to be way too tight for my cock when I use it. I think a nice training plug will stretch you out a little for when I do."

She felt something rubbery press against her anus. He pushed it in very roughly and she was nearly crying by the time it slipped past its greatest circumference and slipped into place. She tried to keep it out but there was no stopping it, he was just too strong. Then the intruder began to expand inside of her. She could hear him pumping something and her asshole seemed to stretch even further.

Despite herself she screamed. He only laughed and pumped the pump a few more times. She heard him doing something else followed by the rattle of little chains. Next she felt cruel clamps pinching her sensitive nipples. She had never been into nipple clamps or anal so she used her safe word. "Red, red, you have to stop."

"There are no safe words in this dungeon. You are the property of the dungeon and I can do anything I want with you."

She saw him walk around the stocks and stand in front of her. "Every part of your body is mine. I do what I want when I want." With that he reach for her face and forced her mouth open. He pulled her tongue out of her mouth. How was he able to force her mouth open she wondered.

She watched in terror as her tongue was pulled out to its limit. He reached forward with what looked like an ice pick and without ceremony pushed it through her tongue. The pain was excruciating and she screamed again. The ice pick was too long for her to pull her tongue back inside of her mouth.

He took the bull whip off of his belt and made a show of uncoiling it. He then walked back around behind her.

"I think 50 strokes should be sufficient for your first infraction."

The stranger counted the strokes as he made them. Each strike of the whip seemed to cut her skin. The tip of the whip landed all over her lower back and legs. He followed a steady rhythm but the whipping seemed to take forever.

What was strange was that despite the pain she was in she was hugely aroused and she could feel her pussy dripping. She knew that it was visible dripping down her inner thighs. The stranger even commented on it a few times. On the final strike of the whip the stranger landed the tip squarely on her clit. Again Kierra screamed out in agony but her body convulsed in orgasm at the same time.

Without a word she felt the stranger walk up behind her and heard his pants being unzipped. The stranger thrust his cock into her pussy and she felt like she was being torn apart. His hands dug savagely into her hips as he thrust in and out of her. Occasionally he would lean forward and jerk the chain that attached the clips on her nipples. Even though she was experiencing things that she would never consent to she continued to have astonishingly powerful orgasms.

"Your a little fucking pain slut aren't you?"

"Mathter, a am a pain thut." Kierra tried to reply.

His thrusts sped up and he announced that he was going to cum. Kierra freaked out, he couldn't just cum in her. It wasn't safe!

She felt him thrust a final time into her and then the sensation of warmth in her pussy as he came. She came in sequence with him. He pulled out of her and procedded to slap her pussy. When he was satisfied he again walked in front of her.

Without a word he reached forward and yanked the ice pick from her tongue. She quickly pulled her tongue back into her mouth. His cock was huge as he stood in front of her.

"Open your mouth slut."

Kierra was afraid of what he would do if she didn't comply so she opened up. He grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. She hadn't experienced much felatio but she could feel his cock all the way into her throat. He fucked her mouth indiscriminately.

It seemed a long time that he fucked her mouth and she found herself becoming more eager. She was trying to suck and lick while his cock pushed in and out of her mouth. Her pussy was still dripping and she was amazed by it.

"I have a friend who is going to take care of your rear while I fuck your pretty mouth slut."

Kierra felt the sting of a flogger on her already tender ass. While the stranger fucked her mouth the flogger worked up and down her back and legs. Stranger2 didn't hold anything back. Kierra knew that she would be bruised and bleeding by the time this was over.

She felt the flogging end. It was at that point that she felt the plug being removed and Stranger2 started to push his cock into her virgin asshole.

"She really is fucking tight."

Kierra couldn't do much more than moan while she was being forcibly sodomized. The cock in her mouth prevented her. She had had enough and bit down on Stranger's cock. As rapid as a flash she felt his thumb unhinge her jaw. She couldn't bite down any longer.

"That was a huge mistake slut." He continued to thrust in and out of her. She was being pounded by these two and she couldn't do a thing about it.

Strangely enough she felt herself begin to cum again. The feeling of the cock in her ass and the one in her mouth began to feel amazing. She was overwhelmed by the sensation. She had lost track of her orgasms.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth and you better not spill a drop slut." Stranger announced and pulled back to where just the head was in her mouth.

Kierra sucked and licked at the head of his cock like her life depended on it and he came with a torrent. She could taste the salty liquid in her mouth but she didn't know that a man could cum as much as he did. She swallowed with a mental grimace and he kept squirting cum into her mouth. She simply couldn't swallow fast enough and some leaked out.

With that he squirted one last time and pulled out her mouth. "First you tried to bite me and then you let some of my precious cum fall on the floor. I guess its time for more punishment for you slut."

"Master please I'm sorry." Kierra started to say when he slapped her face.

"I don't give a shit what you have to say."

Stranger2 continued to pound her ass while Stranger walked away again. When he came back he was holding a pair of electric hair clippers.

"You wasted something of mine, I guess I will take something valuable to you."

With that the clippers came on and he began to cut Kierra's hair off. She could feel the clipper against her scalp and watched as the hair fell to the floor in front of her. She was being shaved bald. Holy shit, this wasn't what she signed up for at all!

Stranger2 came in her ass just as Stranger finished shaving her head. He pulled out of her ass, which felt like it had been stretched beyond recovery, and slapped her on the ass as he stepped away.

"Get the brands." Stranger said.

Kierra saw Stranger2 walk over to the brazier against the wall. He selected three of the hanging brands and stuck them into the coals. Picking up the brazier he walked back out of Kierra's sight.

"Property should be properly marked in case of theft. It will also serve as a reminder that you are nothing but a play thing owned by this dungeon." Stranger then walked around behind her.

She felt him squeezing her tits and then with a yank he pulled the clamps off of her nipples. She couldn't help herself and screamed again. He pinched her nipples savagely as the blood returned to them.

"Brand her." Stranger said.

Almost immediately Kierra felt a searing pain on her right ass cheek. It was held there for only a moment. But it was repeated three times. The pain was like nothing she had ever felt. The burn seemed to sink into her flesh and it didn't let up once the brand was removed. Stranger2 carried the brazier back to the wall and hung the brands where they had been before.

Stranger released the spreader bar between Kierra's legs and was soon unlocking her from the stocks. Together they used their whips to herd her across the room. The whips landing on her already sensitive flesh and new brand left no doubt that she should follow their unspoken instructions.

She saw that she was being herded towards a small cage in the corner of the room. As she entered the door was slammed closed behind her and she heard a lock clicking in the hasp. She barely had room to turn around in the small cage and it seemed to be bolted to the floor because she had to lay on the concrete.

"Welcome to your new life slave." Said Stranger as they both walked away and left the dungeon.

Turning as much as she could, she made out the letters that had been permanently branded on her ass. VWG for Virtual World Generator. As soon as she saw the brand she faded into blackness.

She hung there for a moment before she reappeared in the preparation room. She saw the overlay again of herself laying back in the chair. The restraints on her wrists and ankles released and she could feel her own body again. There was no pain, she was fine.

"Thank you for trying out the Virtual World Generator. We hope your experience was pleasant and we hope to secure your business in the future."

Kierra removed the helmet to find the receptionist once again standing in the room.

"Hi Kierra, I hope you enjoyed it. When you get changed please come out to the waiting room and have a seat. There is a brief readjustment period after full immersion and we need you to wait here for a bit before you leave."

Kierra stood up on somewhat trembling legs and slipped out of the VR gear. She laid them back on the table and put her street clothes back on. She found that there was no brand, there were no welts and that she wasn't stretched or sore from the virtual fuckings. It had all been in her head.

As she entered the lobby the receptionist led her over to a comfortable seating area. She sat her down in a very plush leather chair and offered her a cup of hot chocolate. Kierra accepted it.

"The sugar and chocolate will give you a little boost to help you with the endorphins created. The pain isn't real but your body does produce real endorphins that can cause a crash. I'll be right back."

When the receptionist returned she handed Kierra the insertable portion of the VR suit in a sealed plastic bag and a case containing a blue ray disk.

"That was a stock scene that is separate from the interactions you can have with other users. It is intentionally set with extreme pain and situations to demonstrate the capability of the hardware and software. Remember the sky is the limit with this program. You can choose to be a sub, a dom, a man or a woman, you can be a dragon if you want. Just imagine the possibilities."

Kierra finished up her cocoa and then dug in her purse for her check book. She walked up to the dest and asked the receptionist how much more she owed for the entire system.

"It is your lucky day. We are currently offering a 5% discount and refunding your trial cost. So your total is $45380 with taxes. Shipping and installment is free."

Kierra wrote the check and caught a cab back to her hotel. She didn't know how tough it would be to wait the six weeks for delivery but she was certain the Blue-ray would be worn out by the time her system was installed.

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