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The Gym

by Beast5

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© Copyright 2010 - Beast5 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; machine; bond; public; emb; voy; toys; mast; nc; X

Ellen stretched her long bare arms and legs, glistening with a thin sheen of sweat from her warm-up jog.  She knew that every pair of male eyes had found an excuse to linger in her direction since she walked into the equipment room, but she didn’t mind too much.  In a way it was a validation – her hard work in the gym was keeping her in great shape, and looking good was one of her top goals for working out.  Anyway, she knew that the spandex shorts and sports bra she was wearing showed off her figure, so she really couldn’t blame people for glancing her way, as long as those looks didn’t linger excessively long.

The limber girl hopped on to the nearest available multi-function machine.  Setting the Pectoral Fly to 40 pounds, she hooked her forearms behind the pads on either side of the upright bench and began her first set.  She knew this was a bit of a show for the male audience as well – her ample breasts squeezing into each other as she brought her arms together in front of her, then thrusting out as her arms spread back to her sides – but she was zoning out in her workout state-of-mind and didn’t really care anymore.

Midway through her first set, Ellen felt something press against the back of her forearms.  She didn’t pay it much attention as she concentrated on finishing the set.  Once she was done, however, she found that she couldn’t move her forearms off the pads.  It looked like a second set of pads, maybe for one of the other exercises the machine could do, had gotten moved into the wrong place and were now pressed into her arms in just such a way that she couldn’t get out!  Ellen was rather embarrassed.  She’d never used this specific machine before, but she’d used plenty of Pectoral Fly machines and multi-exercise machines, and now she figured she must have made some stupid rookie mistake.  Hoping that nobody had noticed, she tried to slide her arms out from between the pads, but couldn’t do it.  The back pads were pressed hard right at the base of each of her wrists, making it impossible for her to free herself.

Ellen wanted to buy herself some time to think about what she had done to get into this bind and how she might get out before anyone noticed her, so she decided to just start another set of pectoral presses.  The resistance felt heavier, but of course the weight hadn’t changed, so she figured it must just be her imagination.  It also felt as though her arms had to go further back in order to lower the weights all the way down.  Ellen wrote this off as a figment of her concerned mind as well.  But each rep kept getting slightly harder and finishing a bit further back than the one before, until she couldn’t even budge the bars for her tenth rep, and her arms were held at 45-degree angles behind her.  She fought to catch her breath after the exertion of fighting the ever-increasing weight, and couldn’t help but notice her own heaving chest, thrust outwards due to the position of her trapped arms and bouncing up and down with every breath.

Ellen now felt very much on display, and this time didn’t like it one bit.  She really didn’t want to bring any more attention to herself by calling for help, so she tried to stand up, thinking that with a different angle she might be able to pull her arms free.  But she discovered that another pair of pads had somehow moved into place around her knees, preventing her from getting up.  To make matters worse, as soon as she noticed the new pads, she felt her legs getting pushed apart.  She knew the multi-function machine could be used as a thigh press, but she definitely hadn’t set it up that way, so it shouldn’t have been possible for it to just start like this.  Regardless, those pads were pushing her thighs apart, and if she didn’t push back then she’d be splayed out wide, which she really didn’t want on top of the position of her arms.  She had to keep pressing her knees together with more and more force to overcome the steadily increasing pressure from the pads.  She finally had to give up, relaxing her thighs and letting the machine push them wide apart.

Ellen took stock of her situation – she was sitting on a piece of equipment in her skimpy workout clothes, in a gym full of people, with her arms trapped in the machine and bent painfully backward and her legs similarly trapped and spread wide.  She knew she was making quite an obscene sight, and she noticed that a few sets of eyes were starting to linger on her longer than they should have.  In an effort at decency, she tried to push her legs together, and got them about half way back before succumbing to the force of the machine again.  Just as with her arms, her legs were pressed even further apart than the first time.  It was somewhat painful and very embarrassing, so she instinctively tried to push her legs together again, only to be overpowered yet again and end up with her legs spread a full 180-degrees apart.

Neither the arm pads nor the legs pads would budge even an inch anymore, and no amount of squirming was getting her arms or legs free.  She was splayed wide in an obscene and rather painful position for anyone at the gym to see.  Ellen always hated asking for help, and it was especially bad now because she was going to have to ask a complete stranger to help her get out of a very embarrassing situation that she still figured must have been somewhat her fault.  But there apparently wasn’t going to be any other way of getting free, so she took a deep breath and…   Just then the pressure on her thighs let up and she was able to close her legs.  The same happened with her arms, and she felt that the pads holding her arms and legs down had gone loose as well.  She quickly pulled herself free, jumped up from the machine, and immediately ran straight into the women’s locker room, sure that every eye in the room was watching her.


Eric chucked from behind the one-way glass that he had installed in his gym.  The custom exercise machine he built had performed perfectly!  The look of confusion and concern on that girl’s face when she realized that she was stuck had been priceless.  So had the look of embarrassment when she realized how the position of her arms was thrusting out her big tits, and the mixture of pain and mortification when her legs were forced into the splits.  He might lose that hottie as a customer at his gym, but it had sure been worth it!

Over the following weeks, Eric continued playing with his remote-control piece of disguised bondage equipment.  He spaced out his play so that people wouldn’t get suspicious and also tried to pick his victims wisely.  Of course they had to be super hot, and preferably scantily clad.  He also watched to pick girls who were in the gym alone, figuring that they would be slower to ask someone for help and less likely to talk about it afterwards.  But he made exceptions to that rule if a girl was really too hot to pass up and sat herself down on his machine – how could he resist!  He got quite good at gauging just when a girl decided to ask for help, and only a couple times had to scramble to let someone out after they had asked but before someone else could corroborate that the exercise machine did indeed have them trapped.

Then there was the time that the absolute knock-out babe had walked into the exercise room right at the end of the day after everyone else had left.  While she started to exercise, Eric ran around to the front of the gym and made sure that it was indeed empty, hustling out his small staff and locking the place up.  He ran back to his little control room behind the one-way mirror, and was thrilled to see that the buxom goddess was still there, and moreover that she had chosen his special machine for her work out.  What else could he do?  He ran her through the full sequence – locking her arms down then slowly bending them further and further behind her until it looked like her phenomenal tits might tear their way out of her tank top.  He repeated the procedure with her legs, spreading her deliciously smooth thighs all the way apart.

The trapped goddess was clearly quite worried.  Her fiery red curls swung back and forth as she looked desperately for a way out of her predicament.  She must have noticed that no one had come in to the exercise room in a while and was probably wondering if she was alone and stuck in the gym.  Eric’s practiced eye saw that she was about to call for help, but this time he just let her go ahead and call, knowing there was no one there to hear her.  The red-headed babe got more and more frantic after failing to receive any response to her cries for help.

Eric then tried out a couple of the features of his machine that he hadn’t dared to try out when his gym was full.  He pressed a button and had bars swing up under the hottie’s ankles, pushing them up and making her legs go straight, completing the splits position she was held in.  This pushed her crotch even further down into the padded bench, which Eric took advantage of by activating the vibrator that he had installed in the bench.  At this, the red-head’s expression went from surprise, to anger, then fairly quickly to arousal.  He left her like that for a while, trapped and slowly losing control to her own undeniable lust.  Once she started moaning out loud, Eric grabbed the control for the lateral pulldown bar and slowly lowered it.  The mostly unfocused eyes of his victim watched with only a bit of concern as the bar descended past her face then stopped at the bottom of her tank top.  Eric had put a small hook in the middle of the bar, which he carefully positioned so that it would grab the bottom of the girl’s tank top as he raised the bar back up.  The maneuver worked perfectly, slowly pulling the tank top up to expose the angel’s perfectly flat stomach, and then, to Eric’s great delight, her naked boobs.  He had thought that the tank top had been an all-in-one type thing!  Now those phenomenal tits of hers were on full display, and their owner seemed to be too far lost to care!

The trapped and vibrated girl wasn’t the only one who was lost at that point.  Eric was mesmerized by the shaking boobs, the spread thighs, and the moans that just kept coming and coming.  Time drifted by, and Eric was finally shaken out of his trance when the girl started screaming “Please!  I have to cum!!  He glanced at his watch and realized that he had been vibrating her for almost an hour, keeping her highly aroused but apparently not quite high enough to get off.  He let her shout her pleas for another couple minutes, then hit the button that released her arms.  One of the girl’s hands immediately shot down her shorts and the other grabbed tightly onto one of her nipples.  In almost no time she was screaming and thrashing in an explosive orgasm.  When she finally got control of herself, she found that she had been completely released, so she grabbed her shirt and ran out as fast as her wobbly legs would take her.


Did Eric ever get busted for all this?  He sure did!  He’s currently serving a 5-year sentence for harassment.  But after the trial he was also contacted by dozens of bondage enthusiasts and gear companies, asking for his designs.  He was going to be rich when he got out of the slammer!  And until then, he had plenty of time to dream up designs for new equipment.


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