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Lady Sally Blackrook

by Gincrack

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© Copyright 2016 - Gincrack - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; fight; capture; strip; bond; straps; frame; machine; phallus; insert; electro; shock; torment; forced; climax; oral; cons/nc; X

Lady Sally Blackrook, Victorian Adventuress
By Gincrack ([email protected])

Tormenting Technology!

Lady Sally Blackrook looked down at the sabre tip pressing firmly against the front of her bodice. It had been a short fight and from the beginning she knew that her chances of killing or incapacitating the five armed men were low if not virtually non-existent despite her prowess with a blade. Still several of the men nursed wounds to their arms and faces, her own blade coloured with their blood.

The sabre pressed more firmly, insistent almost.

“May I suggest again you drop your weapon Lady Blackrook? the voice cultured, English.

She lowered her arm and let the sword slip from her fingers, making almost no sound as it landed in the straw on the barn floor.

“Thank You”

“There’s no need to thank me Lord Cosby, I submit under duress as you can see you blaggard, five to one, you have me at a clear disadvantage, why don’t you and I continue the fight one on one after all I am but a woman?”

“Indeed Lady Blackrock, however I regret I cannot acquiesce to your request, you see I am satisfied with an outcome that puts you under my control”.

“No man controls me Lord Cosby, especially one a corrupt and depraved as you. You may have me now I wager it will not be for long!”

The man laughed and leaning on the sabre forced the blonde back against the wall of the stable, she could smell him now, the port on his breath. He looked closely at her almost quizzically.

“Yes… I heard you were feisty, a bit of firebrand, well your arson plan has failed, my men have extinguished the fire set by your incendiary device and you cannot stop my scheme from going ahead.”

She frowned, she had at least hoped that the fire would be out of control by the time it was discovered.

“Search her she may have other devices or weapons concealed about her person, don’t be coy she will dispatch any of you given half a chance”.

“Any of you scum touch me and I will break a limb, do you hear me” she retorted boldly. The men hesitated.

“Your men seem afeared Lord Cosby, why don’t you search me?” she continued looking him dead in the eye.

Gently he raised the sabre until the blade was against the alabaster skin if her neck forcing her to put her head back.

“Don’t try and goad me woman, now you imbeciles search her NOW!!!”

The men broke forward and grabbed her pulling her arms out sideways, their hands ran over her trim figure, patting, feeling for anything.

“Ere’s sumut” yelled one and he dropped a small pistol into the straw, another found a lock knife tucked into the top of her boot, a third found her last two incendiary pencils.

“Quite a bounty” mocked Lord Cosby “not the sort of things one would expect to find concealed about a lady of breeding’s person”.

“A lady never knows what sort of ill-bred vermin she is going to run into as my present circumstances demonstrate, you are going to have to kill me Cosby, I know your plan and I plan to escape and expose you!”

“I think not Lady Blackrook, you see I have another future worse than death in store for you, you see I plan to break your spirit like a prize filly and then sell you abroad to the highest bidder. I hear Sheiks will pay handsomely for European women of breeding, especially blondes, yes you will make me a pretty penny as a bonus” he leered.

She lunged forward but was restrained “You filthy fiend, I will never submit to your will or the will of any man”

“Yes Lady Blackrook, yes. Take her to the Insemination Sheds and fire up the boiler”.

Half an hour later she struggled fruitlessly against the straps which now held her. On Lord Cosby’s instruction the men had dragged her fighting to a set off low buildings across the yard. Once inside the Lord had her stripped down to her corset, stockings and over knee boots before directing his men towards the heinous device which now contained her.

Bolted securely to the floor at its four corners the frame of broad brass tubing and ornate cast iron consisted at one end of two upright posts two and half feet apart and around four feet tall joined at the top by a crosspiece. Two further bars extended backwards parallel to each other for five feet before curving sharply down and apart before meeting their fixing in the floor, the bars extending from two and half feet at the top to 5 feet at the base.

It was into this frame the half-naked and womanly form of Lady Blackrock was now secured. Her booted legs had been spread and secured by three straps each at ankle, knee and thigh to the diverging uprights her booted toes clear of the floor by a few inches. Bent forward at the hips she was then secured suspended between the parallel bars by three thick leather straps which ran around her torso and the bars, one strap around her midriff, one around her rib cage under her breasts and one above her breasts supporting and securing her upper chest. In this position her head and neck were unsupported and she had to hold her head up to see what was going on around her.

Meanwhile her arms had been forced along her side inside the circumferential straps to secure them. Her hands were then placed into leather mitts fastened with a padlock at the wrist and locked with shackles to the frame depriving her of the use of her hands.

She struggled but suspended in the web of straps, her feet unable to gain purchase on the floor she realised she was helpless as the men completed the final tightening of her bondage.

“Well well lady Blackrock I must say you make a splendid picture” clapped Lord Cosby.

“You fiend Cosby, let me go now” she said bravely.

“I think not M’lady, you see the device into which you are now secured is the instrument of your demise. It is an interesting device, not dissimilar to those I use to inseminate my heifers, you see the animal is driven between the uprights and prevented from moving by the surrounding bars and a strap across the rear. She can then either be serviced by one of my bulls or inseminated with bull semen manually.

Lady Blackrook again fought her restraints.

“You depraved monster, you intend to have me impaled by a bull!”

He laughed, “Not quite, I may be villain but I am not a barbarian, no, you have a monetary value and I do not want you damaged, far from it. As I said this device is similar but more refined version adapted specifically for the female form and I must say Lady Blackrock you look most fetching in its embrace”.

She snorted with derision.

Slowly he walked around his captive admiring her definitive beauty. Her stockinged legs tense against the straps leading up to her exquisite derriere, the fullness of her flawless buttocks framing the flower of her sex. Bent forward and spread she was fully exposed from the rosette of her anus and the perfectly formed contours of her pussy, shaven naked except for a small patch of blond down at the top of her slit. It gaped slightly and he could see the glistening pink within and he felt a stirring in his breeches.

He watched her struggle like a captured animal and noted her breasts hanging down, unsupported but still firm. He reached under her and cupped one, hefting it he squeezed feeling its texture its warmth the nipple hardening in his palm.

At his touch she jumped and squealed.

“Unhand me you pervert!”

Continuing his assault, he goaded her.

“Why Lady Blackrook you have the most magnificent udders worthy of my herd, indeed it would be a pleasure to milk you” and releasing her breast he moved in front of her and pulled her head up by her blond mane and she was surprised into silence.

“Let me explain, this is not some simple mechanism of torture it is a sophisticated device capable of many functions”

Behind her she could hear equipment being moved into place and steam hissed from a valve.

“Behind you is a steam driven mechanical penetrator with which I intend to fuck you into submission and break your spirit”

“Never!” she spat

“We will see lady Blackrook, we will see, let me give you a taste” and he dropped her head.

She tried to see what was happening behind her but she could not twist around and the view along her belly was blocked by her swinging breasts. She felt a hand touching her pussy, gently spreading her lips and she fought to move away but to no avail. Something thick and firm pressed against her and then there was a gentle hiss of releasing steam. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed an “O” as something huge and with great power gently stretched her lips apart and slid deep inside her. The intruder was long and she could feel it had substantial girth, she took deep breaths as continued its journey until it filled deep into the vault of her cunt.

“Oh my!” she said breathily

“Oh my indeed” repeated Lord Cosby, “with my steam penetrator I can control precisely the frequency and depth of the phallus you can now feel violating you. It is a marvel of meticulous engineering harnessing the power of steam from my boiler house yet able to respond to minute adjustments”

“Quite Lord Cosby” gasped Lady Blackrook “your demonstration has been quite…. stimulating, now if you would kindly remove it and release me please”

He shook his head in disbelief.

“Lady Blackrook this is only the beginning, there is more much, I intend to sap your very spirit, break you to my will”

He signalled to the operator and accompanied by a gentle whoosh of steam the phallus retracted and the woman visibly sagged.

“It will take more than a rogering with a giant cock to break me Cosby” she retorted.

He looked down at her

“I am sure it will that is why I plan to employ other methods, have you ever heard of Galvanism Lady Blackrook, I understand it can be most stimulating” he mocked

She struggled at this new peril, “Devil…. is there no indignity you will not inflict upon me!”

“No My Dear sadly there is not….. apply the conductors”

She felt hands on her again as thin shaped copper plates holding saline soaked sponges were positioned on the outside of her sex lips and secured with leather cords around her thighs. More saline electrodes were placed on her lower abdomen and over the dimples at the base of her spine and fastened in place by a strap around her waist. She felt something cold press against her ring, she shrieked, but before she could resist it had slipped inside her and she was powerless to expel it.

Lord Cosby knelt down to one side of her and looked into her faultless yet strained features.

“And let’s not forget those magnificent teats” he laughed

“No please” she cried her first sign of weakness, and he smiled pitilessly as he steadied first one mammary and then the other as circular copper electrodes were clipped over her nipples.

She bit down on her lip stifling a cry, she felt powerless, defenceless, exposed.

“Please” she said weakly, a tear in her eye.

“Let us begin, start the Galvanic Stimulator”

Steam hissed again and a device out of sight began to spin up until it was whirring steadily.

“Now gently at first, we don’t want this over too soon”

Thick and dark the intruder was made of Gutta Percha on a wooden and metal shaft moulded into a huge representation of a man penis. The shaped glans had the diameter of a cricket ball and behind the rim a ridged shaft a full 12inches long was thick as man’s wrist. The device driving this monstrosity was a complex contraption of copper pipes and brass cylinders driving a flywheel. Attached to the outer rim of the flywheel was the linkage attached to the back of the phallus. As the wheel spun it drove the business end back and forth. All of this was finely controlled by small valves, hand wheels and twitching gauges showing pressure and r.p.m. Atop the whole device was a spinning centrifugal governor linked to more pipes and braided hoses.

As the operator carefully opened a valve, the mammoth penetrator liberally coated in mutton grease slid smoothly forward towards the woman’s undefended loins. Again she felt the slippery head pushing into her and she gasped as she felt the pervading fullness in her lower abdomen.

As it reached the inner most depths of her sex the operator closed the valve and it stopped moving. He then made small adjustments to threaded adjusters on the linkage. Opening a second valve the device began to withdraw until only the bulbous head remained poised inside the entrance to her love tunnel, he then made further adjustments to the linkage. Now each stroke of the monster would drive forward fully penetrating its victim as deeply as possible before withdrawing but not completely exiting the vagina before beginning its next forward stroke.

“Tis set M’lord” intoned the man and Lord Cosby smiled.

“Now try the Stimulator”

The Galvanic Stimulator was large Mahogany box with an array of dials, circuit breakers and black Vulcanite knobs across the front. At the rear a pulley was being driven by a leather belt attached to a take-off from the main steam drive. On top were two brass rods topped by a small brass balls and as the operator adjusted the knobs electricity arced between the balls.

Lord Cosby leant in again “This is a new device Lady Blackrock you are the first person I have had cause to use it on”

“Excuse me if I am not honoured you freak” she spat back.

“Slowly, bring up the current, you watch the dials I will watch her” he ordered.

At first she felt nothing then gradually she became aware of a tingling in her pussy and then her nipples. Gradually it increased from pins and needles until it felt like she was being bitten by thousands of tiny ants.

“Oww oww, stop please stop” she wailed

As the current rose higher it began to affect the muscles of her abdomen which tensed like rock and then she began to feel the electricity passing through her insides, she let out a loud scream


He whole lower region was in spasm now, her abdomen, buttocks and upper thighs. The deep muscles of her pussy contracted around the thick phallus causing more discomfort.

Lord Cosby let her experience the stimulation for a while longer before he signalled for it to be cut.

Lady Blackrook sagged in the straps panting, sweat beginning to form on her skin.

“You aberration” she bemoaned

“Oh I’m not finished yet, there is one more thing”

Moving to the head of the frame he began to clamp something onto the cross member directly in front of and level with her face.

She lifted her head and looked on the addition with horror.

“I will never submit to your perversion Cosby, NEVER!”

Fixed in front of her face was a smaller version of the phallus set to defile her from behind. The one was softer and had a curious hole where a man would pee. Trailing behind it where several braided fine bore hoses which snaked away to the devices behind her.

“You may wish to rethink that My Dear, if you comply you can influence the degree of torment you suffer. You see this is not just a facsimile of a penis, it is in fact a complex piece of hydraulic and pneumatic engineering. If the Operator sucks, they create a negative pressure which retards the governor on the Penetrator which in turn decreases the depth and frequency of its intrusion. Secondly build into the head and shaft are a network of oil filled tubes, the fluid in these will detect the movement and pressure of your tongue and lips and in turn reduce the amplitude of the current produce by the Galvanic Stimulator”.

“You evil degenerate scum, not satisfied with defiling me you now want me to prolong my torture by making me pleasure a mechanical cock for your depraved voyeuristic satisfaction... I will not!!!”

The smile slipped from his face at the verbal tirade.

“Very well we will test your mettle Lady Blackrook, begin!”

She braced herself as she heard the slow release of steam and the increasing whirr and crackle of the stimulator.

Slowly the phallic intruder started to drive in an out of her pussy and she found herself giving a little moan each time it drove in. At the same time the painful thrill of electricity snapped at her nipples and delicate petals whilst causing her deep muscles to spasm, heightening the sensation of repeated penetration. She struggled her mittened hands opening and clenching in their leather prisons. Every now and again she would gasp or let out a yelp whilst Lord Cosby looked on.

The penetrator was pounding in and out of her now, slow, rhythmic, forceful, the mutton grease melting with her body heat and mixed with her own fluids trickled down across her mons, mingling with her pubis it cooled and congealed. Alarmingly she found the repeated electrical stimulation was increasing her own rate of secretion along with heightening the sensations in her loins, she fought harder struggling to regain control, she did not want to climax like this, forced like a brood mare under the leering gaze of men.

Sensing something was afoot Lord Cosby leant over the shoulder of each operator in turn making minor adjustments to the settings of each machine. He watched the woman’s quivering, straining body, taut, perfect, she was indeed a magnificent creature.

Lady Blackrook fought to maintain her composure but it was a losing battle, she knew something was different but not what, the faux cock was now sliding in an out of her like a seasoned lover, stroke and depth a perfect combination, the electro stimulation pulsed in unison bringing her relentlessly to her peak.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! She moaned her body exploding with pleasure, she tensed holding herself stiff until it passed before she slumped her head hanging down her blonde locks hiding her look of satisfaction.

Lord Cosby smiled, it was working he would break this Adventrix.

Lady Blackrook on the other hand knew what she must do although it disgusted her. Lifting her head, she saw the flaccid appendage and felt to reach it with her mouth. Her sweet lips sought to catch the bobbing cock before she hungrily pulled the fat head into her mouth making an O around the shaft behind the head, her cheeks distended.

Frantically she began to suck on the false member until she felt the pumping in her pussy begin to slow and the pounding lessen. All the time her tongue rolled around the rim of the head whilst her lips squeezed the shaft making obscene slurping sucking sounds, however it was working the constant painful electric assault diminished.

“Well done Lady Blackrock, I knew you would succumb eventually and what a delightful sight you make filling that delicate mouth with cock, I’m sure your new owner will be more than satisfied with you undoubted prowess in the “oral field” and he laughed.

She scowled back her face reddening with shame.

“Mmmm, Mmm, ah, mmmm, mmmm” she continued to slurp enthusiastically desperate to suspend the mechanical carnal assault.

“It will be interesting to see how long you can keep that up Lady Blackrook or are you tiring already?”

She was being pounded every 10 seconds or so now and the shock pulsed in unison but he was right she would not be able to keep up this level of oral athletics indefinitely, indeed her late husband had never required more than five minutes in her mouth before she found herself swallowing his seed.

Her tongue and jaw began to ache now and holding her head up was putting an intolerable strain on her neck, she began to slow her ministrations. Almost immediately the pummelling increased and the shock rose in intensity and unwillingly she continued to suck as if her life depended on it. To make matters worse her already sensitised sexuality was beckoning her towards a second climax which burst then on her again. The phallus slipped from her mouth dribbling saliva as she wailed loudly with pleasure every muscle straining.

With a hiss of steam, the pace resumed and she found herself again being fucked senseless, she tried to reach for the cock again but without success, she was flagging, her tongue wagged pink glistening but she couldn’t catch it.

She was gasping again with each stroke as the machine continued it relentless untiring banging, she knew she was going to come again, even quicker this time and there was nothing she could do about it…..

“Wwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” she wailed in the rapture of mechanised pleasure.

Movement caught her eye and she slowly lifted her head. Before her Lord Cosby stood with his member in his hand frantically stroking its length his eyes wild as his hips jerked. Something warm spattered across her face and lips and instinctively her tongue found the sticky goo, warm and salty, but she didn’t care she was yet coming again!

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