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by The Latex Girl

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© Copyright 2004 - The Latex Girl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; corset; catsuit; gasmask; pvc; vacbed; machine; display; stuck; cons; X

Anne sat at home. She had spent all morning thinking about her relationship with Bob, how it had gone wrong, if it was worth fixing and if so, how to fix it.

Anne had met Bob about six months ago. He was a successful artist and she was a successful art party schmoozer. She had managed to get into the opening party for his new show and for some bizarre reason they had hit it off. One thing led to another and here she was in his des-res town house.

At that point, everything should have been happy ever after, except it wasn't. After they had been together for a while, Bob started to tell Anne of his interest in the 'fetish' scene. This started with Bob showing Anne a set of photographic commissions he had undertaken for some fetish designers. Bob followed that by showing Anne his latex collection, the dungeon he had in the basement of his town house and then taking Anne off to some fetish wear friends for fittings of made-to-measure latex wear.

At first it hadn't been too bad. Anne had been made a catsuit that was quite nice and a couple of dresses that weren't too clingy. It was going to the dungeon that always seemed so bad. Bob was always keen to be tied up and locked up, put in bags. All sorts of strange things that Anne just found too hard to accept.

That's what made things so difficult, when Bob was 'normal', i.e. not covered in 3 or 4 layers of rubber and not strapped to anything or anyone, he was lovely, the best man in the world.

Anne thought long and hard. Eventually, she thought that she had come to a decision. Even though Bob, liked doing things that she thought was strange, he didn't spend that much time doing it. Anne decided that she really ought to try and understand Bob's 'other' side a little more before completely dismissing it.

Anne wandered down to the basement and into the dressing room for the dungeon. She went over to her wardrobe. Bob had brought her a lot of things, sometimes she had tried things on, and sometimes they just went straight into here.

Anne started to go through the clothes, while she was looking, she thought, "I really should go for it, dressing up wildly for Bob would really do a lot to cement our relationship together". Anne found a rubber corset. She knew that Bob really liked this. She slipped off all her clothes.

Anne pulled the corset onto her and started to fiddle around with the laces. Every pull and tug seemed to reduce the corset's size around her. For what seemed like an eternity, Anne pulled the laces, started breathing in a lot and cursing a little. Eventually, Anne had the corset the way she wanted, it wasn't falling off her any more and she could still breathe. Anne had a look at herself in the full length mirror of the dressing room. She was quite surprised how much the corset had improved her figure. The little love handles she had had disappeared under the corset, her cleavage looked a lot fuller and lady like. Anne felt quite impressed.

Next up, Anne found a pair of latex stockings and worked herself into them. She also managed to find a pair of gloves and a pair of knickers to complete her outfit. She looked at herself again. To be honest, she didn't look that different from when she was wearing the black lace basque and black stockings.

Anne went back to the wardrobe and dug around a little more. This time, she came out with a couple of catsuits. She recognized the first as the one she liked, but the second one seemed very unusual. It looked like a catsuit but seemed to have its own shoes built into it and some kind of gasmask as well. Anne thought this was rather strange, but she also thought that it would be an ideal way to shock Bob a little. She worked her way into the suit, it seemed so strange having attached boots, but the outfit had been designed for her, and she seemed to slip into it as if it were a second skin, which is what it was.

In no time at all, Anne had worked herself into the suit and was now tottering around on the rather high heels of the suit. The gasmask seemed a little strange, Anne could hear its workings click as she breathed in and out.

Anne wondered if there was anything else she could top her outfit off with. She rummaged around in the wardrobe and came out with a PVC garment. Anne wasn't too sure what it was, it looked a little like a cross between a leotard and a corset, or a corset with pants. Anyway, Anne unzipped it and stepped into it and put it on. Anne found it quite funny, it was like a pair of briefs, with a zip that went from down her chest all the way to her bottom. Once the zip was done up, there were a set of straps across her chest to hold everything in place. Anyway it added a bit of contrast to the rubber.

Anne decided that she had dressed enough, she went though into the dungeon. The dungeon was pretty much as it was the last time she had been down there. The floor was paved with slate, as were the walls. The ceiling was painted black with large wooden beams for display. Around the room, there were harnesses, cages, and racks of straps and so on. Anne spotted something that she hadn't seen before.

It was a big wooden frame that looked a little like an old fashioned folding bed from a bed site. Anne went over for a closer look. There was a wooden frame on the wall and another on the floor. The one on the floor seemed to have some kind of thin transparent material across it, like a bed. Strangely, there was an instruction book next to the device. "It must be very new", thought Anne to herself. Anne started to read the book. It was for something called an assisted vacuum bed. Apparently, it had a set of mechanisms that would allow one person to vacuum themselves, but it would require someone else to let you out. It all seemed very simple, all you had to do was to turn the machine on and then press the highlighted button. This would give you 30 seconds to get into the rubber sack and to stick your head through the breathing hole. Then the machine would vacuum pack you and finally, it would put you into a vertical position.

Anne felt that she could manage that. She knew that Bob should be home in an hour or so, Anne reckoned she could last that long. She went back upstairs and left a post-it note for Bob in the entrance hall. Then she went back down into the dungeon. Anne setup the answer phone in the dungeon just in case she had any important calls.

Now she was ready. Anne started the machine and pressed the button. Quickly she got round to the opening slit of the vacuum bag and worked her way into it. She stuck her gasmasked head through the exit hole and began to wait for the suction to start. Eventually, the suction pump whirred into life. Anne didn't feel much at first, but then she started to feel the rubber sack start to tighten around her. Instinctively, she reached out into a spread eagle pose for the best effect. Anne wondered if it was the best pose to adopt, but by the time she thought about moving she realised that she couldn't.

The pump stopped and something started to whir. Anne could feel herself being lifted into the up right position. As she got vertical, the machine clunked and then stopped. Anne tried to look at herself but couldn't really see much. Fortunately, Bob must have thought of this as there was now a six foot square mirror on the opposite wall of the dungeon.

Anne looked at herself in the mirror, she gasped at the results. She felt like a fly in amber unable to move anything, not even her fingers. It was an incredible feeling, she was suspended vertically and it felt like she wasn't being held up by anything.

Anne started to think of what Bob would do when he saw her, his new latex clad puppet, helplessly trapped, waiting for him. As she thought, her ideas started to get more and more fetish driven.

Suddenly, Anne snapped out of her thoughts, the phone was ringing. The answer phone picked the call up.

"Hi this is Bob, Anne I wanted to tell you this in person, but as you're not there you're not there. I think it's too unfair of you to expect to share my passions in life. I reckon it just isn't going to work. I'm going away for the weekend, can you make sure you're out by Monday. Sorry".


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