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The Laundromat

by DownTheHobbittHole

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© Copyright 2017 - DownTheHobbittHole - Used by permission

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The Laundromat - featuring brushslut

Pulling up outside her local laundromat, Catherine hoped out of her car and retrieved a basket full of dirty laundry.

"Typical of the washer to break down when i need it the most" you grumble to yourself.

Pushing open the door with your back, you enter into a small room, with what looked like the baggage collection out of an airport, but it was entirely automated, no one in sight, as you walk up to one of the conveyors, dumping all your clothes onto it as its weighed, a robotic voice announces the price " that will be £20.55".

Pulling out your touch-less credit card you wave it in front of the scanner as a robot arm places a sticker on each piece of clothing before its whisked away through some plastic strips and into another room.

The stickers had a barcode on it to keep track of all the clothing and know who's it was.

As you go to put your card away a guy carrying a large load of laundry, so much he couldn't see where he was going as he bumped into you sending you onto the conveyor belt.

"That will be £50.20" as your card now ended up flying through the air before coming back down landing right on the scanner.

Now you're grabbed by the robot arms as they stick a sticker right on your mouth, shutting you up as they also stick the rest of your clothing.

Before you or the guy had time to react you were already on your way along the conveyor at lightning speed through the plastic strips, struggling and wiggleing but unable to do or say anything as the conveyor belt pulls her along at such a rapid pace.

She was quickly disorianted... laying flat on her stomach with a bar coded sticker over her lips. She tried to remove the sticker to shout for help but found it was stuck on quite tightly to prevent it comeing off prematurely

The man now looking around dumb struck, "What on earth was that?"

Not seeing anyone around he assumed he'd just bumped into the scanner, he then saw the credit card lying on it.

"Someone must have left their card here, i guess i'll just drop it off at the police station on the way home."

Now as you enter the new room you can see the conveyor ending and all the washing landing in a large basket as its sorted one by one, by the machines.

As you are dropped in the basket, you're quickly grabbed by four strong mechanical arms as a camera makes note of all the tangled washing in front of it.

The mechanical arms now strip you naked as each piece of clothing is scanned before being dropped onto another conveyor, now that you were completely naked you're passed under a laser grid that scans your barcode and you are dropped onto the cold plastic belt as you're now taken off towards a large metal box with more plastic strips.

A sheet of clear plastic bordered the conveyor preventing you from jumping off as your taken inside the machine, feeling cold and embarassed as the machinery methodicly strips her body naked..... placed down with no escape she now realized after being scanned by the system that she is now just a piece of dirty clothing to the system... a THING to be washed now!

As you enter the machine you're gripped by four mechanical arms, locking around your wrists and ankles, as your sticker is pulled off, it felt like being waxed as a couple of hairs were taken with it.

Now you are spread eagle, there was also a large laser grid that scanned your contours, deciding that you were a onesie, as what looked like a pressure washer hose was used to blast you down, from head (to pussy) to toe, the hose soaked you all over with warm water getting rid of any muck that hadn't taken a grip

Now that you were completely soaked the jet washer retracts as your pulled over to two nozzles attached to mechanical arms as they begin to spray you down with a light pink cleaning foam, as your quickly turned into a cotton candy monster.

Spluttering as the soap covered her head to toe.... she blinked thorugh the foam... coughing as the soap that smelled exactly like cotton candy got into her mouth.... it was so thick it blocked out the sound of the machinery arround her.... the foam stuck to her body.... she suspected it was designed to do just that... to cling to the fabrics fibers and ensure a good washing.... but she wasn't a piece of clothing!

Now that you were completely covered you're dropped back onto the belt as the hoses continue to spray you for as long as possible aiming at your pussy, perhaps the machines thought this was a place for dirt to hide?

Suddenly the conveyor belt ended as you are dropped on to a large circular spinning brush, there was also another one just like it straight above you as they started up and you are squished between them as your arms and legs were spread out, more robot arms held you in place, as the brushes now scrubbed you down

She squeeled again but it was cut short as she landed on the giant spinning scrub brush... it was easily 15 feet around.... her arms and legs barely went out thorugh the top and bottom of the bristles as the machine held her stiff and rigid as the brushes churned and chugged back and forth, back and forth agitateing the poor dirty girl/laundry between its stiff brown scrubbing brush bristles

After about 5 minutes of scrubbing you're dragged back onto another belt as you go through a second soaping however this time it was blue, now your taken over two a set of soft pink bristled scrubbing brush mounted on moving arms, as you're spread eagle again the brushes roamed over your body there was also three bottle cleaners to take care of those dirty holes.

She coughed again as the blue foam took over her body... resoapig her up again... mixing in a pink and blue mixture.... as the pink bristled scrubbing brushes touch her skin she giggles and opens her mouth in a very unladylike moan of desire and sexual pleasure.... her legs spread so wide open... she barely notices the bottle cleaner bristled brushes heading towards her..... with her mouth open wide she lets out a moan of desire...." oohhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that feels good...."

Now the brushes continued to scrub you silly as the bottle cleaners went back and forth, in and out, you could feel yourself just about to burst, but then the arms and bottle cleaners retracted, leaving you just shy of a titanic climax, and there was nothing you could do about it as your hands and feat were still spread eagle.

Groaning and grunting.... she squirms and tries hard to push herself against the brushes closer and closer as they stop she screams out...."nooooooooooooooo ohhh fuck noooooooo thats not fair!!"

Now you are taken over to a tub of soapy water as your dunked in it a few times before a large flat scrubbing brush is lowered in, acting a bit like a wash board as you're pulled back and forth across it, front end and back end.

GLURBBLEING and gurgleing as the water goes up my nose and into my mouth.... gasping then moaning as the hands push me hard against the scrubbing brush bristles..... rubbing me up and down up and down the giant scrub brush..... makeing my titties bounce again and turn a pink color with stiff nipples.... my pussy DRIPPING a flood of juices into the warm soapy water.

However the terrible machines thought that the water had just became absolutely filthy from you and you are lifted out and hosed down with water as the hose passed over your pussy washing away your excitement it set off the sensor, the machine now knew where the muck was coming from as a tiny camera on its moving arm poked its way inside your pussy and boy did it look dirty to the machine.

You are now pulled over to a flat table as what looked like a carpet cleaner was used to clean the inside of your pussy soaping and sucking and brushing all in one swift movement.

Arching my body as i feel the soapy sucking slurping brushing cleaner working my insides out..... GROANNNNNNNNNNNNNING as my pussy juices SQUIRRRRRRRRRRT from deep inside me..... .squeezing my hands against the table.... a flood of pussy juice and warm soapy water gushes from between my wet sticky lips onto the table.

Arooooop went an alarm as you're hoisted over to the hose and your pussy is spray with more pink foam then back over to the bottle cleaners, then over to a archway of hoses washing you down with clean water.

Now you are lifted up onto a long over head conveyor your hand strapped in as you was through large blowers, blasting you with hot air quickly drying you off.

As i lay on the belt feeling the hot air blowing away the moisture... whicking it away... the blowers aim at my thicket of pussy hair.... trying to blow dry the wetness that clings there..... however the dryers just can't seem to get all the moisture off..... another alarm bell sounds and a flashing red light comes on..... a mechanical white gloved hand appears and seems to probe arround my wet pussy..... fingering.... dipping in and out.... working its fingers together..... i can only GULP wondering just what is going to happen again now that the machinery thinks this item of clothing seems especially mucky and dirty right in that spot!

The hand returned with a large blue towel made of microfibre, rubbing it into your pussy, sopping up your wetness as the blow drying continued.

Letting out a soft little giggle and then a moan as the microfiber towels hairs tickle and rub deeply into my wet moist flesh..... the hand twists the towel and rubs deeper with the pussy...... almost as if scrubbing me with the tickly soft towel fibers......

One of the fingers on the hand wraps itself round the microfiber towel... then with a sudden motion it pushes the finger inside me..... letting out a gasping slutty moan as the finger twists and turns inside me.... pumping in and out then 2 fingers inside the towel... slowly fingering my pussy on the inside with the towel to sop up any excess juices or left over soap and water

Now that you were all dry the conveyor pulled you forward to the lint removal area, a long hoover nozzle is used to suck any lint on your body as it vacuums you all over.

Eyes WIDE as i moan feeling the strong suction on me.... especially on my nipples as they are stretched and pulled by the vacuum..... but then a surprised gasping shock as the machine tries to suck up and vacuum away my pussy hairs!!!

Then moaning again in shock and surprise as my long hair on my head is sucked by the nozzle of the hose..... it seems like the machine can't figure out what to do with my long hair or my hairy mat of pussy hair.

Eventually the machine stopped sucking as you're dropped onto another conveyor as you enter into another boxy machine, and you're grabbed by more white gloved hands and spread eagled, now a nozzle came down from the ceiling as it starts spraying you with a reddish liquid making you smell like a freshly washed shirt.

As a mechanical nose now started sniffing you making sure you smell all nice and clean.

As the hands hold me open and spread eagle.... the sticky red liquid clinging to my body.... matching my flushed cheeks.... as the mechanical nose gets closer and closer to my still moist pussy......

The nose sniffing your pussy immediately it knew you smelt dirty , the nozzle now coming and flooding your pussy with the liquid as another arm comes down holding a sponge, squishing it in there.

After your pussy was smelling like a flower in full bloom, you are taken over to a set of large heat steel rollers acting like a wringer and a heat press, fortunately it was on its delicate setting squeezing you a bit and warming you up as you pass through it onto another belt.

Moaning in surprise and also in a bit of shock as the warm rollers softly squeeze me and steam me.... pressing me nicely..... feeling the moisture continue on my stubborn spot of my pussy... the machinery only makeing it worse as i pop out onto another conveyor belt with a bit of a bounce.

Your loaded into a press by some mechanical arms, the press pulling and pushing you into a foetal position as the press squishes you, again the press wasn't to strong, but one of the nozzles for the steam was positioned right where your pussy is, as its steam cleaned to perfection.

Now a ramming plate pushes you out of one of the sides of the press, straight into a clear plastic bag as its heat sealed at the ends, trapping you inside.

Feeling the soothing steam of the press... but then the surprise again as i am shoved by machine into the sealing bag..." MPPHHH LET ME OUT MPPAHHHH * wriggleing inside the plastic bag..... able to see out but the bag is quite strong!!

As you pass under a camera a hand holding a "cleaned" stamp came down and stamped the bag with the stamp, as you exit the machine through some plastic strips and back into the original room as you are dumped onto a baggage carousel, unfortunately for you, you had taken so long inside the machine the shop had shut and the front doors were locked.

You'd just have to wait for someone to come rescue you.


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