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Laundry Prank goes Wrong by Laundering

by woman

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© Copyright 2015 - woman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; prank; washing-machine; inside; hide; stuck; cycle; wash; rinse; mast; caught; bond; susp; washingline; outdoors; cons/reluct; X

Great thanks to Melody who corrected the grammatical faults

My name is Sergio. I live alone in my house, and I suffer from a rare genetic growing disease, which means I am no taller than 2 feet high and have been this way since the age of seven. With this shortened height all the chores that could be done easily when you’re an average height person, can become very difficult. So for helping me in these kind of tasks, a maid comes to my home every week.

Her name is Sara, she’s a slim brunette with brown eyes, this very beautiful girl is eighteen years old and cleans houses to finance her way through her psychology studies. She does the cooking, vacuuming, taking out the trash, and of course she does the laundry too. She has been doing my chores for the last six months and complicity was born between us. She’s not a shy employee unimpressed by her boss, on the contrary she often takes the liberty of saying me things like: “You shouldn’t eat this! It’s not healthy”, “You shouldn’t go out without jacket, you’ll be sick”. She takes care of me, with a small touch of authority.

She works for me every Wednesday. She begins at 9:00 am and finishes her job at 4:30 pm, with an hour and a half lunch break. The first time she came, I gave her a list of instructions, but she quickly learnt to own my house alone, and I appreciate this. Apart from the fact she’s a good 6 feet maid (a giantess for me), her gorgeous smile and her firm ass, doesn’t let me be completely uninterested.

Today is April the first, I don’t know in USA, but in France it’s a “prank day”. So I was thinking hard since early morning about a good joke for Sara. I was walking around my house, as I searched for an idea. It was 11:45 when I saw her, she was going out of the laundry room with a basket full of wet clothes, she was hanging out the laundry in the garden, and said me:

“I’ll start the washing machine with the next load, when I’ll come back this afternoon”.

I immediately had an epiphany. I could hide myself inside the washer, and prank her when she would add some clothes in the drum.

I was waiting until my victim left for lunch, before I rushed near the washing machine. It’s a front load machine, the glass door was open and there was a black bedspread inside ready for the afternoon’s wash. But there still was enough space for me…… I took off my shoes, and began to get in.

It smelled a strong odor of warm wet laundry inside the cylinder.

It was cramped, naturally, like being a hamster squeezed inside a toilet paper tube, but I fitted well enough. The barrel himself was actually quite large for me, about 18 inches all the way around, and 12 inches deep, but that was still cutting it a little bit close than I would have liked. I covered myself with the dirty bedspread, and became invisible from the outside.

I was happy about my plan, and impatient to surprise her…… I got out of the appliance and send her a message on her cell phone:

“I’ll be going out this afternoon, the house’s keys will be under the entrance carpet, have a nice day. ”

I hid the keys and kept an eye by the window to look for the return of my “victim”. Suddenly I recognize her car, so I rushed back into the laundry room.

I crawled inside the drum of the washer and slammed the door. Inside with the glass closed, the slightest noise I made when I move is rebounding, and I can’t hear what is happening outside. I quickly covered myself with the bedspread, before she comes back and begins loading the rest of the clothes… And waited….

After about ten minutes I realized it was taking longer than I expected, but I can’t take the risk of moving the bedspread to take a look out into the laundry room. And so I waited again……

I woke up with a start (it took 10 years off of my life), I’m in a fetal position and warm water is showering me. I’m trying to remind myself where I am, and what happened… The prank… The washing machine…… OH MY GOD!!! I just realized I fell asleep for a few minutes, and she had turned on the washer without noticing me inside… I don’t believe it, I‘m really an idiot.

I immediately remove the bedspread from the glass hatch to alert Sara… But I just can see her shadow leaving the laundry room. “Oh shit…..”

I must indicate where I am before the water fills the inside. I knock on the door of my cylindrical jail, as I yelled :


I didn’t get any answer. Only the noise of the water raging inside the drum continues to resound. She’s probably vacuuming the first floor, and can’t hear me.

I know, in few seconds the drum is going to start to tumble. I must prepare myself to be dunked in the soapy water. I put my left hand near my face… Ready to hold on my nose, when the wash cycle will begin. I think I'll be able to hold my breath when I’ll rotate, and take a long breath during the pause of the agitation, before I’ll restart tumbling in the other side. I hope it will work…… I hope………….

I’m afraid, I’m feeling like an astronaut before the take off. I’m waiting for the end of the fill. I’m thinking about a story of a young cat who survived a complete wash cycle after her mistress accidentally loaded it in the machine with the dirty clothes… The title of the article said: “He lost one of these 9 lives”…. But I’m not a cat!! I have only one life!!

Suddenly the noise of the fill shut off and I started to be sloshed in the soapy water like a load of laundry. After few seconds the drum stopped, I had just the time to take a breath before it’s restarted in the other direction. My plan worked partially, I can breathe without inhaling water, but my head and my back is knocking the paddles every time my body takes a wander in the barrel. I quickly solved this problem by using my right hand to steady myself.

The pause between two rotating phases is too short for taking the risk of shouting for help during only about 3 seconds, I have just the time to take a breath, and my two hands are used, for holding on my nose and steady myself, so I can’t knock on the door.

I must survive in this hell until my torturer (until her knowing) comes back in the laundry room, and although if she comes back, she won't see me, because the appliance I’m inside is against the same wall as the laundry’s entrance. She could easily come in and out again without noticing me, if she doesn’t take a closer look at the washing machine. But she’s a busy girl who must clean the entire house, why she would look at the clothes turning inside the washer? She hasn’t got any time to loose…

After about ten minutes ( I think because I lost track of time). I heard the pump starting to drain the wash water, the drum is rotating again… always at the same rhythm, about 12 seconds forward, a pause, and 12 seconds backwards. But I can open my eyes and take a look at the glass door. I see the empty laundry room rotating again… And again……

After the drain phase the tub stops moving and then start to pour in cold water. I try to call Sara again, before the rinse cycle begins, but I think my voice is covered by the filling noise which is resounding inside the drum, and she’ll would never have heard me if she was not near this fucking machine.

I have the impression that this filling takes more time than the first. And as I over watch the water level. I notice, it’s higher than the wash cycle… Breathing could be more difficult…… I don’t know what I should wish. The longer the fill, the longer I have for calling Sara. But more the fill time takes, the higher the water level will be.

A few moments later the water level is at the half part of the drum and the sound of the water shutting off mean the beginning of the ordeal for me.

I'm using the same breathing technique I used during the wash, but this time when the rotation stopped my head was under water… DAMN IT! …… I started to panic. I don’t take enough air for holding my breath until the next agitation’s pause, I must take a breath during the drum’s rotation. The barrel’s revolving starts again… My lungs will burst if I don't take a breath. I try to anticipate the right time for taking a small breath, but I’m afraid to get in the drink.

“I’ll diiiiiiiiie…… And it’s the dumbest way to die ever seen” I think.

Kitty !!! I must try!!!

I manage to take a small breath… Enough for holding until the next pause… Pfiuuu It’s done, I’m temporarily saved. This way of breathing during the rotation is risky. If I got in the drink, I would start to cough, and quickly drowned. But I haven’t got any choice, and I breathed this way during all the rinse cycle. Sometimes I swallowed a small amount of water… But it didn’t go into my lungs… And now I’m hearing the noise of the pump announcing the end of the first rinse.

I can see again through the hatch…

But this time I’m discovering the room isn’t empty. Sara is here in front of the ironing board. She’s ironing the dry clothes washed this morning, and is turning her back to the washing machine

I think there’s a god for the awkward pranksters. And of course I start to knock on the door as I yell:


But she doesn’t pay attention to my SOS and continues to iron.


It’s incredible….. How can she not hear me??? Is she a deaf person???

I notice she has an MP3 player on her ear… What a bad day………….

The drum fills again with cold water. The rinses cycle are very testing for me… And I don’t know if I’ll survive the next. The machine has a program to do. It doesn’t worry about what or who is inside. It’s doesn’t worry if I can breathe or not. It treats me as if I’m a pair of socks. And the socks don’t need to breathe.

If my maid doesn’t look in direction of the appliance, I’ll pass through the entire cycle. And I’ll certainly be killed or seriously injured by the spin cycle.

I see her ironing the pants and the shirts washed this morning, ignoring my presence in the laundry machine. She’s wearing a blue tank top and a very short jeans revealing her sexy legs.

I know it’s could be incredible. But this situation… Where I undergo a forced wash by a beautiful woman who doesn’t know anything about my ordeal… is making my cock hard. Despite the cold water… And I start to masturbate myself… I think to myself that it’ll be the last time I can take such pleasure. I’ll be drowned or spin to death inside this fucking machine.

A short moment after this philosophical thinking. The machine begins to set the bedspread and me spinning in the rinse water. I don’t hold the drum and let my body falling against the paddle like a marionette and I use my free hand for shaking my cock. Sometimes I can see the laundry room revolving with Sara’s calf, but when I’m underwater, I close my eyes.

Suddenly a breath of fresh air is entering in the appliance as a cascade of water is flowing on the room’s floor. I open my eyes and see Sara squatted in front of the washer…. Looking foolish she watches me and notices my hand that plays with my cock.

“What are you doing in here???.... Are you okay??” screamed Sara.

“Ah…… Euhhh…… Sara……… You saved my life…….. I wanted *to* prank you………” and I explained her all the story except the sexual pleasure part.

I get out of the washer and stumble around in the laundry room, exhausted by the experience I just had, I try to go in the direction of my bedroom.

“Are you feeling too dizzy?” said Sara as she tried to restrain her laughter. “Hey!!… Be careful!!! You get the floor wet…. I have just mopped the entire house!”

“Hmm…… Come here…..” she says as she grab me under the armpits.

And five minutes later… I’m tied up on the clothesline like a piece of laundry in the front garden, and I see her lovely figure go away from me in the direction of the house without taking a look at me…..

Before abandoning me to my drying session, she just said, “I must finishing the laundry…..” with a malicious smile.

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