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The Machine: Model 2-A Part2

by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2002 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; M/f; latex; catsuit; straitjacket; hood; tape; wrap; encase; foam; entomb; plastic; sealed; buried; rescue; recovery; cons; X

Authors Note:  [email protected] created a story based on ‘The Machine’ by NaughtyLittleGirl. This story is a continuation of fg_1977’s story: The Machine: Model-2A.

When we left off, Marie had been lent her bosses (Mr. Brackton) private Mansion up in Maine for the summer. It was quiet and peaceful there. While there she found a strange machine in the basement, and decided to try it out, and would up entombed for life, buried on the property somewhere, with absolutely no one knowing what happened to her.


It was Mid-September and Mr. Brackton expected Marie back to work, all cheerful and rested. He hadn’t heard from her all summer, and was looking forward to hearing how her summer at his Mansion had gone. He went to her office, but she wasn’t there. She should have been back yesterday.

He went to his office, and called Human Resources. After a few questions, he asked if Marie had come back from vacation, and the response was ‘No.” Had she called or wrote and quit or asked for an extension for her vacation, and again “No.”

He tried calling her house, No answer. He tried the Mansion, No answer. He gathered his coat and briefcase and headed for the door. Walking past his secretary he tells her that he’ll be gone for a few days, inform his wife, and to have his car waiting down stairs. He gets in the car and heads for the airport. He gets a flight into Portland, and rents a car headed to his Mansion.

He arrives at the gate, unlocks it, and drive in. When he arrives, he sees a car parked in front, and lights on in a few windows. He opens the front door, and sees that Marie’s stuff is still there. He calls for her as he searches the house. She’s not anywhere to be seen. Going down the hallway, he notices that one of the rooms he keeps locked was ajar. He opened the door, and went in, noticing that the light from the hidden bedroom is on, meaning that door was open as well and entered, walked into the closet, and through the open door leading to the stairs into the dungeon area of the basement.

He saw that the machine that he and his wife purchased was there, and some of the directions laying around as well as the ‘back-up’ keys he kept in a kitchen cupboard. Well, where was she though? She apparently came in and saw the machine and checked it out, but where did she go? It looks as if she read part of the book on how to start the machine, but the directions describing the settings was still on a table.

He walked around the machine and saw that by the garage type door there were tracks leading in for some of the robots. She didn’t use the machine, did she????

He booted up the computer monitor and went into the log section. Yes she had used the machine, but had used the ‘Ultimate’ level! With everything on in the house and all, she couldn’t have known what it would do! He went through the log even more and got a location for the coffin.

He went out and found it, and immediately placed a stake over the spot. He ran back to the Mansion, called a few people who came out with a front end loader, and dug up a large, Plastic encased Egyptian looking sarcophagus. It was carried to the garage door where she came through about 3 months earlier. He paid them for their help and sent them on their way.

He opened the door and using his car, pushed it inside. He backed out, and walked in shutting the door behind him. He took his tools from his workshop and began cutting and chiseling the plastic coating away. He finally got the top half cleared, and using a saw, cut the edges that had been nailed shut, so he could lift the lid off.

Inside he found the metal casket with the tanks attached. He brought over the winch, and hauled the box out, and laid it on the floor. Taking a torch, he cut the top off and inside was a full casket of Styrofoam. He then started tearing at it, ripping it with his bare hands. He got down to her plastic encased body and dug around it more finally freeing her, but careful to keep her hooked up to the stuff in the tanks.

He got a bottle of the solvent and poured it out over her, dissolving the plastic. He then went taking a safety knife for the tape, began cutting the tape off. Then the straps, and finally the long straightjacket.

Taking great care, he then disconnected the hoses, took off the hood, pulled out the gag, and carrying her upstairs to the Master bedroom, laid her down and sat waiting for her to awaken. 

She awoke early the next morning, feeling awful, and why wasn’t she nice and comfy in her little prison? She must be dreaming, she thought. Then sitting up, saw Mr. Brackton asleep in a chair next to the bed she was in. She tried getting up, and was too weak, it was all she could do to try and sit up. She tried talking but her throat hurt too much, and hadn’t spoken in who knows how long!

She laid there as the sun got brighter, hurting her eyes, until he woke up.

“Marie! Are you okay? What happened? I’m sorry about things……” On and on he went for few minutes.

“I’m okay, I think.” She croaked.

“I’ll get you some soup, and juice. I know you need it!” He left returning about 5 minutes later. “Microwaves are great, aren’t they?” he said with a smile. He helped her eat and drink, and called a friend that was a doctor, and also into ‘kink’ big time. He told him what happened and could he help? “Sure, here’s what you do…” giving him instructions on what to do. After a couple of days, she was well enough to travel, and she accompanied him back to New York City.

He put her up in a private hospital and she made good progress. She wasn’t in very bad shape actually. He muscles were the trouble not being used for 3 months. After 2 weeks of physical therapy, she was picked up by Mr. Brackton and his wife. They both expressed their sorrow for what she went through, and Marie responded that she really enjoyed it. She wanted more of it!

So, Marie retired from the company, and joined the Brackton’s as a ‘Bondage slave’. She was happy, but it didn’t fulfill her as much as what she had experienced from the ‘Machine’.

After months of begging, she finally broke the Brackton’s down, and they agreed. The next weekend, they drove up to Maine, to the Mansion and took her down to the machine.

“You can do any setting you want. 1 day, 10 days, whatever. We care for you, and want you to be happy!” said Mr. Brackton. Mrs. Brackton agreed and wished Marie happiness. 

Marie stepped up to the machine, made a few settings, and stepped up on the platform. A voice from the Machine said, “You have selected Level Setting of the ULTIMATE. If this is what you want please press the activator button Three Times. If not, reset your control panel on the console to start over.”

Mr. Brackton looked with shock at her! “Marie! Are you sure? Please, you're part of us now!”

“Sir, I want this. As much as anything before, I want this! Since I was released, I’ve known that I want this!” said Marie.

“Happiness, Marie!” shouted Mrs. Brackton. And took her husbands arm and watched as Marie activated the Machine, and was tightly bound, placed in the metal coffin, welded shut, tanks attached, placed in the Mummy Coffin, nailed shut and carried out. 

The Brackton’s followed the procession, watched as the Sarcophagus was encased in the Resin, dried, and buried. As the ground was covered over by leaves and branches, the Brackton’s walked over, into the camera view from the little 4x4 truck, and wrote on a paper for the camera to see, “We love you. You will be remembered.”

A few weeks later, the 4x4 was back at the spot, camera operating for Marie to see, the placing of a Head Stone over the spot she was buried---

--- Here lies Marie 
     A friend and more… 
     Spending the rest of her life as she wanted, thanks to the Machine!

Marie could do nothing but watch the scene through the Alpha-Beta Brain Transmitter, and unknown to anyone up above, see her tears of joy.


The End----- 
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