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Maintenance At The Laundry Factory

by DownTheHobbittHole

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© Copyright 2019 - DownTheHobbittHole - Used by permission

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Well the bank Holiday was over, back to work you go.

You're part of the maintenance team tasked with restarting a huge laundry factory.

The factory washes all the linen for all the hotels in the state.

And as a result constantly needed maintenance every bank oliday.

You are one of very few people that worked here.

The factory was practically fully automatic besides maintenance and delivering and shipping the laundry.

You and your colleagues were just finishing up in the control booth.

A tall man named Steven was working away at one of the control panels.

"Ok just need to wait another 3 minutes and everything should be back up and running." said Steven.

"Do me a favour and go put the kettle on ready for our break." he called to you.

You did as he asked, also wanting a cup of tea at breaktime.

As you're walking along the catwalk out of the booth, you don't notice that the cleaner had spilt some soapy water on the catwalk right where it bared left around a corner.

'Click clack click clack slip ooofff'

As you walked along you went to round the corner and slipped over, sliding on your backside.

Straight underneath the handrail and landing in one of the hoppers where the laundry is dumped in off the trucks.

Luckily for you the hopper was partly full of linen already.

However the reason for it being partly full was because a truck had just pulled in and was now dumping its load straight into the hopper.

And you are now buried under the dirty covers and blankets.

Meanwhile in the control room, "Righty ho last 10 seconds and we're good to go!"












Suddenly you feel yourself jerked forward, the hopper is moving along a track over to the specific wash area.

As you fumble around trying to dig yourself out of the linen, you only manage dig yourself to the bottom of the pile, whilst also getting yourself more tangled up.

As the hopper rolls up above one of the many automated sorting systems, you hear a loud clang as it's held in place by magnets.

Suddenly the bottom of the hopper drops out from underneath you, as you and the laundry tumble onto a large wide conveyor belt, as it begins to move forward.

As soon as the laundry hit the belt, multiple robotic arms were whizzing over them, sorting all the laundry into various smaller shoots.

As one of the arms grabs your legs, lifting you up more quickly to pull off the laundry you're tangled in, but then they also pull off all of your clothes, throwing them down different shoots.

Once you had been stripped naked. you are dropped head first down a shoot labeled "single bed sheets"

You land head first into a giant bubbling vat of laundry detergent and other bed sheets.

As you pop up for a gasp of air, you see that it isn't just the vat you've got to worry about. Now being lowered into the vat, was what could only be described as a giant wash board.

Not only that but it had two drum brushes just as big. They looked like they belonged in a car wash let alone a laundry.

Now more arms dropped down into the water, fishing out piece after piece of laundry dropping them on the wobbly wash board, as they were rubbed and brushed into a soapy pile.

Suddenly one of the arms plucks you out, dropping you down onto the wash board right as the drum brushes were on the way up.

You are caughtt between them, bumpy aluminium on your back and drum brushes on your front, as they went from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, making sure to scrub everything in between.

After being scrubbed all over by the brushes, you are dropped onto another conveyor, and pulled forward under a small camera above the conveyor.

Up ahead you can see an arm grabbing random bits of laundry and dropping them onto tables of to the sides of the belt. But oddly enough the arm was only grabbing certain ones.

Then one of the sheets in front of you was grabbed and you could see it had a big splash of red wine staining the front of it.

Then the arm reaches down grabbing you by the arm and dropping you front side up on the table.

No sooner than you were on the table, a shower head above you dropped down just above your neather regions - Squirt! Splat!

The shower head had just sprayed your neathers with a huge dollop of stain remover.

Now it popped back up to the ceiling and a large rotary brush popped up from the side, spun up to speed and quickly began scrubbing your neathers with its soft nylon bristles.

The brush continued to scrub away at your niethers, bring you closer and closer to the edge, the stain remover now becoming a thick bubbly froth.

But just as you're about to cum, the brush lifts up and disappears back where it came from.

The shower head drops back down rinsing you off with a bit of water. Mostly to get rid of the frothing bubbles, now your dropped back onto the belt.

You're whisked forward and dropped into another vat, this time filled with water wit a large agitator in the middle.

It sloshes you and the other sheets around rinsing you off, before you see a big barrel is dumped over the side of the vat into the water, you see it's dumping fabric softener into the vat with you.

The agitator making light work mixing the softener furiously into the vat. As your sloshed around for another few minutes, before more arm's reach in and fish you out along with the rest of the laundry as they drop you onto another belt.

The belt now ran through a drying chamber where you're blown from all angles by giant heated fans. By the time you reached the end you were bone dry and your hair was a complete mess.

The conveyor continued for a bit longer before more arms reached down and placed the laundry into a large clam shell press.

But this wasn't no ordinary press, this one was designed to both iron out any wrinkles and to also seal the pressed laundry into a plastic bag ready for shipping.

As you are picked up and spread out on the clamshell, you're quickly squeezed between the two parts as you are sprayed with steam.

Next a large plastic bag is pulled over you from behind, as the heat from the clam makes it shrink and pull tight against you.

Finally the end is heat sealed and you're trapped inside, a few air holes here and there allow you to breath but you're unable to speak.

As your now picked up and dropped into a brown cardboard box, which is sealed with tape ready for delivery.

A small sticker is placed on the box reading: "Deliver to Marriott hotel."

The end

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