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Making a New Friend 4

by Knotty Master

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Part 4

As Wendy tried to contain her panic, she picked up her cell phone and hit speed dial three. A familiar voice answered on the other end.

“Richard, thank god. I need you to meet me at the plant.”

“I’m having dinner with my wife. Can’t it wait until the morning.”

“It’s an emergency. I need you there as fast as you can. Please!”

Richard thought about it for a moment and realized Wendy had never called upon him like this before. The desperation in her voice convinced him to help. “Okay, I’ll be right there. What’s the problem.”

“I cant tell you on the phone. Just fire up the board programmer and close out the standard software. Have it ready for a card to card copy. Tell security to have the gate to the dock area open. I‘ll meet you in the back. Have the drive in door open and close it as soon as I‘m in.”

“You’re the boss. You’re going to owe me for this one.”

Squealing tires around corners, Wendy prayed there were no cops around. It was vital to get Elaine back on line as soon as possible. With this newer type of neural hardware, once a droid formatted its neural pathways, damage begins to happen when they are powered down. The longer they are off, the worse it is.

Skidding to a stop inside the building, Wendy rushed around the car and opened the passenger door. “Richard, help me get her onto the trolley.”

“Who the hell is she? Is she alive?”

Wendy found herself in a very delicate situation. This would be the first tine she revealed the truth to anyone. “She isn’t human. This is the special order I had you build a few years ago.”

“How did she get back here?”

“It’s a long story and I’ll tell you everything, I promise. For now please just hurry.”

Together they wheeled her to the lab and got her into the programming chair. As soon as Wendy parted Elaine’s hair, she knew what happened. The seam that closed over the brain card slot wasn’t sealed properly. In turn it allowed the ocean’s salt air to get in on the card. The delicate pathways were coated but when saltwater dries, the crystallization will etch right into it.

Removing the card and dousing it with cleaner, she instructed Richard to take the fiber optic scope the slot and see what would need to be done there. Wendy plugged the card into the mainframe and started the data transfer. Periodically the transfer would halt and display bits of broken programming. In between the repairs on the software, she would check on Richard’s progress.

“There is a bit of sodium build up, but nothing we can't clean up. It doesn’t look like there is any corrosion. So?”

Wendy looked at him, puzzled. “So what?”

“So how did it get back here?”

Wendy had to think about this one. She felt she owed him the truth. At least some of it. “SHE… has been here all along. When she’s not working anyway. She is my friend and roommate. For reasons I can’t explain, I had to have her. Her programming isn’t anything like the ones we produce here. She is as human as we are.”

Richard took a long time to think about it. He gave Wendy a long look. “I can see you having an android as a friend. It actually makes sense, I guess. You practically speak binary. What did you mean by, when she is working?”

“She has a job and a pretty good one at that. Did you watch the news coverage of the Afghanistan peace talks last week?”

“Yeah, so.”

Wendy turned Elaine’s face where he could se it. “Do you remember the translator that sat in the middle of the table?”

Richard thought about it for a moment, recalling the footage. “Are you shitting me? You can’t be serious. How did she get involved with that. This is crazy. Did you send her to spy or something?”

“No, it’s nothing like that, she wanted to do it. She gets to travel and feel productive. I don’t tell her to do anything.” Wendy had to hide her smile. If he only knew the details of why she didn’t tell her what to do.

“Damn. What do you think would happen if she was discovered? You know how bad they would come down on the company if they traced her back to here.”

“I never really thought about it like that. If she survives this, I promise to talk to her about it. For now lets concentrate on saving her. How are you progressing there.”

“I’m almost done. When we put the card back, we should cut the seal out and stitch the scalp together. When it heals it will be water tight. My brother was in an accident and has this stuff on most of his hand. The self healing capabilities are amazing.”

As soon as the card was copied, Wendy plugged it into Elaine’s head.

After a few moments the body jerked and sat up. “How do you feel?”

“I’m not sure. Let me run a diagnostic… I have a few fragments of lost memories, but other than that I’m fine. Who are you people anyway? Kidding Wendy.” Knowing that Elaine’s sense of humor was still in tact, Wendy started to feel better.

Richard stayed and helped with the removal of the seal. He grilled Elaine with questions, amazed at how human she was. Before he finally went home, he swore to keep everything a secret. Wendy promised to invite Richard and his wife to dinner to make up for interrupting their evening. They developed a story in case anyone questioned the unusual late night activities. If the subject came up they would say that there was a potential spy-ware program in the plants software and they had to sweep it before anyone was able to steal any data.

Wendy and Elaine headed home before the morning shift arrived. Back at the house, Wendy kept a close eye on Elaine. Fearing potential hidden glitches, Wendy tried to convince Elaine to cancel the trip, but she was adamant about going. Despite the fact Wendy hadn’t gotten any sleep last night, they enjoyed a quiet day together. Some time late in the evening, the fatigue caused Wendy to fall asleep on the sofa. She was out so deeply, she didn’t wake when Elaine carried her to the bed.

Waking alone in the morning, Wendy found a note in front of the alarm clock. 'My dearest pet, I owe you every thing. I could never ask for a better love. You deserve your rest, so I slipped out quietly. I look forward to returning home and giving you the reward you deserve. Elaine'

Over the next few days, Wendy gave thought to removing the belt herself. There were die grinders and cutoff tools in the basement that could do it in a few hours. The only thing that stopped her was even if she had identical rivets to replace them with, Elaine would be able to tell it had been messed with. She didn’t know how Elaine would do it, but she knew the threat of her making the belt un-removable was real.

Strangely the idea of never having the belt off again, being prevented from ever enjoying an orgasm again, turned her on. She had a detailed fantasy of making marks on the belt, making it look like she had tried to get it off. Elaine discovering the damage, welds it forever shut.

Wendy found herself rubbing her hands over the mound of the belt. Strangely, being this aroused without the ability to do anything about it was starting to feel good. She was starting to get used to the build up without release. This was bothering her a bit. She knew she couldn’t go through life stuck in permanent arousal.

Deciding she needed to distract herself and the fact the tattoo had finally faded, the best thing she could do was pay a visit to the plant. After a quick shower, she selected some business slash work clothes. Slacks, long sleeve shirt and penny loafers. Just the right touch of professional, feminine and functional, as she intended to poke around every corner of the plant.

Once at the parking lot, she parked in the personnel area rather than administration. Her goal was to work her way from shipping to development. These backwards visits often gave her new perspectives for improvements.

No one was particularly surprised to see her milling about. She made it a point to visit each area about once a week. She was rightly proud of herself for the friendly, yet professional relationship she maintained with the employees.

Before she could get half way through her tour, one of the development staff caught sight of her. “Miss Hillson. Miss Hillson. Can you come back here for a moment?” Wendy wanted to flip him the bird and ignore him. The development staff always demanded so much of her time. There was always a new development they wanted to share. Hiding her irritation, she headed into the lab.

Kevin unlocked one of the cabinets and pulled out a brain card wrapped in a cloth. “I put this away until I could get with you. I don’t know where it came from and it doesn’t have a production number. One of the janitorial staff found it in the programming room and brought it to me. I plugged it into my diagnostic terminal and at first it looked like a standard card.”

Wendy watched nervously as Kevin pulled up the formats on the computer. She already knew the card was Elaine’s. She must have forgotten it when they had the emergency the other night. “Here look at this. It’s our format but its much more complex than our normal production stuff.” He went on to explain the fact he had compared it to some of the experimental programming and how it was way above anything they had developed. “The board has spent some time in a unit so it is degrading badly. I copied it in an attempt to save everything that I could.”

Wendy was now fighting off the urge to panic. “Who else knows about this?”

“No one.”

“Where all is the data you’ve downloaded from it?”

“It’s all on this drive. I was going to see if I could write in the fragmented lines before I copied it to another card.”

While Wendy tried to come up with an explanation that was the least amount of lies, she opened the hard drive and pulled the mother board. “I’m sorry if you have other work on here. This programming was mine. It produced some effects that could be undesirable if they got into our production line.”

Taking the brain card and mother board to her own office, she locked them both in her desk. Sitting in her chair, she turned on the news. It was perfect timing as they were talking about the North Korea peace talks. Just like every other negotiation, they were refusing to budge, claiming we were interfering with their lively hood and right to protect themselves. To Wendy’s disappointment they didn’t show any footage of the talks. Clicking off the monitor, she headed back out and finished her rounds.

Back home that evening, she found herself on the sofa watching the news again. The announcement she had been waiting for was made. The UN was pulling the diplomats out. That meant Elaine should be coming home soon.

Wendy was standing in her spot in the corner of the living room. Naked, gagged and waiting. Elaine should walk through the door at any minute. Getting a last minute impulse, she headed for the shop in the basement. Picking up the die grinder, she turned it on and moved it to the belt. What she was about to do was a terrifying idea, but she seemed to move without hesitation.

Grinding at one of the rivets, it seemed incredibly tough. Suddenly Elaine was there, screaming at her. “What do you think you are doing? You are going to pay for your insolence.” Elaine grabbed her by the forearm in a painful grip. Dragging her into the dungeon, Elaine fastened the top ring on the harness gag to the chain hoist and reeled it up. She raised it until Wendy was on her toes. She finished by placing a blindfold over her eyes

Elaine left the room, leaving Wendy to dangle for an eternity. The passage of time was kind of a haze. Elaine returned and took hold of one of Wendy’s feet, she wrapped it in what felt like metal. Elaine was moving faster than she had ever moved before. In no time her entire leg was encased and the other one was well on its way.

Wendy could only guess at her fate, as the process continued up her torso and clear up her neck. Soon her hands and arms were encased as well. Elaine picked her up by the ring on the harness and unfastened it from the chain, without lowering it. The blindfold and gag were removed and a metal mask was placed over her face before she could see anything. Soon the rest of her head was closed within the metal confines.

Wendy tried to blink as light flooded her eyes. Bright light like that of the static on a television without a feed flickered in her view. The image of the dungeon suddenly replaced it. As she looked around, Elaine brought the full length mirror in front of her. The image terrified her. Where her own reflection should be standing, Elaine’s old body stood instead. She brought her hands up and looked at them front and back.

“Don’t you look fabulous. You will spend the rest of your days within this shell. You will never feel a single touch again.”

Picking up a remote, Elaine pressed it and instantly Wendy was frozen in place. Elaine left the room and returned with Wendy’s phone.

“Lets see here. There we go, Richard. Oh, its ringing.” Wendy couldn’t believe her ears when Elaine began to speak in her own voice. “Hi Richard it’s Wendy. I’m not going to be in for a while. I may send Elaine to handle matters for me from time to time. She has my authority to run things as she sees fit so do whatever she tells you. I’ll send a notarized power of attorney with her if there is any question. No, I’m fine. I just don’t want to go out anymore. Goodbye.”

Wendy was floored. She knew Elaine could easily forge the document. How had she been so foolish to mess with the belt.

“Follow me pet.”

“Yes mistress.” The words came from her, but she hadn’t uttered them. The suit was talking for her. As Elaine exited the dungeon and headed up the stairs, the suit walked right behind her. No mater how hard she resisted it kept moving. They walked to the bench where the body had been posed for so long. “Sit.”

“Yes mistress.”

“Assume the position.” The suit moved into the exact position it had been posed in before.

“Don’t move. Don’t even breathe.” Wendy found her air suddenly cut off. Frozen there, unable to move a fraction of an inch, she watched Elaine walk out the front door. As she began gasping for breath, she could just see Elaine through the window, walking casually further and further from the house. She couldn’t believe Elaine was leaving her there to die. As her lungs burned and heart pounded, she could barely see Elaine in the distance. Elaine was now so far away, even if she ran, she would never get back in time.

It was going to be over soon. Her gasps for breath were going unfulfilled. The world was going bright and suddenly, Wendy found herself sitting up on the sofa, drawing a huge breath. Looking at her hands, she found the whole thing had been a dream. Falling back on the sofa, the dream had left her both frightened and strangely horny.

The days to follow went about the same. Wake up horny, do things to distract from it, Turn around and do things or think about things to make it worse, go to sleep and have bizarre dreams. After the first week, it was beginning to wear on her. Her emotions were bouncing so much, she decided it was best to stay at home so not to make a spectacle of herself. This in turn made it worse because she was becoming bored and had too much time to think. Part of her was wishing she had removed the belt right after Elaine left. As the days crept by, she felt like she was going to loose her mind. Most of it from the fact she was hornier than she had ever been in her life.

When Elaine’s cell number showed up on her phone, she could hardly answer fast enough. “Hello my pet. I’m back in the states, but I’m afraid I can’t get a flight to California until tomorrow. Have you been a good little slave?”

“Yes mistress. I miss you so very much.”

After a brief conversation they each hung up the phone. Wendy realized she was shaking. She began to hate herself for the fact she was thinking more of the removal of the belt than the return of Elaine. She made every effort to sort out her feelings. There was something not quite right that she couldn’t put her finger on. For the rest of the evening she tried to work out her emotions. By the time she settled in for bed she had dwelled on it for so long she couldn’t even focus on what she was trying to think about.

For some reason, Wendy found herself wandering around the inside of her home. She seemed to be looking for something, but couldn’t think of what it was. Every time she passed through a doorway, she would end up in a room that shouldn’t be there. When she tried to enter the den, she would end up in the kitchen. When she tried to go to the basement, the door opened up to her room. It seemed like she had been wandering the house for hours. Elaine. Yes, she must be looking for Elaine.

Passing through the door to Elaine’s room, Wendy found herself standing in her senior math class. All of the students were there. Even the teacher was there, thumbing through papers on the desk. The fact that she was standing in a classroom that she hadn’t been in for over ten years didn’t seem odd. The only thing that seemed odd was why was she late and… why was she naked? Well, not entirely naked. The chastity belt was at least covering her most secret parts.

Standing there for the longest time, she tried to rationalize the situation. No one seemed to notice her nudity. She tried to decide on taking her seat or leaving to find something to cover herself. Grabbing at the door handle, it turned but the catch didn’t want to release properly. It was at that moment every one started to giggle. The harder she tried to leave the louder they got.

Banging into the door it finally opened. Darting into the hallway, she found herself in the principals office instead. There was Mr. Howard talking away at her like he had been criticizing her behavior for an hour. “You are the brightest student to ever attend and you keep disgracing yourself like this.” As he went on and on, she wondered why he hadn’t found her some clothes. The whole thing was too much. Running out of the office she found herself outside. The school bell rang and students began to pour from the doors, gathering around her and laughing. The bell rang again and even more students exited the building, joining an ever growing crowd. Looking around and picking out faces, everyone from her plant were there. The bell began to ring a third time. Wendy woke to the final ring of the telephone.

Sitting bolt upright, back in her bed, Wendy’s heart was pounding. As she calmed herself, Wendy heard heels clicking down the hallway. Her heart raced with excitement, realizing Elaine had finally come home. She darted from the room and the two embraced in the hallway. After Elaine dropped her bags in her room, she had Wendy sit on the bed.

“I believe you have something you would like removed. Provided you have been a good girl.” Wendy looked down at the belt. Her emotions were mixed, as she had become so accustomed to wearing it. The prospect of the orgasm she had been denied for so long finally won out and she gave Elaine a simple, “Yes Mistress.”

Elaine reached into the back of the belt and pressed something. The sides of the belt came open and Elaine was able to take it away with ease. Wendy was a little flustered with the fact that the belt could have been removed so easily all along. As air reached her mound for the first time in over a month, the sensation quickly changed her state of mind.

“Go ahead and touch yourself. I want to watch you get yourself off.”

Normally Wendy would have been too embarrassed to perform such a task in front of anyone, even Elaine. Lust was overpowering thought, as she laid back on the bed and fingered herself. The sensations were so strong her entire body went numb. In the mater of seconds she was thrashing in the throws of lust. When the orgasm peaked she arched up like a bow the only things touching the bed were her feet and head.

Elaine unpacked her things while Wendy laid in the afterglow. After everything was put away, she sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed Wendy’s leg softly.

“I don’t want you to say anything until I’ve finished. I made some decisions about the future. I’m done with the government, I’ve already quit. I have seen a lot of the world, but I am tired of seeing the worst side of mankind. I have started the process of purchasing a large building down on the docks and I’m going to open an exclusive bondage club. I already have a good list of potential members. I know you are having some emotional problems about our relationship.”

Wendy was caught a little off guard by the comment. It indeed was no surprise that Elaine had picked up on her troubled feelings. Sometimes she wondered if Elaine’s abilities went beyond detailed observations and were of a more psychic nature. As she prepared to hear what was coming next, her hands were feeling a little clammy. This was a subject Wendy wasn’t ready to deal with.

“I know we will always be friends, so I want to give you the opportunity to continue our Sexual relations or not. If you choose not to, you will no longer be my sub and be free to seek other relations. I will hold no hard feelings. If you decide to remain my slave, you will become my property. I will do with you whatever I feel for the remainder of your days. I have accessed my subroutines and made a modification. If you decide to commit yourself to me as my slave, the programming should direct me to become completely possessive of you and never let you go. I cannot guarantee the full effects of the programming. If you decide to become my pet forever, the command to activate the program is Wendy-Slave-One-One-Eternal. You are the only one who can activate it and it will be un-removable. Think hard on your decision because there will be no going back”.

“Lets put that thought behind us for now. Go get yourself cleaned up. We still owe Richard and his wife a dinner, so why don’t you give them a call this afternoon.”

While Wendy took a shower she began to process everything Elaine had told her. The idea of giving up her love life with Elaine was terrifying. The prospect of giving her total control over her life was just as frightening. She had already lived out that fear when she had activated the Mistress software. She knew the risk then and was grateful for the way it had worked out. This option presented to her now, was guaranteed to be the extreme.

The idea of going back to the dating scene was a fearful thought all by itself. She was now the most independently wealthy woman in the world and she would be in just as bad a place or even worse than before she had created Elaine. This was going to be the hardest decision of her life.

Over the months to follow, the lives of the pair changed dramatically. Elaine began working at Hillson Robotics, in order to fund the refit of her building. She was able to double the productivity and profit of the plant with her superior intelligence. The plant was now producing much more than androids. Smart cars, computer home function systems and a multitude of A.I. devices law enforcement and police could use to protect and save lives to name a few. Elaine had also been able to create a simple addition to these devices to make programming repairs and upgrades without the owners having to bring them in, or a technician going to them. They wined and dined with the other. It was amazingly simple and worked as long as there was available cell phone service.

Elaine insisted Wendy take most of the credit. She would tell her “You created me and I create. Therefore you are responsible for all of these creations.” Wendy didn’t completely buy this rationalization. She figured Elaine was just creating another hidden torture in the form of media attention.

Wendy had two new problems in her life. It seemed like she was spending all of her time opening new plants and promoting her goods all over the word. The other stress was the government. They were less than happy with the fact Hillson Robotics, soon to become HEG ‘Hillson Electronics Global’, was becoming such a powerful entity that they couldn’t control.

Every major corporation in the word was in debt in some form or another. Debt meant the banks controlled them and in turn the banks were controlled by the government. The economy had always functioned in this sense, but after ex-president Obama had enacted all of his “I’m going to save the economy by putting the nation in further debt by loaning billions of dollars.” things were much worse.

Wendy had managed to keep her company debt free. This was something the government didn’t like. They felt HEG should be using their advanced technologies to build military devices, but Wendy wouldn’t have any part of it. Now they were attacking the company with slanderous ads and in any way they could in the courts. The government was now backing the liberals that despised the androids and A.I. A new bill was in the works, that if passed would ban the use of any A.I. device in any place of business. This would all but kill her market in the U.S.

Things at home were the same in a different way. Now, instead of Elaine being gone, Wendy was the one spending half her time traveling. While she was away, Elaine made her wear the chastity belt. Elaine had never let her see the inside and for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out the release. The sensation created by the belt were the only thing she was enjoying about the trips and hated at the same time. It was like the embrace of a lover and the presence of an over protective mother at the same time.

Down on the docks, the building was coming along well. The contractors were nearly finished with the face lift and Elaine could soon start furnishing it. Wendy had mixed feelings about the whole thing. She was happy for Elaine and her dream. The part that bothered her was the fact that she had created Elaine to be hers and didn’t like the Idea of anyone else feeling her pleasures and pain. She had given up the authority to tell Elaine what she could and couldn’t do a long time ago. Whenever she thought about it, the idea of submitting herself totally seemed like the only option.

Richard had just announced his resignation from the plant. The pressure from the feds had finally pushed him out and now the company was in need of a new Vice president. Many of the senior staff wanted to fill the spot, but Elaine wanted it as well. What Elaine wanted Wendy granted, so at the next meeting the announcement was made. There were some very unhappy people of course, the fact that they had been here from the beginning and Elaine had only been here for a few months. None could argue with the immediate growth the company had undergone the moment she had stepped in the door.

Elaine decided to celebrate the promotion by inviting Wendy to the warehouse. She hadn’t allowed anyone into the building since all of the construction had been completed. Hundreds of large shipments had been delivered to the dock and Elaine had personally taken them inside. Elaine was feeling a sense of pride as she was unveiling her creation to Wendy.

`The lobby looked like that of a normal office building. There were plants, chairs, tables and tables. To one side there was a receptionist’s counter. On the other side of the room was an elevator. Once inside the elevator Wendy noted the three levels of buttons and a fourth with a key lock. Elaine explained the first three levels were actual office spaces that will be leased out to pay the mortgage. The fourth floor was where the fun would take place. Inserting her key, Elaine started the elevator climbing upward.

When the elevator arrived and the door slid open, there was a large wooden door directly in front of it. Elaine placed a large skeleton key into the keyhole and swung the door open. Together the pair walked down the hallway. It looked as though they were walking down the corridor of an old stone castle, complete with torch lighting and tapestries. Each door was made of heavy timber and bound in hand hammered steel straps and rivets. The hallway contained four of these doors on each side and one especially large arched door at the opposite end from the elevator.

Elaine showed Wendy each and every room as they made their way to the end of the hallway. Each room resembled that of the rooms of a castle. Each contained bondage equipment and furnishings for a different fetish. One was full of medieval devices, one with a leather theme, rubber, steel, even a room for inflatable fetishes. Some of the rooms were set up with themes of different locations. There was a hotel room, a fancy bedroom, even one that looked like a public bathroom. Each one of these rooms were equipped with a variety of bondage gear. Elaine explained that every three months one of the rooms would be made up with a new theme and that the club members could submit suggestions on what the new theme would be.

Once they arrived at the largest door, Elaine inserted her key into the lock. Instead of unlocking as the other doors had, a voice asked for a name. “Mistress Elaine.” “Voice print confirmed.” An audible click indicated the locks release. As Elaine pushed the door open, Wendy was surprised to see the room was in complete contrast to the rest of the floor. The walls, floors and furnishings were all gloss white. The lighting seemed to emanate from the entire ceiling. It looked like a combination of the inside of a spaceship, a hospital room and a science lab at the same time.

As Wendy wandered around examining the walls and furnishings, she couldn’t figure out where a person could be bound anywhere. Everything was smooth and contoured. Looking closely at the surfaces she started to notice fine seams everywhere. They curved this way and that and criss crossed all over every surface.

Just as Wendy was about to start asking questions, Elaine spoke. “Computer, access the vertical vacuum bed.” Next to where Elaine was standing a section of the floor rose silently, until it stood about eight feet tall. Wendy circled it several times examining the most fantastic vac bed she had ever seen. The bed itself was padded and contoured to fit a person in a spread eagle position, recessed into the surface. The transparent latex sheet, open on one side was thick but soft to the touch. Wendy couldn’t wait to try it out.

Elaine showed off several other hidden contraptions in the room. Each one looked like it could provide the most restrictive bondage and unique experiences imaginable. Wendy wanted to try them all, as soon as possible. It was like a child at Christmas with dozens of new toys, not knowing which one to play with first. Elaine burst Wendy’s bubble when she informed her she had no intention to let her experience anything the room had to offer without the commitment to become her slave forever.

Wendy found herself in the biggest state of mixed emotions she had ever experienced. She was the independently wealthiest person on the planet. She had the power to do or have anything she wanted. The fact that the only thing she truly wanted was to be dominated bothered her. Most people with her kind of money collected expensive things and took pleasure in enjoying the finest things. How could someone just give up all of that with the uttering of a simple sentence.

Wendy felt she should take more time to decide. This was the biggest risk, commitment and change in her life she could possibly imagine. “I want to think about it some more. I… I… Wendy-Slave-One-One-Eternal.” As the words parted her lips, as if her voice had a will of its own, Wendy froze with fear. With transfixed eyes she watched Elaine stand motionless.

Wendy was going weak in the knees. There was nothing coming from Elaine. Not a sound or even a twitch. The waiting was killing her. As time went on, The fears of what Elaine could do to her if the program turned her cruel were being replaced with the fear of what if the program was to scramble her all together. What if this was the end of Elaine and she would never move again.

Wendy jumped when Elaine spoke. “You are going to hold a meeting at the end of the week. You will inform all of the administrative heads that you are retiring from active involvement with H.E.G. and that I am in charge. You will grant me power of attorney over your estate and finances. Once that is complete we will begin your new life. Don’t say anything, just go and make this happen.”

Wendy hung her head and left the room. The next few days were trying. Wendy was full of dread and excitement as she completed the tasks that sealed her fate. Once the control over the business and finances were relinquished, Elaine took Wendy back to the room.

Elaine handed Wendy a glass of black liquid. “Here pet, drink this.” Wendy gulped the liquid without hesitation. There was only about four ounces of the thick liquid and it was gone before she noticed the taste. More like the lack of a taste. As she started to look to Elaine for answers, she remembered her place and looked quickly back to the floor.

“That was a little gift I acquired from one of the medical labs we have recently purchased. The solution is full of nanites that have been engineered to reprogram your pituitary and other genetics. What they normally do is cause your own body to repair and regenerate damaged or defective organs and such. I have programmed these for a much different task. You see, the aging process is directly linked to cell division. Your skin for example is always replacing itself. The older you get, the slower your cells divide. Those little fellows you just ingested are going to speed things up again. After four treatments and a months time you will be twenty again. One final treatment will keep you there forever. That way I will never have to loose you.”

Wendy didn’t quite know how to feel. Being a slave for the rest of her natural life was one thing. Now it seemed as though she was going to serve until the end of time.

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