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by Ron McIngle

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Tammy greeted the technicians with a mixture of relief, trepidation, shame and arousal.

The relief was in anticipation of getting the creditors off her back, as the installation of a MARD-5000 would pacify them for a bit and they would extend her credit. The trepidation was simply from fear of the unknown. The shame was from admitting that she was in this mess, and the arousal was from the online reviews she had read.

Machine Automated Reward and Discipline: M.A.R.D. Model #5000

The concept was simple: Follow the rules, do what you are supposed to do and the machine provides a pleasurable reward. The rewards are frequent enough so that there was always a proper incentive and the online reviews all raved about how the MARD-5000 had changed their lives. A common theme in the reviews had been how the MARD provided the most stunning sexual rewards and that it was worth it just for that alone.

The fact that it was absolutely free made it very appealing. No money down, no deposit, no monthly charges. MARD would initially get spending under control and establish a budget. Many times MARD would work with creditors to provide payment plans or even debt forgiveness to avoid bankruptcy. Once things were under control the MARD would take, as payment, a percentage of the effective savings it yielded. It was a no lose situation.

Two technicians carried the bulky equipment in and set it up in the corner of her bedroom. It was part exercise machine, part computer, part robot. The technicians were barely out the door before Tammy was selecting “QUICK START: EXERCISE” and sitting in the multi-purpose chair. Following the instructions on the monitor she strapped her feet into the “multi-purpose stirrups” and placed her hands in the “multi-purpose hand holds”. Both of these sets were complex articulated appendages that the computer had full control of. Under program control the stirrups resisted movement as if they were bicycle pedals, allowing her feet to move in a circular pedaling motion, or they could move in unison, as if it was a leg press. Similarly, the hand holds would allow a specific motion for exercising the forearm, another motion for the bicep.

Per the machines instructions she was naked. As the machine came to life, a strap wrapped around her chest, just under her breasts that held her safely in place while she exercised, and also monitored her heart rate and respiration, The MARD-5000 adjusted the resistance electronically so that she maintained the most effective workout possible.

At last there was a “DING” and the monitor showed “WORK OUT COMPLETE: REWARD LEVEL 3”

Tammy watched in amazement as the articulated arms spread her legs wide and pulled her hands down to her side. Three more appendages appeared, smaller and much more delicate. The end of each arm was equipped with a number of what would best be described as “fingers”, although there more than five and each was different. There was a “thumb & finger” pair that was suitable for grabbing. One finger terminated in a laser pointer, while another was equipped with a camera. Other fingers had sensors or electrodes. It reminded Tammy of the “Inspector Gadget” cartoon.

Two of the appendages moved to a position over her chest while the third dropped between her legs. The laser pointers activated, scanning a fine grid over her chest and groin. Wire frame models of her body appeared on the monitor, and then fine-tuned on her breasts and groin, and then again on her nipples and vagina. A “sensor” finger reached out, touching her nipples and clit lightly.

“Calibration complete” the MARD-5000 showed on the monitor.

Tammy gasped as one of the longer fingers slipped gently into her vagina while the “thumb” pressed up against her clit. The fingers started moving independently, in a way no human hand could, the finger in her vagina stroking in and out while the thumb maintained an even pressure while moving in tiny circles. “OH GOD” Tammy said aloud. “OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD.”

Then she shrieked as thumbs and fingers gently grasped her nipples. The restraints held her from moving too much but she still writhed and bucked against the machine. The heart rate monitor, still strapped around her chest monitored her reaction, adjusting the manipulations as necessary to get the greatest response. The pressure sensitive probe in her vagina detected the beginning of her orgasm, resulting in the fingers pinching her nipples to bear down twice as hard. Tammy came in a toe curling, mind blowing orgasm.

The next day Tammy was anxious to repeat the workout and reward, but was disappointed when access to the program was denied until “Setup Completion:” She sighed, resigning herself to the task ahead. After all, isn’t that what it was all about? Do the work and then get the reward?

The first step was to establish connections between her smart phone and the MARD-5000. The on screen directions led her on how to download an app and then put the phone in “Bluetooth discovery” mode, and moments later both the phone and MARD-5000 displayed “Connection Established”. The PC was a bit more involved, she had to navigate to the MARD-5000 website and download a program, but again the “Connection Established” message was displayed.

There was a list of “extra” programs she could select, including: diet, weight loss, exercise, and “tardiness”. Tammy went down the list, checking the boxes next to all the items that she had interests in.

Then she was directed to log on to her various accounts: Paypal, BankofAmerica, American Express, Discover, Facebook, email and so on. She entered details about her car, auto insurance, apartment rent, and utilities. MARD queried her about medical and dental expenses. When she finished visiting all her accounts the MARD-5000 program displayed:

Monthly Income: $4,213

Monthly Expenses: $2,489

Miscellaneous expense allowance: $200

Food Allowance: $400

Layaway for non-monthly charges : $175

TOTAL DEBT: $32,568

Monthly Interest on debt: $346

Amount available for debt reduction: $603

Estimated time for elimination of debt: 54 months

Accept program? (yes/no)

Tammy was shocked when she looked at the numbers. She double checked some of the numbers herself, and couldn’t find any fault in them. It all looked so bleak when it was presented like that. 54 months, that was 4-1/2 years!

Accepting the fact that the numbers were correct she clicked “YES”. The program on her PC closed, and the MARD-5000 beeped, its monitor showing “REWARD: LEVEL 4”. Tammy gleefully hopped into the seat, fastening her feet and legs, and laid back for another treat. The MARD-5000 brought her to a high level of excitement fairly quickly, and then held her there for half an hour before taking her over the edge. Tammy lay there exhausted, but very satisfied.

The next three weeks went by quickly. Tammy was enjoying the workouts that the MARD-5000 was giving her, and she especially enjoyed the rewards. She had just earned a “level 5” reward, which included the most wonderful massage she had ever had. As she had laid there on the “table” the articulated arms rubbed and vibrated against her skin, applying heat as necessary. She had been lying there for over an hour, totally relaxed as the MARD worked on her, when a finger slipped between her legs and gently started massaging her labia. The other arms continued to massage, running from her scalp all the way down to her ankles as the finger between her legs worked its way between the labia and stroked her clit. It wasn’t the most exciting orgasm she’d had so far, but it was the most relaxing and very satisfying.

The “trouble”, as Tammy liked to refer to it, began a couple of days later. She had received a text message when she was at the mall that said “Miscellaneous Allowance Exceeded”. Tammy didn’t recognize the sender and disregarded it. “I’m sorry.” The cashier said at her next stop. “Your card has been declined.”

“What?” Tammy exclaimed. “That can’t be. Try this card instead.”

“That one is declined as well.” The cashier informed her, annoyance evident in her tone.

Tammy was furious when she got home. How embarrassing! She went straight to her computer and tried logging into the credit card account. “INVALID PASSWORD” the website returned. “What?” Tammy said aloud. She tried again: “INVALID PASSWORD” was shown again. She was about to try a third time when the computer screen went blank for a few seconds, and then a ‘welcome’ screen displaying MARD-5000 appeared.

Tammy watched in disbelief as her computer operated as if it was possessed. Suddenly the credit card account she was trying to access appeared, the user name and password being entered automatically. Tammy noticed that there were far more asterisks in the password field than there should have been. Suddenly the page summarizing her account balance and recent transactions was displayed. She saw her purchases from earlier that day, as well as a payment that had been made on her behalf.

Then a pop-up window appeared:


Tammy tried logging into her second credit card account, same result. Same thing with her checking account, it would show her the details, but wouldn’t allow her to access it herself. She tried from her smartphone, same result.

The next day she attempted to access her accounts from her work computer. No luck. No pop-ups or computer possession, but her passwords no longer worked. She tried calling customer service, but when she couldn’t answer the security questions properly they refused to help her.

Tammy was beyond infuriated when she returned home that night. She went straight to the MARD-5000 with the intention of retrieving her checkbook from the “security” compartment where she had been directed to put it the night the MARD was installed. But the compartment was locked, with all her checks inside. If she could get access to her account she could simply order more, but she had no access.

Tammy was determined that this machine was not going to get the better of her. She could apply for a new credit card. She sat down at her computer, brought up an online credit application and was half way through filling it out when the computer froze. She shook her head in dismay when a pop-up appeared: “ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT CONTROL DETECTED: LEVEL ONE PUNISHMENT” was prominently displayed along with a small “help” box in the corner

‘Level one punishment?’ Tammy wondered. She looked over at the MARD-5000 and noticed that the monitor was showing a drawing of the main chair with an arrow indicating that she should sit. She didn’t feel like sitting, and she was sure that she didn’t want a level one punishment so she ignored it. Fuming, she turned back to her computer, but it refused to respond, only showing the pop-up from the MARD-5000. She killed power, rebooted the machine but still it would only show that damn pop-up. She tried using her smartphone, but was blocked by a similar pop-up that read “All non-emergency use blocked.” Tossing the phone aside she turned on her TV, and was shocked to see the same message displayed there.

“NO!” Tammy shouted. This thing has taken control of everything?

For three days Tammy continued to ignore it. She tried using the credit cards again, but they were still declined. She couldn’t access any online account, not even Facebook or her email. After another day she would be forced to walk to work as her car was out of gas, and she would be going hungry before long.

‘OK’ Tammy told herself. ‘You should have known it wouldn’t be all rewards.’ She finally relented and sat in the MARD-5000’s seat. The sensors quickly scanned her body and then displayed the message: SUBJECT MUST DISROBE”. She let out an exasperated sigh as she stripped down naked and returned to the chair.

Tammy was a little confused when the stirrups clamped down around her ankles, and the handholds grasped her wrists tightly. Tammy struggled to get free but the machine held her firmly. Confusion melded into concern when the arms pulled her up out of the chair, and then bent her over the front bench. She was truly frightened when she saw one of the arms extend from its storage cubby with what looked like a paddle affixed to its “hand”.

“NOOO!” Tammy yelled as the message on the monitor changed to: LEVEL 1: TEN PADDLE SWATS

Tammy cursed and shrieked as each swat landed against her bare ass. They didn’t really hurt all that much, but it infuriated her none the less. She expected to be released as soon as the last swat had been delivered but the machine held her in place, the “hand” massaging her ass gently. She wanted it to stop, she wasn’t in the mood, but it was relentless. When the strap around her chest detected her relaxing a bit the “massage” turned into strokes, which followed the curve of her ass down between her legs. Tammy tried fighting against it, but her body simply didn’t cooperate. She relaxed a bit more, the probes finding their way between the labia lips. The orgasm was mind blowing.

When the MARD released her everything had returned to normal. She had control of her computer again, the TV was working and her phone beeped indicating a missed call. She tried to access her bank account, which had the same “view only” result, but now there was an additional status window:

Miscellaneous Balance: -5

Gasoline Balance: $25

Food Balance: $198

Tammy immediately got dressed and drove to the corner gas station and filled her car. Then she went to the grocery store and bought $123 worth of groceries. Then she went to the mall, but as soon as she entered she received another text message: “Miscellaneous Allowance Exceeded”. Sure enough, her card was declined.

Tammy thought about that for two days. How could the MARD know she was at a gas station versus at the mall? Somehow it was able to track her moves. She looked suspiciously at her cell phone and had an idea.

On her way home from work the next day she stopped at the grocery store, left her cell phone in the car and walked two blocks to the mall. She was pleased with herself when she was able to use her credit card. ‘Take that, MARD!’ she thought. She was quite proud of herself when she checked her balance that night and it showed her “food allowance” as being overdrawn by $47.

She was not so pleased the next day when nothing worked, only a message appearing:



“Level ten?” Tammy gasped. “No way!”

Again, Tammy tried to ignore it. A week went by, and she was running out of gas and out of food. She had tried going to the HR department at work to arrange to be paid by an actual check instead of direct deposit, but was informed that that option was no longer available. “But you can go online and make any changes you need.” She was advised.

Tammy kept her distance from the MARD-5000, fearing that it might actually reach out and grab her. Instead, she sat at her PC and selected the only function that would work: “HELP”. A menu appeared:

FAQ Automated query / answer Mentor support Peer review

Tammy started with the Frequently Asked Questions, but ‘How do you terminate’ was not one of them.

Under automated query she typed ‘How do I cancel service’. The response came back ‘service cannot be terminated until agreed upon terms have been met.’

‘What are the terms?’ : ‘ Negotiated terms were Debt Free, remaining time approximately 53 months’. NO! Tammy screamed, she can’t stand this for 53 more months!

‘Can terms be renegotiated?’ ‘Yes, additional money intended for non-critical allowances can be diverted to paying off debt.’ “No way!” Tammy cursed, she already felt like she was penniless.

‘FUCK YOU!’ She typed in frustration. ‘Rewards not applicable until punishments have been applied.’

Next she clicked on ‘Mentor support’, which responded with the question: ‘Male or Female Mentor preferred?’ Tammy chose female. ‘Please wait while appropriate mentor is found. Approximate wait time: 15 minutes.’

It was only 8 minutes before her computer beeped: ‘CLICK OK TO ACCEPT INCOMING VIDEO CHAT.’

Tammy clicked, and the screen was filled with the face of a middle aged woman. “Hi, my name is Amy. How can I help you?” She asked

“Look, this thing was a mistake, I don’t want it, I just want it to be shut down and let me go back to my own life.”

“Well, that’s not usually how they do it.” Amy said. “How long have you had the MARD?”

“Six weeks.” Tammy replied. “Just take it back, I’ve changed my mind.”

“I’m not a MARD employee.” Amy advised. “Just a user such as yourself. I can tell you that the first few months are the hardest, and then it gets easier.”

“I don’t want it to get easier, I want it gone! There must be a way!”

“The only way to end a contract early is through a peer review.” Amy said. “The review panel will consist of a number of users as well as company representatives. They will assess the situation and if it warrants early termination it will be granted. If they decide that your case does not warrant termination you will be charged a fee for the peer review. I’ll warn you, the reasons need to be real and serious. Sickness or a major change in life such as having a baby or marriage might be considered valid. Just wanting out or even losing a job are not. The bottom line is that you have to pay for the MARD-5000, and unless you can cough up the dough it isn’t going to let you out.”

“Pay?” Tammy asked.

“You didn’t think that the MARD-5000 was free, did you?” Amy smirked. “No, if you review the contract carefully you will see that the MARD is keeping half of what it saves you each month as payment. Sort of like a cell phone contract, the phone is free with two year service. Still a really good deal for you in the long run.”

“So I’m screwed.”

“No.” Amy replied. “This is what is un-screwing you. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Can you tell me what a level ten punishment consists of?”

“Oh, dear!” Amy said. “You got caught cheating, didn’t you?” Tammy nodded, and Amy continued. “It actually isn’t really that unpleasant, at least not by itself. It merely provides the MARD with a bit more control over you. You will get a package: open the box and put the contents on the scanner table, then follow the directions. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Now, a level 9 punishment hurts, and I really don’t care for anything above a 5.”

‘I didn’t care for the level 1!’ Tammy thought to herself. “Thank you” she said politely and ended the chat.

The package arrived two days later, a box about four inches thick, by 10 inches square. Inside the cardboard box was a hard plastic case, which didn’t have any obvious way of opening. Tammy set the case on the table by the scanner. She considered trying to grab her checkbook out of the security compartment when the door opened, but was shocked to find the compartment empty! The articulated arms pushed the case into the compartment area as the monitor flashed directions for her to sit.

Tammy stripped off her clothes and sat down. The stirrups and handholds immediately clamped tight and she was hoisted up into a standing position with her legs spread wide. The arms removed the case from the scanner, which now automatically popped open. The arms picked up what appeared to be a metal band that was shiny on one side and rubber covered on the other. Another plate dangled from the band on a thin steel cable.

The arms wrapped the band around her waist, bringing the plate and cable up between her legs. The cable sank into the crack of her ass as the plate was brought up against her vulva. The plate had a slight metal ridge running down the center that nestled in between her labia. The two ends of the band and a tab from the plate all came together with a click.

“A chastity belt?” Tammy thought. “That’s a level ten punishment, to be locked in a chastity belt?”

“CALIBRATION MODE” the monitor showed. “WARNING LEVEL”

Suddenly the plate that covered her sex vibrated, causing her to tense slightly.



“OW!” Kelly complained as the electric current pulsed into her sex. The shock had been centered directly over her clit.



“Client’s Smartphone will be kept charged, turned on and in close proximity to client at all times.”

“Is this understood? (type or say yes/no)”

“What the hell?” Tammy thought.

The shield on her chastity belt buzzed.


“Are Instructions understood? (type or say yes/no)”

“YES!” Tammy said.


‘That is just stupid!’ Tammy thought as the MARD released her. ‘If they think keeping me from having sex is going to keep me under control, they have another think coming!’ She put her clothes back on, grabbed her purse and headed for the door, intentionally leaving the cell phone behind. ‘Keep the phone in close proximity my ass!’

She got as far as her car when the shield buzzed. She had almost missed it as she strode out. It was a little more noticeable when it buzzed the second time. ‘Humph!’ she thought, ignoring it. She was backing out of the parking space when the shock hit “YE-OWW!” that was hard to miss. She quickly pulled back into the parking space, and was halfway back to her apartment when the second shock, much more painful than the first one, doubled her over. Tammy shrieked and clawed at her crotch for a moment and then ran the rest of way, frantically thrusting the key into the lock when she reached her door. She heard her phone beep as she entered the room.

‘Bluetooth connection re-established’ it read. ‘Great’ she thought. ‘All the modern gadgets: a Bluetooth chastity belt.’

Tammy loathed that machine now. She had to get rid of it, that was all there was too it. It is just a machine, she reasoned, it can be taken apart. Use a torch, cut it into tiny pieces. Pull the plug and it batteries will soon die. But what could it do to her while the batteries slowly discharged? And how would she regain control of her accounts?

Surely she wasn’t the first one to face this dilemma. She went on the Internet and started searching on MARD-5000. All the usual sales information popped up, including countless testimonials. “MARD-5000 LEVEL 10” she searched. A dozen hits were returned, all giving very vague descriptions, with references to ‘belt’ , ‘shock’, and ‘proximity’ but not a word on how to thwart the system.

“MARD-5000 disable” returned over a hundred results on how the system was adaptive to the needs of the disabled. “MARD-5000 batteries” provided information on the high technology battery system that will last over ten years. “MARD-5000 destroy”


Tammy wasn’t surprised. Infuriated, but not surprised. It was obvious that her own computer had been compromised but the computer at work should be clean of the MARD-5000’s malware, she would simply continue her search there. Tammy went to sleep that night dreaming of her revenge on this machine.

She spent most of the morning and lunch hour continuing her search. What surprised her was the number of hits that came from the MARD-5000 website itself, which were primarily tales of clients who tried to circumvent the MARD-5000, failed and eventually became converts, praising the system and giving thanks that their initial reluctance to embrace the system had been overcome. Propaganda, Tammy thought.

When Tammy got home that night the monitor on the MARD-5000 was beeping and indicating that she should sit. She ignored it, until about an hour later the shield on her chastity belt buzzed. Reluctantly she disrobed and sat in the chair, allowing the stirrups and handholds to grab ahold of her again. She was hoisted up into a standing position and the arms gently removed the chastity belt, which was placed on a stand and the word “Charging” appeared on the monitor. She was returned to the sitting position, with her legs spread wide. The sensors scanned her groin area, touching her lightly at several key spots.

What was new to Tammy was when the blood pressure cuff was inflated around her upper arm. The monitor switched to displaying her blood pressure, pulse rate, “skin conductivity” and respiration. The probe touched her labia and all the numbers jumped a bit. NO! Tammy told herself. She didn’t want this machine bringing her pleasure any more. Then the machine spoke to her, something it hadn’t done before.

“Good Evening Tammy”. The voice said. It was male, commanding yet gentle. A moment later it continued “Response required: Good Evening Tammy”

Tammy ignored it, until a sharp smack against her vulva. “YEOOWWW” Tammy shrieked. Looking down she saw the articulated arm holding what appeared to be a leather strap, about an inch wide and 12 inches long. The strap dangled menacingly between her legs.

“Response required: Good Evening Tammy”

“GOOD EVENING!” Tammy responded. The probe touched her labia again, stroking it softly.

“It is time to advance to phase two of your program.” The MARD-5000’s voice said softly. “Starting now, you will be required to provide your employer with a full day’s work. Arrive on time, no leaving early. Is this understood?”

“Yes” Tammy replied. She had forgotten that she had included that in her “personal improvements” list when she had configured the MARD-5000. All the indicators on the monitor suddenly spiked upward as the realization hit her. There were other things on that list too. Diet: she had wanted to lose 40 pounds. Oh no, why couldn’t she have chosen a more realistic number, like 5? Exercise, she had wanted it to enforce a regular workout program. And her work schedule: she had been written up once for being chronically late and could face termination if she didn’t turn things around.

“Travel time to your place of work has ranged from 23 minutes to 37 minutes.” MARD continued. “You must leave your residence no later than 7:20”

WHAT? Tammy though. She never left that early!

“Wake up time will be 6:30 or earlier” MARD continued. “Is that understood?”

“Yes” Tammy said as she fought against the probe rubbing her sex. The indicators on the monitor were all returning to normal now as she relaxed, succumbing to the pleasant manipulations.

“Please answer the following questions, truthfully, with either YES or NO. Is that understood?”

“What? Tammy asked. SMACK! “YEOWWW” she shrieked as the strap smacked sharply against her labia.

“Only YES or NO answers are acceptable. Is that understood?”


“Your name is Tammy Cardin?” “Yes”. Tammy watched as graph charts rolling by on the monitor made the slightest of wiggles.

“Your employer is Beacon Industries” “YES”. Again very slight wiggles on the graphs.

“You spent time today on non-work related web searches?” “NO” Tammy lied. She watched in dismay as the indicators on the monitor jumped, sending wildly wiggly lines scrolling across the screen.

“Deceptive answer detected.” SMACK! “OWWWWWW!” Tammy cried. Damn that strap hurts!

“Between the time of 9:23 and 13:45 did you execute web searches from a computer connected to the Beacon Industries network?” “Yes” Tammy admitted.

“Did these searches include keywords for the MARD-5000” “Yes”

“Were these searches an attempt to learn how to disable a MARD-5000?”

Tammy paused. How could it know that? It was fishing, it couldn’t possibly know that. But this damn monitor would indicate it if she lied. “Yes” she replied.

“Thank you for your honesty” MARD said. “No punishment necessary at this time. Be warned that further attempts to circumvent control system will be punished. Is this understood?”

“Yes” Tammy sighed. That could have been a lot worse, she realized.

“Resuming standard exercise program.” MARD announced.

Tammy reluctantly followed the directions during the workout, fearful of the strap that was still being held by one of the “hands”. When the workout was complete she accepted the ‘reward’ of another tow curling orgasm. Then the chastity belt was replaced and she was released.

“OW!” Tammy exclaimed as she bolted upright in her bed. “What the hell? OW! I’m up, I’m up!” she exclaimed as she hopped out of bed before her chastity belt could shock her again. She made a mental note to set her alarm clock to 6:29 AM. She kept a careful eye on the clock, making sure she was out the door by 7:19. She was amazed at how light the traffic was this early in the morning and arrived at work at 7:46.

When she sat at her desk she considered hitting all the usual websites where she wasted time. But what if the MARD-5000 found out? The thought made her crotch pulsate in remembrance of the swats it had received the night before. And then she thought of the orgasm she had afterward, which made her squirm in her seat a bit. No, she decided, better not.

Two days later Tammy was back at the mall. Her phone beeped, displaying a text message:

“INFO: Miscellaneous expense allowance exceeded”

Tammy hesitated, unsure. It wasn’t a warning, she reasoned, and her chastity belt shield hadn’t buzzed. With mild trepidation she carried the objects from her last shopping spree to the department store return desk. Minutes later her phone beeped again, displaying the message “Miscellaneous allowance : $75”. Tammy breathed a sigh of relief; she could buy gas and groceries again.

BEEP. Her computer chimed, then displayed the message ‘Incoming Chat Request from Mentor_Amy: ACCEPT (Yes/No).’

Tammy tossed on her bathrobe and sat down at the computer, accepting the chat request. Her mentor Amy’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hello Tammy” Amy said “How are things going?”

“Terrible!” Tammy said. It hasn’t gotten any easier yet!”

“It will” Amy assured her. “Adjusting to the chastity belt Okay?”

“Uh, I guess so” Tammy said. .

“I just wanted to warn you before you made a really bad mistake.” Amy said. “Do NOT try to protect yourself from the shocks.”

“How would I do that?” Tammy asked. She hadn’t considered anything yet, but if there was a known method she wanted to hear about it.

“The usual approach is to slip an insulator between the shield and your skin. But don’t try it, that will backfire on you.”

Seemed logical, Tammy thought. If it isn’t touching the skin, it can’t shock you. “Why won’t that work?”

“Several reasons.” Amy started to explain. “The main one is that as soon as it loses electrical contact with your skin the MARD-5000 is alerted. It may take a while but the system will eventually make you regret that.”

Tammy considered the strangle hold that the MARD-5000 had on her life and recognized the truth in this. “You said there were other reasons?”

“I believe you have been warned about not attempting to defeat the system. You really don’t want to experience the punishments that another attempt would bring.”

“I see” Tammy said. “How long will I be subjected to this?”

“Not long, unless you included promiscuity control in your program.”

No, no NO NOOOO! Tammy screamed to herself.

“Did you include that?” Amy asked when she noticed the look of despair on Tammy’s face.

“It seemed so innocent when I was filling out the form!” Tammy complained. “So what, I have to go without sex for 4 years?”

“It will allow you some. More if you are with a steady partner. When you are married, like I am, it allows for quite a bit.”

“You’re married?”

“A little over 6 years.” Amy said with a sense of pride.

“You’re married, and still under the control of a MARD-5000?”

“We are both clients of the MARD system.” Amy said proudly. “My husband for 12 years, and 9 years for me.”

Tammy’s heart sank. 12 years?

“I didn’t realize that the contracts would go for so long!” Tammy exclaimed.

“Oh, they don’t!” Amy said cheerfully. “We have both renewed our contracts, several times. “


“You get accustomed to it after a while, and there are a lot of benefits it you set the contract up correctly. Now our family squabbles are handled by the MARD. I’m sure you have heard about how ‘make up sex’ can be so great? Well, you should try it after both parties has been soundly spanked!”

T.M.I. Tammy thought, but the thought did give her a stirring between her legs.


Tammy gathered the mail from the box before entering her apartment, sorting the junk out automatically. Anything from a lending institution typically went straight into the trash. In the not very distant past it was because she just didn’t want to see what it might be, which was usually a demand for payment or threat of legal action. Since MARD had taken over the amount of mail had decreased dramatically and since she had no control of it anyway she just continued to ignore it. One such envelope was about to be tossed when Tammy decided to open it, only because of how thin the envelope was.

It was from her Discover credit card, which had been the most recent card she had obtained, and the one that continued to be declined whenever she tried to use it. With her poor credit history it also had carried the worst terms in regards to penalties and interest rates. They were also the most persistent and obnoxious in their attempts to collect. Her stomach churned as she opened it, expecting the worst. To her surprise it was a simple statement, and most surprising of all was that the balance was zero.

Tammy dug the other bank statements out of the trash. Visa card: balance zero. American Express: balance zero. Master Card: Balance zero. Could this really be true?

Tammy literally bounced as she entered her bedroom, anxious to interface with the MARD-5000. She took her customary seat, allowed her limbs to be captured.

“Finance review.” Tammy commanded.

“Request denied.” MARD responded. “Exercise program 2 days overdue. Commence workout program 3-B”

“NO! FINANCE REVIEW!” Tammy insisted.

“Commence workout immediately.” MARD responded. The monitor showed the number “10”, which filled the screen, and then started counting it down.

“NO!” Tammy yelled. Up to now the exercise had been optional, but two days past MARD had indicated it was now mandatory, but Tammy had resisted.

“Punishment level 3” MARD said once the count reach zero. Knowing it was futile didn’t keep Tammy from struggling as the articulated arms lifted her up and stretched her over the bench in front of her. Tammy looked to the monitor to see how many swats a level three would entail, but was surprised to see the screen blank.

“YEEEOOOWWWW” Tammy yelled as the first swat struck. Level three was certainly more painful! Again she looked at the monitor, but it only showed heart rate, respiration and other monitored functions. “OOOOWWWWW!!”

Again and again the paddle impacted her buttocks. Tammy screamed and cursed and struggled to no avail. She lost count of the number of swats at 50, overcome by despair when the obvious milestone was passed but the spanking continued. Her screams of anger were replaced by sobs of pain and regret. She slumped against the bench, all the fight having been spanked out of her.

She had been laying there for over a minute before she realized that the spanking had stopped. She was still crying, her breath coming in between sobs and gasps. The MARD-5000 allowed her to remain there until her respiration and heart rate returned to a “normal” range before it positioned her back on the seat. Tammy winced and cried out as her tender tush made contact with the seat.

“Commence Workout Program”

Tammy reluctantly began pedaling. When MARD finally let her loose she stomped off, ignoring the finance review that finally came up.


Incoming Chat Request from Mentor_Amy: Accept? (Yes/No)

Tammy signed and clicked YES.

“How are you getting along?” Amy asked cheerfully.

“Not well.” Tammy replied. “All my credit card balances are zero, but it is still torturing me!”

“You will find that MARD has arranged for a debt recovery loan.” Amy said. “Credit card interest rates are horrendous; you might never pay them off! A simple loan at current market rates is much more economical.”

“So it just gets worse.” Tammy sighed. “Nothing seems to be going right.”

“It thinks you’re doing good, apparently. It is ready to start the next control program. I had it alert me when any new phase was about to start.”

“Next program?” Tammy said. “What program? I can’t handle the programs it has me on now, and it wants to add another?”

“Apparently you included diet in your original contract. It doesn’t start them all up at once, that would be a bit harsh. Instead, it always starts off with finance, as that is the main purpose. Then it adds a simple one, like exercise and then adds others as you get accustomed to the program.”

“DIET?” Tammy groaned. Was there any box that she hadn’t checked on that original contract? “So how does it control my diet?”

“There is an app that you will load onto your phone. MARD will provide you with a shopping list. At the grocery store, you will scan every item as you put it into the cart. Once the MARD approves your purchase you check out. Warning: the total charged to your card had better match what the MARD calculated or you will be in trouble!”

Tammy held her phone in front of the bar code for “iceberg Lettuce”. The phone beeped, the purchase amount went up by $2.29 while the available allowance was decreased by the same amount. The process was repeated with eggs, skim milk and all of the other items on the “allowed” list. Tammy was now in the meat department pondering what she should get for her remaining $18.00 allowance. She was holding a steak, looking at the $5.27 price tag when inspiration hit her.

Tammy went to the liquor department and selected an inexpensive bottle of wine for $5.35, which she did NOT scan before placing it into her cart. Back at the meat department she searched through all the packages until she found one that was also marked $5.35, which she scanned before placing the meat back on the shelf. ‘Take that’ she laughed.

When she returned home the MARD-5000 provided several recipe suggestions on how she could prepare the food items she had bought. The fact that she lacked the main ingredient made preparation a bit more difficult, but she thoroughly enjoyed her glass of wine.

The next night, however, was a different story. She had arrived home, anxious to complete her exercise program and enjoy another glass of wine from the bottle in the refrigerator. Once she had strapped into the MARD-5000, however, things took an unexpected turn. The chastity belt had been removed and placed in the charger just like it always had, but then the blood pressure cuff and skin conductivity sensors were applied and the bar graphs showing her pulse and respiration rates were shown.

“Previous night’s grocery bill $0.59 over expected amount.” The monitor showed. “Amount coincides with tax on a $5.35 item. Did you substitute a taxable item for T-Bone Steak? Answer YES/NO”

The tax! Tammy thought, horrified. She forgot about the tax! While most food items were not taxed, alcohol was.

“YES” Tammy said reluctantly.

“Thank you for your honesty. Discard any remaining amount of unauthorized item immediately. Level 2 punishment will commence.”

Tammy didn’t resist as the machine hauled her up and bent her over. She was a bit relieved to see a count of 20 displayed on the monitor, which was at least a tolerable number. She endured the spanking fairly well, knowing full well that it was her own stupidity that had caused it. After the punishment she was returned to her seat and completed the exercise program, and then was “rewarded” for her honesty.

As soon as the machine released her Tammy poured the rest of the wine down the drain.

The arrival of daylight saving time meant that it was still daylight when Tammy arrived home. She sat in the MARD-5000, expecting to start her normal exercise routine and was surprised when it didn’t clamp her in or remove the chastity belt. The heart rate monitor was fastened around her chest as usual, but then the monitor showed the message: Outdoor jogging: 30 minutes with heart rate at 135 BPM.

Jogging? Is it serious? The warning buzz from her chastity belt confirmed that it was. Tammy quickly put on a pair of sweats, a tee-shirt and her running shoes and headed out the door. She jogged slowly for a block and then walked another block. Jogged a half a block, walked a block.

Her belt buzzed and her phone beeped.

Tammy fished her phone out of her pocket and looked at the display:



Tammy swore under her breath as she realized that none of the jogging she had done so far counted. Her belt buzzed again and she started jogging, increasing the pace. She held her phone in her hand to monitor her progress:

126 BMP: Time remaining 30 minutes

128 BPM: Time remaining 30 minutes

A mild shock encouraged her to increase her pace.

132 BPM: Time remaining 30 minutes

136 BPM: Time remaining 29 minutes

Tammy circled the block for the last five minutes, not wanting to be any further away than necessary when she met the requirement. She was exhausted, had been shocked three times and the ordeal had taken over an hour. She stumbled back into her apartment, stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower. She shrieked as the cold water hit her, and then as it turned warm she sank to the floor, clutching her knees to her chest and cried until the water ran cold again.


“Tammy, can I talk to you for a minute?” Ed asked as he appeared at her cubicle. “In my office.”

“Yes Sir” she replied fearfully. Her heart sank and there was a knot forming in her stomach. Getting called to a one on one meeting with the boss had always meant bad news.

“Close the door, please” Ed said as she entered. “Have a seat.”

Tammy sat it the chair on the opposite side of the desk from her boss. The last time she was called to his office she was given a written reprimand, which was the second step of a three step process leading to termination: verbal warning, written reprimand, termination. Tammy wondered what MARD might do when it learned that she had lost her job.

“I wanted to let you know that your efforts and improved work ethic has not gone unnoticed.” Ed began. Kelly breathed deeply, taking the first breath since she had entered. “The previous reprimand has been rescinded; you are no longer on probation. And … “ Ed continued with a smile as he passed a sheet of paper towards her. “It is my privilege to give you this.”

Kelly took the paper and scanned it quickly. “A raise?” she said excitedly.

“Five percent, which is the top of the bracket.” Ed exclaimed. Tammy quickly did the math in her head, growing excited when she calculated that, after taxes, her bi-monthly paycheck should increase by around $100. Oh, the things she could do with an extra $200 a month!


Tammy was disappointed when her “Miscellaneous expense allowance” only increased by $50, but she wasn’t really surprised. Still, it allowed her to buy a few more cosmetics and other things she considered ‘essential’ that MARD did not.

The next exercise program was inside, consisting of simulated weight training. The day after that the outdoor exercise program was repeated, and she fared only slightly better. From then on it alternated, outdoor jogging and indoor weight training. Within a week she was completing it with only one shock and within 45 minutes. After a month she wasn’t being shocked at all and completed in 35 minutes.

The following month the duration where she had to maintain the desired heart rate was increased to 35 minutes, and then to 40 minutes the month after that. Tammy grumbled a bit but ran the extra distance. She shifted from circling the block to running the jogging trails and through the parks and noticed that the distance she would cover was increasing while the pain diminished. She started enjoying it.

Tammy also liked what she saw in the mirror. Clothes that had been exiled to the back of the closet were now getting worn, and they fit well. She had traded her baggy sweat pants for running shorts and enjoyed having men turn their heads to watch her as she passed and the occasional wolf whistle. Her body was getting curvy in all the right places.

She slept soundly and felt rested in the morning. She had more energy and generally felt good. Best of all, she hadn’t had a harassing call from a creditor since the MARD-5000 had been installed.

She had adapted. Clipping coupons was now a major activity for her. When she shopped it wasn’t for style but rather for value, and mostly things on sale. She collected bottles and cans to recycle and get the redemption value in cash, which she then spent on anything she damned well pleased as the MARD-5000 couldn’t track her cash transactions. She considered it her own private victory.

For the first time in years, she felt like going out to a club. She worried about the MARD-5000 though. Would it know?

She decided to take the risk. She probably wouldn’t need to spend any money, she could just hang out, maybe dance a little, enjoy the music and vibe.

She was a bit apprehensive as she parked her car in the downtown parking garage. So far, so good. She had arrived early so she could get in before there was a cover charge, but the club still had a good mood about it. The music was loud enough that she wouldn’t hear the cell phone beep, so she checked it frequently in case there was a warning message. Her heart skipped a beat when such a message appeared:

Miscellaneous expense allowance: $72

‘It’s OK’, she told herself. ‘It either doesn’t know I’m at a club, or it is okay with it.’ She was still holding her phone and noticed the display light up again:

Matchmaker Request: From, Male. Accept? Yes/No

Tammy read the message with confusion. Matchmaker? That wasn’t an app that she had installed on her phone. There was a small picture icon under the message which she expanded to show a fairly handsome man. ‘What the heck?’ She thought and clicked ‘YES’.

The display changed and now showed: 165 Feet.

Tammy pondered that message for a minute and then noticed it changed: 169 feet. A moment later it changed to 162 feet. The number continued to decrease and when it read ‘27 feet’ she spotted a man walking slowly her direction while staring at his own phone. He looked up, Tammy smiled and waved. He put his phone into his pocket and walked over.

“Tom” he said, holding out his hand.

“Tammy” she replied, shaking his hand.

“So how long have you had a MARD?” he asked.

“How did you know?

“Uh, the Matchmaker app?” he said.

“I didn’t realize that was from the MARD” Tammy confessed.

“Maybe you should read the manual a bit more carefully. There will be all kinds of surprises if you haven’t read it.”

“Yeah, I have been finding that out.” Tammy said, embarrassment yielding to amusement. “So, you have one too?”

“Yep. On my second contract. Can I buy you a drink?”

The night went like one would expect. They danced, they drank, they talked.

“Oh gosh, I’m a little buzzed!” Tammy giggled. She was having a good time.

“Then you better not drive.” Tom said. “You don’t want to find out what the MARD-5000 will do to you if you drink and drive!”

“Now how would it know that!” Tammy laughed.

“The chastity belt.” Tom said. “It has sensors that sample your urine.”

“Now what makes you think I’m wearing a chastity belt?!” Tammy said, trying to sound indignant.

“Dancing. I could feel it when I held you close. You’ve been a naughty girl!”


“Come on, I’ll get a taxi and escort you home.”

‘MMMM, I had a wonderful time tonight, thank you!” Tammy cooed as they stood outside her apartment. She would have invited him in if it wasn’t for the chastity belt. She felt a little guilty, as if she had accepted his drinks and attention under false pretenses.

“So did I” Tom said. “May I call on you tomorrow? Dinner and a movie?”

“Sure, I would like that!’ Tammy said enthusiastically. Tom settled for a hug and peck on the cheek before returning to the waiting taxi. Tammy floated through her apartment with a happiness she hadn’t experienced in a long time. She brushed her teeth, donned a night shirt and was asleep in seconds after hitting her pillow.

Awaking alone in her bed after a night out drinking was not unusual. What was unusual was feeling good about it. In her typical Friday night drinking routine she would have brought a guy home for a one night stand. After he got what he wanted he would have slipped out, in many cases returning to a wife or girlfriend. Sex and drinks were just a form of currency. But this morning was different, there had been nothing to be ashamed of, no regrets.

Except the MARD-5000. With this thought Tammy sat up and looked over at the MARD-5000 monitor. It was dark, the machine idling quietly. Tammy decided to use the restroom before she faced whatever it might have in store for her.

“GOOD MORNING” the MARD-5000 announced

“Good morning” Tammy replied cautiously. “Begin exercise program”.

“Please select option:

A) Standard exercise program

B) Moderate increase to compensate for a moderate amount of high calorie intake

C) Extensive increase to compensate for extensive calorie/carb intake”

‘It knows’, Tammy thought fearfully. “Option B” she selected aloud. Then she sighed in relief when the exercise program started without her being locked in.

“WORKOUT COMPLETE” The MARD-5000 announced.

“Thank you” Tammy replied. That hadn’t been bad at all. In fact, she felt down right good about it as she headed to the shower. The MARD had known she had gone to a club and the only consequence was a bit more exercise. She could live with that.

Tom picked her up that evening promptly at 6:00 PM and drove to a restaurant a short distance from the movie theaters.

“I’m sorry it isn’t something more elegant,” Tom apologized. “MARD has certain restrictions.”

“I understand,” Tammy replied. Although they had not discussed the details of their MARD-5000 contracts, she assumed budget would have been an issue. “This is fine, really!”

Tammy was slightly annoyed when Tom took out his phone and snapped a picture of the menu. She had always considered it bad manners to do anything with a phone during a date and had her phone silenced. So it came as quite a surprise when her chastity belt buzzed a couple minutes later.

“Uh, excuse me!” Tammy apologized as the frantically dug through her purse. She knew that if she didn’t acknowledge the message that was on her phone promptly that the chastity belt would shock her next.

“I don’t understand.” Tammy said after reading the message. “MARD wants me to take a picture of the menu?”

“The O-R code next to your menu choice.” Tom explained. “You know, that funny box thing that the phone scanner can decode? MARD can look up the nutritional value and factor it into your diet.”

“And make me pay for it tomorrow, I bet!” Tammy replied as she snapped the picture.

They ate a leisurely meal mixed with lots of conversation and followed it with a movie, a romantic comedy.

“Would you like to come in?” Tammy said when he had walked her to the door. “We can’t do anything.” She said sheepishly. “And I don’t have anything to drink, but I can make some coffee.”

“Coffee would be wonderful.” Tom said.

Tom called her every night the following week, and on Friday they went out to a nightclub for dancing. Tammy was surprised that she could enjoy herself to such an extent without large quantities of alcohol being involved. The next morning, Tom showed up with a pair of bicycles and she met her “extensive” exercise increase by pedaling around the city.

The following weekend Tammy cooked dinner for the both of them, for which Tom brought a nice bottle of wine. Tammy’s cell phone chimed, indicating an incoming message from the MARD-5000.

Reward level 10: one night without chastity belt.

Tammy smiled and showed the message to Tom.

“It isn’t necessary, if you don’t want.” Tom assured her.

“I do want.” Tammy told him.

Two months later they moved in together, and confirmed that two can live as cheaply as one.

A year after that, they got married, which happened to coincide with the satisfaction Tammy’s contract 2 years early: debt free and forty pounds lighter. They spent their honeymoon and two additional weeks unencumbered by any restrictions or chastity belts.

And then they both renewed their contracts.

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