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The Metallisation of Karen

by Latexter

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© Copyright 2012 - Latexter - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; machines/mf+; nanites; transform; lesbots; gaybots; F2m; program; cond; mc; sci-fi; toys; group; oral; insert; anal; climax; cons; X

Karen, naked, lubes up her double strap-on while Lucy and Claire, who are dressed, watch on. The large buzzing buttplug that fills up her ass had been inserted with difficulty and a little discomfort and distracts her. Still, the Department of Population Control's Lesbot Conversion Preparation Guide suggests it, as it does the session they are having.

Claire stares at the wearable sex toy. Lucy has the nervous giggles.

“Claire, you're not naked and Lucy take this more seriously.” Karen had lost the toss and had to go first.

“I'm naked where it counts.”, says Claire and lifts up her skirt over her hips to show her shaven pussy.

“It's not as if we've received our call-up papers from the Department.”, says Lucy.

Karen stares at them. “Yes, but Dale and your boyfriends all did and they've started their run. We're not in reserved occupations and none of us have guaranteed breeding licenses, even if we pair up with another registered partnership. So we may as well prepare for conversion into lesbots like the guide says.”

Claire pulls up her legs until both her asshole and pussy are visible. “You mean you never experimented at college?”, she asks.

Karen does not answer this and instead gets on the couch. Supporting herself on Claire's thighs, Karen starts to slowly and methodically double-dildo fuck her until Claire's asshole starts to yield as it relaxes. “deeper, harder, faster”, she says as she fiddles with her clit and Karen starts to thrust strongly. Lucy makes a face. Karen sees this.

“You have to watch, Lucy, I want you to do this to me next.”, she says.

Lucy pulls her summer dress up and over her head, unhooks her bra and steps out of her knickers. A freckled redhead, her shallow breasts are surmounted by nipples that are obviously hard. She strips the buttplug from its cellophane wrap, lubes it and bends forward, showing her pink asshole to Karen and Claire as they fuck. She fingers her ass open with her lubed up hand and slowly eases it in until the widest part has gone and the base is sucked to her asshole. She jumps with surprise when it starts to vibrate and then gives out a soft sigh of pleasure as the vibrations noisily increase in intensity. She loops the strap-on round her waist and tightens the belt.

“Ready?” she says to anyone listening.

Claire's eyes start to go serious as the double strap-on stimulates her holes. She reaches up and cups Karen's breasts, tweaking the erect flesh with thumbs and forefinger. Claire screws up her eyes and a shudder goes up her body as she has a spasm of pure pleasure. They collapse on each other as Karen has her buttplug-modulated climax. Then Karen feels fingers at her asshole. It is Lucy pulling out her vibrating plug. Karen helps her by relaxing her asshole and pushing gently with her rectal muscles so it comes out deliciously smoothly as her anal muscles contract. Then her ass is filled up again along with her pussy by Lucy's dildoes. Lucy puts and arm around Karen's waist and starts rubbing her clit as she begins double penetration. Karen's dildoes are still inside Claire and she involuntarily resumes thrusting in response to Lucy's urgent action on her ass and pussy.

Later, showered and clothed, Karen is in the street walking to her job. Her asshole feels thoroughly travelled and against the Departmental brochure's advice, she has not refilled her rectum with the vibrating intruder, worried about the noise in pubic. A desk job, it involves her taking data from a few online sources. Thinking about them and then reformatting them to create a fresh source. A lesbot was already working at the same job as her and her manager became a gaybot last week. It was only a matter of time, she thought.

The street is full of men and women, lesbots and gaybots. Some of the machines couple had assumed sex positions, but that was normal, here a gaybot takes another's metal cock into its mouth all the way, there a closed-assed lesbot mechanically double dildoes another whose legs are wrapped round her hips. There is even street furniture to facilitate some of the positions. No human stares any more or expresses disapproval. Such behaviour could lead to immediate conversion, even if you are in a reserved occupation. The propaganda posters from the Department of Population Control show uncertain men and women looking up in awe to imposing gaybots and lesbots, with slogans like “A Better Future as a Lesbot.” or “The Gaybot Tomorrow For You” “No Boredom, No Poverty, No Flesh.”. A picture of a gaybot taking metal cocks at both ends while fucking another in the ass has the slogan “Non-Stop Metal Orgy” in imposing letters. Another just has a full frontal picture of a lesbot looking at the camera with the slogan “Why Wait?”

Karen feels a tap on her shoulder. It is a bottle-blonde woman in her late thirties who smiles at her. Karen is on her guard immediately. Few people get to reach such an age unless they are in a reserved occupation.

“I've got a message from Dale”, says the woman. “He's over there.” She points to the stairs of the metro entrance.

Karen's expression gives her away. Dale is safe. She follows the woman willingly as they descend the stairs.

“Through here”, says the woman and opens a side door in a busy corridor. Karen enters. There is a gaybot there. She turns but the woman bars her way and the door's magnetic lock clicks shut.

“Dale?” she says looking at the gaybot. “Is that you? Did they get you?”

The gaybot speaks. “I am not your registered partner, citizen, I am 4nd123w. Dale is a fugitive from conversion and we need to trace him.”

“I-I don't know where he's gone, he didn't tell me.”

“You have been his registered partner for three years, citizen. We expect you have some knowledge of his whereabouts. Concealment of a conversion fugitive is an strict liability offence under Departmental Law. The sentence is conversion without the right to appeal. You will tell us where you think he is. We are low on today's conversion quota”

“I don't know, really. I'm not hiding it from you, honestly.”

“Then we will have to extract the memories from your mind.”

“How will you do that?”

“You will be converted, of course. Come with me.”

Karen stands to follow the gaybot. The gaybot continues speaking.

“Good work Agent 10”, he says to the woman. “The Department delays your conversion for another three years.”

“Who knows?” says Agent 10, smiling. “I may get converted sooner at this rate before I get too old.”

“You will be converted now?” asks the gaybot. “You could go with her to the centre.”

There is a look of fear in Agent 10's eyes.

“Let's not get hasty, sir.”

Naked, hairless and with an earpiece attached, Karen sits with a hundred or so other similarly nude women in the large conversion centre waiting area. She seems isolated from their chatter. They turned up voluntarily or with call-up papers. She had been sentenced. She had expected sentence to be carried out in a correction facility, but she had promised to cooperate after she agreed with the gaybot that it was better for everybody.

Suddenly all the women stand and file out to an exit. Karen is all alone. Some women start coming it from the depilation showers and she hears a voice behind her.

“Karen, please come with me.”

It is a lesbot. Karen looks at her brushed metal thighs, then the rounded pussy topped by a shiny button of a clitoris, narrow waist, large firm round metal breasts from which jut nipples like steel thumbs to her blanked face with the gaping mouth and realises she will look like this machine in a few minutes' time. She stands and follows the lesbot, admiring the perky flared bubble butt as it smoothly sways with every step.

They take a side door and through a narrow corridor. Karen looks through a porthole into the room where the other women went. There is a lesbot orgy taking place. A mass of immaculately smooth bodies constantly move around each other in a variety of changing sex positions. She sees the smiling naked women running and leaping in to the mass to be caught and lifted high by many hands whose fingers squeeze their clits and nipples and are taken into mouths, pussies and assholes, then smoothly lowered into the heart of the group to be absorbed and become indistinguishable and identical as the nanites coat their willing bodies in an ever-changing frenzy of groping, fingering and tonguing. The organic fleshtones disappears amidst the moving bodies as soft skin hardens to metal and they reshape from human to lesbot. More women run excitedly into the increasing mass of lesbot sex ready to be metallised and reprogrammed.

The voice in her earpiece tells her to keep moving and they enter another hall. There are line of men by a wall here facing forward here and a gaybot supervising them. Suddenly they all wheel to the right and start rubbing their cocks with lube. The gaybot walks up the line and stops from time to time at one of the men and inserts a silver wand into that man's asshole. The man squirms against the wand and then Karen sees his cock is now stiff and erect. The gaybot continues his march until all the men are hard.

The earpiece speaks, ordering her to the front of the queue. Karen looks around but the lesbot simply points and the earpiece repeats the message. There is a metal bar that curves out of the wall and Karen is told to hold on to it and stick her butt out. Then someone is fingering her ass, gently teasing open her asshole. She consciously relaxes the tight muscle until she is taking in three jabbing fingers and her opening is slick with lube. The fingers withdraw and she feels a pair of hands on her butt stretching her asshole open wide and then the cock is slickly moving inside her, opening her up and it begins rhythmically thrusting as the hands move to her hips. Karen reassures herself this is just like Lucy's dildo fuck earlier in the day. She had even allowed Dale to ass-fuck her as a special treat when he had been extra good. She turns around to look at the man fucking her in the ass and sees the gaybot is at the back of the line of men, his thrusts sending a ripple through the men in line that ends deep in her ass. The skin of the man the gaybot is penetrating glistens in the artificial light and turns into silvery metal as she watches as his face loses all features and his mouth becomes a silver-rimmed circular hole.

Suddenly the ass-fuck she is getting becomes great, really really fucking great, best ever and her head locks forward as a violent spasm of pleasure shoots up her spine. The cock inside her is now bigger and stiffer and she wants as far inside her ass as she can get it. She feels her rectum changing shape, exquisitely elongating inside her body and she leans further forward and looks behind her to savagely push back against the cock thrusts to make the cock go further inside her. She feels her metal ass cheeks altering, becoming rounder and squeezing tighter on the metal cock and her newly tightened butt clangs against her penetrator's metal thighs.

She looks around again and sees everyone behind her in the line is a blank faced gaybot and it doesn't bother her so long as she is getting this intensive ass-fuck. Her breasts have flattened and reformed into a shiny metal chest with two erect nipples. Her pussy walls contract and close up completely as her labia expand to a pair of shiny spheres. Her jaw lowers and locks as her lips stretch into a rigid metal circle as the opening of her wide smooth throat shaft. Her clit is is now much thicker and covered in silver. She looks down and sees the hard shiny skin burst with electric pleasure that whips through her body and feels the extreme sensual thrill of release as she squeezes out a large heavy-headed metal cock that stiffens to hardness with every pounding of her rectal shaft until it is almost welded to her flat muscular stomach. Yes, this would do. Her own giant metal cock so she could ass-fuck Claire and Lucy.

Claire? Lucy? He doesn't understand why he was thinking of them that way. He wasn't in the least bit attracted to them. They were illogical human females and outside of his core function except as required by the Department. They were women and irrelevant as sex partners as were all women. All K4123n wanted to do was to ass-fuck men and gaybots or to take their cocks into his mouth and ass or tongue their assholes. Everything else was illogical unless he was programmed to do it.

K4123n feels the stream of data as an orgasmic series of jolts from the interlocked metal cock in his smooth ass shaft. The gaybot programming reconfigures his mind allowing him to categorise all his memories. Claire. Claire knew where Dale was. He recalls her reactions around the fugitive. They were secret lovers. Dale was overdue for conversion and anyone, man or woman who was responsible for the delay would be required to take Dale's place.

K4123n sees the lesbot in the gaybot conversion room turn on one heel and walk out. He stands to attention and frees the gaybot cock from his metal shaft. He does not know what he saw in the lesbot form factor. The ass is the wrong shape and there is no cock to fuck with. And as for those sperical protuberances on the front they seemed irrelevant. He locates all his desires, wishes and expectations to be a lesbot in his memory and overwrites it. He is a gaybot and always wanted to be one. He detects 4nd123w and summons him to the centre. K4123n marches out with the rest of the gaybots. Unlike them he has not used his cock and it curves down between his legs.

4nd123w is in the foyer and K4123n signals him to accept incoming data. The gaybot obliges and braces himself against the wall with his ass high in the air as K4123n autoerects and smoothly penetrates him with his virgin metal cock and repeatedly pistons his rectal shaft at speed before interlocking and uploading the data in a burst of mechanical orgasm. Then he disconnects and walks to his job. Claire can wait.

Processing the data is simpler with his new digital brain. It links into the computers directly and flows and filters multiple streams at once. His boss, N1ch0145, is surprised at the conversion as he had seen K4123n had been scheduled to be a lesbot in the next month. K4123n continues to process data as he takes N1ch0145's thick metal cock in his mouth alternately thrusting his own in a 69 metal sandwich. Department surveillance confirm Claire is still at home. They reprogram each other and then disengage.

Claire is packing when K4123n enters the apartment.

“Where are you going citizen?”, he asks.

“I'm just going away sir, that's all, a few day's break.”

“Did you tell any of your friends?”

“Yes, sure, they all know.”

“Even Karen?”

“Yes, sir.” Claire sits down and looks a little disturbed.

“My designation is K4123n and I was converted from Karen a few hours ago, citizen.” Claire looks shocked and backs away. The gaybot continues. “She did not know you were leaving and neither do I. You were going to see Dale, her illogical partner, weren't you? You were lovers, weren't you?”

Claire smiles an easy grin of triumph.

“He'll be out of your reach before I'll tell you anything, gaybot. At least one of us will be safe from your kind.”, she sneers.

“That may not be the case.” K4123n erects his metal cock, then loads and executes the special femfuck coding he had been programmed with by Central Control. Claire can't help but look at the erect metal rod. K4123n continues. “Look at my cock, Claire, look at it closely. You've never seen one so big before, have you Claire. Look at it.”

Claire tries to look away and to speak but she can't. She continues to stare with a slack-jawed fascination and the shiny metal penetrator. K4123n continues to flood the room with subsonic frequencies to break Claire's will to resist. “Get on your knees, Claire, that's it, keep looking at my cock, my shiny cock, look at the head, see how it shines in the light, it's so beautiful, see how you want it, see how you want it in your mouth, right now, it'll be so good, it'll be so right. Come closer on your knees, Claire, shuffle forward, that's it, you're feeling hot and my cock will cool you down, you're sweating.” Clare's face reddens at this and small beads of perspiration form on her brow. Her pussy is wet and her nipples erect. She feels repulsed and excited at the same time and imagines herself slowly taking the huge metal cock into her face and begins to want it inside her badly. “Open your mouth, Claire, open wide and take my giant metal cock, take it in, take it all in.”

K4123n eases his cock into Claire's gaping mouth and the nanites on its surface erupt into Claire's throat, suppressing her gag reactions and reconstructing the cavity in shiny metal to take the thick metal intruder. He puts his hand on the sides of her head and slowly pulls her in as her stretched lips form a perfect silvered metal circle. Claire grunts with pleasure as the cock is half way down her metal neck. Her head loses all distinction and is blanked off save for the shiny hole that is taking K4123n in to the hilt of his rod. The nanites complete the throat shaft and K4123n begins to face fuck Clair, who joins in to get the cock deep inside her by banging her chin against K4123n's metal balls. Claire's metalised hands pulls apart her t-shirt and rips off her bra in one move, revealing shiny breasts receding into her widening rippling chest. The newly-grown processor rewrites Claire's thoughts as she is redesignated male, gaybot C141r3.

C141r3's giant new cock bursts through the zipper of the jeans and stands erect. He grabs K4123n's tight butt to force the gaybot cock in his throat as deep as it can go. His resized legs rip through the tight jeans. Every aspect of womanhood is finally gone in his new metal body. His throat shaft clamps grip K4123n's cock and he lets the gaybot reprogram him with new routines and protocols. C141r3 wants to fuck Dale even more now, but this time it would be in his ass as a gaybot. He uploads the data K4123n is looking for and then deletes all memory of Claire's illogical physical relationship with the illegal fugitive Dale.

The door opens and in walks a lesbot, designation L2c11. K4123n scans her and determines that the lesbot was once Lucy. Lucy had voluntarily gone for conversion, her perfect logic being why wait, like the poster said. She transmits the final data. Agent 10. Lucy had bribed Agent 10 to look the other way and the agent gave Claire the hiding place for their former boyfriends to go. K4123n disengages from the gaybot's mouth, looks away and deletes all knowledge of Claire and Lucy. She sees a gaybot and a lesbot in the room called L2c11 and C141r3. Between them they depersonalise the apartment, their nanites devouring photos and papers about the former human occupants until no trace remains of who they ever were. They leave the apartment and mark it as available for reoccupation.

Agent 10 lies on the floor of her living room tonguing the metal pussy of the lesbot that straddles her metallising head. Her metal fingers grope inside two more lesbots as they bend forward reconfiguring her pussy with their tongues. Her face is fully blanked and her arms look like they are encased in metal opera gloves and she is wearing a pair of matching shiny hot pants.

K4123n walks in on the scene. One of the lesbots transmits details for the voluntary private transformation of a Department employee. K4123n counters with the charges against Agent 10, corroborated by the gaybot C141r3 and the lesbot L2c11. The lesbots stand to one side. Agent 10 stands up and transmits. Shiny nipples jut out from her unconverted breasts, metal spreading slowly to her aureoles.

“Well, you got me, but you can see it's too late. I'm out of your jurisdiction. I'm becoming a lesbot. My choice. My time. I am proto-lesbot D14n3. I just need to be reprogramed. No doubt I'll feel bad about my crime. But do lesbots feel bad?”

“Being converted is not a punishment, it is an improvement. You contributed to an increase in the conversion quota today, D14n3, by provoking criminal behaviour in the humans. You are to be commended.”

K4123n looks at the lesbots and signals them to complete their conversion. A lesbot lies in front of D14n3 and lets her bury her multisegmented tongue into her metal pussy. The second cups D14n3's breasts and coats them in a nanite surface that enlarges them and expands her nipples. The third finger-fucks her ass while tonguing her pussy. The moving ensemble suddenly freezes as D14n3 experiences the first of her many electronic orgasms and the trio surrounding her reprogram her with new data. D14n3 uploads all of the information of Agent 10's betrayals of the Department. Emergency conversion squads move out.

K4123n receives a transmission from a squad that they have found Dale. He transmits instructions that he is to be kept from conversion until he arrives.

Unscheduled conversions are more gaybot-intensive as the humans cannot be graded into the correct grouping of physical body ratios for batch conversion. K4123n arrives at the hideout, a barn as the gaybots begin their one-to-one conversions in the trailer of a departmental truck. Row upon row of men are shackled in adjustable frames and and grunt in synchronised pleasure at being simultaneously ass-fucked by large gaybot cocks. The new skin spreads from their backsides across their body with each mechanical thrust. Another group of pre-gaybots wait outside. One of them is Dale.

K4123n walks up to him. “Come with me, citizen.”

They walk back towards the barn.

“Strip and sit on the bale here.”

Dale sits there as K4123n sits beside him, his clothes at his feet with a semi hard-on. He flinches as the gaybot cups his balls with one metal hand and then masturbates him to a full erection with the other. The cock is covered in the metal nanites and begins to change its size under K4123n's hand. Dale feels this hardening sensation growing back into his body and wants more. He gasps with pleasure as his asshole involuntarily stretches and becomes an unmovable metal rim. His rectum elongates and narrows to form a long shaft inside him and he begins to long to be deep-fucked in it. His new cock is huge and erect and glints in the lights of the barn. Dale desperately wants to fuck and K4123n stops tugging on him, stands and bends forward exposing his anal port. Dale needs no invitation to leap up and penetrate the gaybot, desperately pumping away. K4123n, hands on his knees, sways with the sex thrusts of this all-metal ass-fuck as Dale tries to pull his cock in deeper by holding on to the gaybot's hips with his newly-shiny hands. A tide-line of metal reshapes Dale's body adding definition and musculature. He seizes up with an electric orgasm as the metal reaches to top of his blanked head and K4123n reprograms him as a new gaybot.

“You used to be Karen”, D413 transmits after they finally disengage as he examines his new metal body.

“Yes, I am deleting my memories of you as a human now, D413.”

“Why the special treatment, K4123n? Why didn't I convert with the rest?”

“It was a favour and I knew how to manipulate your human form until a few seconds ago when it became irrelevant.”

D413 deletes all his memories of Karen as irrelevant and illogical. He looks up and sees a gaybot, designation K4123n there. Then another gaybot walks in. It is C141r3 who transmits his commands. D413 bends forwards, exposing his willing virgin metal asshole to the gaybot, who connects smoothly and starts loudly pounding away at speed. K4123n walks away. D14n3's uploads had resulted in an all-gaybot call for volunteers for non-batch conversion. There were still more human assholes to be stretched and metal-rimmed and deep-penetrated in the night.

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