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by Beast5

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Chloe goes undercover to find the truth about Best Breasts.

In the near future…

More and more wealthy couples have decided to hire surrogates to bear their children. It’s unsurprising given the pains of childbirth. New laws that prevent the surrogate mothers from changing their minds and keeping the children have fueled the trend.

More and more studies show clear benefits to babies that drink real breast milk rather than substitute formulas. So it is also unsurprising that the use of wet nurses has steadily increased. However, it can be hard for a wealthy couple to trust that the woman nursing their precious baby is really keeping her body healthy and drug-free. And purchasing milk is just so much simpler.

And so, it seemed inevitable that the farming of real human breast milk would begin. The first breast milk factories hired women on a nine-to-five basis. But the problem of quality kept cropping up. The factory couldn’t control what their “workers” did to their bodies the rest of the day, and the rich clients demanded only the very best.

The biggest player in the industry, Best Breasts, started requiring their feedstock to stay in the factory twenty-four hours a day. But holidays were still an issue, so they finally found a legal avenue to simply keep the women inside their factory permanently. Families were given large one-time payments and promises that the girls would be well cared for. It smacked of human trafficking, but the company was well connected and the product they were supplying was being demanded by an increasing number of affluent families.

The government may have turned a blind eye, but reporter Chloe Arayo intended to expose BB to the world. As soon as the company closed the factory doors to female workers going home for weekends or holidays, it had also closed its doors entirely to the public. That was ten years ago, and none of the women who went in had ever come out. Nobody knew just what BB was doing to the women inside, so Chloe decided to take drastic action.


Chloe and her co-worker Mark pulled up to the BB factory gate. Before rolling down his window to talk to the gatekeeper, Mark turned to Chloe and asked: “Now are you sure you want to go through with this? They’re going to think you are just another poor girl being sold to them, and you know they’re probably going to treat you pretty badly. This is a big risk just to get a story.”

“You know it’s not just for the story, Mark,” Chloe responded. “This could help save hundreds of women in there, and thousands more around the globe. They’ve been suffering for years, I’m sure I can handle two weeks. Just make damn sure you bust me out after that!”

“You’ve got it. It will take an act of god to stop us when we come to get you. All right then, here we go.”

Mark rolled down his window and was told by the gatekeeper to drive through door #12. The whole layout of the factory yard was designed to keep prying eyes from seeing any part of the operation. All that could be seen from beyond the fence were vehicles driving in to these private garages. And all that the driver of the vehicle saw upon entering was a single white-walled room with a solitary clerk.

The clerk in front of Chloe had Mark sign a few papers then handed him a payment in cash and told him to leave. Chloe felt a shiver of nervousness as her co-worker backed out of the garage, but she swallowed hard and turned back to the clerk. The man, who had been friendly enough to Mark, didn’t bother saying another word to her.

A metal collar dropped on a chain from a ceiling panel, and the clerk quickly locked it around Chloe’s neck. Just as quickly, he pulled her wrists behind her back and locked a pair of handcuffs around them. He then sat back down to his paperwork as a door behind him slid open and Chloe’s chain pulled her through. The cold efficiency of it all sent another shiver through the now-trapped girl. It was as if the clerk didn’t even acknowledged her as a fellow human being, but rather as a thing to be processed. She made a mental note to include this treatment in her news story.

Chloe was pulled into another small white-walled room; this one with a ceiling so low she had to duck. Her chain was being reeled in through a hole in the center of the ceiling, and she had no choice but to stumble along as her head was pulled right up through that hole. The hole itself constricted once her head was through, but the chain kept pulling up on her collar, causing her shoulders to press against the underside of the ceiling and pulling her head sharply up and back.

The loose-fitting collar slid upwards on her neck, exposing her throat. Looking down her nose, she could see a mechanical arm extend from the wall in front of her and grab either side of her larynx. She felt two sharp pains and tried to scream, but no sound came out. Still struggling to comprehend what had just happened, she then felt her hair pulled into some machine behind her that was making a loud vacuuming sound. She felt razor blades run quickly over her scalp, then felt a stinging sensation everywhere her hair had been.

At the same time, she could feel other work being done to her body, trapped and unseen below her. Her wrists were un-cuffed then pulled up her back until her left hand was over her right shoulder blade and her right hand was over her left blade, with her elbows touching beneath them. Flexible though she was, the contortion was excruciating and she tried futilely to pull free. Something encased her arms tightly, forcing them to maintain the strict position.

Distracted by everything else going on, Chloe hadn’t notice the feel of the scissors that must have cut off all of her clothes and even her shoes and socks. She did notice the familiar pull/cut/sting as her pubic hair was removed. And there was no ignoring the searing pain that then hit her left and right ass cheeks. She let out what should have been a glass-shattering scream, but was instead completely soundless.

Back up on her head, the mechanical arm that had somehow removed her speech had reached up and punched a hole through her septum, then forced its way into her mouth and punched another hole through her tongue. Rings were fixed through each hole and the two rings were connected by a chain that just barely allowed her to keep her tongue inside her mouth.

The whole procedure only took a couple of moments and hadn’t given Chloe time to process each thing that had been done to her. But as her collar chain began to lower her head back into the room below, she knew for sure that she was in way too deep. What the hell did they do to my throat? she worried. And what the fuck hit my ass? It still burns like crazy! This is too much; I’ve got to get out of here!

Chloe wanted desperately to talk to someone, to explain that this was all a mistake and that she shouldn’t be there. But there was no one to talk to, and no way for her to speak even if someone had been there.

A mechanical arm reached up and clipped a new leash to the chain that connected her nose and tongue rings. Her collar was then unlocked and fell away behind her as she was pulled forward by the new leash. She couldn’t believe that she was going to be pulled around by the new piercings in her face, but of course she didn’t dare hesitate or pull back.

Her new leash was attached to vertical pole in front of her which slid forward along a track in the floor. A door opened in front of the pole and Chloe was pulled out onto the main factory floor. She gasped silently as she saw for the first time the scene that she had come to expose: a huge open space filled with row upon row of naked, bald women. All were bent over at the waist with their legs spread wide and their arms trapped in the same outrageously constricting position that Chloe’s arms were in.

Chloe was pulled along the middle of the main floor then up a ramp to the third level of trapped women. She saw that every upturned ass had been branded on the left cheek with the initials “BB” and on the right cheek with a five-digit number. The number on each ass matched a number on a digital display in front of each woman. She was pulled under a sign that read: New Livestock Preparation Area, then finally reached an empty space and saw the number 7956B as she was pulled in. She knew that that number, and the initials of the company that now owned her, had been branded permanently on her own ass. And she knew that Best Breasts now considered her to be ‘livestock.’

Good god, she thought, I had better be able to get rid of that brand when I get out of here, or…

Chloe’s thoughts of revenge on the company were interrupted as she was hooked into her stall. Her ankles were grabbed by mechanical arms and spread wide. The bar that she had been bent over was then adjusted so that it was just the right height to keep her legs straight and her ass raised as high as it would go. Her leash was lowered along the pole in front of her until her torso was parallel to the ground and her neck was placed in collar that snapped shut.

The chain that connected her nose and tongue was split apart at a joint that she hadn’t known was there. The piece of chain still connected to her nose was pulled upwards while the tongue piece was pulled down, forcing her head back and her mouth open wide. Immediately, a tube snaked its way into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged and panicked, but soon enough figured out how to breathe through her nose and control her gag reflex.

Chloe’s eye caught a flicker on the digital display in front of her. Below her number, it now said: Initial Intestinal Cleanse. The tube in her throat gave a kick as a liquid started pulsing through it. Her stomach quickly began to feel full. A moment later she felt terrible cramping in her intestines, then felt liquid gushing out of her ass. The flow into her, through her, and out of her continued long enough for Chloe to cycle through emotions of initial shock, then disgust, then concern that her insides were being damaged, then back to revulsion at the whole process as the liquid just kept coming and coming.

Finally the liquid stopped and another tube pushed its way into her ass. She felt a vacuuming and a pulling sensation, and realized that any remaining cleaning liquid was being sucked out of her. The rectal tube popped out and was replaced by an agonizingly large butt plug. Chloe clenched and shook to try to keep the intruder out, but she could hardly move within her restraints and there was no way she could resist the power of the machine arm that forced the plug deep inside her.

The display in front of her changed again, now reading: Initial Breast Measurements. Chloe had known that her boobs were going to be abused inside the milking factory. She had even done some pumping on herself to try to get used to the sensation on her own terms. But when she saw mechanical arms approaching the sensitive orbs that hung below her, she decided that she definitely did not want her boobs to be grabbed by this machine.

Chloe shook her chest, but the mechanical arms easily caught her swinging tits. Metal fingers squeezed her mounds in every possible angle, then grabbed on to her sensitive nipples, which were pinched and pulled painfully. While the fingers pulled downward on her nipples, Chloe felt sharp stings in three places around each nipple. It felt as though the skin of her boobs had been pierced around her nipples, though she couldn’t look down to verify just then.

Hormone Treatment. She felt a stabbing pain on each of her thighs, where they were pressed against the bar. This was another aspect she had suspected would be part of her time in the factory. She had even consulted a doctor about any negative effects of temporarily taking hormone treatments to stimulate breast milk, and had been assured that a typical treatment was perfectly safe. But at that point, Chloe wanted out badly. This company had clearly gone way over the line of legality, and she definitely didn’t want them tinkering with the chemistry of her body. But it was far too late to avoid that. They were injecting her with whatever they wanted, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

Mock Insemination / Sexual Stimulation. Chloe had no idea why this would be part of her preparation, and she had no desire to be sexually assaulted by this machine, but of course she had no choice. Without hesitation, a vibrating wand was pushed directly onto her clit. Damn thing sure is accurate! she lamented. She couldn’t move herself off the vibrator, and she quickly found that she couldn’t keep her body from reacting. The thought of a machine toying with her sexually was both frustrating and humiliating, but neither of those emotions slowed her body’s instinctual response. Soon enough she was jerking in her restraints in a full-blown orgasm, ashamed and satisfied at the same time.

But this phase of preparation wasn’t done yet. The vibrator stayed where it was on her over-stimulated clit. Without any warning, a large dildo was then unceremoniously thrust deep into her dripping pussy. The dildo was pounded in and out of her as the vibrator kept up its work on her clit. The helpless girl rose quickly towards another orgasm. Even when that second wave crested, the machine just kept going with its pounding and vibrating. Chloe lost track of how many times she orgasmed. She was desperate for the stimulation to stop, worried that she was going to lose her grip on sanity if it continued.

Initial Breast Pumping / Feeding. Chloe didn’t see the new read-out right away. She was lost in a post-orgasmic stupor. But the feeling of the breast pumps hooking on to her boobs brought her quickly back to reality. She felt them latch on to what she had correctly guessed were new piercings around each nipple. She could shake all she wanted and these things would never pop off. Then she felt her nipples sucked into small tubes.

The milkers fired up with a loud hum. Her nipples were pulled further in to the tubes, to a point that wasn’t quite painful but was extremely uncomfortable. The suction came in rapid-fire blasts, creating a strong vibration and massaging feeling on each nipple. It also caused her hanging boobs to bounce around wildly beneath her, adding pain to the process as her new piercings were tweaked.

This was, unsurprisingly, far more intense than the practice pumps Chloe had given herself before she infiltrated the factory. Especially after the insane sexual stimulation, she didn’t know how much of this she could handle. Her nipples ached after only a couple of minutes. She found herself shaking her torso to try to dislodge the milkers even though she knew that was hopeless. She tried pulling again at her restraints, but what was she going to do: yank her neck out of a locked metal collar? Pull her numb arms out of the tight leather binder that trapped them so uncomfortably up her back? Rip the cuffs that held her ankles in place? No, she was stuck here until the machine released her.

Until that point, Chloe had been so focused on what was being done to her own body that she hadn’t paid any attention to what was going on around her. She couldn’t move her head much, given the collar and the chains on her nose and tongue, but she could swivel it slightly and she could still move her eyeballs. Her stall had shallow partitions on either side that prevented her from seeing the heads of the women to her left and right, but she could see their bodies.

Her neighbors were bent over just like her, and they both had a pair of milkers going crazy on their boobs just like hers. It was rather mesmerizing watching their soft globes bounce all over the place, pulling the suction tubes and hoses along with them. Chloe had to pull her eyes away, reminding herself that these were real people next to her – real people who like her had been recently sold and turned into livestock for this horrific factory.

Chloe looked up at the read-out in front of her and took note of the part that said Feeding. The tube that had cleaned her out was still down her throat. She couldn’t feel anything passing through it, but she suspected that some liquid was slowly being dripped down into her stomach. She was sure that whatever she was being fed, it was highly engineered to provide her with the right nutrients to produce the best milk. The thought was disgusting. She didn’t want to produce milk for these bastards! But as soon as those hormones kicked in, that was exactly what she was going to be doing.

All through these thoughts, the pumping just went on and on. Chloe had no way to tell time, but it must have been hours. She’d gone through stages of boredom, anger, fear, and self-righteousness. There was truly nothing for her to do but stand there and nothing for her to watch but her neighbors’ boobs. Thinking about her initial processing and her current condition would get her pissed off and then would lead to concern that the horrible things being done to her would cause permanent harm. And then, to try to keep her spirits up, she would think about the incredible sacrifice she was making to help end the injustice of this horrible place. Those stages just kept cycling around and around her head, and through it all, her milkers tirelessly worked away at her tormented tits.


Hours later, Chloe’s milkers finally came to a stop and popped off her nipples. She glanced at the read-out in front of her, which simply said: Rotation. Her feeding tube popped out, her ankles and neck were released, and her nose and tongue chains were brought back together and lifted until she was in a standing position. The pole she was still attached to forced her to back up then began pulling her forward.

This time, everyone in her section was being pulled forward by their noses. She was in a long line of naked women that was marched down the ramps, back onto the factory floor, then through one of the large doors in the back. She found herself in a long narrow room with a path down one side and some kind of padding covering the rest of the floor. The line was marched the length of the room, then in unison each woman’s leash began to lower.

Chloe was forced to slowly get onto her knees then lower her head down to the pad as her pole folded downwards, pulling her nose leash with it. She was left lying on her stomach on the pad. Her face had been pulled down into a small cutout in the pad, allowing her to breathe easily. There were also depressions in the pad for her boobs to fit into, making the whole arrangement surprisingly comfortable. Of course, her arms were still bound tightly behind her back and her anus was still filled with that horrible plug, but those body parts had long ago become numbed to their torments.

Chloe realized this was to be her sleeping quarters. She had hoped to be able to communicate with the other women during the off-hours, but with her face held firmly down she couldn’t see a thing, and she still couldn’t speak.

She was fairly exhausted from the ordeals of the day, but before drifting off to sleep she tried to take stock of her situation. She would be rescued from this horrible place in two weeks, but she desperately wanted to get out sooner. How on earth could she do that? She hadn’t even seen a real person after that first clerk. No, she told herself, she had seen hundreds of women. She hated that she was already thinking of them as not full people. But anyway, she hadn’t seen any other factory worker. She had thought that maybe somehow she could make her case to someone, but how could she even hope to do that if she never saw anyone?

Chloe was grudgingly impressed with the automation that Best Breasts had built into their factory. She figured that beyond saving on labor costs, the company was also reducing the risk that some worker would feel sorry for the women and try to free them. The cold logic made sense. The machines would never go easy on the humans under their control and they would never spill the secrets of the factory to anyone on the outside. No, those machines would do exactly what they were programmed to do. Chloe had no hope of reasoning with them.

Chloe’s last thought as she drifted off to sleep was to wonder why on earth she had thought that she would need two full weeks to gather enough dirt about this place. She had more than she needed after the first ten minutes!


A loud chime pulled Chloe out of a deep sleep. Her nose/tongue leash pulled her up off the pad and back onto the narrow path along with the rest of the women. They were lead out of the room in the opposite direction from where they had entered the day before, down a hallway, and then into a large shower room.

Jets of steamy water hit Chloe from all sides, washing away some, but not all, of her aches and pains. Pulled up against the wall, her butt plug was removed and she found a liquidy stool gushing out of her ass. The food they had given her must loosen her bowels. The plug was replaced and she was thoroughly washed off, then pulled along with the rest of the group out of the shower room.

Chloe was surprised to see that the next destination was an exercise room. She liked to stay in shape and was proud of her body. She had expected that she wouldn’t be able to work out while in the factory, but apparently that wasn’t the case.

Each woman was pulled onto a treadmill. Chloe’s nose/tongue leash gave her a bit more slack than usual, though not enough to get off the back of the machine. High plastic walls on the sides of the treadmill meant that she wouldn’t be able to step off to her left, right, or front either. This was somewhat concerning – what if she slipped or needed to stop? As if in answer, a hook lowered down from the ceiling and grabbed a hold of a ring that was built in to the back of her arm sheath. She realized that being held up by her tortured arms would be pretty terrible, but at least it meant the piercings on her face wouldn’t be pulled out.

The treadmills started up and their users had no choice but to start jogging. For the first time, Chloe was able to get a good look at her fellow captives. The treadmills were arranged in a circle facing each other, so she was finally able to see faces. It seemed ridiculous to feel thankful for such a small concession, but it really did restore a bit of sanity to see other people, even if she still had no way to communicate.

The women in the room were a broad mix of heights, weights and races. The one thing they had in common was that they were all fairly young. Chloe knew that Best Breasts only accepted women between eighteen and thirty. She was fairly surprised to see the range of breast sizes in the room. She had thought that BB might have a breast-size minimum, and had been fairly concerned that her medium-sized boobs might not make the cut. But some of the women in the room were straight-up small breasted.

The treadmills began at a relatively slow warm up job pace. It took a little getting used to running barefoot with her arms pinned behind her back, but she soon got the hang of it. She watched her fellow runners do the same. Naked legs all around her were pumping up and down, naked boobs were bouncing all over the place, and naked bodies started getting covered in a sheen of sweat.

After about twenty minutes the pace was picked up to a much faster run. Chloe, being in fairly good shape, was able to keep up. A couple of the other women in the room quickly started to look exhausted. After another twenty minutes Chloe began to feel exhausted and some of the other women had already fallen. Getting caught by the arm sheath looked exquisitely painful, and Chloe vowed not to let it happen to her.

When the treadmills slowed to a stop and all the women were given water, Chloe thought she had succeeded. Little did she know that the workout was just beginning. The treadmills started up again to looks of anguish on many of the women’s faces. The pace was a little slower than before, but all the treadmills began tipping backwards. The runners were forced to continue their run at an uphill incline, which quickly started to tax even the most fit girls.

The exercising dragged on and on. Chloe took her first fall after the third water break. She was just getting so tired and had stumbled. Just as she had feared, the sudden yank on her poor arms was terrible, and her nose and tongue got a pretty good pull as well. She got back on her feet and vowed not to let it happen again, but couldn’t help it as exhaustion set in.

Hours later, the treadmills finally slowed down and stopped for the last time. Chloe’s legs burned from exhaustion. She’d never had a workout like that in her life. But she wasn’t given time to recuperate as her nose/tongue leash guided her off the treadmill and back into a line with the rest of the exhausted runners.

The line was pulled back onto the main factory floor. Instead of all being led together back to the preparation area, they were split up and distributed among various other rows. Chloe was placed in a new stall between two large-breasted women. As she was bent over and hooked up in the same manner as the day before, she noticed that the digital display in her stall had her same number: 7956B.

Her stall launched straight into Hormone Treatment, poking her thighs in the same places and injecting more of whatever hormone therapy they had her on. Chloe was still trying to catch her breath from the workout when she saw that the next step was Mock Insemination / Sexual Stimulation.

Oh shit, she thought, not again, and not now! I’m too exhausted! But something her body also got excited at the thought, and regardless, she was powerless to prevent the vibrations and thrusting from again delivering orgasm after orgasm to her helpless body.

Milking / Feeding came up next. The pumps grabbed a hold of her boob piercings and started sucking away at the nipples that were still quite sore from the abuse the day before. After a few minutes, Chloe was surprised to feel a sensation in her nipples that she had never felt before. She looked down as best she could, and to her amazement saw milk flowing through the tubes connected to her pumps. The hormones she had been given had already gotten her tits producing milk! The implication for the strength of those hormones caused Chloe a good bit of concern. Her doctor had said that normal hormone therapy wouldn’t be harmful, but what about the souped up regimen that BB had her on?

The hours of pumping dragged on just like it had the day before. Chloe had plenty of time to wallow in the terrible decision she had made in signing herself up for this. The conditions were far more horrendous than she could have ever imagined. She had no idea how she was going to make it through the rest of her current pumping session, let along 12 more days. She desperately wanted to ask her fellow livestock how they managed, but knew it was highly unlikely that she would ever be able to.

Shit, she thought, did I just think of myself and these other women as ‘livestock’? I need to stop doing that! But it was hard when all the signs around her referred to her as ‘livestock,’ and when she was clearly living the life of a farm animal. The fact that she was now producing milk for her captors made it all the worse. They were giving her torment upon torment, and in return all she was giving them was a valuable commodity. She hated them for it and renewed her vows of revenge.


When Chloe and her section were finally pulled into their sleeping quarters, the drained girl fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pad. She’d done all the thinking she had wanted to do while getting milked, and she was exhausted from the exercise and the hours and hours of pumping.

The next morning came all too soon. Chloe’s body screamed at her to not get up so quickly, but her nose/tongue leash left her no choice. The shower routine was identical, and she was again pulled into an exercise room and onto a treadmill. She had no idea how she was going to survive another workout like the one the day before. But pain can be an incredible motivator. She slipped a number of times, and each one firmed her resolve to push through her exhaustion.

In the midst of her concentration, Chloe took time to look around at the other runners in the room. As with the day before, there was a range of heights and races. But this group was uniformly big-breasted and in excellent condition. In fact, she didn’t see any of them slip up even once. They were certainly all sweating and looked plenty tired by the end of the workout, but they didn’t look exhausted the way Chloe felt. Chloe realized that she had been put in with livestock who had all been in the factory for an extended time and who were in phenomenal shape because of the daily brutal workouts.

The realization that these girls were all long-termers led to another realization. All of their breasts appeared to be D-cup sized. It was possible that was a coincidence, but it was much more likely that the factory had made them that way. Chloe wondered if her hormone treatments would expand her own breasts before she was able to escape.


The routine repeated itself day after day. Every morning started with a shower and bowel movement, then an exhausting run. The milking sessions always started with hormones and orgasms, then hours and hours of pumping before being put to bed. Chloe’s body quickly adopted the routine. She didn’t feel the need to shit until she got to the shower, then she couldn’t wait for her plug to be removed. Similarly her body always got sexually excited when she was strapped into her milking stall, anticipating the orgasms that always followed.

Chloe tried to get to know her fellow captives, but on the third day she discovered that the factory kept mixing up the groups. She was placed next to different women in the milking stalls every day, and was never able to recognize anyone from one exercise group to the next. She was furious at BB for preventing even the minimal communications that might take place between people who saw each other every morning for their run. Were they really worried that some revolt might be planned? They had all of their livestock so tightly controlled every second of every day that the idea was laughable. Were they just being cruel?

The indentured reporter made it through the two weeks by holding fast to the knowledge that her freedom was on its way. She had no idea how the other women survived, knowing that they could be stuck inside the hellish factory indefinitely.

Chloe’s two week mark finally arrived. She had been very clear about exactly which day she should be rescued, and she had been very careful to count the days as they went by inside the factory. However, she didn’t know what time her rescuers would come, or what time it even was inside the windowless factory, so she proceeded through her day expecting to be pulled out at any moment.

As she pounded out the hours on the treadmill, she thought about what she’d do to keep in shape on the outside. In just two weeks she’d gotten into amazing shape. It was the one positive thing she’d be left with from this experience, and she figured she might as well maintain it, though she’d have to find another way to do it. She would not be running on any more treadmills ever!

As she was led to her milking stall, she started getting horny for her daily orgasms, and hoped that she wasn’t pulled out right then. She wasn’t, and proceeded to be milked and fed as usual. She hadn’t had any real food in two weeks, and daydreamed of all the delicious meals she would treat herself to as soon as she got out.

She looked up at her readout, to the little numbers she had noticed on her third day. The numbers counted up, and she had realized they were ticking off the number of ounces of milk she was producing. The whole idea still infuriated her, but she couldn’t help but feel some sense of accomplishment that her numbers had been improving day after day. Her breasts had also grown in size over the two weeks and were now the same D-cup size as her fellow livestock. She was both proud and disgusted by this change.

The milking seemed to drag on forever that day, yet by the end her rescuers had still not appeared. She lay awake in her bed for the first time since her first night, waiting in anticipation of being released. She reviewed her plan for what she would do once free. At the top of the list would be seeing a doctor about her arms. They hadn’t been released from the tight sheath the entire time she’d been there, and she’d had no feeling in them since that first day. She knew it was going to take some serious rehabilitation to get them going again.


Chloe was awoken the next morning by the usual bell and was distraught to find herself still a captive. The treadmill was more difficult that morning than it had been in days. Believing that she shouldn’t have been there at all made it very hard to concentrate. Her mind spun through reasons why her rescuers might be late. Or had she miscounted the days? It was awfully hard to keep track when every day was as monotonous and horrible as the day before.

When she was strapped in to her milking stall later that day, she wasn’t given the usual hormone injection or her typical orgasms. Instead, she was simply held there – no vibrator, no dildo, and no breast pumps. Her heart skipped a beat when she then heard footsteps approach her. All of the livestock had bare feet, and she had only heard the sound of shoes walking around the factory a couple of times, but never multiple sets of shoes and never quite so close. She figured her salvation must be at hand!

The first set of footsteps arrives and she could see a dark suit out of the corner of her eye. A hand was rested on her upturned ass, and a man’s voice said: “Yep, 7956B, this is her.”

Another guy in a suit stepped alongside her and looked down at her eyes. “So you’re the reporter bitch that caused me all the trouble yesterday?” He hefted and squeezed her right boob. “Well, at least after all that trouble, you’re turning into a fine heifer.”

Chloe looked up at him in confusion and distress, and also a good bit of humiliation. She’d been naked for two weeks, but this was the first human man to see her like this, and he was treating her just like the animal she was becoming. Her body was also expecting its daily orgasms, and she hoped to hell that these men wouldn’t notice.

The man holding her boob looked down at her, noticed her confused look, and explained: “Oh yes, we’re going to keep you. Did you really think those pansy reporter friends of yours would be able to get you out? Please. We’ve fended off much worse. Now, normally I wouldn’t bother to explain any of this to you cows because there’s just no point in talking to animals. But I think I’ll give you a full explanation. It will give me some pleasure to watch your journalistic optimism crumble.”

The man released her boob so that he could pull a piece of paper out of his briefcase and hold it in front of her face. “This is a death certificate. Your death certificate. It explains that you were killed in a car accident while being transported from this factory to our factory down in Louisville. The contract that was signed when you came here stipulated that all dead bodies are to be cremated, which we explained was done to your body, so no remains could be provided. But I did go through the trouble of smearing some of your blood on an old cargo trailer and wrecking it. That last bit really convinced them. I think they’re having a funeral for you this weekend. But unfortunately, you won’t be able to attend, since you’ll be busy with your job here with us.”

Chloe’s face crumbled as the heartless man crushed her hopes of any rescue party. Even if her coworkers suspected that she was still alive, they wouldn’t be able to launch a full assault on this factory. That assault would need to involve the police, but the police wouldn’t help if the target was officially dead. This was not good. Not good at all.

The man who had rested his hand on Chloe’s ass cheek had been stroking that cheek as the story about the fake death certificate was told. He continued his petting on down to her exposed pussy, and was pleasantly surprised to find her quite wet and very responsive. “Hey boss,” he called out as the story wrapped up, “I think this bitch is getting off on the idea of being our livestock for the rest of her life. Look at how wet she is!”

Chloe couldn’t believe what was happening. She had just gotten the worst news of her life, but when the man began rubbing her clit, her body jumped straight into high gear with heavy breathing, involuntary twitches, and ample pussy juices.

“By golly,” said the boss, “You’re right Frank. Well, why don’t you go ahead and fuck her?”

Chloe tried to shake her head as Frank unzipped his pants, but of course she could do nothing to prevent his intrusion. The boss held her chin in his hand and looked down at her as Frank went to work. She initially tried to return his gaze with a hateful glare, but her body was betraying her. The man behind her was toying with her clit as he rammed his cock in and out of her, and after all the conditioning she just couldn’t help getting off on it, and that certainly showed on her face. She closed her eyes and tried to turn her head, but she couldn’t hide her face from his view. Try as she might to scowl, she knew that looks of pleasure were passing over her face as well.

Chloe had never been so humiliated or distraught. She was being fucked like an animal by her captor. She needed to convince these men to let her out, but instead she was just convincing them that she was enjoying herself. She ended up orgasming along with Frank, which earned her a big belly laugh from the boss.

“Oh, it’s going to be fun to torment you. I think I’ll start by giving you a guided tour of the factory.” He hit a couple button on a remote control, and Chloe was released from the stall and brought upright by her leash, which then started pulling her towards the front of the factory. The boss followed along behind her, swatting at her ass periodically as they walked. She tried to kick out at him, but it just earned her a yank on her nose/tongue chain and a harder spank from the boss.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” The boss mocked as they arrived in what appeared to be a control room. The pole with her leash raised up, forcing her to stand tall on her toes and preventing her from even attempting another pathetic kick. “You wanted to get all the dirt on our operation? Well, now that you’ve had an intimate look at how our livestock are treated, I’ll fill in some of the gaps for you.”

The boss pulled up a surveillance video from one of the entry garages. Chloe watched as a white van pulled in and the driver started pulling bound girls from the back. “Surely you suspected that some women are brought here against their will. Well, you’re absolutely right. Sammy there is one of our best kidnappers. We just make sure that the cows he brings in can’t be traced back to us.”

Chloe watched as girl after girl was collared and dragged by the neck further into the factory. Those girls weren’t even earning needed money for their poor families. Their torment would only make the kidnapper and this company rich.

The next stop for Chloe and the boss was the rear door of one of the initial prep rooms. Chloe was again left standing uncomfortably on her tip toes as her gloating tour guide explained what was happening to the helpless girl inside the room. A panel above the door had opened so that they could see both the girl’s head and her body.

“That first machine makes two small incisions in the throat and severs the cow’s vocal cords.” The boss grabbed Chloe’s own throat as he talked and made a pinching motion around her larynx, as if to make it all the more obvious that this had been done to her as well. “We originally used gags to keep our livestock from making a ruckus and communicating with each other, but they were always messy to take in and out. Cutting the cords is quick and easy, and then we never have to worry about our cows making sounds again.”

Chloe had guessed that this was what had been done to her throat, but hearing it confirmed was still a blow. These bastards had so callously taken away an important component of being human, just to save themselves a bit of trouble.

The poor girl inside was being shaved. The boss continued his explanation: “The tingling you felt on your scalp and pussy was a laser hair removal treatment. We decided early on that hair got in the way and increased maintenance, so permanently removing it was the obvious choice.” He ran his hand over Chloe’s own bald head, then her naked and still-wet pussy. “Of course, removing pubic hair isn’t completely necessary, but it makes sure that the vibrators always hit their mark. And, frankly, I like to see all the shaven pussies when I walk around my factory.”

The girl in the prep room was getting her arms bound up behind her. “Ah yes, you’ve no doubt come to appreciate this little contraption,” the boss said as he yanked Chloe’s bound arms back and forth. “Our cows have no need for their arms, and we need to make sure that arms don’t get in the way of any of the machines. Folding your arms up behind your back is the perfect place for them. This position also pushes your udders forward nicely and makes you incredibly easy to control.”

The boss didn’t miss the opportunity to squeeze her bulging tits and yank her around some more to demonstrate his points. “Keeping your arms in this position will cause permanent damage, but since you’ll never need to use them again, that’s of no concern.”

A red laser appeared and started burning the letter’s “BB” into the ass of the girl inside the room. The boss tapped Chloe’s ass and said “You may have wondered why we bother burning our company initials into all of you cows. Well, part of the answer is that my own initials are BB, and it makes me damn proud to look across my factory floor at all the fine asses that I own. On a more practical side, we do occasionally send some of our cows off to other factories when we fill up here, and we need to be able to easily determine which ones are ours.”

The mechanical arm inside the room was finishing up by piercing the new girl’s nose and tongue. “This is pretty ingenious, don’t you think?” The boss asked rhetorically as he unhooked Chloe’s nose chain from her tongue chain, leaving her nose hooked to the leash high up on the pole in front of her. He pulled down sharply on her tongue chain, forcing Chloe to open her mouth wide. “With these piercings and chains, we never have to worry about prying our way into our cows’ mouths, which used to cause some damage with the particularly obstinate types. Now we have full access with a simple tug.”

The boss’s fingers were inside Chloe’s mouth as he discussed this, brushing her tongue, running along her teeth, and poking at the back of her throat. She wanted nothing more than to bite him, but her tongue chain made that impossible.

“You know, since I’ve got you like this, I might as well demonstrate what I mean by ‘full access’ to your mouth.” He tapped a button and Chloe’s nose leash was lowered until she was forced to kneel. The boss then pulled another chain out of his pocket and used it to hook her tongue leash down to a ring on the floor, making sure it was tight enough that Chloe was forced to keep her mouth wide open and her tongue extended all the way out.

As the boss pulled out his dick and started rubbing it up and down the length of her tongue, Chloe actually tried to rip her tongue ring out so she could chomp down on her tormenter’s member. But in her awkward position, she had no leverage and only succeeded to cause herself more pain.

The boss’s dick quickly grew hard, and soon he was pressing his head against the back of her mouth. Chloe was certainly used to the feeding tube being jammed down her throat, but her captor’s cock was considerably thicker. She gagged, but that only made the big man smile as he pushed his way deeper and deeper into her throat.

In addition to being extremely unpleasant, the forced blow job crossed yet another line of indecency for Chloe. The fucking she’d gotten from Frank earlier had been humiliating, but it had come at the same time, and in place of, her normal fucking from the machine. It was as if Frank was doing some work by-hand instead of using the machine. This blow job was completely gratuitous. The boss was fucking her mouth just because he could and just because he enjoyed it. Now she was a milk-providing cow AND a sex-providing slave.

When the boss was done, he wiped his dick on Chloe’s cheeks then reattached her tongue and nose chains. Her pole then lead her back across the factory floor. They walked through one of the sleeping chambers, allowing Chloe to see a row of girls face down on the pad. It was a bizarre scene, with their branded asses, their arms all wrenched behind them, and their faces hidden in the cutouts beneath them. It didn’t look like it could possibly be comfortable enough for sleeping, though Chloe knew from experience that it was.

The boss described the importance of good hygiene as they passed through an empty shower room, and briefly mentioned the convenience of training them to all shit at the same time in the shower so that they didn’t have to worry about cleaning up anywhere else.

The two then walked into an exercise room with a full contingent of girls running on treadmills. The girls looked surprised at the unexpected intrusion, but of course didn’t alter their cadence one bit. The boss forced Chloe to again stand tall as he explained the need for physical fitness.

“Originally we just milked our cows eighteen hours a day and had them sleep for six. We didn’t think we had to care about them getting fat, until we discovered that the inactivity was having a negative effect on the milk. It turns out that physical activity leads to higher quality milk, and since Best Breasts produces top quality milk, we’ve decided to keep our livestock in prime shape. So, we’ve got you exercising for four hours a day, milking for twelve hours, and sleeping for eight. And we’re on a twenty-four hour a day schedule, so while some groups of cows are sleeping, others are milking and others are exercising.”

He left Chloe’s side and walked over to one of the naked runners, who eyed him warily but could do nothing to prevent him from running his hand over her flat stomach and slapping her thighs as she pounded away on the treadmill. “Will you just look at these girls! Any one of them could run a marathon right now without a problem. I’ve got to say that having a factory full of thin, toned babes is a lot easier on my staff’s eyes than in the old days of fat cows.”

He returned to Chloe, who squirmed as he ran his hands over her own body, judging and gauging. “Don’t worry hon, we’ll get you into the same peak shape eventually.” Chloe wasn’t worried about this and wanted to scream that she had been in just fine shape before coming here and didn’t need or want his help. But she couldn’t scream and she wasn’t going to be able to avoid the strict exercise regimen any more than the girls around her.

The two finally ended up back at the same milking stall where this lousy tour had started. The boss watched as Chloe was hooked back in and delivered her hormone treatment. He reached over her and grabbed both of her boobs and said, “Surely you’ve figured out that in addition to stimulating your body to produce milk, the hormone treatment we’re giving you is causing your udders to grow. I see that you either started off with some fair sized knockers, or that you’re responding particularly quickly to our hormones. But you’ve still got a few sizes to go. Once you reach full size, your hormone treatments will focus on maximizing your milk production and keeping you healthy. That liquid food running down the tube into your stomach is doing the same. You’re on a perfectly balanced diet that essentially focuses your entire digestive system on producing what you need for copious amounts of highly nutritional breast milk.

As the boss was talking, the vibrator and dildo had started going to work on her clit and pussy. She had a hard time concentrating on what he was saying, but still got the gist. “You are probably wondering about the ‘Mock Insemination / Sexual Stimulation.’ The theory is that a woman’s body produces more and better-quality milk when she is sexually active. We think it has something to do with the interaction between the hormones we give you and the ones you produce yourself when orgasming. To be honest, we aren’t exactly sure why it works, but we’ve done a lot of testing, and the important thing is that we know that it does work. So, lucky for you, you get your daily stimulation!”

Chloe hated the fact that she did actually enjoy this part of her day. She couldn’t help her body’s reaction, and it did feel damn good. But knowing that it was all a part of coaxing out more milk from her boobs made it feel dirty and wrong. Right or wrong, Chloe’s body shattered through the standard set of orgasms, all to the laughing eyes of the man who owned her.

With the orgasms done, the milkers latched on to Chloe’s waiting nipples. The boss proceeded to play with her bouncing boobs as the suction kicked in and milk started to flow. “Yes indeed, you are certainly responding well to the hormones. I bet you are going to be one of our top producing heifers one day! And do you know what that gets you? Years and years of more milking!”

He stepped around to her front side and looked down at her glowering eyes. “Well my dear, I have to say that it was quite satisfying to show you around. Watching you come to terms with the full extent of your fate has gone part of the way in making up for the trouble you’ve caused me by trying to expose this operation. But even though the last laugh is clearly on you, and even though you will be producing a fine product for my company, I’m still upset with you. I’ll have to think of some other ways to get back at you. Maybe I’ll start by letting my staff know that they should focus on you whenever they feel the desire to let some sexual energy out on a cow.”

With that, the boss patted Chloe’s ass and left her to the remainder of her twelve hours of milking. Her mind was spinning with everything she had just learned. She certainly had enough facts for a killer expose, but it seemed increasingly impossible that she would ever have a chance to write it. Even more than the death certificate, the fact that the boss was willing to tell her all sorts of damning details proved how confident he was that she would spend the rest of her life trapped inside his factory.

Chloe’s mind tried come to terms with the concept of living the rest of her life as a milk-producing cow: spending twelve hours a day, every day, getting pumped by this damn machine; being controlled every second of every day by passionless machines and a set of programming focused only on maximizing her milk production; never speaking or using her arms again. She had wondered before how the other women could possibly cope with this reality, knowing there was no way out. Now she was in the same position and still had no idea how to cope.

She realized, however, that the words ‘how to cope’ were meaningless here. Those words would matter if she had to get herself out of bed to go to work every morning. But at no point during her day did she have any choices to make. She was pulled out of bed, washed, exercised, and fed. The designers of this factory had thought of everything, leaving her with no options and no free-will whatsoever. She was indeed a factory farmed animal.


Years droned by. The boss was true to his word about encouraging his staff to fuck Chloe whenever they felt the urge. They were usually quite brutal about it, slapping her ass and pinching her clit as they rammed in and out of her pussy. But if anything, the attention served to break up the monotony of the day, and Chloe almost became glad for it.

She wasn’t as happy about the times when a staff member would sneak up on her prostrate body while she was sleeping. It was a huge shock the first time it happened, and she had unconsciously tried to pull her head up, receiving a sharp yank from the nose/tongue chain that held her down. She tried to kick, but being trapped face down and unable to see or use her arms made her pretty helpless, and she got the impression that the staff members who were fucking her that way enjoyed the added challenge.

She was also extremely unhappy when the boss told her that she was going to be the boob model for some of the company’s promotional materials. No identifying features would be shown, and it wasn’t as if she had any private life to protect anyway, but the concept really irked her anyway. Her boobs were already being used to produce this damn company’s product. Now her boobs were going to be used to help sell the product!

The boss showed her the picture that was produced. It displayed the smooth flesh of one of her large soft breasts with the suction cup of the milking machine hiding her nipple. What couldn’t be seen were the piercings that held that milking machine in place or the brutal restraints that held the woman in place. As far as anyone would be able to tell, the pump was calmly doing its job with the full consent of the woman it was attached to.

A couple of years in to her time at the factory, the boss let her know that they wanted to do some experimenting to determine whether certain amounts of pain would increase milk production. The concept sounded ridiculous, and even the boss didn’t seem to have high hopes that it would work, but it was no skin off his back to just give it a try. However, it did turn out to be some skin off Chloe’s back, or rather her ass.

Chloe had been producing a constant level of milk every day for well over a year, so they figured that if they kept everything else the same and only added some pain, then any change in milk production could be attributed to the pain. They set up a machine in her milking stall that delivered periodic slashes to her ass from a thin wooden dowel. The pain was excruciating. The machine was adjusted so that it hit just hard enough not to break skin. It was then left running for the full twelve hours of milking. The affects on her ass were well documented, and the staff enjoyed showing her the pictures of her own angry red buttocks.

Chloe herself was entirely unsurprised that her milk production went down almost right away. But it was decided to keep the study going for a number of weeks on the theory that perhaps production would temporarily go down and then climb higher. Day after day she was forced to endure the agony of the twelve hour caning.

Her milk production did start to rise back up after two weeks. It was still lower than the pre-caning level after the fourth week, but was slowly inching up so they kept the study going. She prayed that her production wouldn’t go higher, but there was nothing she could actually do about it. Finally after 6 weeks her production leveled off at a slightly lower rate than pre-caning, so after 8 weeks the study was called off.

Over the years they used her for other experiments as well. Perhaps, they theorized, constricting bands around her boobs would increase production. How about hanging her upside down while she was milked? How about giving her a constant slow fucking? She wanted to smack them and suggest that they try giving her more freedom and personal interaction. But even though her ideas might have worked, additional freedom would interrupt the efficient operation of the factory, and the staff would never go for it. Anyway, she suspected that they really just enjoyed toying with her during these studies. They already had an incredibly effective process, and were making tons of money off it.


Years later the boss paid Chloe a visit at her milking stall. Something in the way he patted her firm legs and flat stomach hinted that he was taking his final grope. “I’m sure going to miss these,” he said as he squeezed her lactating boobs. “I’ve come to tell you that I’m retiring, and I wanted to let you know that I’m not going to tell the new boss or the complete new staff he’s bringing anything about how you came to be here. As far as they’ll know, you are just cow # 7956B. You won’t have to worry any more about always being chosen for painful studies or getting more than your share of the staff’s attention. I consider your debt to me to be paid off, so you can now slip back into comfortable anonymity around here. So long!”

He gave her one last hard spank as he walked away, leaving her mind in turmoil. Did he really not understand that the true horror of this place was the unending monotony? Of course she had hated the caning and the fucking and all the other things the staff had done to her, but at least it had kept her sane. Now she had literally nothing to look forward to but day after day of running, milking, and sleeping.

It burned that this final act of cruelty on the boss’s part was being done because he was retiring. At the same time that he walked freely out of the factory to a cushy retirement, Chloe was condemned to live the rest of her life in mind-numbing obscurity. She was already resigned to never speaking again, and now she knew that she might never even be spoken to again. She was just cow # 7956B, a somewhat above average milk producer who had been in the factory for eight years and who could be expected to go on producing for many more.


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