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Moving April

by Hotangelsxxx

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April walked into her house for the last time. Today was the final day of moving with only big pieces of furniture to move that her husband and friends were taking care of later. She had just gotten back from work early, her boss kind enough to let her leave early.

Walking onto her back porch, it was a lovely sunny day out over looking her pool and backyard. Taking advantage of the lovely day April stripped out of her shorts and t-shirt revealing a bikini. Since she worked at a spa she usually wore bikini’s under her clothes.

Now stripped down to her bikini revealed her stunning toned and tan body. Her long dark hair blowing in the gentle breeze. She had lovely size 32d breasts, a tight round ass she shaped so well from being an aerobics instructor. Her legs really nicely toned and looked quite fit.

Stepping out of her shorts and her sneakers she caught eye of her favorite lawn chair she loved tanning in. It collapsed easily too and designed to free up space when stored. Laying on the chair now, the chair would fold up underneath where her knees are and fold down where her butt rested. Deciding she'd get one last tanning in at the poolside of their old house one last time.

Bathing in the hot sun, her mind began to wonder. Remembering all the wild pool parties they had and the many hot evenings they spent skinny dipping together. Her hubby loved playing the game "Get Out of the Pool". Which hearing that meant hubby planed on having his way with me if I didn't get out of the pool before he got a hold of me. Which of course I’d usually lose since he was bigger, stronger, and had longer arms then me. The game usually ended with him getting a hold of me and forcefully thrusting his cock in my pussy. Once he thrusted in me I just gave in and enjoyed the ride as he gave us both amazing climax's

Unbenounced to April there was movement in the house. Her husband’s friend was an engineering genius. Had created these robots to help with heavy lifting and hubby agreed to let him do a real world test with them. With no one home (or supposed to be home) was the perfect opportunity to test them without having to worry about them on how they’d interact with humans. The robots had started in the house moving furniture in the truck. Securing fragile pieces with bubble wrap, foam, and other soft fabrics they saw fit to secure to make sure it was well secured and protected

By now April was lost in her thoughts thinking of fooling around in the pool. Her hands began to wander and one working its way down her bottoms running over her now hot, moist pussy lips. The other hand had a mind of its own undoing her bikini top and fondling her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples.

Now on the porch the robots were securing and taking the patio furniture away. Looking around the robots scanned what they saw as more furniture around the pool.

Loosing herself to the pleasure, April worked 3 fingers into her pussy, massaging her pussy walls with them as she teased her clit with her thumb and index finger.

"Tanning outside in the hot sun by the pool one last time and giving herself an orgasm, can't think of a better final moment at their old house" April thought to herself.

April's breathing getting heavier, moans of pleasure started to escape from her lips. Since it was the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, she didn't have to worry about neighbors seeing her. Which is a good thing as her moans of pleasure are definitely increasing in volume as she's fast approaching an orgasm, her crotch and hand covered in her juices.

Nearing the edge of her orgasm, she suddenly felt pressure pushing against her breasts. Opening her eyes she discovered she had been folded up in her own lounge chair by two robots that were wrapping bubble wrap around her and the chair. In a matter of seconds they had folded her up and wrapped several layers of bubble wrap around the chair and her. Each wrap pressing her knees against her breasts more and more.

Turns out the robots hadn't been programed to deal with humans and other large objects together. So seeing her on the lounge chair, the robots just thought she was another lounge chair to package. Since the chair wasn't folding properly they secured it well with bubble wrap to make sure it stayed folded up neatly.

"What the hell, Hey stop it, ahhhh u stupid robots let me go". April shouted at them in a panicked, anger frenzy.

Satisfied the chair is well secured now, the robots now noticed April's thrashing head. For the robot though was just something else that needed to be secured. Taking out a U-shaped piece foam that was thin and covered in plastic. Quickly removed the plastic and placed it behind April's head. Feeling the foam around her head, barely able to see the edges in her peripheral vision.

Shortly after April started feeling pressure pressing against all around her head where the foam was. The foam free from its plastic prison was now expanding, flattening out as it expanded against the chair and moulding around her head as it expanded. Didn't take long until April couldn't move her head any more but the foam kept expanding. Pressing firmly against her ears, April was having troubling hearing more and more. Finally the foam had finished expanding to several inches thick from initially being like an inch thick, and now April couldn't hear anything.

By now all this had happened to April in around a few minutes worth of time. Freaking out still and angry that she was getting kidnapped basically by robots and shouted at them to stop this and let her go. The robots only saw her moving jaw as something else that needed to be secured. One of the robots quickly took a ball shape piece of foam and shoved it in her mouth. The foam quickly expanded in her mouth before she could spit it out. Quickly pinning her tongue against the bottom of her jaw and forcing her jaw open. Not enough to hurt her but enough to keep her mouth open and effectively gagged.

Realizing now the robots were securing anything that she was moving. She quickly stopped moving her eyes as she had been looking back and forth between the two robots. It was too late though as she saw two quarter size pieces of foam lowered and pressed against her eyes and taped down. They quickly expanded to 3 times the size keeping her eye lids firmly pressed down.

Unable to now speak, move, see, or hear anything April started to freak out a little until she felt something soft and fluffy brushing against her feet. Causing her to laugh and giggle in her gag, April had always taken great care of herself including her feet. Her feet were ultra-sensitive so whatever was brushing against her feet really tickled her, and with all other senses taken away it only multiplied the effect.

Giggling herself silly, she had been unware that she had been wiggling her toes and feet. The robots had quickly sandwiched each foot between two fabrics that looked like a soft fluffy pieces of rugs. Then wrapping several layers of tape around each foot keeping them and her feet well secured. April could still wiggle her toes in the fabric but that just resulted in the material tickling between her toes more. The material really tickled against her feet, whatever it was, and wiggling her toes only resulted in her tickling her even more. Now laughing into the gag, getting her feet tickled always made her wiggle her toes uncontrollable. It took her a moment to finally relax her feet so she wasn't tickling herself against soft fluffy material anymore, keeping her feet still now.

Not seeing any more movement anywhere, the robots picked her up and started carrying the chair and her to the moving truck. Unable to do anything and all her senses taken away but her sense of touch, she suddenly felt a familiar pressure in her crotch area. Quickly realizing this all happened so fast that she still had three fingers buried in her throbbing pussy. She then felt her tit being squeezed realizing her other hand was still cupping one of her tits. Suddenly shuddering as much as her bondage would allow as her thumb and index finger squeezed her clit.

Silently cursing herself, here she was basically being kidnapped and tightly secured, and all she could think about suddenly was that she was in heat. Her hands having minds of their own now and another squeeze of her breast and pinch of her clit quickly brought her back to the edge of the orgasm she was so rudely interrupted from. Three fingers inside her now massaging her pussy walls hitting all the perfect spots. The sensory deprived state she was in literally had her lost in another world of sexual bliss. Her hand squeezing her tit more and harder, fingers plunging deep into pussy. One final squeeze and hard pull on her clit gave April a mind blowing orgasm.

Now being loaded in the moving truck and secured, you couldn't even tell April was have the most intense orgasm of her life. April was now screaming in pleasure but only came out as a low moan with the foam gag in her mouth. Fingers and hands still teasing and tweaking her throughout her orgasm. Succeeding in only lengthening her orgasm. Completely immobilized and sensory deprived, her orgasm seemed to go on forever. After over a minute, the most intense orgasm she ever had subsided resulting in her blacking out momentary.

The robots now done with their job loading all the furniture in the moving truck, go back in their trailer they were brought over in and go into sleep mode. Finished just in time as hubby and his friend John arrive back to see the truck all loaded up and ready to be moved to the new house.

April starting to come too in the back of the truck, barely noticing the vibrations from the truck. Her mind all a fog, completely forgetting the situation she was in; until that all too familiar feeling of her hands pleasuring herself began again. Coming back to reality, remembering she's completely trapped and helpless as her hands work their magic. Cursing the robots one last time before she quickly was lost in sexual bliss, fast approaching another of many intense orgasm. Since it is a half hour to their new place and is fast approaching rush hour. Is going to be a long ride for the helpless April.

To be continued...

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