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The New Lindsey Davidson

by LatexSuperGirl

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Storycodes: Solo-F; factory; machine; naked; conveyor; process; glue; frame; automated; encase; objectify; packaged; delivery; F/f; ride; tease; climax; nc/cons; X

Lindsey Stirling had just joined a very active environmental activist group, and as part of her initiation, they had her investigating the local abandoned motorcycle factory in her hometown. As she walks up to it, she realizes she’s a bit nervous despite her fame she realizes what she is doing is considered trespassing at best and worst industrial sabotage; her fame might not be able to save her if she is caught. As Lindsey looks around quickly, she breaks out the window on the front door and grabs the knob on the other side. Before she can pull her hand off, she feels a strong surge of electricity pass through her knocking her out.

A few hours later she wakes up naked and with her hair in a ponytail in an abandoned looking wheelhouse full of machinery. Even though she can't see outside, she knows it's nighttime due to it being quite chilly in the warehouse and due to her nipples being rock hard from exposure to the chilly air in the warehouse. As she begins to explore the warehouse, she trips and falls onto a conveyor belt. Detecting an object on the belt the dormant machinery in the old motorcycle factory quickly comes to life. 

As Lindsey tries to get up off the belt, a scanner quickly scans Lindsey. Since obviously the system wasn't built with humans being a part the machines can use it quickly determines Lindsey must be a complete set of body panels for one of the higher end bikes. The system quickly grabs Lindsey to prevent any accidental damage to her various "body panels" while it selects a Harley Davidson frame that should match perfectly with Lindsey's tiny athletic body. 

With the frame now on the conveyor belt, it quickly sprays the frame with a bonding agent before gently but firmly pressing Lindsey onto the frame laying her down with her breasts facing the ceiling. Less than 60 seconds after placing her the frame the system removes the robotic arms since they are sure the body panels are now secure. Lindsey tries to get up but quickly realizes her back and toned ass are now bonded firmly to the frame of the Harley Davidson. 

The system then moves the Lindsey frame to the first work booth where the suspension and steering components are put into place. The system in the booth quickly scans Lindsey, wrongly assuming her toned, tiny, and exquisite arms are oversized suspension parts. The system having made this wrong assumption has a pair of robotic arms deliver an oversized for a motorcycle at least set of tubes in which Lindsey's arms are quickly stuffed into. Before it shoves her arms into them though the interior of the tubes are sprayed with the same bonding agent as the frame.

The bonding agent somewhat pools at the ends of the pipes since they only have one opening ensuring that Lindsey’s arms can't move an inch. The system then stretches Lindsey’s now encased arms to the proper position for the front and rear tires to be attached. Lindsey moans a bit as her arms are stretched into an uncomfortable position above her head while also stretching Lindsey's arms to their max length. After positioning the suspension pieces that are Lindsey's arms into the proper position, it quickly bolts the tires to the frame and suspension tubes.

Lindsey being quite befuddled and attached to the motorcycle at this point silently watches as a pair of handlebars are attached to the frame just a slight distance from her beautiful hair. The booth finishes its work by attaching the small windshield and front headlight along with the proper front trim pieces. As Lindsey begins to think the process is complete. She feels her calves and thoughts being pressed firmly together before feeling the cool touch of some very soft leather. She shudders as she feels the zipper close sealing her legs within the backrest.

This process complete the system quickly moves her and her frame out of the booth. Before entering the next booth, a deluxe top of the line motor is placed and bolted to the frame Lindsey is attached to. The system then places a nice sized gas tank over top of Lindsey's adorable breasts using the same bonding agent as before to make sure the tank won't move. Lindsey tries to look down to see, but the front of the tank is pressed firmly under her chin to the point where Lindsey can even open her mouth to yell for help. The tubing connecting the gas tank to the motor is cut slightly longer due to the subtle swell of her A-Cup breasts increasing the distance between tank and motor.

The system then moves the conveyor into the next booth where all the electrical work is done. Lindsey panics a bit can't say anything due to the tank under her chin as a panel containing the speedometer and fuel gauge is quickly lowered over her face. Luckily it leaves her mouth exposed still allowing her to breathe. The system quickly adds all the wiring that is necessary to run the various electrical components of the motorcycle. The system then moves the conveyor out of the wiring booth.

Once outside of the wiring booth the frame that Lindsey is bonded to is quickly scanned by the system. The system recognizes that other than various decals all the Lindsey bike is missing is a seat. The system then selects a large and long seat which the system quickly sprays the underside of with the bonding agent before gently pressing it down and onto Lindsey's toned but quite exposed belly.

By this point with the exception of her mouth, her exposed sides and her still quite exposed pussy, virtually all of Lindsey 's formally nude figure is covered by motorcycle parts. Lindsey tries to make any movement at all but realizes that between the bonding agent attaching her to the frame and her arms and legs being encased and bolted to the tires she can't make a single movement. As she realizes the seriousness of her situation; finally she begins to panic even more. 

The system then quickly applies the various decals to Lindsey's exposed skin before etching a VIN number that matches the motors onto the frame. With this final touch, the motorcycle is gently shoved off the assembly line and right into a lovely crate with holes drilled in it almost like the person who put it there knew somebody was going to be attached to the motorcycle.

As the box is nailed shut and properly marked by a pair of robotic arms, Lindsey stops panicking and actually starts to feel a bit turned on by both the tight bondage she's been forced into and by the uncertainty of who's going to own the bike that's she's become. 

The woman who owns the factory Lindsey had tried to infiltrate smiled mischievously at what she had done to stop the pesky activist from getting her plant shut down.

(From Lindsey's POV)

After having travelled in the dark box attached to the motorcycle and hardly able to move an inch Lindsey Stirling was understandably excited as she felt the vehicle she was currently loaded in, comes to a stop. Her heartbeat quickens even more as she hears the back of the truck open causing sunlight to flood through the air holes left in the box as her container is pulled from the truck she hopes that the obvious mistake of her being attached to a motorcycle is about to be discovered and fixed.

Her hopes are quickly dashed though as she hears the delivery driver ask someone who she can't see "Are you a Miss Rose Thorne? If you are can please hurry and sign for your bike? I've got a lot of deliveries to make. Please be aware once you sign for the bike you assume all responsibilities for it, ma'am. Once you sign accepting delivery, there is no returning it.". Lindsey dares to get her hopes up again hoping that this Rose person will inspect her purchase before signing for it. Her hopes are dashed as she hears a second more dainty and very attractive sounding voice say, "Yeah I'm Rose and I've been waiting for this damm bike for months. I'm going to assume based on the time I've had to wait and the reviews I've read that your product is perfect. Just give me the damn paper to sign. Lindsey realized as she hears a pen scratch across a piece of paper that she has just legally become the bike that this Rose person apparently ordered.

Lindsey shudders as she feels the box she is in moved into an oily smelling room full of what she can only guess at this point is motorcycle parts and motorcycle paraphernalia. Her heart hits rock bottom as she hears the delivery driver say "Please enjoy your purchase ma'am and if you are pleased with the product you received refer us to all your friends.". With that final bit of speech from the delivery driver Lindsey is now fully aware of the fact there is no way out of this situation.

Her heart begins to race again as she hears a metallic sounding object being picked up. Before she can even to comprehend how the biker is going to react to the unintentional addition to her bike the biker already has the box open enough that she is able to roll the bike Lindsey is attached to out of the dank and dark box and right underneath the bright spotlights in the middle of her garage. 

(From Rose's POV)

As Rose stands marvelling at her sleek and shiny brand new murdered out Harley she quickly notices a creamy white stripe where matte black paint should be instead. As Rose got closer to inspect what the creamy white colour actually was, she gasped with shock as she realized that a svelte woman is attached to the bike. As she poked at what appeared to be a firm and supple ass cheek, she said: "Well it's not quite the color combination I ordered but I think that this addition more than makes up for it." As she slowly drags her pointer finger across the creamy white stripe she finally gets to the top of the stripe. As she pulls her finger off she smiles as she looks behind the rear mudguard. Rose giggles as she discovers a clean shaven pussy. She also notes how the mudguard rubs up ever so gently against the ass of whoever it is who is attached to her Bike. Rose now content with the visual inspection decides that a mechanical inspection is also surely needed.

As Rose got on her bike, she threw her leg over the seat so she could straddle the bike before sitting down. As she moved the handlebars, she marvelled at how stiff and firm the handling was. During her inspection, Rose had noticed that whoever the person was that's connected to her bike, their arms are encased by the suspension. Rose sat down hard on the seat as she did; she heard a muffled grunt come from the front of the bike. With a wicked grin on her face from hearing the groan, she did a couple more little hops on the seat to test the suspension a little more. Each little hop allowed her to hear the groan again and again while also confirming that the suspension was just as fantastic as the steering. After testing these few little things to make sure her new and obviously very interesting bike was roadworthy she hurried to shove the key into the ignition.

After a few tries of almost getting the key into the ignition but missing Rose takes a deep breath to calm herself and slowly reaches behind her slipping her hand behind the rear mudguard and ever so gently finding exactly what she was expecting. As the tips of her fingers of her left hand find what they were expecting she hears another muffled moan come from the bike this one a more sexual moan than a grunt. With a wicked grin on her face, Rose decides that her bike need to be properly primed before being started.

Rose begins to gently rub Her bike's pussy rubbing ever so gently just barely touching the clitoris, but it sends shockwaves of pleasure through her bike. After hearing quite a few very sexual grunts Rose yanks her fingers away from the rear mudguard assuming her bike has now been properly lubricated and primed and is surely ready for the road. Before slipping the key into the ignition, Rose shoves her pointer finger into the exposed mouth that she can see poking between the gas tank and the dash. Much to her surprise, she feels a strong sucking sensation almost as if the bike is desperate for any human contact. With a wicked grin still on her face, Rose inserts the key into the ignition and pulls her finger out of the bike's mouth. 

As Rose turns the key in the ignition and revs the engine to life she hears yet another moan from the front end of the bike this one loud enough to be heard over the rumble of the Milwaukee eight engine. Rose with an ever growing grin on her face she revs the Big V-Twin hard a couple of times to ensure it is running properly, each rev eliciting a slightly louder almost musical moan from whoever is attached to her bike.

As Rose looks back behind the unusually tall and thick backrest she can see pussy juices running down the mudguard and slowly dripping to the ground. As she notes this she says "Well whoever you are, your super aroused right now, not that I can blame you. I don't know how you got yourself into this fix but I'm sure happy that your in it. My friends are gonna be so jealous.".

Deciding to let the engine idle for a bit to warm up, Rose unzips the exquisite black leather of the backrest. With delight clearly evident on her face as she discovers that the persons muscled thighs and calves are forming her backrest. She ever so gently pokes at the supple thigh discovering that even a simple touch like that can elicit a moan from her new bike.

After investigating what was inside of the backrest Rose slowly zips the backrest shut again making sure that it's in constant contact with the thigh. By the time she has the backrest completely zipped shut she notices that there is practically a river of pussy juice flowing down the rear mudguard. With a smile of deep satisfaction, Rose puts the bike in gear and drives out of the garage.

(From Lindsey's POV)

The engine revving against her back transmitted their vibrations through her. Every single nerve was on fire. Every gasp or moan mixed with exhaust- a hybrid cry of steel and ecstasy. She knew Rose couldn't see her blushing as she felt her pussy juices dribble out of her and down between her asscheeks. She realized Rose was about to take her out on the open road as she felt the vibrations from the powerful engine increase.

For what seemed like forever to her, the vibrations stayed steady but as Rose got to the highway, suddenly the vibrations increased tremendously. As the revs kept climbing Lindsey blushed even more as she knew she was so very close to having an orgasm. As Rose got onto the highway, Lindsey felt the wind nipping and biting at her skin mixing the pleasure with the tiniest points of pain. As Rose merges onto the highway Lindsey whimpers as she feels the revs die down leaving her on the very brink of an orgasm. For what seems like forever the vibrations stay constant and very low, but as Rose pulls off the highway Lindsey tries to shriek as Rose refs the engine hard before bringing it to a stop.

The short but intense burst of vibrations left Lindsey with no choice but to orgasm as Rose gently sets the kickstand and walks into the bar one of her biker friends owned. With the vibrations from the engine gone and the parking lot silent and her orgasm complete, Lindsey can hear her juices run down the rear mudguard and then drop to the ground leaving a decent size puddle beneath her. Even as she blushes from this, she hopes Rose will come back out soon and ride her even harder!

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