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One Slip

by Leexxx

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Ashley was surprised that she even got the job at Greenland Milking. Fresh out of college she had no experience however the company was eager to hire the young Manufacturing Engineer. It also helped that her husband had already been working for the company for a few years. She had met him during her freshman year of college, and his senior year. They had fallen helplessly in love and married before she even finished college. It only seemed logical for the company to hire the pair as they worked well together.

Ashley often described herself as “five feet and five inches of fun.” Opposite of her husband, Ashley was high energy and always thinking up something new. That was only part of the draw that pulled in John, the other half was her body. Double d’s and volleyball thighs, thick in all the right places and blonde as can be, minus the stereotype. Ashley was in shape and just about as perfect as a man could ask for.

The company they had been working for was one of the first to go fully autonomous, getting into the game before most companies even really considered the changing times. This allowed the company to patent most processes and also allowed for extensive research into dozens of different applications and systems.

Ashley was charged with making the systems more efficient as well as creating new systems to speed up the current processes. Within a few weeks Ashley had a solid grasp on the workings of the factory and the processes. Getting into the flow of work was difficult at first however she was able to implement a variety of new machines to enhance the speed of the factory as well as the overall quality of the end product.

Ashley was given complete control of building 6 within a year of working for the company, the last and smallest building the company owned which made it perfect for testing the prototype equipment she was working on. There were only a few bays for cattle in current use as the building was being slowly phased out to be replace by a new building. Most days Ashley found herself working alone in the building, which allowed her to work at her own pace. With the building also being in her charge, she made sure it was almost always spotlessly clean, this allowed her to work in leisure gear and not worry about being presentable for other employees all the time, only the occasional visit of her husband. Currently she was being held up with implementing a piece of equipment on one of her test bays. For some reason she could not get her software to function correctly with the laser dimensioning system that would recognize abnormalities in the bay.

Ashley entered the bay to check the diodes, bringing in her tablet to run a few diagnostics tests as well as a small step stool so she could reach the equipment. She fortunately found a loose wire and had it reconnected within minutes, a simple fix. She pressed run on her tablet and turned around to step down off of her small stool. Unfortunately her clumsy nature and high heels made her stumble and fall to her hands and knees dropping her tablet out of reach. The machine instantly took note of the creature on all fours in the bay, the software still had a few glitches and a few of the safety systems offline, therefore considering the crouching girl a new piece of livestock being introduced into the bay. Before she knew it one of the few arms descended from the ceiling and clamped a collar around her neck while she was still gathering herself from the fall. The arm pulled her along the floor and centered her in the bay, encouraging her with its mechanical strength to crawl. She let out a few screams for help and began to chant system commands to shutdown the machine. Unfortunately it registered her squabbling as nothing more than cattle protests.

The bay quickly weighed her and bounced lasers off of her to check her dimensions. Not knowing exactly what was going on it registered her as an immature calf, it guessed female by size and began making visual markers for her body so it could track her position in the cell.

The machine began its processes and started to run through the preparations. A mechanical arm descended and forced its way into her screaming mouth, clamping down on her tongue and pulling it forward out of her mouth. The machine checked the inside of her mouth and started to print a small frame to match the dimensions. Before long the gag clamped down around her tongue and was forced up behind her teeth. The clamp retracted and leaving the gag in her mouth with her tongue still pulled out. Normally this gag is to ease the cows feeding and watering processes however now it served to turn the panicking girl's voice into nothing more than moans and mumbling. She bit down trying to crush the 3D printed plastic however it was designed to withstand the force of a cow several times her own size. A tube began to move forward and force its way down her throat, coating her esophagus with a plastic like material to ensure the forced food would not hang up in her throat and cause her to choke. A steady flow of white thick liquid began to pour down the tube and into her stomach. The liquid was designed to be nutrient rich and hydrating which helped with milk production as well as being laced with a few growth hormones that encouraged a higher quality product.

Ashley knew she was in trouble, the system was set up so cattle could be processed 24/7. She also knew all the systems she had implemented and the potential horrors they might be for her. She began to struggle against the collar holding her. The system made note of the extra struggling and applied extra restraints, popping up out of the floor to latch onto her thighs and wrists to keep her pinned to the floor. The next step began. She moaned "no" as best she could through the gag as a razor descended from the ceiling. Her clothes were quickly torn to shreds and fell to the floor leaving her completely naked in the bonds. The machine quickly made new notes of the now naked girl in a more recognizable form to the software. Typically the razor was used to shave a patch along the backbone of the cattle for future processes.

She turned her head a little to see her tablet and what the machine was queuing her up for next. She began to struggle more realizing the next step in the system. She felt two limbs press against her ass cheeks. She cried "no" again as the two machines began to tattoo her serial number onto her ass. Before long '51UT' was permanently etched into her soft flesh of each cheek. She could see the number on the screen and cried a bit more with the pain, realizing it looked like 'slut' was tattooed on both of her asscheeks now. "Property of Greenland Milking Co" is tattooed across the small of her back along with the company logo which closely resembles and arrow pointing down between her cheeks to her asshole and pussy. Normally the company logo would be placed on the side of the cow however the system made adjustments working with the limited surface area of the girl's soft skin. Another arm descends from the ceiling and positions itself in front of her face. She winces as it reaches forward and clamps into her nose. A pneumatic piston punches a hole in her septum and forces a ring through the hole, quickly welding it shut in place. The machine had to use the smallest ring it had available to fit it the girl’s nose. Tears stream down her face in pain and humiliation, the ring having a small chain connected and pulled on letting the arm holding the plastic collar, now permanently bound around her neck with a small cowbell hanging from it, retreat to the ceiling. Another arm reaches around and grabs her earlobe, pushing a tag with her matching serial number through and into place, luckily finding its way through one of her piercings already in place.

The machine brings down a 3D printed plastic piece around her head, clipping in place around her ponytail and sealing off her vision with a few pads of fabric and foam built into the assembly. Normally this is done so the cattle don't panic and thrash so much however for Ashley this is a major annoyance to lose her vision. The head piece wraps around the back of her head for support as well as clipping into the gag nestled in her teeth. Two plugs are pushed into her ears, the foam expanding to fill her ear canals and deafen her. A set of muffs wrap around the outside of her ears and clip into the head harness as well. The cattle protest less when the can’t hear the other cattle or the machinery. Ashley is plunged into a world deprived of hearing and vision.

Her hands are almost forced into a fist as a steel mold is clamped down around them. Because the cattle stand all day a protective rubber coating is applied to their hooves in order to prevent rot and deterioration and is much simpler than putting steel shoes on the cattle. The rubber is pumped into the mold around her hands effectively glueing her fingers together into a fist and taking away the fine dexterity of her fingers.

The machine next begins to place locating cuffs, normally for the cattle cuffs are placed in order to insure consistency when they go in and out of bays. A strip of steel was wrapped around her wrists and ankles and cold welded shut. Next the machine lowers a set of needles, puncturing the skin on her back on both sides of her spine up the entire length, a dozen needles at once. A cocktail of hormones and steroids begin to flow into her body, a few of the needles collecting a few samples of blood to insure the calf is healthy as well as insuring the hormones are balanced perfectly for her body to make the best quality milk. She can feel a warmth between her legs start to grow with each passing moment. The hormone injection throwing off her normal libido and sending her into a sexual frenzy. Almost immediately she craves attention between her legs, her current position only adding to her state. She tries to push the thoughts from her head knowing that there is still a significant amount to endure.

She panics for a moment feeling something press against her asshole. Had the machine heard her plea she wonders before remembering the next phase. She shakes her ass a little to try and avoid the terrible fate she knows is coming. Slowly the machine presses itself into her asshole with a lubricated metal shaft. She lets out a quiet little moan of brief pleasure as it stretches her and begins to gauge her. The metal shaft starts to expand bit by bit to test her limits. She lets out a scream in pain through the gag. The machine backs down briefly as it starts to 3D print another piece of plastic. She pants in her stockade waiting for her fate as it gives her a moment while it works on the next addition for her. She screams again as the machine quickly expands back to her maximum, she feels the piece of printed plastic slide in place. Essentially a ring to keep her asshole open and two butterfly wing shapes on either side keep her cheeks spread, this keeps the cows from getting dirty from their own excrement as a tube can be connected to vacuum it all away. Humiliated she would let her head hang down in shame if not for the stiff feeding tube, the steel invader leaves her ass and leaves the ring in place, her rear gaping open.

Being her first time registering in the machine she knows an even more terrible fate is approaching. A tube connects to the ring in her ass now and locks in place. A steady flow of water begins to pump into her. An enema is usually administered to flush out all new arrivals to ensure no new bacteria is brought in and introduced to the system. For a cow the amount of water may be reasonable but for a human the amount is double or maybe even triple what would be normally administered at a hospital. Ashley can only groan in pain as the water begins to distend her stomach, causing her to cramp. She is very careful not to move very much as to prevent herself from receiving any more punishing cramps. The machine begins to evacuate the water and repeats the enema cycle, two more times before the machine is satisfied. She pants through her gagged mouth, warn out by the constant flow of water. When the machine disconnects she's almost glistening inside, the residual water reflecting light in her gaping hole.

The feeding tube finally retracts, having filled her stomach almost to bursting. She takes a few breaths finally unobstructed. She would have preferred to lick up the bit of white liquid on her lip however the gag kept her tongue firmly held out and trapped.

The machine then attaches itself to her dangling nipples. It's a sharp pain as it clamps down on the tips of her large DD chest. She whimpers as the machine delicately inserts a needle through her tit, into what would be her milk reserves if she had them already. Normally this device would help insure the speed of milking and improve consistency with connecting to the machine. The two piercings are bonded to her skin with an adhesive. The computer recognizes she isn't producing milk quickly and begins a secondary processing stage. There are two possible ways the company can get milk from cattle, the first way being a hormone injection and the second an induced pregnancy. Unfortunately for Ashley the factory is currently in reproduction mode, meaning that most cows are artificially inseminated in order to increase headcount in the factory. Ashley feels a warm liquid flow in through the two piercing in her chest now, the hormone. The hormone is used to start a rapid reaction and get milk production in a day where waiting for a pregnancy takes a significant amount of time. In most cases the hormone is used alongside artificial reproduction to have around the clock milking.

Ashley feels a new invader press against her exposed pussy. She panics and begins to struggle again however the burning between her legs changes her mind as she starts to try and press against it. The machine obliges and presses forward into her sex, slowly to gauge her limits and create a map of her insides. She pants and moans as it gently moves around inside of her dripping sex. She almost wishes it was more aggressive with her. A streak of fear crosses her face, there's a prototype piece of equipment that she had been working on but she could not remember if it had been implemented in this bay yet. The metal gauge slowly retreats and Ashley's worst fears are brought back. A new arm reaches down and slowly inserts itself. Two mechanical fingers find their hold on her now spread labia and clamp down. The pain is nearly blinding as they are pierced with a set of rings. She thrashes in her bonds as best she can and screams in agony as the machine retreats. Leaving the two small pieces of metal, the piercings are essentially cauterized with super glue like material. Another set of metal bands are added to her thighs as high on her legs as possible, pressing into her inner thighs. The machine then connects a thin steel cable to the bands and her newest piercings, pulling her open. The thought behind this process was ease of access, artificial insemination occurred anywhere between 1 and 10 times a day having the cattle opened like this would speed up the process and ensure correct alignment, being a prototype however there was no evidence yet of this being the case. Ashley panted and cursed herself for coming up with this idea once she got over the searing pain. Another much finer probe found its way to her pussy now. Slowly it begin to lubricate itself and force its way up her urethra and into her bladder. A small balloon on the end inflates to ensure it will not slide out easily. Her ability to control her bladder is instantly stripped away and she can feel herself being emptied by the machine. The size of the balloon also puts a bit of pressure on the inside of her vagina which is beginning to crave sex.

The machine had finished 3D printing a new dildo specifically for her. Ashley had done a significant amount of research on breeding heifers to ensure that each one would receive exactly what it needed and that included sex. Each cow had a member specifically designed for its insemination process, the company had found that a higher quality product could be obtained when certain criteria were met during this phase and using the same equipment for every cow could lead to contamination, the 3D printing was also so cheap it didn’t hurt the company’s profit margin in the slightest. Ashley could sense the dildo taking position at her now spread hole. At first it eased itself in, finding its way in and spreading a healthy amount of lubrication throughout, although her body was already producing enough for it to begin running down her thigh. It was about as large as she was willing to take but Ashley relished in the invasion, the hormones had sent her into a sexual frenzy, even her chest burned for attention which she didn't find was usually the case.

The machine began to withdraw before slowly starting to fuck her. It was found that 15 minutes of stimulation was best and Ashley knew this. Progressively the machine picked up pace, ramming into her as deep as possible with each passing moment. Within the first two minutes Ashley found herself almost uncontrollably cumming around the massive invader, her eyes rolled back in her head and she sucked down as much air as she could, panting uncontrollably and moaning loudly, any sound she could make would sound like a cattle anyways at this point due to the gag. The 15 minutes felt almost like an eternity for her as she spent most of it writhing in orgasm. Despite the thorough fucking, the hormones kept her horny through the entire duration. The machine starts to slow down and give a last few solid thrusts, pushing her forward in her bonds. She was lucky the machine was not connected to the factory’s semen reserve as these last few thrusts indicated the ejaculation phase that would have filled her with prime bull seed. Her body didn't know if it wanted more or needed a break as the dildo slowly retracted. Completely worn out she could almost pass out in this condition however the machine had one more addition to make.

The 3D printer had worked tirelessly since the bay's activation, building a skeletal frame based on her measurements. The two halves of the plastic frame emerged from above and below. And clicked together while an additional arm moved to super glue the joints together. Once in place the frame would have to be cut off to be removed. Similar to a corset the frame lines her back from her tailbone to the base of her neck, wrapping around her sides and over her stomach in an almost elegant spiderweb of 3D plastic. It dipped low almost between her legs, a piece of plastic nestled firmly against her clit, not by design, but her hormone induced state made her take note of it immediately. Some of the frame supported her hips and wrapped up around her thighs. Two cups supported her breast, her nipple piercings almost clicking into a recess designed for them. The frame was a little lose by design to allow her chest to grow here with the hormone treatment. A few fingers of the frame traveled up her neck, front and back, to the collar secured around her neck and were clipped in place and super glued, almost like a posture collar. Her torso was completely locked in a plastic cage now. The frame was designed to help support the weight of the cattle through the day so a few ring attachment points on her back allowed a pulley system in the ceiling to lift them slightly.

The machine began to wind down, its tasks accomplished, leaving the girl completely. None of the procedures seemed odd or out of place to the machine, with all parameters disabled Ashley was no more than a piece of livestock being processed. Her body locked in a stiff plastic frame designed to support the weight of a beast multiple times her size, her holes all gaping open, her hormones thrown off balance, and her chest seeming to swell by the minute. Permanent tattoos and piercings to ensure she never forgot the experience, Ashley could barely comprehend the speed at which everything went wrong. Slowly she began to come to her senses, the hormone imbalance made her almost feel drunk as her mind floated through a state of sexual charge. She felt a bit of pain from the brutal fucking she received from the machine however her body seemed able to cope with the pain and start to crave more, by now her hormones were reaching a near permanent damage point as the machines hormone regiment reprogrammed her body for reproduction and milking. Her breast began to swell, filling the cups only an hour or two after the bay shut down. Ashley was grateful for the plastic corset, her posture was locked in the correct position and the weight of her chest was rapidly increasing, the machine taking some of the weight off of her arms and legs.

She nearly found herself falling asleep after a few hours, she was almost bored to tears and craving sex like never before. The bay began to stir again, preparing to check its progress with the girl. Ashley shifted a little hearing the machine start up again. The machine started by connecting the waste tube, a plug reaching 8 inches into her gaping hole and locking in place. At the same time the machine moved in the suction device for milking. A few fingers began to massage her breasts while her piercings were clipped into the machine. Slowly the machine began to draw on her chest, Ashley didn't know if it was possible to already have milk produced but after a minute she could feel the flow of milk leaving her chest. She moaned slightly at the attention her chest was receiving, her eyes closing behind her blind, begging for more. Luckily the machine heard her silent cry for more and started moving the dildo in place. The feeding tube worked its way down her throat again and the high nutrient slurry was pumped down into her stomach. At the same time the dildo re entered her, causing her body to quiver in excitement. She couldn't believe her reaction but she was almost happy to be treated this way. She shook the thought from her head chalking it up to the hormone treatment however having all three holes filled along with the attention at her chest could only be described as perfect in her head. The dildo began to pound into her, almost making her cum instantly as it entered her. Her own lubrication was more than enough to allow for easy frictionless fucking as it effortlessly moved in and out of her sex. The frames bit of plastic rubbing against her clit was almost too much, as her 15 minutes expired she found herself on the verge of passing out. Her body trembling a bit in her binds as her chest receives the last few pumps from the machine. The feeding tube retreats moments before the pump as she moans her disapproval with the pump leaving.

Her chest now empty, the machine begins to run calculations and math. A blue ribbon is hung on her collar next to her Bell and the tattoo machine comes back down to scribe a barcode on her hip. The blue ribbon symbolizes she is a good producer, the volume produced compared to body weight is in the top 10%. The bar code is for tracking, all information regarding the cow is associated with the few lines scribed into her ass, all a tech would have to do is scan the code for a full history of the cows treatment. As the dildo retreats she attempts to move her hips back for just a little more, her body betraying her, she can almost think of one thing and it is not how she is going to get out of this predicament. The machine takes another sample of blood to check her hormone levels and makes a few adjustments to her dosage before another round of drugs is injected into her back. The machine had determined she was in a ‘perfect condition’ for hormone levels and the current injection was to insure her body would maintain that state for the forseeable future without having to have consistent treatments, dosing her now to cause her body to lock into this state of pure sexual need and consciousness of her situation.

The machine moves down and flips the blinds up, a small hinge had been integrated into the frame to allow the two pads to be moved. Ashley knew this was her chance. The machine disengaged it’s locks on her, freeing her essentially. The pulley system disconnected letting all her weight back down on her hands and knees. The system allowed for a break for the cattle to go out and get some sunshine and roam a little. Ashley slowly found her way to her feet. She knew it had to be after standard work hours at this point, hopefully John would still be there as they often both worked late hours when they got involved with their work. She carefully started to walk, the small wires connecting her lower lips to her thighs working as hobble chains to slow her pace and keep her from taking steps too large. She didn’t know how John would react to this situation, she only hoped he wouldn’t overreact or freak out, for all intents and purposes she was absolutely fine apart from the additions the system had permanently made to her. Slowly and carefully she made her way out of the bay and towards the building door that lead outside. Luckily the machine hadn’t cut off the heels she was wearing so she didn’t have to walk barefoot and there was no way she could take them off easily at this point, she only cursed herself for choosing such large heels. She made her way to John’s office as quickly as she could, hoping none of the maintenance crew would spot her.

She entered the office silently spotting her husband sitting behind his desk asleep. She moved over to him and gently prodded him awake with her rubberized fists. As he came too his jaw dropped and the only words to leave his mouth for about two minutes was “Ash, what happened.” He stood up trying to fumble for tools to help his wife. She gestured for him to calm down and tried to mumble “it’s okay” through the gag. He took a breather then looked his wife over and got a handle on the situation, seeing his wife gagged and bound up in 3D printed plastic that he had designed made him start to relish the moment.

Ashley couldn’t fight with her libido anymore, her body craved attention from her husband beyond anything, and she was lucky to have made it this far with her consciousness. Slowly she lowered herself to her knees, using his desk to help. She gestured for him to come closer and fumbled with his belt for only a second before he got the understanding of her intentions. He quickly released his pants and stepped out of them, kicking them into the corner. Almost instantly Ashley had his member in her mouth. With the gag pinching her tongue she couldn’t do much in terms of stimulus however the plastic liner in her throat almost completely negated her gag reflex as she pushed his length as deep into her mouth as possible all while looking up into his eyes. John had never known Ashley to be this eager for oral yet he took in every moment he could.

Jokingly John picked up a scanner from his desk and checked the barcode on her hip. To his surprise she had already been through two sessions with the machine however the system had recorded that she hadn’t actually been inseminated since the system was not hooked up. A wicked grin crossed his face. They had discussed the possibility of children however she had never really wanted any where he did. “Looks like you missed your insemination Ash, I guess I’ll just have to take care of that” He comments pulling out of her mouth. A brief moment of panic crosses her face realizing what he is suggesting however she obliges as he lays down on his back on the floor. More than anything she craved sex and if that meant becoming pregnant then she would. Carefully, she crawls over on all fours to him and straddles his hips. Spreading her legs for this almost pushes the limits of the wires as she lifts herself up before lowering herself down his length. Her body trembles and shivers as she rests her hips against his. Although not as filling as the machine, the warmth and human characteristic of a real cock is more thrilling for her. John’s hands rest on her hips, his thumbs hooking into the eyelets on either side of her plastic corsette. Slowly at first he helps pick her up and lower her, sliding easily in and out of her well lubricated sex. As she leans forward she lets out a moan of approval, he picks up pace with the encouragement, never really having experienced Ashley in this state of arousal. He slams his hips into her getting more and more aggressive, almost as if she has no limits. He realizes how large her breast have become, trapped in the plastic spiderweb.

He slows down for a moment causing her to moan in protest, on the verge of another orgasm. He slides out from under her and picks her up from behind by a few of the eyelets. He walks her over to his desk and bends her over, her heels putting her at the perfect height. They had never done anything at work before so the thrill only added to their session. It was at this point that John realized the expander in her asshole. She had been adamently oppsed to anal in the past however John couldn’t resist. The remnant lubrication from the machine was more than enough to allow him to push in, and the gauge in her sphincter allowed him easy access. For a second she tried to protest with “John no” before she had time to react to the sensation. Experimenting his hands found their handle in the eyelets agains and began to pull himself into her. Her moans again only encouraged him, surprised with how vocal she was being.

In one fluid motion he pulled out and plunged back into her vagina. The act caused Ashley’s vision to go black for a moment and a scream of pain and pleasure to leave her mouth. John’s hand found its way into her ponytail sending another shiver of pain through her body as he fucked her relentlessly. They had never gotten too extreme in bed however John knew that she had occasionally visited a site called “Gromet’s Plaza” when she thought she was being sneaky, he knew this was a treatment she wanted but never had the courage to tell him. The blinders were flipped shut in a fluid motion, taking away one of the few senses she had, doing so only increasing the sensation. Reflecting on the situation he began to think this was her decision, only encouraging him to pick up pace. She slowly spread her legs more and more causing the chain to tug on her labia and a soft ache to fill her lower half.

As she came over and over again John began to grow closer and closer to his edge. With a last few long and hard strokes, John finished, making sure to spill every drop of seed inside of his wife’s fertile womb. He wandered back around his desk and plopped down in his chair, leaving his wife draped over his desk and panting uncontrollably and covered in sweat. It was the first time she had actually gotten the stimulus that she wanted desperately and felt satisfied for the first time this night. She closed her eyes while John sat in his chair and started to think things through.

John finally came to a conclusion after looking his wife over for several minutes. He went into his desk and pulled out a small leash. Quickly he hooked the leash into her nose ring. A look of confusion and panic shot through her face, not expecting the action. He walked around her and helped her up off his desk. She protested for only a moment as he started leading her out of his office. “Relax honey, this is for the best” he assured her. He lead her out of his office and back towards building 6. She started to pull against his lead a little more as he lead her to the bay where this all started. He put the leash on a hook on the wall and picked her tablet up off the floor. He started the program up after leaving the bay. The machine quickly sprang to life and latched onto her collar pulling her into the center of the bay and down on all fours. She couldn’t believe that her husband was really doing this to her. The machine locked onto her locating cuffs then attached the pulley system to suspend her. Locked in the system again, John walks around her and squats down in front of her to explain. “Seeing how you’re producing so rapidly, you’re probably going to be needing a milking within the hour” he justified. Ashley hadn’t really thought of it that way but did notice her chest getting tight. She hung her head down and agreed with him that this was probably the best place for her. John sat down and started playing on the tablet to make adjustments to the program.

John eventually got up and left his wife for a moment before she heard the machine start to warm up. She didn’t panic as the feeding tube approached and pushed into her mouth and started to pump in the slurry. After a moment she felt the machine reconnect to her asshole and another to the catheter. She was a little concerned as the machine began to pump her full of a soap solution in both holes. John had made adjustments to the program to decrease the volume of water closer to what a human could take. She was a little grateful for the thorough cleaning as the machine ran through the enema process four times, she didn’t want to risk a uti and cleaning out some of the older lubricant in her ass would help prevent further buildup. John returned shortly and watched as the machine reconnected to her breasts and started pumping. The pressure building in her chest decreased and she almost felt relieved to have the machine working away. He didn’t know exactly what to do with her, but for now he figured he could play a bit more till he found a way to reverse the hormone treatment. Her whole bondage setup was too sexy to destroy right now and he figured he might want to keep a file of the design for the corset  on hand for later. Ashley was content with her milking but it started up her fire again, really hoping she could milk John again soon.


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