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Package Deal

by The Sweet Count

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© Copyright 2004 - The Sweet Count - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; crate; Machine/f; bond; toys; packed; cons; X

“Mmmmphh…. mmmpphhh MMmmmmPHHH!!” Muffled grunts were all that came out as Carolyn feebly tried kicking at the lid of the crate that held her snugly in its confines.

Even if her legs had not been buckled into the leather straps, the foam rubber which lined the inside of the box wrapped so tightly around her naked form that she would not of been able to get much leverage. Not that she would have much chance of breaking free she thought as she remembered the thick steel bands which braced the lid of the crate and the sturdy latches which sealed it shut. As she tried one more kick she heard a muffled CLICK and realized that Greg had locked her in. Now there was no escape until she got back to the warehouse.

* * *

Carolyn had been working Saturday to try and finish entering all the old invoices into the new computer system. “MWR ? PLD? What do these invoice codes even mean?” she thought. Six months working at Aman-A and she still had no idea what was in all those trucks that came in and out of the Aman-A warehouse. And why did almost every invoice have a special line for “PET Services”?

Standing up, Carolyn lifted her arms over her head and stretched to work out the kinks from sitting so long. Smoothing her starched white blouse she continued down her body, straightening her black pencil skirt and adjusting the black stockings which had become twisted as she worked. Suddenly she noticed that Wendy, her supervisor, had left her office door open. “Score!” she thought. Entering the invoices would go a lot faster on Wendy’s workstation than on her old clunker. Scooping up the remaining invoices she slipped into Wendy’s office and sat down at the desk. Wiggling Wendy’s mouse, Carolyn caught her breath as the monitor lit up.

There on the screen was what Wendy had been working on. “Aman of America Catalogue Of Services”. Carolyn was stunned. Page after page of beautiful young women, some in lingerie, some completely naked. Beneath each picture was a code number allowing a customer to order his preferred… escort. Clicking on the services button, she found a glossary of the codes she’d encountered on the invoice sheets. “MWR – Massage With Release, PLD – Personal Lap Dance. EWT – Escort With Toys…”

“Aman is… an escort service!” she realized. Carolyn was shocked, then strangely excited as she clicked through page after page of women that offered their services through Aman. Secretly, Carolyn had always had a fantasy of what it would be like to be an escort, a dirty fantasy of being an object of desire, a man’s plaything. Clicking more pages, she found a heading for PET – Packaged Escort Transport. “That’s how they do it. All those packages going out of the warehouse every day”.

Checking out more links she found herself on the “Order Online” page. Mischievously she began filling it out. Coming to the “Shipping Address” section, she quickly put down Greg’s address. When Greg had joined her swing dance club she’d been taken immediately by his soft brown curls and deep green eyes. So far they’d only flirted a bit in class but Carolyn hoped it could become something more. When the instructor had asked for help setting up a mailing list, Carolyn volunteered immediately and made a careful note of Greg’s address.

Giggling to herself, Carolyn continued filling out the mock order. “Let’s see, I guess Would Greg enjoy massage with release? Personal Lap Dance? How about EWT?”. Coming to the bottom of the form the last entry was for “Escort choice”. Not wanting Greg to know she thought she would be his perfect choice, she clicked the box next to “Anonymous”. Laughing to herself, Carolyn was very careful not to hit the <Confirm Order> button.

Reaching the bottom of the screen, she noticed a post-it note that Wendy had left stuck to her monitor: “New Warehouse code: 5412*”. A chance to see inside the warehouse! No one else around on a Saturday, this was too good to pass up.

Five minutes later, Carolyn found herself at the warehouse door. Taking a deep breath in, she tapped in 5-4-1-2-* and the door clicked open. Before her stood row after row of sleek white crates. The crates seemed to be made of a smooth plastic material, with bands of metal around the edges to reinforce them. Wandering over to the nearest crate, she saw a small window in the lid and through it, the face of a beautiful sleeping blonde woman, tightly packed into pink foam rubber which surrounded her body. Checking out more crates she saw that each held a different escort, each encased in brightly coloured foam.

Moving further into the warehouse, she came across some open crates gathered by a large conveyor belt. Seeing the others packed tightly in their cocoons had surprised Carolyn by how much it excited her. The area she found herself in now was secluded from the rest of the Warehouse. She saw a sign on the wall:

Notes For PET transportees:
1. Once you are packaged we cannot guarantee when pick up and delivery will occur. Plan to be in your box anywhere from 12-24 hours.
2. Early box designs broke down in bad weather. The new polymer crates are weather resistant but as a side effect quite impossible for you to open from inside.
3. The foam lining is designed to protect you from bumping and stiffness during transit. You’ll find the most comfortable way to ride in the foam is to remove your clothing (our clients appreciate this extra service as well)
4. Your client is provided with the combination which opens the lock on your crate. After you have finished with the client, they will repackage you back in the box and lock it up once more. Once the lock has been closed a second time, the combination will be reset and can only be opened here at the warehouse. This is for your protection.

Checking her watch she saw that she still had lots of time to finish the data entry. It was only quarter to 3. There might not be a chance like this again. She didn’t know why, but she knew she had to feel what it was like to climb in one of these boxes. Slipping off her blouse, she stepped out of her skirt and gently rolled off her stockings, stacking them neatly on one of the other boxes. Stepping into an empty crate she was confused for a moment about how she would fit into the contoured foam. Then she remembered the others she had seen through the windows and lay down on her back. Tucking her knees up into her chest she lay back and enjoyed the soft, warm, cozy inside of the box. She could see the sides rising up on either side of her and way above her head, the roof of the warehouse. Softly she began to drift off to sleep…

2:59:58…2:59:59…3:00:00. The automated warehouse machinery kicked into action, preparing all the shipments that would go out tonight. Sensors mounted on the boxes and conveyor belt detected a filled crate with no shipment orders. The server began searching its files and located a partially filled order on one of the local computers. Assuming this must be the missing crate, the system automatically clicked <Confirm Order>, printed off a shipping way bill and began preparing the contents of the crate.

“…EWT…installing toys…” Leather straps sprouted from the inside of the box and nimbly wrapped around Carolyn’s ankles, knees, wrists, upper arms, and chest, automatically tightening and buckling themselves to a firm snugness. Small nozzles extended from the bottom of the box, spraying Carolyn’s ass and vagina with warm, gentle lubricant. Twin dildos extended up into her before softly inflating, filling both of her openings.

“…Anonymous…applying hood…” As Carolyn slowly came back awake, mechanical arms lowered a leather hood over her head, tucked the stuffed leather gag inside it into her mouth, then laced the back of the hood tightly shut with robotic precision. A tiny padlock snapped into place on the back of the hood to ensure that the escort would remain anonymous.

Carolyn was fully awake now, able to feel the pressure on her body increase as the crate’s lid was lowered and latched into place, firmly pressing the foam rubber all over her body. A final mechanical arm stuck the shipping label on the crate, readying her for final shipping.

* * *

As for what happened when the package arrived? That’s another story.


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