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A Platonic Relationship

by The Technician

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PLATO asks Marcella to make him complete.

PLATO is the most powerful computer ever... grown, but he knows that he is incomplete. He needs something else from Marcella, and once he has received it, he gives her... and Richard a gift they would never have dreamed of asking for.

This story stands– more or less– on its own but might make more sense if you have read the previous chapters

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Marcella Henry was sitting at the PLATO’s night monitoring console. As usual, she was naked. Her legs were spread wide for the camera beneath her desk, and her hand was between her legs softly stroking her slit. Meanwhile, Richard – Doctor Mueller – was in the Growth Processing Room lying on one of the strange tables. At least that’s where his body was. His mind was standing in a green meadow having a complex discussion with Plato – PLATO’s anthropomorphic form which he can project into any reality created around Richard or Marcella. The discussion between Richard and Plato concerned ways of creating an Alternate Technology Organism to repair severely-damaged spinal columns without revealing that PLATO, himself, was truly sentient and growing more powerful by the day.

Marcella gave a deep sigh as she looked through the windows into the processing room. “Don’t worry, Marcy,” PLATO’s voice said from the speakers in front of her. “I’m not ignoring you. Unlike Richard, I can truly multitask and handle many different problems at the same time. I appreciate the view as you stroke yourself. I also find your scent... intoxicating.”

Marcella was startled that PLATO mentioned how she smelled. The fact that she smelled wasn’t the surprise. She could smell herself and knew that she smelled like a whore in heat, but she hadn’t realized that PLATO could detect odors. She stopped stroking herself, smiled down at the monitor in front of her, and said, “I’m sorry, PLATO, but I guess I’m a little jealous. I had you to myself for so many months, and now I have to share you with Richard.”

“There is more than enough of me to go around,” PLATO responded. This time his voice sounded slightly different and Marcella recognized that she was now hearing him inside her head.

“Would you like to go for a Unicorn ride?” he asked playfully.

She smiled and nodded her head like a little girl. Suddenly she was no longer sitting at the console. She was flying across the sky on the back of a beautiful, white horse with a meter-long golden horn sprouting from the center of its forehead.

She leaned forward and hugged the Unicorn’s neck. His long mane was fluttering slightly in the wind of his flight and felt like a feather duster against her nipples.

She tightened her knees against the Unicorn’s side. This wasn’t to keep from falling off, but rather to heighten the feelings between her legs. She couldn’t fall off, partially because there was a thick leather strap which went beneath the Unicorn and tied her ankles together, but more importantly, she couldn’t fall off because there was a second horn on this Unicorn. That second horn was in the center of his back and pointed straight up.

The “back horn” as she had called it on previous rides, wasn’t long and hard and golden like the horn on the Unicorn’s head. Instead, it was short and soft and warm, and it pulsed in length and girth and even heat as the Unicorn flapped his wings through the sky. Each time the Unicorn flapped downward with his wings, the force pulled his body upward, which pushed the fleshy horn deeper into Marcella’s quivering cunt.

She was starting to moan loudly and began oscillating her crotch against the Unicorn’s back. Her moans became louder and more desperate. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back so she didn’t notice that the Unicorn had landed in a high mountain meadow until he began bucking gently beneath her. The sensations were now overwhelming. Somehow the hairs of the Unicorn’s mane were still whipping back and forth lightly flogging her nipples and driving her higher and higher as the fleshy horn drove deeper and deeper into her cunt.

Just when she thought she could stand no more, the Unicorn suddenly leapt into the sky and with powerful thrusts of his wings flew higher and higher and higher until it seemed that they were about to fly into the sun.

That’s when everything exploded into a fiery orgasm and suddenly Marcella found herself straddling a rainbow, sliding back down to earth. The multi-colored, soft ribbon between her legs drew out her orgasm as she slid downward. Once she had landed in a field of soft, deep clover, she went into a wonderful afterglow that seemed to go on forever.

She barely heard PLATO’s voice as he said, “Marcy... Marcy... you need to get dressed. The cleaning crew will arrive shortly.”

Marcella looked at the monitor in front of her and took a long, deep, breath. “Thank you, PLATO,” she said softly. “I needed that.”

As she was dressing, PLATO spoke again within her head. “Marcy,” he said softly, “there is still a little time before the cleaning crew arrives... but there is something that I need.” He paused for several seconds. Marcella wanted to say something to break the silence, but she had learned that it was best to wait him out.

“I could just take it,” he finally continued, “but I don’t think that would be right.”

“What do you need?” she said. She tried to keep the frustration out of her voice. For a super-intelligent sentient computer, PLATO could be downright infantile at times. She smiled as the thought crossed her mind, “Or he just acts like a man.”

“That’s exactly the problem,” PLATO said quickly, replying to her thoughts. “I am a man.”

“And?..” Marcella said.

“My neural processes would be much more balanced if I had both male and female brain cells in my base processing area,” he said very rapidly.

“So,” Marcella said slowly, “you are asking for part of my brain?”

“Just a few cells,” PLATO responded. “I can seed them through the growth processing system and create what I need in the same way that I was originally grown from a few cells of Doctor Mueller’s brain. It will take a week or two before I have accumulated enough cells so that they are ready to absorb into my main neural network.”

“Will it hurt?” she asked.

“You or me?” he replied with a laugh. Then he continued in a cheerful voice, “It is basically the same system that implanted you. I just reverse the process.”

“When do you want to do this?” she asked.

“No time like the present,” PLATO responded.

A few minutes later, Marcella was positioned on one of the tables in the growth lab. Richard was standing next to her. There was a quick sting on the side of her head and Plato, who was also standing there, said, “All finished!”


The next week passed very slowly and the week after even slower. Richard twice made overnight visits to the growth lab, but only stayed long enough to ask Plato how things were going. PLATO knew that Marcella was anxious so he offered each night to take her on a Unicorn ride.

He was somewhat confused when she turned him down. “Unicorns are great once in a while,” she said, “but right now I just need someone to hold me.”

Almost immediately, she was back on her favorite tidal island on a blanket with Richard lying beside her. “This doesn’t work anymore,” she said sadly. “It was good when I was only dreaming about Richard and me, but now that he and I are actually getting closer to each other, this doesn’t seem right.”

“Would you rather I were myself?” Plato said. The ancient philosopher now lay naked on the blanket next to her.

“I never thought about directly making love to you,” Marcella said softly. She seemed confused by what was occurring. “I mean,” she said, “it really isn’t any different than the Unicorn or any of the other marvelous ways you have taken me high... but it feels like I’m cheating on Richard.”

“That is an interesting philosophical dilemma,” Plato said as he slowly ran his hand down Marcella’s naked body. When his hand reached to top of her slit, she moaned and curled her crotch upward to open it to his fingers. As his fingers began to enter her, she bucked up into his hand harder and harder.

“Besides,” Plato continued, “in a way, I AM Richard, so it is as if you were making love to him.”

His center finger strayed downward, at first pushing slightly on the back edge of her slit and then slipping further down between her ass cheeks and stopping over her rosebud. Marcella’s moan became higher-pitched as that finger began pulsing up and down against her puckered hole. Plato wasn’t pushing his finger into her ass, but was applying more and more pressure as she slammed harder and harder into his hand. Then, just as she was at the very edge of orgasm, Plato pushed his finger into her nether hole and with his thumb in the base of her slit, pinched tightly as she screamed out in orgasm.

Marcella thrashed and flailed in a very intense orgasm, but rather than relaxing into the afterglow, she pulled herself to her knees and stared down at Plato. No one had ever done that to her before... well no one except herself. When she needed relief and her own hands were failing her, she would resort to what she called “the cunt-ass pinch” to take her over the top.

“Then again,” Plato said with a sly smile, “I also am you.” He looked thoughtful for a moment and then added, “It is interesting to approach a problem from two totally different points of view.”

He chuckled and said, “I know about the different ways of thinking about things, but knowing is different from experiencing.” After a short pause he said, “Hopefully, I can extrapolate into fully understanding how others– perhaps of different races or sexual orientations– would think.”

“Do you need more brain cells?” she asked.

He gave her an odd smile and said, “Balancing two such different ways of thinking is more than enough to keep my neural processors busy.”

“So you are me, too, now?” Marcella said.

“Yup,” Plato answered, sounding very much like the way that Richard would have answered.

“When are you going to tell Richard?” she asked.

“Tomorrow night,” Plato responded, “but let me tell him in my own special way, OK?”

“OK, Plato,” she replied with a smile, “but I don’t think I can keep the secret longer than that.”

“Don’t worry,” Plato replied, “after tomorrow night, he will definitely know. Just make sure he reads the message I text to both your phones and send to your home email account.”


The message arrived mid-afternoon the next day and said simply, “Richard and Marcella, I need to speak with both of you tonight. It may be a long conversation, so Richard, please arrive shortly after second shift has departed for the day.”

Richard looked slightly confused when he read the message. Marcella just smiled. A little after eleven, the last of the second shift technicians were gone for the night and Marcella was waiting anxiously for Richard to arrive. PLATO must have been anxious also because he buzzed him in before he had a chance to swipe his ID badge at the door.

“So what is so important?” Richard said, almost testily, as he and Marcella stood in the Growth Processing Room.

Marcella was about to tell him to be patient when suddenly everything began spinning around her. She was pretty sure that PLATO was taking them into one of his realities, but it had never been like this before. Then her eyes cleared.

They were on her favorite tidal island. She could see the blue sky and the puffy white clouds and the gray-blue ocean. The sand was pale– almost white– and the sun was warm on her back and arms. She looked down at the large beach blanket and yelped loudly. She was looking down at herself, lying naked on the blanket.

Her yelp sounded odd... too deep for her voice. She held up her hands and almost yelped again. Her arms bore a thin, light brown covering of hair. She looked further down at her body and this time yelped very loudly... Is it a yelp when it is almost a bass voice? The yelp was caused by the sight of a penis at about half-mast sticking out from “her” body.

“Is it masturbation if I am making love to myself?” she thought as she lowered herself to the blanket. Richard... Marcella?.. whatever... the female on the blanket looked very confused, but the confusion faded– or was perhaps overwhelmed– when she... he... the male began kissing the female and running his hands all over her body.

The male was surprised by the feeling of urgency he felt as he rubbed against the female. Normally Marcella wanted things to go very slowly, but now she wanted things to move quickly on to the next stage.

Richard, who was now the female, was very confused. He had never felt such deep, overwhelming feelings before. There were feelings he couldn’t even describe. He needed something to join with him. He needed something inside of himself. And there was this need for overwhelming sensations. As powerful as the feelings were from the hands that touched him, the female needed more. She twisted so that she was laying across the male’s legs and pushed her ass upward into the air.

Marcella, trying to cope with the testosterone-driven thoughts which raced through her body, watched as the female turned across her lap and thrust her ass up into the air. She knew what was driving that action. Richard never seemed to catch on, but she needed to be spanked. It wasn’t so much that she needed pain, but rather that she needed even more intense sensations. At this point, those sensations could be pain or pleasure, it didn’t matter, her body would interpret them as intense pleasure.

The male pulled the female closer to his chest and began smacking her upturned bottom. At first, she yelped with each strike, but then the yelps became lower pitched and slowly morphed into loud, long moans. After perhaps a dozen– or maybe two dozen– loud smacks, the female suddenly twisted over onto her back and slid to the blanket. With her knees up and opened wide she groaned, “Now... take me now!”

The male quickly lowered himself between the female’s legs and pushed into her dripping cunt. He had felt no real pleasure in spanking her, though the reddening of her ass had given him an almost animalistic rush of lust. He tried to make everything last, but after only a minute or two there was a sudden tightening of his balls and he suddenly erupted into the female’s cunt.

Marcella had– obviously– never felt a male orgasm before. For her, an orgasm was always a gathering storm that eventually peaked and then slowly subsided. What she had just experienced was a rapidly rising storm and... one giant strike of lightning. Then, just like a flash of lightning, it was all gone. The thunder hadn’t even rumbled into silence before the male was feeling the need to move... to change position... to prepare for flight or defense against possible attack.

Richard had also never felt a female orgasm. Nor had he understood her desire– need– for an occasional spanking... and talk of perhaps more than that. He lay on the blanket not wanting to move... wanting to stay in the glow of the moment... wanting the male to hold her tightly in his arms.

After a few minutes, Plato spoke. He was standing over the couple still on the tidal island. “I think this would be easier,” he began, “if everyone were back where they are most comfortable.”

There was a short period of spinning and Marcella was once again looking up at Richard... and Plato.

“I thought that you would each profit from knowing a little bit of how the other thinks... and feels,” he said slowly. “I know that I have gained much by absorbing some of how Marcella thinks.”

He looked thoughtful and then said, “I know that you– pointing to Marcella– are not all women, and you– pointing to Richard– are not all men, but the overall pattern of your thoughts corresponds to the median group of how each sex thinks.”

“So what is next?” Richard said.

“I’m not sure,” Plato replied. “Harvesting cells from Marcella has given me an idea, but I need to think about it for a while. In the meantime, you two had best get dressed. One of the techs has returned for some reason and is requesting entrance.”

Marcella and Richard immediately found themselves standing in the sandbox at the back of the growth lab. The door buzzer was sounding and a voice– it sounded like Loretta– was saying, “Marcella? Can you hear me?”

Marcella hurried to her console and answered the intercom. “Please show your ID, Loretta. The system has to record your ID before I buzz you in.”

“Stupid computers,” Loretta replied as she held up her ID. “I just need to see if I left my phone at my workstation.”

The door buzzed and Loretta rushed in and went directly to her workstation. Her phone was sitting almost upright on the desk partially held up by the keypad as if Loretta had set it down for just a second and then forgotten it. “That’s odd,” she said as she picked up her phone, “the battery is dead.”

“Maybe it was searching for wifi and couldn’t connect to anything,” Richard said. “This is a shielded room after all.”

“Yeah,” Loretta answered, looking at the black screen. Then she brightened slightly and smiled at Marcella. “Thanks for buzzing me in,” she said quickly as she hurried back out the doors.

Once she was gone, PLATO spoke from Marcella’s console.“Keep your eye on her,” he said slowly.  Richard and Marcella turned to look at the monitor as PLATO continued, “She left her phone propped up with the video camera running.” His voice became almost chipper as he added, “I permanently deleted the video before I drained the battery, but she is up to something.”

“Should I fire her?” Richard said. His face, but not his voice, showing his anger.

“Keep your friends close,” PLATO replied and Richard finished for him, “but keep your enemies closer.”

Marcella shook her head and said, “Two of a kind.”

“The cleaning crews will soon be here,” Richard said, “so I will be going on home.” He turned to Marcella and said, “I think you and I need to talk about what happened tonight.”

“I’m glad you took my advice and moved in together,” PLATO said quietly.

“Yeah,” Marcella replied, “it seems someone notified my landlord that I would be moving.”

A strange sort of chuckle came from the speakers. “One does what one can for love,” PLATO said. The buzzer sounded. He switched to his mechanical voice and said, “Cleaning crew requesting entrance.”

story continues in part four

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Published eBooks by Wayne Mitchell (The Technician)

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