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Pleasurematic 2000

by Gromet

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Part One - "A Way Forward in Sensual Pleasures."

The salesman had said that the Pleasurematic 2000 was the state of the art in pleasure machines, my husband & I had been touring the "Sex'po 2050" exhibition looking at all the new devices to enhance the sex of couples, threesomes and others. Some of the exhibits were showing the next year's model updates, newer vibrators, some that were recharged by solar power and other that contained the new small nuclear batteries that had recently been developed, they were supposed to last 300 times longer than normal batteries, the thought of a nuclear powered vibrator working on my sex whilst self tied sent a shudder throughout my body.

Some of the other stalls had the new electro-stimulus machines that you connected to you & your partners bodies during sex, it was designed to provide for mind blowing orgasm's but some people had misused it and ended up in mental institutions or worse after blowing up more than a few brain cells at climax. These were supposed to be the newer, safer machines but after all the stories in the newspapers nobody seemed to be buying. The stalls showing the new materials that were made into very sexy, clingy clothes took my interest. Like the Lycra of old but ten times more cling and elasticity, a combination of Lycra with latex was how the salespeople were describing the fabric. It felt cool to the touch and the models wearing it looked especially good in it, I just had to buy a cat suit in this new material and ordered one in black and one red. Delivery would take about a week as I ordered them both made to my size.

I bought quite a few other items of clothing at the other stalls including a new swim suit made of rubber that was extremely thin, like the condoms of old that we'd seen on a tour of the National Sex Academy Museum, not that people used these strange devices anymore after all sexual disease's were eliminated at the turn of the century and birth control now regulated by implants. They looked very strange and could not imagine wearing one during the sexual act, strange balloon like objects that captured a man's essence during love making, when year's later it was found out about the natural value that this fluid contained that enabled women to stay young looking far longer than normal, now it was added to cosmetics to stop aging in skin cells.

It was during our tour of this exhibition that we came across the Pleasurematic display, we hurried over to take a look at the new machine. We were shown around the various new features that it contained and told the sales representative about our old Pleasurematic 900 machine that we'd had for the past five years. He said that he'd had used one himself for years but had now switched over to this machine and his wife was extremely pleased with it's performance. After looking over the machine and all the new improvements we decided to purchase the model 2000R, which came with remote control, my thoughts drifting off to self-sex during the afternoons with the new machine. After making arrangements for delivery and getting a good trade in deal for our old machine we walked away pleased with our new sex toy.

The new machine took three days to arrive and was installed within our sex play room next to our bedroom, the men took a few hours to take our old machine apart and put the new one in it's place. They then gave me the instruction booklet and remote control for the machine, after a brief introduction to the features and controls they wished me many happy moments with the machine and lots of pleasurable times using it. After they left I walked around the house putting things back into place and thought about how we'd be using the machine tonight when my husband returned home.

As I wandered about the house my pussy was getting hot & moist as my mind drifted to thoughts of divine pleasure, the many times that I’d spent hours in the old machine whilst my husband programmed the controls, driving ever onwards to sensual overload, often climaxing many times during my time inside the 900 machine. We'd take it in turns to use it to bring great pleasure and sexual relief to each other, tormenting one or the other with prolonged sessions strapped down to the table that held our bodies within the machine. The straps were there to protect you from injury during love play, as the parts that moved within the machine could damage sensitive tissues, the probe inserted within me could have damaged the internal walls of my vagina if I wasn't properly retrained.

The memories were driving my body to distraction and I had to do something to stop myself from bringing myself to climax before the special events we had planned for tonight. I decide to spend the rest of the day tied up within our playroom and started to prepare myself for the afternoon I would spend bound. I had been tying myself up for many years, since I was a teenager back home at my parent’s house. I had found some pictures of my mom tied up by dad and she seemed to be enjoying herself in these photographs, well the one's you could see her mouth un-gagged in that was. I thought that this was part of sex and decided to experience this for myself but having no one to tie me up I resorted to doing it myself.

The first couple of times I managed to tie myself up but didn't get a great deal of pleasure out of it, but when I learnt about tying crotch ropes that's when self bondage become a whole new world for me. I grew more & more adventurous with my bondage, instead of just tying myself up within my bedroom I got a greater thrill from doing it in public places, the danger of getting caught bound and gagged sent me into sexual frenzy and my first intense orgasms were achieved during this part of my life. I particularly liked the woods & parks that were close to our house and many a time you could have found me tied tightly to a tree in the daytime or a park bench at night. Many people nearly did especially one night when I used a bench that was used by local lovers in the park, I didn't know that this seat was so popular and I had decided to tie myself up underneath it.

I had picked this particular seat because it was so secluded and I thought that no one would see me whilst I spent a couple of hours in self imposed bondage. Taking my bag of ropes I set out for the evening telling my parents that I was going to the movies, I had bought a new gag to try out and was eager to get started. On arrival at the bench I sat there for a short while checking out if anybody was around, making sure that I would not be seen, I went behind some bushes close by and undressed down to my panties, it was a warm evening and the slight breeze blowing sent my nipples outwards as it blew across the sensitive flesh. I placed the gag into my mouth, its new leather smell drifted up into my nostrils, its odour was very pleasant and that night started my long pleasurable association with leather bondage items. After locking the gag behind my head with a small lock, I then got out my crotch rope and tied it around my waist, bringing it through my legs to the waist rope at the back, looping it through I then overlapped the other rope that was in between my legs & over my sex and finished off tying it up in front.

Now my pussy was bound nice & tight I checked around to see if anyone was around & I darted towards the bench my breasts jumping up with each of my fast steps, goose bumps appeared on my body sending delightful tingling sensations throughout my young, naked body. I reached the bench in a matter of moments, it had seemed quite some distance from the safety of the bushes but now I was exposed & open for all to see, I then knelt down on the ground and tied the ropes onto the four legs of the bench. When I had finished and was happy with the result I took one final check around that I would not be seen and positioned myself under the bench seat. I had decided to use plain cinch noose's to hold my wrists & ankles as I was still a bit inexperienced in tying knots and these would be easy to escape from after my session.

I had just finished putting my limbs into the ropes, stretching myself to get into them and pulled on the rope to tighten it about my wrists & ankles, when I heard voices approaching down the path. I froze as they got closer, I was now tied to the four legs of the bench, underneath the seat, naked & gagged as they walked up to the bench and sat down. By now it was dark and luckily the seat I’d chosen had a solid top so I couldn't be seen under it by someone sitting on it, but the ropes could be seen and if they dropped something surely they'd see me! My mind spun as I heard them talking, I could not move let alone begin to untie myself the noise of which would alert them to my presence. I lay there under the bench and gently breathed keeping my body still.

They began making kissing sounds as she began to moan slightly I assumed that he was using his hands on her body, it seemed that they were enjoying each other intensely and their passion was driving them onwards. My sex responded in kind and became moist at the events that were unfolding, parts of their clothing fell on the floor near my hand and thoughts drifted to my being discovered, my pussy was now moving faster against the cruel rope that held it fast, my heat was rising with theirs, my passion now matched with the couple on top of the bench. Her moaning now covering the sounds that emanated from behind my gag, I was getting closer to climax and so was she.

We all seemed to come in unison, her sighs of pleasure matched my own small groans through my gag as my orgasm rocked throughout my entire body, it was the most powerful climax that my young body had during my early self bondage sessions. They seemed to take ages to gather their things and leave, I must have remained bound under that seat for at least four hours and I didn't return home until well after midnight only to be busted by my parents for being out so late. Now my self-bondage interests took on a whole new direction and I tied myself up in various public places sometimes for very long periods due to the fact that too many people would have seen me getting un-tied. Sometimes I came very close to getting caught and only managed to escape detection by remaining very still and quiet.

Then I found boy's and began dating, I still carried on with my self-bindings but decreased the amount of times that these events happened. When I was 18 I went out with an older man who began to share my interests in bondage and would tie me up for his own pleasures, many a night I would remain bound in his home during which times he would use my tightly tied body for his sexual delights. He would take me to the countryside and leave me bound to a tree while he went away to fish or would take me to a building and tie me up within a closet and leave me there for hours, getting closer to being found all the time with more adventurous places to be bound up nice & tight in.

* * *

But now I had to start getting myself ready for an afternoon of self-applied bonds to await my husband’s return and the night of delights that awaited us in the new machine. Getting my new bondage suit from it's package I chose to wear the black one, they'd arrived this morning and this was my first chance to wear them, taking the material in my hands I inserted my legs into the soft silky confines that were to hold me within their strong embrace. Pulling the material over my legs sent shivers up my spine, the special fabric felt wonderful against the skin and its tight feel was pure bliss. Upon reaching my crotch and hips I had second thoughts about using some pleasure device with me, but decided against it saving myself for later in the evening, pulling the clinging material over my bottom and belly sent electrical shock waves to my pleasure centres and I knew that my afternoon bondage was going to be torture on my sexual desires.

Placing my arms within the sleeves and enclosing them in it's grasp the suit continued it journey to cover my entire body within it's tight embrace, my breathing now faster my senses going into overload as the material performed it's sensual work against my sensitive skin, the nerves sending wonderful signals to my brain. Now all I had to do was close the fastener and I would be fully enveloped within its smooth grasp. I read the instructions on the electrical fastener and pressed the switch that would now lock me within the suit, secure inside until the release button was pressed, the suit now closed about my body sealing me inside.

I prepared the rest of my bondage items as my sense's adjusted to the warm embrace of the suit, I placed the gag into my mouth and fastened the straps about my head, next I bound my ankles together looping the rope several times around them and cinching the knot by winding the end around the loops and tying off before repeating the process about my knees. I had decided to tie myself down to a beam that was held about three feet from the floor by two posts fixed to the floor of the playroom, this beam could rotate on these posts via a small electric motor that could be set by timer to rotate at various times or for a set time, rather like a spit roast. I sat down on the beam and placed my bound legs into position on the beam.

Straps ran from either side of the beam to hold it's victim in place, I began to fasten these around my legs fixing them tightly and working my way upwards from my ankles. I lay back down and placed & tightened the straps around my hips, waist and breasts, my arms free at the moment to continue with my self-binding. Happy with the results of my work I reached down and picked up a pair of cuffs to fix about my wrists, placing my arms above my head I secured the cuff to my wrists and reached up to where a small hasp was open and awaiting to hold my wrists within the cuffs, all I had to do now was close the hasp and I would be locked within to await my husbands return.

Running over my final safety check I made sure that I’d locked the house and locked the playroom door, the phone would answer itself if anybody rang and I could enjoy myself without interruption. The electric timer that ran the motor which turned the beam was turned off, although it's timer action was set from a previous bondage session where my husband was bound to the beam. I had decided not to use it today and lay there ready to close the hasp, reaching up with the cuffed wrists I placed the chain that separated the cuffs within the hasp and closed it locking it securely with no way of reaching the key hanging from a hook on the wall. I was just beginning to enjoy my bound body when two things happened that broke me away from my pleasurable situation.

Firstly the telephone rang; it was my husband who said that he was going to be late home. No problem I thought it just gives me more time to enjoy myself in my tight bondage. Secondly the power supply was interrupted for a short while and although this would not normally be a problem, when it returned it reset the timer on the motor attached to the beam and soon I was being slowly turned over & over whilst tied to the beam. Now my mind drifted between reality and fantasy that I was being tortured by the enemy to get the secrets out of me, to being slowly roasted for some cannibal feast to be eaten alive by a tribe of female flesh eaters. Hours drifted by while I slowly rotated on the beam and eventually my husband returned to find me enjoying my third orgasm of the day.

Now I could be un-tied and placed into the machine, or so I thought...

Part Two - "Advance Pleasure Principles."

He walked into our darkened home after having to work late and wondered where his beautiful wife was? He firstly checked the bedroom but could find no sign of her and after checking the rest of the house went into the playroom, where he saw her bound form slowly rotating on the beam, images of a roast on a spit ran through his mind. He chuckled as he approached her head and looked into her eyes with a wicked grin on his face. "Been enjoying ourself have we?" he said. I mumphed into my gag to release me, but he had other plans.

He left me to spin as he left the room, my third orgasm now past I was getting tired of all the turning over & over again, all I wanted now was to be released from my self bondage but I could not get free, I had set myself up to await his return and eventually release by him. He returned and switched the motor off but I was now face down the straps that held me to the beam now started to press into my skin he left me in this position for another half hour while he moved about the house.

He was planning something but I could not see what, yet!

When he returned he had a hood in his hands and he slipped this over my head whilst I hung there face down, tying the laces up tightly I could not see what he was going to do to me next. He turned the beam around so that I lay on top and he released the straps, now free of the beam but still bound by my self applied rope bondage to my ankles, knees and my wrists still contained within the cuffs he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me into the bedroom he threw me down on the bed. He took hold of my hands and took the cuffs off but they didn't remain free for long because he strapped them to the side of my body with broad leather belts about my wrists, elbows and the tops of my arms.

He said that he'd also been shopping at the Sex'po that we'd recently visited and his purchase had arrived today at work, delivered by courier and was a special present for me to enjoy. He laid out beside me his gift I could smell new leather drifting up from this item, he moved it about next to my bound body and when satisfied he rolled me over to lay face down. He then started to pull the sides up and around my body, enclosing me inside it's sensual leather grasp, closing the fastener from my feet upwards it felt deliciously tight and I felt engulfed as it finally closed in around my head. He said that he'd seen this bondage bag at the exhibition and thought that he'd surprise me with it, he started to fix the straps around my leather bound body making it even more tighter than before. Now fully enclosed with my soft black body suit, bound by ropes & straps about my body and finally encased within the leather bondage bag I could not move nor be more delighted!

I spent the entire night in the bag writhing against the bonds that held me fast, he lay there next to me and after pleasuring himself against my bound body drifted off to sleep, leaving me to continue to enjoy my body bound as it was. When finally released from the bag the next day it felt as if I’d been re-born, my body fresh anew with senses heightened beyond normal. I thanked him by rolling him over on the bed and using my lips on his most sensitive parts, drinking down his love juices with hungry relish and abandon. I told him the machine had now arrived and set up within the playroom and was eagerly awaiting it's use, but he said that he'd have to leave for work but we would use it tonight for our mutual pleasure.

After he left I got up and reluctantly removed my soft body suit and after a long shower had breakfast, thinking about the previous day's events and the night to come. I busied myself about the house but was finished well before lunchtime and decided to have a look at the instructions for our new machine. Moving into the playroom I picked up the booklet and began to read the manual for the Pleasurematic 2000R, I was particularly interested in the remote control device, our old machine didn't have this feature and this sparked an idea in my mind on how to spend the afternoon. I carried on reading and looked over the machine setting my mind on to how I was going to use it.

I returned to the bedroom to get myself ready and quickly took off all my clothes; I fixed my hair up into a bun on top of my head and after admiring myself in the mirror turned & walked back to the playroom. Picking up the remote control I switched the machine on, it began to hum as it warmed up and I went to the control panel on the side and began programming exactly what I wanted the machine to do to me, how long that I was to receive pleasure from a variety of things within the machine and the most important of all how long I was to remain inside. I pressed the open button and the tray slid out from inside the machine.

Climbing up onto the tray I looked at the straps and then inside the machine, I could see row upon row of probes that would soon be exploring every inch of my naked body, shivers ran down my body at the thought. I placed my legs into the straps that would hold me securely to the tray and stop me from moving about inside the machine while it did its work. Ankles, knees and thighs were to be held tightly in place by the straps, my legs parted giving the machine access to my most private and sensitive parts, my sex already very moist at the thoughts of what was to come.

As I lay back and positioned my arms within the straps, my neck to be enclosed by a collar I prepared myself mentally for what I was about to receive. Pressing the button on the remote control the straps began to fasten themselves around my limbs, holding them securely in place until ordered to release them. Adjusting the tightness via the remote I made sure that I was comfortably contained within their tight grasp. The light on the machine was blinking green indicating that it was ready to start it's programmed cycle of pleasure, pressing the start button on the remote the machine whirred into action, the tray at first moved with a sharp jolt knocking the remote control out of my hand and onto the floor, the tray continued to close with my body bound to it.

The machine closed and the door sealed itself to contain my noises of delight inside the cabinet, I lay there in the half dark, a red light glowed near my feet the only illumination inside. The machine started it's pre-set program and the first thing I felt was the probe touch the outer lips of my wet pussy, it continued to slowly push it's way past breaking down any defences that I may have put up, it continued within me filling my void and expanding to my full capacity, my vagina stretched by the intruder it began to vibrate very slowly at first, then move in & out slightly.

Next I knew would be the anal probe, I wanted to try this out as this was a new feature on this machine and felt it began to approach my puckered hole, lubricant squirted out from the end as it slowly but surely entered me from behind. Again this seemed to swell within me filling my rear with its warm soft delight.

The machine then began closing around my body, little nodes touching my body beginning to vibrate or send electrical shocks into my nervous system, pulsing my body within it's grip, everywhere they touched sent my body's senses into overtime my skin felt like it was on fire, from above, below and both sides the machine continued to caress my body with it's touch. Next from both sides of my head the probes moved in pushing my head into position to receive the final internal probe that I'd programmed into the machine, it came down from above and I opened my mouth to receive it, it pushed in past my lips and stopped near the back of my mouth and again began expanding like the other two inside me.

My holes now suitably full with the three probes the machine started it's first main cycle, I could not move my body within the machine, not only was I strapped down to the tray within it but the machines nodules were pressing against every part of my body causing wonderful sensations all over my body. Before the first cycle had finished it's course I had my first orgasm, my whole body seemed to explode as wave upon wave crashed over my bound body, the after shocks continued long after the event, the machine kept working it's magic on me until the first cycle was programmed to stop.

I had programmed the machine to run three such cycles and rest for a shot time between each one and finally to perform a final forth cycle after about an hour after the third one. As I lay there inside the machine enjoying myself in the afterglow of my climax, I began to wonder what would happen if the machine didn't stop when the program ran out. But just as my mind drifted around such a mishap the second stronger cycle kicked in and soon I was drifting off into my fantasy while the machine did its work. The probe within me expanding more as I had told the machine to do, filling me ever more so as it continued to cover every part of my body with it's sensual touch.

During the second cycle I managed to orgasm twice during it's thirty minute run the machine holding me in orgasmic state throughout the later part of the cycle, I lay there panting whilst awaiting the third program to start, thinking what a marvellous piece of technology that this machine was and all the times that I could now pleasure myself while my husband was away. The third program started just as how I’d set it, sending my body into delights with short applied burst of pleasure with stops in between each segment, building me up towards a cataclysmic finish.

Driving me crazy with each stop and start of the probes & nodules doing their work with all the probes now moving in & out of my body, my mouth, sex & anus now being fucked in unison by the machine.

I felt like a rag doll by the end of the third cycle, every hole was now sensitive and slightly sore after the probing that the machine had given me, I lay there drained by the pleasures that had washed over my body during the three cycles, and knew that there would be one more in an hours time to finish me off, I would have released myself now if I hadn't dropped the remote control on the floor, but now would have to wait until the program had run it's course. I drifted off into a dream like sleep blissfully satisfied with my new found friend, the machine.

Awoken by the machine starting the forth & final program I lay there whilst the machine again probed my holes and touched me everywhere on my body bringing back to my high sexual state from the previous session. I was just getting to my final climax of the afternoon when the light went out within the machine, all the probes stopped and stayed within me, the machine didn't stir. Oh no not another power failure, how long would this one last. I hadn't known at the time about the workmen up the street fixing the power system and that this would be happening everyday this week. After about twenty-five minutes the power came back on and the machine stirred back into life, the probes left my body and the nodules retreated back to their original position, the tray started to move pushing me out of the machine, free at last or so I thought.

Half way out the machine stopped, my body still remained bound to the tray and I couldn't get free, I could see the green light blinking saying that the machine was ready and the tray began to close again with me firmly attached to it. The power going off had somehow blown a circuit chip with the machine and now it was resetting itself to start the program it had been given by me all over again. The probes once again entered my now sore love holes, the nodules once again squeezed against my flesh and my poor bound body began climbing back to another climax, now totally out of my control the machine continued it set instructions.

I had just endured the third cycle over again when the machine stopped, my thoughts began turning to electrocuting the people responsible for my afternoon of torment, doing evil things to their bodies even placing them inside this machine and setting it to run full blast for twenty-four hours. My mind was brought back to reality when the tray began opening and I saw my knight in shinning armour, my husband standing there with the remote control in his hand, "Been having fun while I slave away at work? Couldn't wait to try it out could you?" he smiled.

"Oh you don't know how glad I am to see you,” I whimpered, my body now complaining heavily about the abuse endured all afternoon.

"Well I took a look at the settings you programmed in, seems you've quickly got the hang of this new toy. Now it's my turn for some fun, I’ve re-programmed the machine for a little more pleasure for you!" he said pushing the remote's start button before I could object. The tray slid back into the machine with my sore body bound still by the straps, the probes once again made their presence felt as I was again touched, fondled and fucked rigorously by the machine. My husband laughing as he left me to my fate!



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