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Polished, Processed & Wrapped

by Mélodie

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© Copyright 2015 - Mélodie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; factory; machine; conveyor; caught; processed; washed; polished; wrapped; encased; boxed; crate; storage; climax; cons/nc; X

Walter was a technician at a factory making aviation engine’s parts, the factory was highly automated with high-end equipment letting it have lower production costs. This enabled it to have several contracts with major engine manufacturers including Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney and GE.

This afternoon Walter, a 5 feet 9 inch, 172 pounds guy with short brown hair had on his agenda to look at a piece of machinery that was causing delays due to some sort fo malfunction. The factory was already working 6 days a week so any delay was quite hard to get back and airlines were waiting to get their new planes. So it was imperative that it got fixed ASAP.

The machinery that was causing the trouble was a conveyor just after a milling machine and it prevented parts moving on to the next stage. That machine was taking huge steel and chrome alloy cylinders and turned them in the central shaft of the turbine. Today, it was making a shaft for one of the biggest engines ever made for a plane that was able to fly almost half way around the globe. The raw cylinders length was almost 6 feet and had a diameter of 11 inches. It took almost an hour to machine a shaft.

When Walter got to the troubled conveyor he looked inside the milling machine and found that it was just about 20% done. He still had plenty of time to work on the conveyor. He pressed the button to open the top of the conveyor and took a look inside. After a short time he had found the problem: the screws on a sensor on the other side where almost all undone pointing it in the wrong direction. The conveyor’s service manual instructions were to shut it down and climb inside while putting his feet in a specific spot to reach the sensor. Walter taught it was for wimp, he would not shut down the entire line for 2 little screws. He would fix it in no time and the managers would praise him for his swift action.

So he stretched over, put his right hand on the far side conveyor for stability and started to fasten the screws. It took him a little bit longer than usual as he was right handed. He had just finished tightening one screw and just had to tighten the last one when his right hand slipped. As he tried to protect his fall with his left hand he let go of the screwdriver which felt to the bottom. His left foot struck the close button lowering the cover and his head tripped a sensor. Before Walter had time to realise what happened to him, the door had completely closed and the conveyor moved forward.

As he moved forward he received a shower of pressurised warm soapy water starting on his head and going down his body as the conveyor moved him forward, soon after it was clean water removing all trace of soap followed by blast of warm air. At that point, Walter realised he was moving on the conveyor and remembered that the next step would be spinning pads of fluffy hair revolving around the shaft - him. He quickly put his left hand on his face to protect it as the cloths were touching the tip of his head. His right arm was under him.

Those pads were to polish the shaft after removing all trace of lubricant from the milling. The rotating and revolving pads went past and down his forearm and shoulder. At that point his shirt was caught in the spinning pads and was ripped apart. The pads continued down his arms and torso massaging them lightly. When he had moved forward to the point where the pads reached his waist, they caught in his nylon work pants. Soon after, they started to rip apart just like his shirt. His underwear followed soon after.

The pads started to massage his buttock and groin. His shaft quickly hardened in a massive erection from the constant rubbing from the pads. Just as the pads continued past his shaft he exploded and his juices shot out. The laces of his shoes where untied and his loose shoes removed one by one. His socks followed quickly. He was now naked and cleaned except for the tip of his penis.

While he was still recuperating from his massive orgasm he moved forward and a laser etched the shaft part and serial number on his forehead. Then it was another blast of warm air followed by a mist of oil to prevent any rust. At that point he was on his side with his right arm under him. He felt some plastic film tightening over his eyes and forehead. The machine was wrapping him for transport. Soon he had a layer of plastic covering his mouth and nose. He used his left hand finger to poke a hole over his mouth enabling him to breathe. A second layer of plastic was applied over his mouth as the 8 inch plastic film was applied in an overlapping pattern. He poked another hole in that layer too but wasn't fast enough to remove his hand which was pinned to his upper chest by the plastic film. 

As he continued to move forward on the conveyor, the plastic film wrapped his left arm bent over his upper torso and his right one along his side. His deflated member was wrapped between his legs. Both legs had been tightly wrapped together and finally his feet. He was now mummified in white plastic film with just a hole over his mouth to breathe. He continued down the conveyor until he felt himself being raised and deposited on 3 hooks covered with felt. Not long after 2 arms also covered in felt were lowered over his neck and ankles pinning him down inside the crate. A robotic arm then lowered the top of the crate and closed the latch. He was soon moved to the warehouse until he would be trucked with other parts to the customer.

How long would he take before he was discovered? Would he be discovered by his mates before leaving on a truck? To which company was this "shaft" was destined? Would he be sent across the border as some customers where abroad? What about the numbers etched on his forehead? Would they stay forever or would they gradually fade away?

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