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A Present

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2008 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f: Machine/f; naked; encase; nipple; insert; tease; torment; climax; entomb; cons; X

I climbed in my car and drove home, tomorrow is my birthday, and I had booked a day off, as I turned in to Abby road I could see a large delivery van outside my house.

As I drew up the driver was just coming out of my drive, "Hi miss, we had a delivery for you and we had instructions to place it in your garage if you where not in, Would you like to sign here." At that he handed a pen and the clip board holding the delivery note to me.

I noticed the comments on the sheet, the comments stood out in the centre of the sheet, "Birthday present for Jenny Wise, place in garage if she is not in!"

The large van rumbled away and disappeared down the lane, I parked the car in the drive, and walked into the garage, I was amazed, in the centre of the garage stood a black shiny box perhaps 8 feet tall and perhaps 5 feet wide. Taped to the outside was an envelope, I peeled the tape away and opened the envelope. Inside was a small book titled 'Manual for pleasure machine'.

I did wonder how the delivery men had managed to squeeze it in, as I walked around the black shiny box; I opened the manual to page one.

On page one it explained the capsule was a pleasure machine and could be programmed to various degrees of pleasure and fantasy, but there was a warning that extreme degrees of personal pleasure could be described as pain to the uninitiated.

On page two it described the secret way it is opened, and how to step inside it and how to activate the program. As there where no visible handles or doorknobs, the manual explained it was opened by thought waves, and explained that I had to place a hand on the outside shell of the capsule, close my eyes and think it open, but all commands had to be done in the nude.

This all sounded a bit far fetched to me, I walked up to the capsule and placed my hands on the outer shell and willed it to open, and Nothing, not a click or a whirl absolutely nothing, I stood there racking my brain wondering what to do next, I quickly re-read the instructions a second time, 'place a hand flat on the outside of capsule close your eyes and think it open, but do remember all commands have to be done in the nude'.

I smiled to myself surely the machine could not tell if I was nude or dressed. Again I placed my hand flat on the outside, and closed my eyes concentrating hard on opening the capsule, again nothing, I thought to myself, 'perhaps its got a flat battery!'

Again I re-read the instruction, I decided I had nothing to lose by stripping off and trying it in the nude, I walked back and pulled the garage doors closed so no one outside would see me in the nude, and turned the key locking the doors so I would not be interrupted while I had no clothes on, after all I did not want to scare the neighbours.

Again I placed my hand on the shiny exterior closing my eyes I commanded in my mind "Open", instantly a panel to my left slid open, I think I was more startled at the process actually working than the panel opening.

I placed my hands on the sides and looked in the interior, inside it all looked as if it was made of the same material as the outside, only instead of being shiny it was sort of matt in appearance and it seemed to look as if it was lit by a faint blue light. When I say blue light it was more of a blue glow, I could not see where it was coming from but it seemed to radiate all over the inner surfaces, as if the surface was glowing from within its self.

I steeped up and stood inside, there seemed to be no controls, I stood there and read from the book again, it went on to explain the machine was designed to respond to thought commands. It had ten pleasure levels, and it went on to explain it is best to get used to the levels one at a time, Level One is the beginners level and it will progress up to ten at my command.

I thought to myself, 'Well Jenny girl there is no time like the present!' I placed the handbook on the floor and closed my eyes and commanded, 'Level one please,' I opened my eyes, the insides of the capsule seemed to be closing all around me , it was warm to my naked body. Panic suddenly gripped me I imagined being crushed as the sides closed in on me, I closed my eyes again and commanded, 'end session.' Instantly the sides shrank away from my naked body, the door opened and I stepped out in a bit of a rush.

I picked up my clothes and went through the door directly into the house, I wondered who could have sent it to me, as I knew I could phone them to ask about the machine. I again studied the book, It explained in levels one and two and three I am able to stop the process at any stage just by commanding it to stop, but once I decide to go past level three the process is automatic and cannot be stopped till it has run its course. It also explained the higher levels use your innermost thought to create the program, and warned against progressing too fast.

I thought to myself well it all sounds quite simple, all I have to do it think a command and it obeys, so I can stop at any stage. I left my clothes on the settee and returned naked to the garage, I placed my hand on the shiny shell and commanded it to open, again the panel slid open revealing the glowing inside. I stepped up into the machine, this time I had a lot more confidence, I stood upright inside, and commanded, 'Level one please.' The door to my right silently slid shut, again the sides seemed to close in on me encasing my body, the touch felt good it was as if I was being massaged and caressed.

I was totally encased I could not fall or move, my nipples soon felt aroused as the waves of pleasure engulfed my body, a sweet perfume seemed to fill the air, I had to admit I felt good, who ever made this machine knew what made me tick and how to make me feel good.

I had no idea as to how long I was in there, but I decided I would now end the sequence even though I loved every second, I commanded end level one, The sides slid away from my body the blue glow returned and the side panel slid open, I was able to step out I noticed I was a bit weak at the knees, But I felt real good.

I returned to the house and after making myself a meal, I sat down and read the manual again, in one section it explained, 'Level one and level two and level three are pre-programmed levels, once you go beyond level three then it will read your brain and select fantasies, and add them to a program to stimulate you and allow you to live your fantasy for good or for bad.'

The next day after work I ventured into the garage to admire my new toy, I again stripped off, and commanded the door to open. This time I was feeling a lot more adventurous, and stepped inside almost immediately commanding level two.

Again the sides closed around me encasing my body, but unlike level one this time it was as if my body was being stimulated by thousands of hands all stroking and caressing me, I could feel by nipples being caressed and suckled, waves of pleasure rolled over my body me bringing my body to new heights of arousal. This seemed to go on and on, I found it hard to fetch myself to say end session and I think exhaustion was setting in as I whimpered. “end session two”. I staggered out and even though I was a little worse for wear I had enjoyed it so much, and was already planning a re-run in the near future.

Over the next couple of weeks I had run level two for various lengths of time, I suppose you will think me funny if I tell you in a way I was building up my stamina and confidence. In the beginning in level two I would end the process after about half a hour, but now it was a minimum of one hour and increasing each time I did it.

I found myself at work thinking of the next session and wondering how long I can dare make it last. My whole world was now revolving around the capsule, I do not know why I just thought and felt I was ready to experience a new level of pleasure, and now decided it was time to go to level three. It was Friday night I had the weekend off so it was as good as anytime to advance to level three. I had made sure I had no appointments, told all my friends I would not be about that day, I was making sure I would not be interrupted, as I wanted time to explore level three and get accustomed to a new level of pleasure.

Again I returned to the capsule, and again placing my hand on the outer shell and commanding it to open, as the door slid open I was already hopping inside in anticipation, I stood there for a few seconds regaining my composure, I then commanded, “go to level three”.

I noticed this time the pleasing blue glow seemed to turn to a sort of light purple glow as if a little red had been added, again the sides closed around me, it was as if I was being held by invisible arms, I could feel my body being felt and explored. But this time it was so much more sensual, and if I may use the word erotic in a way it was as if the machine had developed a male personality, it was as if I was suspended in space yet every inch of me was being held. It's so hard to explain, I became aware my legs where being spread and as if hands were holding my arse cheeks and pulling my lower end towards some non existent male, at the same time my breasts where being suckled and massaged but a lot more firmly than how it was during level two.

Already I was well aroused to say the least and pleasure was flowing over me in waves, I now felt my outer Labia being parted, then as if a silky finger moved up and down the front of my vaginal opening, soon I felt the inner Labia being prized apart then the magical feeling of a invisible member sliding deep within me . The heat seemed to build up deep within me, soon my body was in spasm, my back arched as the first orgasm hit me.

My clititoral gland was now being aroused as never before, I was now in continual orgasm there seemed nothing I could do to stop it, I knew I could command the machine to end the process, but just as I was about to utter the command, another orgasm racked my body making it impossible for me to utter the command to stop. The machine was now in control of me, my eyes rolled back in my head as the continuous waves of pleasure rolled over me causing me to almost black out.

I lost all account of time, and I have no idea as to how many times I reached climax, but it was now reaching the point, where I was no longer in control, my body was now under the control of the machine, my nipples had extended and become super sensitive. I realized if I did not stop now it would soon be beyond me, I could feel an invisible penis thrusting deep within me, the flow of hot semen seemed to flow continuously into me adding to my continuing orgasms, I do now know how I managed but some how between the screams of pleasure I managed to mutter, “end session level three”.

The pressure of the continuous orgasm slid away, I felt so weakened by the session but Wow so glad I managed to experience it, I now realized this machine was capable of a lot more than I was capable of taking.

When I came around I was laying just outside the machine on the floor, I must have been so exhausted by level three I had collapsed, I dragged my worn out body into the house and collapsed on to the settee. I realized after my latest experience that the machine in my garage was capable of the greatest sexually experience its possible to achieve, the question in my view now was do I continue just playing about going at one stage at a time or do I dare go for stage ten.

I sat there pondering the problem, do I dare miss out all the stages from level three and go straight to ten. I realized level three had taken me to a level of sexually ecstasy that in real life I had never achieved before with any man, and at the time I had ended up totally worn out physically and mentally by it all. It also stated in the instructions, that in levels one and two and three I am able to stop the process at any stage just by commanding it to stop, but once I decide to go past level three the process is automatic and cannot be stopped till it has run its course.

It also explained the machine will delve into my inner most innermost thoughts to create the program, and warned against progressing too fast, it went on in detail explaining that the machine can search out some of your oldest thoughts and perhaps some of the darkest fantasies that perhaps you would rather have forgotten or perhaps lost interest in. I wondered as the machine will search my mind for ideas for the next session, should I advance to level four or go straight to level ten, after a lot of soul searching I decided caution was perhaps the better course to take, I could always jump a level at a latter stage if I found it too slow.

I had now decided I would venture to level four, the first of the levels that I would not be able to control physically by my own command; it would be something new to have the computer in the capsule take full control of what was happening to me.

It was Sunday, raining as usual so instead of going out jogging I decided I would try level four for the first time. I showered and pampered my body with the latest body preparations that on the labels promised miracles but in my case rarely achieved them. I now had a slice of hot buttered toast and a cup on English morning tea, while watching the early morning news program on the telly.

I wandered out to the garage and my magic pleasure machine was awaiting my arrival as usual. I placed both hands on the side and whispered "Open sesame", the side panel slid silently open and it seemed to beckon me in. I stood on the inner mat and whispered, "Please take me to Level four" this time instead of a sort of dull purple glow the inner light flicked to a dull red.

A gentle male voice seemed to radiate from no where, and asked in a very calm voice, “Jenny please confirm that you require level four.”

I hesitated for a second then in a trembling voice, I confirmed I required to try level four.

Again the voice spoke out, “Jenny please confirm that you understand that you will have no control over the program and, I will decide when and how it will end.”

Again I confirmed my decision with a tremble in my voice.

The side now closed around me as before, my body seemed to be floating in space, hands now massaged every part of my body. I was soon brought to full orgasm, and just before climax it eased off to let me get my breath back. Now it was if I was having sex with a super hero, the feeling of a very large penis was fantastic as it thrusted away now bringing me to constant orgasm again and again. My nipples where being suckled and it felt as if my breasts where being drained, the penis inside me seemed to grow by the second as the orgasms became a endless cycle. I could hardly breath as my body was constantly used and it went into spasm time and time again causing my back to arch, I think I was barely conscious.

The never ending ordeal continued, I felt like a rag doll, my vision seemed to fade due to exhaustion. I do not know how much time had passed or how long it continued, but it was some time later, I found myself regaining consciousness and lying on the floor of the capsule with the door open. It was obvious I had passed out due to sexual exhaustion, I staggered into the house, I looked at the clock five hours had passed, I thought to myself I had never had sex continually for five hours and never to this standard. I needed to rest for the next day, my body I think had reached its limit, but in my mind I could only wonder as to what the next stage could produces to top the last session.

The week progressed as usual for me, work, eat and sleep, But the thought of advancing to another level haunted my mind, I suppose every girl dreams of the ultimate sexual fantasy. The bit that seemed to worry me was in the manual it stated, "The machine can search out some of your oldest thoughts and perhaps some of the darkest fantasies that perhaps you would rather have forgotten or perhaps lost interest in."

Now in my past I have had some weird and strange fantasies, some I imagine one would call bizarre perhaps even horrific in a fantasy sort of way. In my youth I had experienced light bondage, as I grew older, I had participated in harder bondage and indulged in various practices just for the thrill of it all, it included being mummified, buried, shrunk wrapped in plastic and beyond, my mind had run riot at what else was available after reading some of the stories on the internet.

Now surely the machine could not really harm me as it stated in the manual on page one it was a pleasure machine, and it clearly stated on page one, it explained, "The capsule was a pleasure machine and could be programmed to various degrees of pleasure and fantasy."

So in my mind I now assumed what ever happened in the machine, at the end of the cycle the door would open and that would be it. The one bit that worried me in the manual was the sentence, "Level one and level two and level three are pre-programmed levels, up to level three, once you go beyond level three then it will read your brain and select fantasies, and add them to a program to stimulate you and allow you to live your fantasy for good or for bad."

And the last line "for good or bad" made me think, 'Just how bad was bad?'

I suppose eventually if I continued at one level at a time I would find out, then again I could decide to do away with the intervening levels and go direct to level ten. Who Knows! I stripped off feeling brave, I stepped into the capsule closing my eyes and commanded the machine to take to a new Level, I hesitated for a moment then …

* * * * *


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