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Programming Error

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Gail was stunned by the situation she had gotten herself into and tried to understand what had happened and how she could release herself hoping the computer had not used the incredibly tough metal for the entire project. Gail had been working for the company for two years as a computer programmer and entering all the data into the computer that would create the requested items. The computer controlled the amazing machine completely requiring no human interaction until the finished piece exited the production line. Gail had been tinkering with the program having the machine make toys for her favorite past time of self bondage for several months enjoying and expanding on what the machine could really do. Gail had already let the machine scan her naked body keeping the specs for it and her toys in a separate server only she and the computer had access to.

During her off times Gail had kept a personal log of her fantasies using it to help her come up with and design her toys and some wonderful restraints. The insertable toys had been made to fit her body exactly, each orifice was scanned, sometimes painfully, allowing the computer to build inserts that fit her exactly. The last items had been a posture collar that flowed down over her shoulders and covered her lower face but it was the mouth filling gag that made her fall in love with it. The machine had made the gag to fit perfectly in her mouth filling it utterly. Gail really had to stretch her mouth over the insert relaxing once her teeth were fitted correctly amazed each time she wore it at how far it held her mouth open. Once the collar was squeezed closed Gail could not move her head or neck with her head being forced to lean back considerably.

Gail wore her steel as often as she could loving how it held her so firmly and unrelenting, programming the computer to keep the locks closed until the programmed time to free her. Gail had completed her last item smiling as she waited for the machine to send her newest steel toy out the end of the manufacturing line. Gail was already wearing one of the pairs of the amazing shoes she had created having made several pairs even wearing a couple of them to work being unable to get them off until she got home and the computer allowed her to open them. The steel belt and wide cuffs around her wrists could be considered jewelry with no one noticing that they all showed no openings only having small almost invisible lines where they could be opened. When the steel emerged from the machine Gail was stunned by the new polishing process leaving the steel even smoother and shining like it was made of platinum.

When the machine stopped she took the new project and placed it in her large bag and headed for the door, the construction had taken slightly longer than she had anticipated and the morning crew was about to go to work. As she drove home she could only think of her newest toy and hoped letting the computer do all the engineering was a good idea. The machines computer was exceptionally powerful allowing it to point out possible problems with the intricate designs the engineers came up with and offer suggestions. Gail had taken it one step further asking it to use her vast amount of data on her project to create one original and inescapable chastity belt. Gail had added that it could be used for pleasure and punishment and watched the data lines flash by for almost an hour before the computer said it was ready. She had not looked at the design or tried to change it hoping she would like the surprise.

Reaching her home Gail only had an hour to get ready before having to leave for work again regretting she had tried to do such a complicated operation overnight instead of waiting for the weekend. She had missed her release time that she had programmed so she was forced to wear the steel shoes another day glad that the arm sheaths and waist belt could be opened manually. They had been some of her first experiments and hadn’t been designed to be opened only by the computer. As she was getting into the shower she stopped not being able to resist looking at her newest toy and pulled it out of the bag. Gail studied it thoroughly admiring the oddly shaped phalluses and how high the waist had been made. Gail couldn’t stand it and stepped into the leg openings slowly slipping the phalluses inside herself moaning as they felt like they wanted to leap inside her. Pulling the back up to her waist noticing how much further it would need to go before it closed stopping to appreciate how the computer had taken her skin into account and made some sliders that would make sure it wouldn’t be pinched when it was closed. Gail struggled to close it finding that no matter how hard she pressed or leaned on it she couldn’t close it. Gail was gasping from the efforts and her building arousal almost ready to give up when she spotted her ratchet straps hanging from the closet rod, she had used these straps many times to stretch her tight across her bed and now quickly wrapped one around her steel covered waist and began ratcheting it tighter until she felt the waist click closed and stood gasping for air.

At first Gail felt that it was too tight as she tried to inhale deeply and found that with the steel running right up to the bottom of her ribs compressing her abdomen so much she couldn’t take a deep breath. After a few minutes Gail calmed herself and began testing the belts limits feeling that now she couldn’t move her lower body at all in the tight steel and that once it was closed it had pressed her firm ass and damp pussy tightly into the metal shell. The steel followed her body from her rib cage to her hips flaring slightly covering her entire ass and sealing off her pussy completely, only the two small holes leading into the thick phalluses could be seen and she knew these were for evacuation purposes. She turned multiple times in front of the mirror admiring the perfectly polished exterior of the belt really surprised at how well the machine could hide any lines making them almost invisible.

Gail had not opened her computer and hadn’t noticed it asking about if it should place new item in inventory and add it to current lock times and after a few minutes the computer added it automatically to her growing list of controllable items. Gail climbed into the shower wearing her new underwear still unaware that she would be wearing it for the next twelve to fourteen hours like the shoes she currently had trapped herself in. After drying herself Gail could stand the extreme compression no longer opening her computer and seeing the command page already pulled up only then realizing in her sleep deprived state she had let the computer take control of the belt and was now locked in it until tonight. Gail sat down stunned only to have the waist press harder as it held her torso perfectly straight and the plugs feel like they were trying to rip her apart if she tried to slouch at all. The computers solution to not have the plug in sliding tracks was to compress her body so tightly that it couldn’t move inside the steel thus keeping the plugs perfectly inline.

Gail was shocked and aroused as she realized she was now stuck wearing the new underwear for the entire day and hoped she could stand it knowing she really didn’t have a choice. Gail also found that with the shorts designed the way they were her legs were restricted in how far they could move limiting not only her stride but how far she could lift them. Gail was forced by her newly narrowed waist to wear a leather pencil skirt normally reserved for fetish club night. It hugged her body tightly from the high waist to just below her knees, she wanted to wear some stockings or tights but the locked on footwear prevented that. After tucking in a fitted blouse Gail was as ready as she could be to go to work and tried to walk as normal as possible to her car being slightly nervous about wearing the skirt in day light for the first time.

Gail spent the day struggling to breathe while she wriggled around the offices being complimented by several execs on her clothes explaining she was going out after work. By the end of the day Gail was exhausted and very aroused, she had entered several new comments on her current underwear into her log and was glad when she could finally leave for the day. Rushing to her car Gail had to sit and catch her breath getting light headed from the effort it took to hurry. As Gail was starting her car when her boss and his admin stepped next to her window smiling and asked if she wanted to go out for drinks. Gail smiled and said she couldn’t she already had plans only to have them ask if her plans were private or could they join her. Gail was sunk she felt she couldn’t just cut them off or drive away so she agreed to go have one drink before having to leave.

As Gail followed the pair to a nearby bar she calculated how long she could stay and still make it home so she could remove the items she had been wearing for two days also remembering that if she missed more than one day the computer could punish her and now with the chastity shorts locked on it could be very interesting. At the bar Gail laughed at how many drinks had been bought for her with in the first ten minutes she was there and after the third drink stopped thinking about the chastity shorts and shoes. When she finally left the bar she was three hours late and very drunk having to call a cab to take her home. Arriving home Gail had barely locked the front door when her pussy and ass were suddenly shocked severely making her scream and drop to her knees. Gail had let the computer use her logs and diary on her home computer to study to know how to torture her and now she was going to get a lesson on how well it could do just that.

Gail knelt gasping with her hands between her legs wondering what had just happened when her computer began beeping forcing her to crawl to it and open the screen. “Punishment has begun do all that is listed…NOW!” Gail read the instructions smiling as she stood and eased her way to the bedroom removing the blouse and skirt as she walked. Gail wasted no time as she felt a tingling in her pussy and ass and could tell it was slowly increasing. Grabbing what she had been ordered to she sat on her bed and began applying what the computer had told her too. Gail grunted each time she had to bend over to lock the cuffs over the steel “laces” of the shoes and connect two short chains between the long cuffs. The thigh cuffs were next and soon Gail's legs were locked closely together.

Gail held her breath when she let the nipple clamps bite down on her tender nipples squeezing them until she heard them click knowing they two were now locked until the computer released them. Pulling slightly on the connecting chain Gail suddenly became worried about letting the computer take control over her and twisted and pulled at the chains holding her legs together. The pulses in her pussy and ass increased again making her continue her task at hand knowing she had no other choice and swear that once this was over she would change the programming so it couldn’t happen again. The wrist gauntlets were locked on, these were long cuffs that went almost to her elbows and once locked on inhibited her wrist movements slightly.

The steel collar was next, Gail sat looking at the collar panting knowing that once it was locked she would be truly helpless unable to even call for help. Gail licked her lips as she thought about what she was doing then forced her mouth around the large gag and squeezed the collar closed. The click from the collar was deafening immediately making Gail grope and pull on it desperately trying to undo what she had done. After her brief panic attack she heard the computer beeping again and whined knowing she would have to shuffle back into the office to see what she was to do next. Gail attempted to walk to the computer giving up and dropping to her knees and crawled to it and gasped around the gag when she read what she was to do.

Gail knelt for a few seconds before feeling the pulses return stronger than before and crawled back to her room picking up two locks and a short chain before crawling up onto the bed. Gail struggled to connect the chain to her ankles then pulled it up to her wrists and slipped the last lock through the first set of d-rings on the cuffs and slowly squeezed in closed. As soon as the lock closed she pulled and yanked making herself roll onto her clamped nipples. Squealing she rolled onto her side and lay panting waiting for her punishment to begin wondering what the computer had used to decide how to punish her and how long it would last.

Gail lay motionless for three hours, the computer had done nothing to her but let her lie helplessly with the pain from the clamps and arched position for company. Gail couldn’t believe she was trapped by her own invention when a sudden thought hit her about something she had written after a self bondage session had gone wrong and she had been left unstimulated for hours before she could free herself, “I wrote that the true torture was no torture at all!” Gail struggled fruitlessly for several minutes before stopping to catch her breath and let the renewed pain calm before the exhaustion and alcohol made her drift to sleep. Gail awoke to shooting pain in her back and jaw yanking and pulling on the chain between her wrist and ankles making herself roll onto her pinched nipples screaming into the gag and quickly rolling again. This time her roll took her to the edge of the bed and she felt her knees slipping over the edge.

Gail struggled to keep herself from sliding off the bed but her legs were too far over the edge and were slowly slipping down sideways. Gail flailed and twisted ending up on her steel covered stomach making her slip even faster unable to stop herself from sliding on to the floor. Gail tried to roll again but she was sliding to fast and her nipples were drug across the bed and over the edge making her scream into the gag again. Gail had her eyes closed almost in tears as she felt her knees touch the floor leaving her leaning against the bed pressing hard on her tortured breasts. Gail’s head was held rigid, tilted back forcing her to look at the ceiling as her legs pulled harder on the connecting chain. The tight steel around her torso and neck combined with the tight hogtie gave her little movement and after a brief struggle to move anywhere Gail knew she was stuck on her knees leaning on her breasts until she was freed. Suddenly Gail had another revelation, the keys to the locks were on the night stand so she wouldn’t be able to free herself!

Gail stood on her knees for another two hours, the last thirty minutes she wept freely from the intense pain in her breasts and back when she began to feel the tingling again in her pussy then her ass. Gail’s struggles increased as the tingling turned into shocks making her scream again and pull with everything she had on her bonds. During the torture session Gail rocked herself to one side tipping herself on to her shoulder. Gail hadn’t noticed she was now lying on her side as her mind thought only of the pain she was in. Gail gasped and whined as the shocks quickly stopped leaving her on the edge of blacking out and still unaware she was on her side. Before her head could clear she felt the tingling again and started whining and crying for it to stop. This time the tingling continued quickly becoming pleasurable and after a few minutes she was moaning and twisting on the floor as her arousal grew and she felt the climax nearing only then realizing she had been aroused the whole time.

* * *

Gail was teased by the tingling until she was franticly struggling and twisting desperately trying to bring herself to an orgasm. After what felt like hours Gail screamed again as the massive orgasm slammed though her body leaving her panting around the large steel phallus in her mouth. Gail thought she was going to suffocate as the orgasm peaked then could think of nothing else after it hit her but how wonderful it felt. Gail was recovering quickly when she felt the gauntlets, cuffs collar and chastity shorts all open at once the collar and shorts springing open from the pressure of being closed so tightly around her body.

Gail rolled out of her restraints lying on her back with one hand one her sore nipples the other on her pussy stroking them slowly as she calmed her breathing. After another small climax Gail climbed onto her bed and quickly fell asleep dreaming of being controlled by the computer continuously. Waking several hours later Gail swung her bare feet onto the floor almost stepping on one of the restraints she had left lying there. Gail jumped over the pieces of steel chuckling to herself as she thought it looked like someone had blown up a robot. After relieving herself Gail showered whining slightly every time she touched her sore nipples but thought it was all worth it. After drying herself Gail stepped into a pair of tall high heeled pumps easing the pain from her cramping feet and legs. As she picked up pieces of her bondage carrying each to the closet she fought to keep from locking the restraints back on herself.

As she stood in the closet rubbing her waist she snatched one of her leather corsets wrapping it around her waist as she walked to where the eye hooks were. Gail quickly pulled the laces until she was gasping and tied them off relishing the tension around her stomach and chest. Feeling better Gail continued putting away her steel restraints picking up her hood/collar she wiped it down setting it on the shelf noticing her leather posture collar and wrapped it around her neck and pulled the buckle tight. Gail finished her cleaning walking into the kitchen to get something to eat noticing the computer screen and read she had been punished for six hours and thirty two minutes. Smiling she wondered how the computer picked the strange time and added that to her list of changes she was going to install after she ate. While she ate Gail typed about her experience into her laptop, as she typed she became more aroused and mused about being encased in the perfect sexual position. The position would be slightly uncomfortable but tolerable and would leave her available for sex. Her breasts exposed for her partners amusement and to be able to torture them as they saw fit. She continued on for two full pages letting her dreams of being helpless and fucked guide her writing.

Gail reset the program giving herself an out button whenever it got to be too much, if she could get to it, but at least there was an out. She worked on a new chastity suit letting the computer design one that would cover her from her chest to her pussy. She programmed the computer to keep her locked into the tight steel for up to four weeks at a time letting it decide when to punish and when to pleasure her. The program would be random and could include no pleasure or no punishment and since her body would be literally locked away she would not have the ability to assist herself in any orgasms. During her lock down the only way she could be released would be if her command came from a hospital computer. Gail had never practiced chastity before and since the first time she was locked into the new suit she was locked up for a full month she learned quickly how frustrating it could be.

After experimenting with her new suit for several months often being forced to wear her collar/hood at night and on weekends. She had let the computer design her new steel gloves and shoes that would hold her hands and fingers in a tight ball and her feet en-point. Gail was getting more and more involved with her steel designs and being held captive by the computer that seemed to be controlling more of her life every day. Gail was constantly writing in her journal about her experiences and her dreams letting the computer try to interpret them. Gail sat in front of her computer looking at the screen grinning behind the steel that covered her lower face. The computer had designed a new suit for her it would cover her from below her nose to her thighs stopping just above her knees. Gail was excited about the new suit and asked the computer to incorporate all the pleasure and punishment devices it had come up with. Gail was so excited she quickly agreed to have it made not noticing that along with the changes to the suits capabilities the computer had removed her “out” function.

Gail agreed to stay locked up until her new suit was created not realizing that it would take several days for the computer to make it meaning she would have to wait until the next holiday that fell on a Monday or Friday and that it was almost three months away. Gail had a small panic attack when the computer informed her of how long she would be locked up and tried to use her “out” button forgetting she had disabled it for the chastity suit. By the end of the first month Gail was desperate to cum, the computer had only teased her during the night and on weekends leaving her hornier than she had ever felt. The second month was filled with more teasing but dominated by punishments, normally after Gail had bound herself in some way but also very lightly while she was at work or out of the house. Gail was getting concerned by the computers growing control but until she was released she couldn’t change the programming and was forced to endure it.

During the third month the daily punishment and teasing increased and was starting to effect her work since she was being kept awake most nights and was now being constantly teased with brief periods of stinging shocks twenty four seven. When the night came to start production the computer that had been completely silent during the previous three months now ordered Gail to bring her hood and restraints to work. Gail was deeply worried but could no longer think on her own being exhausted and in a state of constant arousal.

After everyone had left the building Gail went to the machine reading the screen on the terminal as the machine began to work she obeyed the commands and sat down with the chair against the steel railing. Gail was already wearing the steel shoes and cuffs around her ankles so she locked them to the legs of the chair then locked the collar/hood on smiling as the steel phallus filled her mouth. Gail didn’t even notice the clicks of the locks as she closed the steel onto herself locking the gauntlets around each wrist before reaching back and locking them together behind the railing securing herself to it until the computer released her. The tight steel vibrated with the humming of the machine making Gail twist and pull on her restraints as the computer once again ignored her.

Gail was forced to sit locked to the railing and the chair for the next twenty four hours. The humming had aroused her almost to the point of climax but her exhaustion from her hours of struggling wouldn’t let her climax. Gail awoke when the machine stopped rumbling in front of her finding she was still bound to the chair and railing and frantically tried to look around when she felt the gauntlets and cuffs open allowing her to stand and stagger away from the chair. Gail went to the bathroom and relieved herself reluctantly returning to the console to read “Return home”. Gail turned and slowly picked up her restraints putting each in the large bag and walked to her car. Gail only realized she was still wearing the hood when she banged her head on the cars roof getting in and squealed when she also noticed she was naked except for the steel covering her body.

Gail sat thinking for several minutes about returning to her office to get her clothes opting to drive home as she was. Driving with her head held rigidly was more difficult than she had thought it would be but after an hour of carefully navigating though the light traffic she made it home thankful it was so late so she had hardly seen anyone else on the road. Gail went straight to her bed and fell asleep not hearing the beeping from the computer. After several hours she was awaked by strong shocks hitting her pussy and ass and screamed in the hood and stumbled to the computer. Gail read what it wanted her to do and that the punishment program was running so she went to the bathroom and then quickly secured herself to the post in the living room as ordered by the computer.

Gail stood with her hands locked above her head around the post, she also locked a short chain around it connecting her ankles together. She had been surprised the computer had ordered her to lock her waist and neck to the post making it difficult for her to move any part of her body. After another twenty four hours of being bound and punished Gail was weeping as she hung limply from her restraints gasping. She wondered how long she would be forced to wait to be released and begged the computer to let her orgasm mumbling under the steel that covered her mouth. Gail watched the light increase in the room knowing that another day had passed but couldn’t remember how long she had been bound but forced herself to stand up right and whined as another round of punishment surged through her body.

Gail was lost in the punishments when suddenly her hands dropped to her waist almost making her slide down the post. Gail struggled with the chains around her neck and waist finally able to drop them and slid to her knees feeling the hood and chastity shorts pop open as she dropped into a deep sleep. Gail awoke about ten hours later needing to relieve herself so she dragged herself to her feet stepping out of the steel shoes as she stumbled to the bathroom. While she was sitting she realized she was free of the steel and rubbed her aching body all over relishing the freedom. Gail ran a hot bath and soaked her aching body until the water cooled. During her soak Gail tried to stimulate herself but found her own mind stopping her as she felt she hadn’t been given permission to climax not thinking twice about her resistance to pleasure herself. Gail shaved herself and dried off before getting her some food and sat in front of the computer resisting the strong urge to put the steel back on.

Checking the computer she saw the progress of her new suit licking her lips in anticipation even though she knew it was just another way for the computer to torture her. Gail finished eating and took another nap lying restlessly in bed finally giving up and locking her first chastity shorts, shoes and hood/collar back on herself. Feeling comfortable again Gail lay back and fell asleep immediately and dreamed of even more long term punishments and the incredible orgasms that would follow not realizing how wrong she was.

* * *

Gail awoke to the computer beeping letting her know her new device was ready for her inspection and possibly final test fitting. Gail squealed with excitement grabbing her skirt and blouse and quickly getting dressed stepping into her tall high heels and walking quickly to her car. Gail was thinking she had almost twenty four hours left to test her new device before having to go back to work and couldn’t help but dream of the fiendish ways the computer would use her desires against her. While Gail had slept the lead project manager Jerry had been searching for the reason for the difference in the inventory logs for the unique materials the machine had been using. It wasn’t much but enough to make him search thinking at first there was a computer error then finding it wasn’t making him search even harder.

Jerry was now searching the computer banks stumbling on a large piece of data he wasn’t allowed to access causing him to keep decrypting the computer until he was able to access the files. Jerry had sat all day Friday and Saturday reading the files stunned at how it had been used and aroused when he read what it had made figuring out who had it had been made for. While Jerry had been reading he noticed the machine was actually running and accessed what was being made. He read the programming then started making changes to it hoping the computer would follow his added requests and waited for Gail to arrive. His plan seemed simple but he didn’t know she had given the computer complete control over the design and that the changes he had made would be interpreted in a completely different way than he had intended.

The computer had returned the completed device back into the work space and began adapting it to the new design finishing the new boots it had made having only to make small adjustments to them first. Gail was excited and eager to see what had been created opting not to even look at the plans before wanting it to be a complete surprise. She walked briskly across the parking lot listening to the noise her steel shoes made as she walked unhindered by anything other than the hem of the skirt she had worn. Reaching the machine Gail was surprised that it was still working, normally when it indicates it’s finished it actually is so she removed her skirt and blouse preparing herself to try on her new suit. Gail hit the release for her toe boots while Jerry sat in a darkened office watching her get undressed getting more aroused watching her almost naked body bending to remove the boots the taking the new finished boots from the machine.

Gail admired the new boots noticing they seemed much heavier and the heels seemed taller curious about how these were made to split across the arch of her foot instead of at the heel. Gail quickly stuffed her foot into one struggling to get her foot into the boot having to stand and use her weight to force the ball of her foot into the front half of the new boot. Once her foot slipped into the boot she felt her toes slide into indentations for each thinking, how interesting the new design was unaware that the computer had designed it this way to accommodate the extended wear time it was building the new suit for. Gail had to really squeeze the boot to get it to close feeling her foot being forced deeper into the boot as it clicked closed. Gail took the other boot once again excited about the new steel and clamped her foot into it forcing herself up onto her toes.

Gail was teetering on her new shoes realizing there was no joint built into them making it she so couldn’t bend her ankle as she took a few tentative steps learning quickly that the new boots were not made for walking. Jerry was getting very excited watching the beautiful woman stagger around in only the steel belt and boots still unaware of what he had done. Gail continued to try and learn to walk while she waited forgetting about the computer reporting it was finished. Gail loved the higher heels stunned at how comfortable the new interior design had made the boots finally sitting down gasping and rubbing her new footwear finding that the front of the boots had a flat spot running from the top to the toe about two inches wide. Gail carefully lowered herself to her knees smiling as she saw that the flat was so she could kneel in the boots keeping her legs perfectly flat and knew the computer had plans for her.

Gail eased back into the chair sitting staring at her encased lower legs turning them back and forth admiring the shine the machine had put on them already thinking about having the machine make her a new pair for daily wear. When the conveyer belt rolled out of the machine Gail jumped to her toes and shuffled to the new item that had been created for her. Gail stared at the beautiful suit lying on the conveyer stunned at the polish and smoothness of it. Picking it up she spotted right away that the crotch was open and the much larger hole in the back inspecting it carefully wondering why there was no protrusions for her pussy or ass. Noticing the machine still running she looked at the screen seeing a 3D image of the plate it was creating for her pussy and giggled thinking of the possibilities having her pussy available while still encased in the steel. While the machine hummed behind her she opened the suit pushing her legs through the openings then standing and pulling the suit up squeezing her thighs until it reached her hips and seemed to pop into place.

Gail noticed how wide the crotch was giggling again as she thought “I’ll have to walk bowl legged in this one” settling it against her before pushing her breasts into the chest plate. Gail worked her breasts through the openings pulling them out of the wide bands on the front of the plate. Gail watched her breasts bulge around the tight bands and immediately begin to turn red rubbing each breast smiling as she hummed in pleasure. Pulling the plate up Gail inspected the face plate noticing the hood didn’t have the normal gag she had become accustomed to but instead had what looked like a open mouth gag with indentions for her teeth all the way back to her molars. Gail still hadn’t inspected the suit completely being so excited and having faith in the computer’s ability to make her wonderful toys as she tried to close the suit. Gail pushed her mouth onto the mouth piece pressing the lower part of the hood on her face while pulling the back up.

Gail had expected the suit to be tight and brought the modified ratchet strap she used with the other belt and wrapped it around her chest using it to hold the suit close to her while she checked the guards trying to make sure it didn’t pinch her. Jerry watched amazed by how Gail was squeezing herself into the suit and sat with his hand on his hardened cock. Gail could feel how much was needed to close the suit wondering if the machine had made a mistake in the measurements as she started to ratchet the strap tightening the suit. Gail continued to close the suit gasping through her gaping mouth until she could take no more and stopped running her hands along the opening feeling she still had at least two inches left to go. After her rest she started working the ratchet pulling the back of the suit close enough for her to feel the back of the hood to her head realizing it would completely cover the back of her head.

Gail reached back finding an opening at the top of her head and pulled her long red hair out of the opening then continued working the ratchet pulling the suit closer together. Gail had to stop and twist to get the suit to close and catch her breath still unsure if she was going to be able to close the new suit. Gail listened to the machine working for a few minutes then started ratcheting it closed pulling the strap hard grunting as she pumped the ratchet. Gail felt her head being tilted backwards and her breasts slipping further through the openings as she cranked the strap until without knowing it she closed the suit feeling the slight clicks of the latches catching. Gail ran her hands down the sides gasping through her stretched open mouth feeling that the suit had closed and whined in relief flipping the ratchet backwards loosening it and letting it drop to the floor.

Gail slowly sank into the chair gasping as she ran her hands all over her steel encased body feeling for the first time how small her waist really was. Gail was forced to look upwards with her mouth forced wider than she had ever felt it and tried to move her head finding she had absolutely no amount of movement available. Gail panicked slightly when she felt her neck under the tight steel and groped at her enclosed neck moaning and groaning as she desperately tried to find away to open the steel she had encased herself in. While Gail was flailing and groping herself Jerry was almost ready to explode from watching the amazing show she was putting on for him. Gail finally calmed herself as her hands found her open pussy and fondled her swollen lips finding her body was pushing her damp lips even further out of the steel but also covering her sensitive clit. Gail hadn’t noticed the small bulge in the steel covering her clit but the computer had designed it to apply pressure to the area over it sealing it and limiting how much it could be stimulated.

Gail explored her steel covered body feeling the hood covered her entire head leaving only a small area around her eyes uncovered leaving her large eyes searching for something to free her as her hands continue to roam all over her body. Gail was exploring her bulging breasts excited they had been left uncovered but noticing several small bumps in the steel surrounding them then reached down and feeling the same bumps around her pussy as well. Gail was still exploring her new body when the computer beeped getting her attention and she carefully walked to the console. Gail giggled as she had to bend forward to see the screen and read “Get on the belt, knees in saddles for final assembly”. Gail didn’t understand twisting her body to see the machine had spit out a platform with two protrusions that Gail assumed was for her knees.

Gail was unsure of climbing into the machine and unsure of her new suit if she wanted anymore steel added to her or not. Standing next to the machine Gail felt a tingle in the rings around her breasts that quickly turned into shocks as the computer beeped and flashed the message again. Gail started to climb up onto the belt struggling with her rigid body and inflexible shoes as the shocks increased in intensity making even more difficult. Gail slipped her knees into the saddles having to force them into the bottoms finding the angle they were at required her to have her booted feet straight out behind her. As soon as her knees touched bottom the belt began to move into the machine startling Gail who tried to pull her knees out of the deep brackets but was too late and was pulled through the door into the machine.

Gail could only look around with her eyes having never been inside the actual machine before she didn’t know what to expect as she was drawn deeper into the darkness. Gail was panicking reaching around with her hands trying to find something to help her get out of the brackets when she felt something being pressed onto her upper arms forcing her to adjust them so it would stop pinching her. Now that her upper arms were held firmly forcing her forearms behind her back she felt another set of plates being pressed onto them. Gail could feel the new plates pushing her arms up her back forcing them into a reverse prayer position not stopping until her hands were placed high between her shoulders. Suddenly the machine came to life and Gail could see a bright light coming from behind her as the machine used its micro-welders to secure the arm plates to her steel body.

The micro-welders were used to keep the amount of heat to a minimum assuring what was inside the steel would not be damaged. Gail felt moments of intense heat but nothing that made her think she was being burned as she realized what was happening and tried to think what she should do. Jerry had watched her get on the belt and be pulled inside the machine and had ran to a console to see what was happening inside the machine. While Jerry figured out how to see inside Gail felt more plates being placed over her elbows, behind her knees and down her thighs and legs sealing her inside the tight steel and making it so she couldn’t move any part of her body. Jerry accessed the program seeing first the other attachments being produced before finding the screen showing Gail being sealed inside more of the hardened metal.

Jerry pulled up the final assembly plans from the computer finding what it had planned was not what he had thought it would be and tried to stop the process. Gail was gasping as more bright lights forced her to close her eyes and she could feel the intense heat all around her body as the computer sealed each seam perfectly using small grinders to make them perfect. Gail was whining loudly as the machine seemed to finish its welding and desperately tried to struggle inside her steel cocoon finding she could only wiggle her fingers and hands that were sticking out of the tubes that had been welded to her new suit. Within seconds of her hands flailing behind her neck plates were pressed over them forcing her to make tight fists as she saw more bright light from behind her and could no longer move any part of her body except for her frantic eyes.

Jerry finally found the cease program function and watched as a screen popped up “assembly unfinished, fourteen minutes to completion”. Jerry banged on the key board seeing the final pieces being transferred to the main unit knowing she would soon be encased forever if he didn’t stop the procedure. Gail was feeling wonderful vibrations all over her new metal skin as the machines buffers started to bring her skin to an amazing shine making her close her eyes and moan loudly. As Gail enjoyed the feelings she felt something being pushed roughly into her pussy, the phallus must be huge she thought as it continued to enter her drippy pussy for what felt like minutes. Once the phallus was in place she felt what little air she had been feeling move across her pussy stop and knew something had been placed over it sealing it off as well.

Gail was still thinking about the huge cock inserted into her when she suddenly screamed as she felt another phallus being forced into her ass. Gail thought she would burst out of the tight steel as the plug was forced deep inside her making her feel like she was being ripped in two. Now Gail was nervous and actually in pain as she gasped for air through her gapping mouth waiting for the bright light to seal her fate. As she stared into the darkness she felt something brush passed her lips then slide down her tongue realizing too late it was the insert for her gag. Gail could do nothing but swallow as the strangely shaped cock was slowly pushed deeper into her mouth then down her throat making her choke and gag on it for several seconds before she adapted to it. “Now I understand why it forced my head back so far” Gail thought to herself “It’s made me the perfect sex toy!” Gail concentrated on her breathing continuing to suckle the metal phallus that had been pushed down her throat unable to make any sounds as she though “If only I had someone to use me the way I should be then it would be perfect”.

Gail tried to scream unable to get any air passed the phallus buried deep in her throat, as she felt her breasts being squeezed into the steel cups the machine had created smashing them tightly into them as it forced the breasts shaped covers into the small alignment holes. Jerry was running to the machine having given up on stopping the program he was going to pull her out physically arriving just as Gail’s encased form came out of the machine making him stop and gasp at what he had done. Gail’s encased body rolled out of the machine after the final piece had been place over her eyes making her encasement complete. Gail could feel her body moving and wondered what she was going to do now as she continued sucking on the phallus jammed down her throat. Gail was still under the impression that the computer would free her from the metal enclosure after torturing and teasing her for however long it wanted unaware the changes Jerry had made would lead to an entirely different outcome for her.

Jerry could only stare at the gleaming steel statue of the beautiful woman unsure if she was even alive under all that metal. He went to her catching himself admiring the craftsmanship of the machine being unaware that it even had that capability. He studied the statue stroking the ultra smooth surface finding no seams or lines anywhere accept where the last plates had been installed. As he looked at it he noticed with her legs spread the way they were and her head leaned back she was in the perfect position to be used as a sex toy with nothing in the way of her pussy, ass or gaping mouth. He could see the machine had put every detail of her body in the steel making her look like a steel woman even the outlines of her mouth and lips could be seen in the steel. He continued to inspect the statue noticing the details of her pussy and incredible breasts and nipples. Jerry was enjoying stroking the steel oblivious to the fact that every where he touched the computer as sending jolts of electricity through Gail’s captured body.

Jerry was still inspecting the Gail statue when he heard the printer nearby begin to print pulling himself away from it to go see what was going on. The printer had finished and he read the first line “Care and feeding of the Gail sex toy” it was only then he realized she must be alive in there and quickly scanned the instructions. Finding the section on removing panels he read on how to remove each and ran to her removing the cover from her eyes first seeing them burst open frantically moving from side to side before focusing on his face. Jerry stared at the frantic woman’s eyes trying to decide what to tell her finally blurting out “What do you think you’re doing?” Jerry waited for a reply then cursed himself for being stupid as he looked at the filled mouth of the statue.

Jerry quickly read how to remove the plug in her mouth hoping she would be able to speak and carefully snapped the cover open sliding it from her throat. As soon as it was removed Jerry could see her mouth was held open by an elaborate ring of steel that couldn’t be removed. Jerry was still thinking about how perfectly she was positioned to be used for several different sexual needs, as Jerry listened to her garbled gag talk he couldn’t help his cock from swelling. As Gail continued to try and communicate Jerry heaved her heavy form off the conveyer sitting her on the floor. Gail had become aroused after her initial panic of being found had passed and was now relishing every touch of his hand that continued to send electricity pulsing pleasurably through her body. Jerry still had no idea what each touch was causing but noticed her eyes staring at his swollen cock as he continued to question and try to interpret her garbled responses.

When Jerry saw her licking her lips he couldn’t help but ask “Do you want me….?” Gail moaned loudly licking her lips wildly. Jerry needed no more encouragement quickly unzipping his pants and inserting his cock into her mouth. With her lips unencumbered Gail could get a good seal on his cock and quickly began suckling it while she stroked it with her tongue. Jerry was stroking her head as he thrust deeper into her throat each time finally stopping his thrusts and leaving his cock partially down her throat while she worked with her tongue. Gail was ecstatic being used as a helpless sex toy unable to stop anything that happened to her and not wanting to as she waited for the inevitable explosion from him. Jerry could stand it no more exploding into her throat making Gail swallow all of it while he pushed himself further into her blocking the series of small holes covering her nose blocking her air flow completely. Gail couldn’t move or make any noises as she struggled to get air into her lungs for several longs seconds finally able to suck air through her nose as he lifted himself off her face.

Gail was gag talking wildly as Jerry eased his cock back into his pants and sat down moving out of her line of sight making her try to communicate even more frantically. Jerry listened to her mumbles while he flipped through the “instructions” learning she must have things to empty her bowels and bladder at home begging to think he might just keep her sealed in steel for awhile before he tried to free her, still unsure if that was even possible. After a few minutes of listening to her it became irritating so Jerry picked up the large phallus stunned at the size and length and slowly forced it into the struggling woman’s gapping mouth. Gail tried to resist the gag but was unable to stop Jerry from forcing it down her throat becoming more aroused at the true feelings of helplessness. Jerry snapped the gag into place taking the face plate and covering her frantic eyes sealing her in darkness again while he figured out what to do.

Gail felt her rigid body being picked up and sat on something, she was desperately trying to move some part of her body in hopes to prove she was still alive. The blackness and inability to move, speak or see had stated to make her feel claustrophobic and the constant pressure made her begin to doubt if she was even breathing. She could do nothing move nothing and without being touched she had no way to feel anything. Her shoulders and jaw were aching, breasts throbbing and her legs and feet cramping making her believe she was only alive when she was being used for someone else’s pleasure. With these thoughts whirling through her mind Gail didn’t notice she was being moved to Jerry’s SUV and carefully loaded into the back. Gail hadn’t been touched in over two hours only getting brief sensations that she was moving completely unaware her silenced and encased body was being transported away from her only hope of ever being freed.

Jerry took his new sex toy to his house carefully placing it in a corner of his bedroom leaving a sheet over it’s up turned face in case anyone should see it. Jerry had picked up Gail’s clothes and restraints including her purse and had checked her name and address with plans to visit her apartment to see if he could figure out who she was and maybe see if she had a plan to get out of her “suit” and hopefully between the two of them figure out how to free her… her, “Maybe I could keep it as the sex toy she obviously wanted to be” he thought. He kept wondering if she had really liked being used as his toy, it had seemed eager, I mean “she” seemed to be eager I can’t start thinking of her as an “it” he thought to himself. His conflicting thoughts confusing him as he drove to her home fighting his own wishes to have a sex toy that had such a talented tongue as this one did.

Once inside her apartment he found where all his missing materials had gone and was stunned by the amount of equipment for bondage she had amassed. He searched her apartment finding her bills, and bank statements locating her laptop and packing as much as he could and heading back to his house. While Jerry was searching her apartment Gail had become frantic again kneeling frozen inside the metal shell she thought she had created unsure if she had actually felt herself moving and wondering when the computer would free her. While she sat immobile she tried to take a deep breath and felt her sensitive nipples press into the metal cups covering her breasts, this had been the first real sensation in hours so she started inhaling as deep as possible smashing her nipples more with each breath. After twenty minutes or so she could no longer feel her nipples touching the metal, each deep breath had forced her breasts out further through the tight bands that in turn held them deeper into the cups and once they were pressing into the metal they warmed it slightly making it feel like they were no longer touching anything.

Gail was weeping as she fought for air through her nose making her body try to thrash inside the metal shell until she blacked out. Jerry arrived home checking to see if the statue was still where he had put it before sitting down with her laptop finding her program to control the metal restraints and read it carefully figuring out how she had set it up and how it worked. He was amazed at how she had let the computer solve any problems with design and controls and to learn the computer controlled her almost twenty four seven. As he searched her files learning how much she liked bondage he stumbled upon her logs and diary and started reading them getting more intrigued as he went. While he was reading the computer located the new piece of equipment and loaded it into the system starting to use the extended list of appliances attached to it to punish her for her tardiness. Gail tried to scream as she was shocked violently in her pussy, tits and ass with only a slight hiss escaping her shell.

Jerry studied her logs and diary for hours falling asleep in the chair while Gail had been tortured continuously unable to stop the torture and even though she was in pain didn’t want to because she knew she was still alive and hoped that at the end she would be forced to cum and then possibly freed. Jerry awoke cramped and sore from the chair rushing to get cleaned up leaving the house for work without even paying attention to his new toy. Gail had passed out several times during the night waking each time to the painful stings and pulses the computer was giving her desperately wanting it to stop the punishments and begin her rewards unaware the computer was demanding she change her suit and restrain herself and since she hadn’t complied wouldn’t stop punishing her. Gail fought her prison all day while Jerry thought about her and her imprisonment and what he could, should do wanting to keep her as his toy for as long as possible and since he hadn’t found a way to remove the suit she might have to stay with him permanently.

All day the two fought their own personal fights with their minds, he fixing the material shortage problem and reading her logs Gail fighting the strange sensation of being totally helpless and punished with no seemingly end in sight and starting to wonder again if she would or wanted to be free of the shell she was encased in. Jerry had read all her logs and diaries feeling that he knew her better than she knew herself leaving early so he could use his toy knowing she was wanting to be used and maybe if he made it pleasurable enough she would learn to like being encased, forever. Gail was now staying unconscious more than conscious, the pain had become too much to enjoy and too much to fight. Jerry stopped by her apartment again picking up her enema equipment and another set of clothes for when he was able to free her. Arriving home he heard her computer beeping and read the screen realizing she had been punished since the night before and quickly found the reset and turned it off.

Gail was unconscious when the punishments stopped allowing her to sleep in peace for the first time in twenty four hours. Jerry checked her breathing asking her to pant twice and getting nothing so he pulled up the program to open her face plate and removed the cover over her eyes seeing she was asleep. Jerry opened the cover over her pussy stunned by the wetness he found cementing the idea she actually enjoyed being punished and encased. Jerry moved the statue backwards admiring how the computer had arched her back so when her head was on the floor it gave perfect access to her damp pussy between her spread legs.

Jerry continued his experiments rolling his toy over to see the arch and leaned back head also gave perfect access to her ass as well impressed how the computer had come up with the strange position. Setting his toy upright again he opened the breast covers removing both feeling her warm reddened flesh held so firmly inside the covers shaped as her own breasts. As he rubbed her breasts her breathing quickened making him rub and stroke them more arousing his cock again and making him want to use her pussy for his relief. Gail had awakened noticing first she was not being punished anymore and hoping the computer wasn’t taking a break slowly opening her eyes and was able to see. She looked around being reminded she couldn’t move anything but her eyes she noticed Jerry in front of her and tried to whine but wasn’t able to make a sound since the large phallus was still forced down her throat. Jerry hadn’t noticed her open eyes and pushed her back lowering her head to the floor, Gail could now only see the wall behind her desperately trying to get his attention.

As she lay there she felt his fingers enter her pussy as another hand messaged her right breast making her moan inside from the wonderful feeling of his touch. After a few minutes of him stroking her pussy and breasts he inserted his cock into her and began stroking slowly while fondling her breasts. Gail was enjoying herself immensely finally being used as she wanted when his hand reached up to her steel covered head stroking it and inadvertently covering the tiny holes over her nose making her struggle to breathe as he continued pumping inside his new toy. Gail was struggling inside her shell about to pass out from him blocking the holes when he moved back to her tits allowing her to gasp for air as he roughly messaged her reddened breasts. Jerry exploded inside her cumming hard feeling her tighten her muscles around his cock and looked down to see her eyes wide open and he could swear she was smiling.

For the next week Jerry used his new toy every night always bringing her close to a climax but never being able to tell if she had had one or not so he just kept using her not knowing the frustration of being used as a toy and not being able to cum was driving her crazy. One night he told her of the cost he had to pay to replace the expensive material she had used and that he wasn’t sure how he would ever free her explaining that there were no openings or releases remaining after her trip back into the machine. She indicated she didn’t really believe him by mumbling “UH HUH” sarcastically so he moved her in front a large mirror then laughing at himself realizing she couldn’t see and got his camera setting her laptop where she could see the screen and slowly moved the camera all over her encased body showing her there were no seams or openings of any kind.

Gail stared at the images of her metal body, the aches and pains had passed and she had started to enjoy herself being used regularly by him. Now that she knew she might actually be stuck permanently inside the metal skin the largest orgasm she had ever had slammed through her body making her glad he had replaced all the panels accept her eye cover because she would have screamed loud enough to get the police called. Jerry watched her orgasm noticing her head shuddering inside the metal and a small tear drop from her eyes and closed the cover back over her clamped shut eyes letting her enjoy her orgasm. Jerry continued searching for ways to remove the shell limiting himself to using his new toy every other night instead of every night letting the computer punish and pleasure her on her off days for the next few months.

Gail had gotten used to her new position in life relishing in her experience of total helplessness and being used as a toy by him never thinking about her life or how long she could remain encased. Gail had noticed she could move her arms and legs slightly as well as being able to feel her stomach moving more than when she was first encased and knew she had lost weight but still couldn’t move anymore than she could before. Jerry had been maintaining her while he enjoyed her encased body using the flushing system that the computer had installed making it possible to force a water mixture through the metal shell cleaning and conditioning her skin keeping it hairless. Jerry had moved her into the living room sealing her up tight when he had friends over letting her listen to the party goers talk about her being a statue and how detailed the metal had been shaped, each touch sending the wonderful shocks through her body and sometimes if she was lucky someone would pull on her growing pony tail and say it feels so real.

Jerry had become talented at teasing and tormenting his toy using the flushing system to make her think she was going to drown by leaving the evacuation plug installed and letting the entire shell fill up with water. He also found if he removed the breasts cups the water forced its way passed the tight rings apparently giving her wonderful sensations by the way her eyes would roll up and her intense moans. Gail found she did enjoy her “baths” greatly especially when he would let the water climb into the helmet scaring her as it got near her nostrils causing her to struggle in the metal shell. Gail had begun to relish her captivity and the attention she received from Jerry making her feel she was not only an object but one that was loved and carefully cared for.

During the following months Jerry had gotten the idea to put the question of how to free Gail into the computer and was surprised at how quickly it came up with the solution, “Place subject into machine” he read that the computer could use its cutting laser to free the subject from the encasement. He input about keeping the suit useful with the ability to reuse it as a removable suit desperately hoping Gail would want to stay encased then thinking he knew better. If she had a way out she would want to be released and never allow herself to be encased again. The computer had come up with a diagram about preserving the suit for future use adding the latching mechanisms throughout the seams that would formed giving Jerry hope that he might still be able to keep her as his toy. Jerry thought about releasing her for weeks deciding to ask his toy if she wanted out or if she wanted to remain his toy forever.

He was unsure the computer understood about damaging the “subject” asking several more questions until he was sure that it did understand then sat back and wondered what he should do. During his inquires with the computer he had asked about subject shrinkage letting the computer configure a way to solve the concern. Jerry was informed a few days later that if he injected compound DS-34 into the washing port it would isolate the subject expanding enough to compress it until it was slightly more than the original compression but if it was used the subject could not be cut out of the suit due to the intense heat the DS-34 would transmit to it. Gail had seemed perfectly content in her new role as his sex toy but he felt he needed to tell her of the options torn between his thought of the living woman inside and the toy he had come to love. Jerry arrived home seeing his toy kneeling perfectly and shining in the living room quickly removing the breast covers and attaching her clamps to her sensitive nipples before removing the mouth piece and inserting his cock letting it suck him until he exploded then quickly replacing the phallus and starting her punishment routine. He had started using the clamps months ago often leaving her clamps for days adding small weights to the connecting chain each day giving her something to think about while he was gone.

As Jerry sat listening to her hissing through her nose as he turned the punishment levels up he noticed her steel body rocking slightly on the uneven table she was kneeling on knowing it was from her being able to move more inside the shell. Jerry watched and listened for several hours before looking up DS-34 on the computer to determine the cost and how much he would need, just to make sure she knew all the options he thought to himself. Jerry could tell by the silence from the statue her punishment routine was over stopping the oncoming pleasure cycle not wanting her to get spoiled or anything. Jerry was still thinking he would tell his toy about her possible freedom then mumbled to himself “I’ll tell her about it tomorrow or maybe next weekend”. Gail was gasping as her punishment restarted relishing the change of her normal schedule and hoping he would use her again while she was being punished desperately wanting him to lock her clamps on her nipples wishing she could stay his “Toy” forever and not knowing her dream might still come true.

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