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Reema's Meditation Chamber: Muzzle System Mk II

by Tsukuyomi Shirabe

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© Copyright 2018 - Tsukuyomi Shirabe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; scifi; machine/f; chamber; chair; clamps; collar; gag; restraints; sen-dep; immobile; denial; cons; X

After a few weeks spent onboard Lukkage's ship, Reema has finally decided to get back to her place of birth - The Land. Whatever she did during the trip, she just couldn't forget her experience from the cockpit of the Muzzle System. Being helplessly strapped to the pilot's chair inside a sinking robot was of course very scary, as she didn't want to die, but at the same time she also felt something... different and it was quite disturbing. She definitely had to try it out again in a fully safe environment.

She didn't have any problems with convincing one of her friend, a talented engineer, into remaking the whole cabin of the Muzzle. Restoring its AI was of course beyond his capabilities, but the rest was ready after just three weeks of hard work. She simply couldn't wait to test her own private "meditation chamber", as she called it in her thoughts. She didn't want to think about it as a bondage experience, at least not yet - she needed to confirm her feelings first.

The hatch closed behind her with a lound clang. Wearing only a T-shirt and skimpy shorts, Reema carefully stepped barefoot into the over the ankle high foot holders, first with her right and then with her left foot. While lowering her rear onto the seat, she placed her legs in the leg clamps positioned just above her knees and reaching almost to her thighs, which were one of her own additions. Next she settled the rest of her body onto the back of the chair, resting her head in the circular headrest. She swinged a heavy collar combined with wide panel gag, another one of her own additions, over her neck and mouth. The gag consisted of a rather longish rubber plug with indentations for her gums and teeth, which were of course designed to perfectly fit their shapes. This was also the only part of the whole contraption which wasn't fully automated because of the safety reasons. Finally she placed her arms into the remaining restraints - there were two for her shoulders, two just above the elbows which will cover almost her entire upper arms (also her own additions), and of course two for her wrists along with separate tubes for all of her fingers.

A few seconds later, when all the heat sensors inside the restraints confirmed that she sits properly in place, all of the clamps came to life, gently swinging over her limbs and locking with a soft click. The upper part of the face mask, containing a forehead band complete with heavy blindfold and earmuffs (the final one of her own additions) snapped over her head and merged with the lower portion, also clicking as both parts locked in place. Wide rubber band for her belly, which came from between her legs, firmly pushed her fully into the seat. "It won't be long now...", she thought. Indeed, the rubber padding inside the restraints instantly inflated, forming a firm and snug fit.

"Yes, yes, YESSS, this is it!", Reema shouted in her mind, her breath quickening and a wave of delight washing over her body. Imagining herself being tightly strapped into the chair just as she was now, she started to struggle with all her might. She could wiggle her toes and fingers a little, move her torso, limbs, neck and head, but no more than a few millimeters, and also play with the mouth plug using her tongue and jaws. But the best had yet to come.

As soon as she mewed happily and bit into the gag, the system responded swiftly by fully tightening all of the rubber pads, including the finger ones and the plug inside her mouth. Now she couldn't twitch her toes and fingers anymore, her limbs, neck and head were completely trapped and didn't budge even a fraction of an inch, her jaws were opened up to the point that she couldn't move them anymore (she was at her limit, but it was carefully measured to not be painful) with her tongue firmly pressed to the bottom of her mouth, and her eyelids were forcefully kept closed by the eye pads inside the blindfold. While being extremally tight and inescapable, everything felt very soft and comfortable on her skin.

Reema continued her squirms and struggles against the restraints, her moans barely audible with her mouth packed so fully with rubber (she wouldn't be able to hear them anyway thanks to the earmuffs). It took her some time to completely understand that she's going nowhere, being helplessly and immovably held in place as she was at the moment. There was absolutely nothing she could do to free herself until the end of the session or to speed up this process. Finally she stopped thrashing and sat motionless feeling a little dizzy, indulging in this most intensely pleasurable sensation she had ever felt in her whole life, simultaneously getting drunk and drowning in it.

The program was set to keep her gagged, completely deprived of her senses and totally rigid for three hours. "I just can't believe that I'm already such a bondage junkie. It's going to be a great time, but it would be much more interesting with some kind of stimulation. I have to think about it before my next session. Looks like another additions to the system are highly needed.", she thought...

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