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Robotic Discipline Machine

by Ron McIngle

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© Copyright 2018 - Ron McIngle - Used by permission

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“So, what did you get on the test?” Karen asked as she caught up with Teri as she headed out of school.

“An 89.” Teri said, the tone of her voice indicating disappointment.

“Good for you!” Karen praised, although there was a bitter edge to her voice. “I got a 67!”

“Ouch!” Teri said sympathetically.

“Ah, not a problem anymore!” Karen said smugly. “Once I turned 18, my parents were locked out of my school account! Now it’s nobody’s business but my own! What’s even better is that they can’t beat us anymore! Once you turn 18 your parents can’t legally touch you! We’re adults now, responsible for our own selves.”

Teri considered that for a moment.  Yes, she has been an adult for a month now and could legally make her own decisions.  Her friend Karen has been an adult for only one month longer and already her grades were slipping. Perhaps the arrangement Teri’s parents had made were for the best.

“I’m not as lucky as you, I guess.” Teri said, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Why is that?”

“My parents bought one of those robot disciplinary units.  They actually bought it when my brother turned 18 four years ago, but since he moved out last year it only gets used on me.”

“Oh! Well, that’s the shits! You know, when our parents were kids all corporal punishments were banned. Just our luck it was brought back in time for us, huh! Now that we are adults our parents can’t legally strike us; that is considered assault. But it’s okay to have a machine do it?  I think they should outlaw those, close down that loophole! It ain’t fair!”

The loophole is that a machine can’t be held responsible. As long as a person submitted to the machine by their own free will, and was aware of the consequences, there isn’t anyone other than the user who can be held accountable for any physical or emotional damage that results. Oh, there had been some court cases where undue coercion was claimed, and in some cases the plaintiff prevailed. But there had been sufficient precedence established making it clear that requiring the use of a robotic discipline machine for continued financial support was NOT undue coercion, and hence the practice had become popular with parents who had adult children living in their homes.

“I have the right to refuse using it.” Teri explained. “And it has been calibrated so that the punishments are no worse than how my parent’s used to spank me. So far it hasn’t even been an issue.”

“Yeah, you can refuse, but then your parents kick you out of the house! That’s what happened to Amy Ferguson last year. Tammy Miller’s parents bought one of those machines a few months ago, and she said that she about died the first time she got punished by it! Apparently it is really easy to set it to a severe level!  So how did your parents calibrate it?”

“Mom said that she wouldn’t subject us kids to anything that she hadn’t experienced herself, so she set up her own profile on it. Then she had dad spank her bottom, just one swat, just like he would us. Then she submitted to the machine and had it spank her, at a really low setting.  Then they increased the intensity until mom felt it was the same.”

“And is it?”

“Pretty close, at least for the minor infractions.  Haven’t had a major one yet.”

“What all do you have in your profile?”

“We covered the bases with things like truancy, getting expelled, failing a class, and such. And then the basic legal stuff such as no stealing, drugs, things that I would never do anyway.  Gave them all severe discipline settings, but then I don’t expect to ever trigger one!”

“Tammy said that her parents made her include ‘talking back’ and she is always getting her ass whupped as a result!”

“We didn’t include talking back, thank God! Mostly school stuff: being tardy, poor test scores, things like that. There are few general things: chores, keeping my room clean, a few driving restrictions.  The only one that I worry about is the curfew.”

“You’re 18 and you still have a curfew!” Karen laughed.

“And will as long as I am in school!” Teri replied.

“So, the machine is only a threat? You are such a goody-two-shoes that you never get spanked?”

“No, I get a little bit here and there. I generally submit once a week and it checks all my school work, including homework, quizzes and tests. So I frequently get a mild smacking. Like today.”

“Today what?”

“The test score.  We set the bar high, I didn’t meet it.”

“You got an 89!  That isn’t good enough?”

“The limit was set at 90. So I will get a ‘spanking’ for not meeting the limit, and then one extra swat for each point below 90.”

“What does it consider a spanking to be?”

“Dad always considered it fair to give one swat for each year of age. It’s not bad, just like when my dad would use his bare hand. The one per percentage point swat is with a paddle, and those will hurt! Fortunately, today there is only one!”

“So 18 light swats, and one hard paddle swat?  And that happens today?”

“Yes, I prefer to do it on a Monday afternoon.”

“Why Monday?”

“Most of the tests are on Fridays, and we get the results on Monday. I don’t like having a punishment hanging over me. I prefer it in the afternoons as I have the house to myself, far less embarrassing that way. ”

“I’ll take your word for it. Hey, remember we got that party tomorrow night at Susie’s house! You’re going, right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it!”

“See you tomorrow then!”

The two friends parted company at the corner, Karen turning right while Teri continued another block to get to her street. The house was quiet and empty, as expected. Both her parents worked and being the youngest child she was the only one still at home. Ordinarily she would have taken some time to relax, perhaps watch a bit of TV before she submitted to the machine, but after the discussion with Karen it was occupying her brain.  Might as well get it done with, she figured.

The machine was set up in what had been her brother’s bedroom, halfway down the hall. Teri slipped into the room, closing the door firmly behind her, just in case someone came home unexpectedly. She would have her bottom bared and wouldn’t want her mom to see her like that, let alone her dad! She wished that the door locked, but her parents insisted that it not be and had removed the mechanism.

The ‘robot’ was nothing at all like the stereotype image created by the movies. It had absolutely no resemblance to a human at all. Instead, there was a sturdy cube like metal frame that supported several ‘articulated arms’. These arms had numerous joints that allowed them to position a ‘tool’ in just about any spot within the frame.

Teri pushed the ‘start’ button and immediately stripped down to her bra and panties while the machine initialized. Technically she didn’t need to strip down at all for this phase, but it was easier to apply the various electrodes that measured blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity without her blouse in the way, and she knew the pants would need to come off soon anyway. By now the monitor was showing her the options to select the user, which included herself, her mom, her dad and her brother, even though he no longer lived there.  The profiles for her parents were left over from when they had calibrated the machine years ago.  She selected her profile and sat in the chair, willing herself to relax.

“State your name:” the machine said.

“Teri Ann Hubbard”

“State the month and day of your birth”

“January 15th”

“Subject Identity confirmed.  Interrogation commencing. Answer all questions truthfully to avoid additional penalties. Domestic issues:  Did the subject empty all trash containers prior to trash collection day?”


“Has subject kept her room clean?”


“Answer is determined to be non-deceptive. Checking input from parents . . . No report from parents found. Are there any household issues the subject needs to confess?”


“Subject’s household performance deemed acceptable. Checking DMV records . . .”

The machine continued through the list, covering all the items that had been included in her profile.  Teri sailed through these with no problems. School issues were last on the list.

“Standby, checking school records:  .  .   .   .  School records accessed. No issues with deportment has been indicated.  Does the subject need to confess any non-reported deportment issues?”

“No.” Teri said flatly.

“Answer is determined to be non-deceptive. There are no tardies or absences noted in the record. Have there been any non-reported absences or tardies?”


“There is one new test score reported. Record shows a score of 89 percent. Is this correct?”


“Punishment threshold has been set to 90 percent. Subject did NOT meet objectives. Record shows no failures to meet objective in recent history, no penalties for recurring behavior. One punishment level one point is assigned for not meeting objective. Additional: one level 3 point assigned for being one point below objective. Does subject accept this punishment?”

“Yes.” Teri said calmly, as it was exactly what she was expecting. The ‘recurring behavior’ was no idle threat, as Teri knew well.  Near the end of the previous school year she had managed to fall below the threshold on three consecutive tests, which bumped the levels up two notches. That had hurt!

One small detail she had neglected to tell her friend was that she had actually been submitting to the machine for over a year, ever since her brother moved out. While it had been legal for her parents to punish her while she was still a minor, the machine was considered to be a suitable alternative. There were several benefits, including keeping a detailed record, consistency, and it removed ‘anger’ as a factor. Teri also considered it much better to bare her ass to a machine rather than to her father.

“Are there any other school issues that subject needs to confess?”


 “Interrogation complete. Is there any input from user?”

“No.” Teri gave the same answer she always had for this question.  She wasn’t aware of what other answer she could give.

 “Subject shall position herself in the indicated position.”

The monitor showed a picture of a person bending over the edge of the waist high padded bar.  Teri stood, removed all but the heart rate monitor, then leaned against the padded bar. There were restraints that could be used, which were optional for her situation. Teri chose to fasten the waist strap as a precaution, as flinching out of position would result in additional punishment. Immediately beyond the padded bar was open space, and beyond that were handles that she would hold onto.

Teri paused for just a few seconds, then reluctantly lowered her panties to mid-thigh and reached for the handholds. Once she gripped the handles the punishment cycle began.

“A punishment is due. Does subject wish to delay punishment?”

“No.” Teri replied.

A robotic arm, the largest of the four the machine had, extended from the overhead frame, lowering down to waist height. A camera imbedded in the ‘hand’ examined her, verifying that her buttocks were bare and that her body matched the user profile. Satisfied, the mechanical hand went to the rack where the various spanking implements were stored and selected the light leather paddle.

This paddle had a head that was 6 inches in diameter and constructed of two layers of pliable leather. The lightness, flexibility and generous impact area resulted in a fairly mild sting, not unlike what a bare hand would deliver.  The arm positioned the paddle gently over Teri’s buttocks, the camera checking that the impact area would be as intended. Then the arm raised up.

“Punishment commencing. Category School: Failure to meet minimum test score. No enhancements. 17 swats with light paddle. One swat with medium paddle.”

Teri always felt like she was getting away with something when the machine assigned 17 swats. Her parents intent was that it would be one swat for every year of her age, figuring that the older you were, the worse the punishment should be. She had turned 18 a month ago, and while they had updated her profile to indicate she was an adult they hadn’t increased the number of swats. Teri didn’t feel the need to remind her parents of this little detail.

Wooosh, smack!

“OWW!” Teri called out. The first one always hurt.

Wooosh, smack!

“Oh!” Not so bad that time.

Wooosh, smack!


Seventeen times the paddle cracked against her buttocks, and Teri took them well. She waited in trepidation as the machine replaced the light paddle for a long slender wooden paddle. She knew this paddle hurt! Once she had endured 15 swats of this paddle and she thought her butt was on fire!  Fortunately, there was only one swat due now.

Again the paddle was gently positioned, the wood feeling cold against her warm buttocks.

Wooosh, CRACK!

“OW OW OW!” Teri cried. Her hands immediately shot back to rub her butt, an action that would have resulted in additional punishment if it had impeded the remainder of the current punishment. Fortunately she was only due one swat.

“Punishment complete.” The machine announced.

Teri unfastened the waist strap, pulled her panties back up, removed the heart rate monitor and then dressed. She rubbed her butt some more as she left the room, but the sensation was more of a ‘tingle’ than of pain.

She immediately went to her own room where she could close and lock the door.  Now she stripped down completely and lay on her bed, her hands immediately going to her crotch and breasts. She couldn’t explain why she needed to masturbate after being disciplined and she would die of embarrassment if anyone ever found out, but there was little risk of that. She was alone in the house, just herself and her fantasies. 

* * *

Teri hustled to catch up with her friend once school let out.

“No worse for the wear, I take it?” Karen said.


“Your date with the robot yesterday.”

“Ah, that was nothing.” Teri assured her.

“You’re on for the party tonight, right?”

“Sure.  You driving?”

“I can! Pick you up at 7:45?”

“7:45?” Teri asked. “I thought the party was at 7:00!”

“You didn’t get the word?  Shelly’s got to wait until her dad leaves for work. When daylight saving time kicked in his schedule shifted an hour! Now he doesn’t leave until 7:30!”

“Okay.” Teri agreed, but didn’t understand what daylight-saving time had to do with it. “But I still have to be home by 10:00!”

“Oh, don’t tell me you are still under the curfew rule!”

“Sadly, yes.” Teri said. “It is a school night.”

“Girl, you need to assert your independence! Stand up for yourself! Be your own boss!”

“Like you?” Teri asked.

“Yes!” Karen replied, totally missing the sarcasm. “See you tonight.  BE READY!”

“I will!” Teri assured her.

* * *

It was 9:45 and the party was going strong.  In fact, it was going too strong. It was supposed to be just a dozen or so of Shelly’s close friends but there were more than a hundred people here, most of which Teri had never seen before.  A large percentage of them were obviously older than high school age. Copious amounts of alcohol was being shared and there was no ‘adult’ supervision in sight. Teri knew that Shelly’s dad worked swing shift and wouldn’t be there, but her mom had been totally missing as well.

“Shelly!  Have you seen Karen?” Teri screamed above the loud music.

“Not recently.” Shelly yelled back. “A while back she was out by the pool, making out with some guy!”

“Oh, crap!” Teri said, but not loud enough to be heard over the racket. If they didn’t leave within the next 5 minutes she would miss her curfew.

Ultimately, it was the police breaking up the party that reunited her with her friend, but not until after 11:00 PM.

“Karen! You have made me miss my curfew!”

“Chill out!” Karen slurred back, her words thick and slow. “Don’t cha worry ‘bout that!”

“Oh, jeeze!” Teri cried. “You’re drunk!”

“Me? Nah! I’m fine.  Now where did we park the car?”

“I’M DRIVING!” Teri insisted. “The car is this way!  Give me the keys!”

Karen initially resisted surrendering the keys, and it was only when she dropped the keys the third time attempting to open the door and Teri scooped them up that she agreed to let Teri drive. Teri was concerned that her friend might be arrested for underage drinking, but the cops had bigger fish to go after and paid them little attention.

Teri drove her friend home, helped her into house (after Karen had vomited in the rose bushes) and then walked to her own home, finally entering her home at 11:35, well after curfew.

“Good evening!” the stern voice of her dad called out. “Or is it morning?”

“Dad, I am sorry!” Teri said.  “Karen drove and she just disappeared on me when it was time to go!”

“Are you okay?” Her dad asked, examining her closely. His daughter really was a good kid, but he was always concerned for her.

“Fine, I wasn’t drinking.” Teri said, emphasizing the word ‘I’.

Her dad looked at her suspiciously. She reeked of smoke, both cigarette as well as marijuana, both of which were illegal for persons under the age of 21. But it wasn’t coming from her breath, it was all on her clothes, and there wasn’t any alcohol smell. Her eyes were clear, pupils responded to the light, words were clear.

“All right, get to bed! But I want you to have a session with the discipline machine before the end of the week, is that clear?”

“Yes Sir.” Teri said, relieved. She had been concerned that he would insist on the discipline occurring right away, but she was way too tired for it.

She considered doing the session on Wednesday, but decided against it. Curfew violations had a significant penalty and she was concerned that she might not be in an appropriate state to study afterward, and there was a major test coming up on Friday. No, after school on Friday would be best.

Unfortunately, that gave her two days to fret about it. Curfew violation carried one of the most severe punishment in her profile, one which she had never incurred so far. There were others that were worse, far worse in fact, but they just weren’t likely to ever happen.  In hindsight, what she should have done was just get it over with right away. What she did do was much worse.

“Teri!” her mom called out from the hallway

“Yes Mom?” Teri said, stepping just outside her bedroom door.

“You just did a discipline session on Monday, is that right?”

“Yes, Mom.” Teri said. “Why do you ask?”

“I was just checking on the state of the system.  It requires me to log in every once in a while to clear the reports. Just wanted to verify, kind of a sanity check.”

“Yeah, last Monday.”

“Oh!” her mom said suddenly. “That means you will get it twice in one week!”

“Don’t worry mom.” Teri assured her. “The last discipline was hardly worth mentioning. I scored an 89 on a test, which is actually quite good compared to the class curve!”

“Do we need to relax the threshold?”

“No, it’s okay. Now, if you want to extend the curfew a couple of hours . . . “

“Nope! I’ll consider it when you are NOT facing a discipline session. You knew the penalty; you did the crime, now do the time! I’ll be –“

Whatever she was going to say next was cut off by the ringing of the doorbell. Her mom sighed and moved off to answer the door, which was probably some charity wanting money or some other nuisance.  Teri was about to go back into her room when she spotted the monitor of the machine in the room across the hall.

Teri realized that her mom was still logged in as administrator. She moved a bit closer to the end of the hall, just far enough that she could hear her mother engaged in conversation with whoever was at the door.  It wasn’t the usual ‘brush off’ talk, so she figured that her mom would be busy for a minute or two.

Had she more time, Teri would probably have thought better of the idea, as hastily formed plans seldom worked out well. Teri quietly slipped into the room with the machine and sat at the terminal. Prior to her turning 18 her parents had complete control of her profile. Once she came of age, she had control of it. The ‘administrator’ of the system could (and did) lock access, but when access was enabled only she could view or modify her profile. But now the system was sitting there, unlocked.

Her thought was that if she could edit her profile and remove the curfew restriction she would avoid the punishment. The log her parents had access to only showed that she had properly used the machine, not the specifics.  She could skip doing chores or some other trivial offense so there would be a record that she was punished. Detailed information as to the severity of the punishment or what the violations were was confidential for all adult users. Only the user could access those files, or law enforcement with a warrant.

She double clicked on the folder that represented her profile, which opened into icons of additional folders.  Each folder represented a category: School, domestic, legal, driving, etc. Inside each folder was the actual file that held the necessary information was contained within each folder, along with working files, history and other program related information.

Teri was starting to panic now as she remembered just how involved this process was.  It required opening the profile in the profile editor, then going through a series of steps to make changes.  A month ago, when she turned 18, her parents had helped her through the process to make changes related to the fact that she was now an adult. The recollection was that it took a fair amount of time to make those changes.

And which category was curfew in?  The profile had been set up when she was only 17 so at that time curfew was a legal issue.  Or it could be in the ‘driving’ category, as there had been driving restrictions related to curfew. Domestic? Curfew meant being home, so that was domestic. She should be able to tell based on when the question was asked. Certainly before school, but then school was her last category.

She realized that she didn’t have nearly enough time to accomplish that before her mom would return. She was about to exit out and forget the entire thing when she noticed that her mother’s profile was open.  Teri remembered that her initial profile had been set up by copying her brother’s profile and making changes to that.  With both profiles open it was a simple matter of copying the individual folders from her brother’s main folder into her main folder.

Yes, she could do that again!  But instead of copying her brother’s, she would copy her mother’s! After all, her mother’s profile had been just to establish that the machine worked correctly and to calibrate it. The swats would be just as hard as her own profile, but there would be only one.   Curfew probably wasn’t even on the list.

Teri selected all the folders in her profile and hit the DELETE key. She waited impatiently while the progress bar went across and when it finished she opened her mother’s folder. She was immediately surprised that there were more folders there, representing more categories of issues that the machine would monitor. Accounting?  What was that? Payments? Finance? 

She was beginning to worry now, as she had already deleted all of her issues and had to do something! She finally selected all the files, copied, moved to her folder and pasted. 

What she didn’t see was a ‘school’ folder and started to panic. Then she realized that there were more folders than she could see at one time and scrolled to the bottom.  Still no school folder. 

The trash! She suddenly remembered that deleted files didn’t immediately go away, they were simply moved to the trash bin.  She found the icon for the trash bin, opened it, sorted by most recently deleted and copied her school folder back into her main folder.  Then she deleted the folders that obviously didn’t belong, such as accounting, exercise, payments and finance.  The folders were sorted alphabetically and when she deleted the third one her school folder appeared on the monitor. Relieved, she closed the folder and quickly exited to room.

* * *

Friday afternoon Teri was alone in the house, in the room with the machine, stripped down to bra and panties. The electrodes were in place and she was working on relaxing her mind before starting the interrogation. While it hadn’t happened to her, she had heard tales of people getting false ‘deceptive’ marks as a result of being overly anxious about the exam. While there was a protocol to handle that, it involved administrative intervention, and the last thing she wanted was for her parents to be closely examining her profile right now.

Her plan, which she had worked out only after she had committed to this plan of action, would be to ask her mom if she could make some changes, perhaps she would correct the number of swats for a standard spanking to 18.  Her mom would log in, give her access, she would make all the changes to return things essentially to how they were before, and then have her mom approve it.  Her mom would never see that it had been something entirely different for a while.  All she had to do was get through this one interrogation.

“State the day and month of your birth.” The machine demanded.

Teri was feeling pretty smug with herself when it skipped right over ‘curfew’.  The machine took each item in alphabetical order so when she got to ‘domestic’ she knew it had worked. She remembered now, curfew was the third question under the domestic category.  She was home free!

Or so she thought.

Instead of asking if she had emptied the dishwasher it asked if she had properly loaded and started the dishwasher.  Well, no, she hadn’t, that was mom’s job! And no, she hadn’t vacuumed at least once during the week.

Legal and driving had different questions, but didn’t cause any problems. No, she hadn’t received any parking tickets. Yes, the car registrations were current. The school items were just as she expected; all her homework had been turned in and there hadn’t been any tests results posted since Monday.

Teri thought she was done and was about to stand up when the machine announced a surprise category: sexual

What? Teri thought.  Sexual, that starts with Se, right after Sc for school.  That would have been the next folder below school, which would have been hidden off the bottom of the screen.  Well, crap! Oh well, how bad could this be?

“Have you masturbated without permission since the last discipline session?”

Permission?  Was she supposed to have permission? Masturbation wasn’t exactly a topic that her family had discussed, but her parents weren’t such prudes that they would forbid such a thing.

“Yes.” Teri said reluctantly.

“One point for violation. Two level increases for three consecutive violations.”

“What?” Teri cried in disbelief. These better be light, single swat spankings!

“Have you flirted with any males?”

“No!” Teri called out nervously.

“Answer detected as deceptive. One point for violation, one level increase for attempted deception.”

“Next category: work.” The machine continued. “Have you been on time every day since your last discipline?”

Teri paused, considering how to answer this.  As the question was asked the technical answer would be ‘no’, for she hadn’t gone to work at all. She didn’t have work! But the machine didn’t allow for essay answers, only Yes or No.  If she said Yes and it detected a lie it would be worse.

“Subject must give either a yes or no answer.” The machine prompted. “Have you been on time every day since your last discipline?”

“No!” Teri cried. Since the machine only tested the truthfulness of an answer if the answer would avoid punishment she reasoned that it was the better option:  accept the punishment without adding enhancements.  The other questions had ‘safe’ answers: no, she hadn’t taken a long lunch or left work early.

“Subject has performed poorly.” The machine announced. “Two points from category domestic, no enhancements. Two points from category sexual, one with two enhancements, one with none. One point from category work.  Does the subject accept punishment?”

Oh God! Teri thought.  If these were delivered under her settings it would be intolerable!  But with the one swat spanking that her mother had told her about it wouldn’t be bad.  She was still way ahead of what she would have received for the curfew violation under her real profile.

Besides, what choice did she have? If she didn’t accept it then the administrator would be notified. The last thing she wanted was to try to explain to her parents why she didn’t deserve these punishments.

“Yes.” Teri said sadly. She stood up, lowered her panties to mid-thigh, fastened the waist belt and reached for the hand grips.

“Subject must disrobe completely” The machine said.

What? She had never needed to do that before! But heck, it isn’t that big of a deal.  No one will see her. She gave the panties another nudge and they dropped to her ankles. She stepped out of them as she unfastened the bra and allowed it to fall to the floor as well.

“Subject must secure feet in restraints.”

Now this was getting weird! There were a pair of foot pads that were on arms next to the floor which had sandal like straps. They had always been rotated off to the sides, out of the way, but now they rotated into position front and center. Teri shrugged, then stepped on the pads and fastened the buckles. She was now about an inch higher with respect to waist bar which caused her a bit of concern.

She once again reached for the hand grips, leaning loosely against the waist bar. As her hands closed on the triggers the wrist restraints, which had previously remained dormant, suddenly closed around her wrists, locking her in place.

“HEY!” Teri cried in alarm. She was even more alarmed when the foot pads moved to the sides, spreading her legs wide, which also lowered her hips back down to the bar.

“Punishments will be administered in order of severity. Category domestic: Failure to load dishwasher on a nightly basis. No enhancements. 40 swats with light paddle.”

“FORTY!” Teri screamed. It was supposed to be one swat! She jerked and yanked trying to free her hands but to no avail. She watched in terror as the paddle was aligned to her bottom.

“Young lady, your behavior has been unacceptable!”

“Huh?” Teri muttered, not sure of what she just heard.

“Let this be a lesson to you!”


“YEOW!” Teri cried out.  That was a much harder swat than what she was used to.

“Your chores were established, and you agreed to them. There is no excuse for disregarding your duty!”


“OW OW OW!” That swat was way harder than what she was used to! Oh God, forty of those swats?  And what was with the scolding, her profile never included that!

The spanking continued, the swats mercifully spaced out to facilitate the ongoing lecture. Teri jerked and cried out until the last swat was delivered, then hung limply from her wrists, panting and trembling.

“Now, young lady, I will give you a few minutes to think about what you have done, and what you still have coming!”

Teri’s heart sank, as she had been hoping that the forty swats she just endured represented her entire punishment, including all the enhancements. But now she doubted that was the case.

“Next punishment: Domestic, failure to vacuum weekly, no enhancements. Forty swats with light paddle.”

“Now, then, young lady! You failed to vacuum!”



“You had a full week to accomplish the task, and yet you failed.”


“OW!  I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Teri didn’t know if anything she said would make a difference but she was, in fact, sorry, even if the chores were not hers. She bucked and twisted and swayed back and forth as far as her bonds allowed, which wasn’t very much. 

“Next punishment: Category work. Not arriving on time. No enhancements. Forty swats, level 3, wood paddle.”

“Oh no! Please no! I can’t take 40 swats of the wooden paddle.  No! NOOOOO!”


“Mmmmnnnnngghhhh!” Teri bit her lip and grunted.

“Young lady, don’t you realize that your work ethic represents your life?”



“Showing up late puts you at risk of termination! You are putting your career at risk, and for what?”


Teri started crying, something she had never done in a punishment session before. This was awful, but she knew that it was her own fault that she was suffering so. While the words the machine used for the scolding didn’t match her situation, the tone did. Her own actions had brought this on: first by missing curfew, and she only made it worse by attempting to circumvent the punishment.

By the time the 40th swat was delivered she was hanging limply and sobbing uncontrollably.

“You may think about that for a while!” The machine said as it went idle.  But it didn’t release her. Teri glanced over at the monitor, which was currently showing her heart rate: 142 bpm. Although she had never encountered this situation before, she knew that the machine wouldn’t advance to the next punishment until her heart rate dropped below a threshold.

“Oh, lord help me!” Teri cried aloud once she had regained a bit of composure. There were still two more, if she was remembering correctly. The machine had said that they would be delivered in order of severity, which meant these would be even worse.

“Next punishment: Category sexual, Flirting. One enhancement for deceptive answer. 40 lashes of a light strap, to be applied to the breasts.”

“WHAT! You’ve got to be kidding!” But Teri watched in horror as the paddle was replaced with a long, slender strip of heavy leather and the arm reposition to a spot below her chest.  She had always wondered why the machine had been built so ‘open’.  She had often wished that instead of a simple bar to lean against it was a flat surface, something that she could lean on. Now the reason was becoming clear.


“AHHHH!” Teri gasped as the strap caught her right breast.

“Shameful behavior, young lady! I suppose you loosened a few buttons on the blouse, let a few guys look down your cleavage?”


“OW!” Teri cried in pain, and then cried in shame.  Yes, she had unbuttoned her blouse, and yes, she had given a few guys a look at her breasts.  It had been the night of the party.

“Was it a fancy bra, all pretty lace?”


“No! No!” Teri called out, as if in answer. In fact, she hadn’t been wearing any bra, which had made her feel deliciously wicked at the time. Now it made her feel shameful.

Teri took some solace in the fact that her breasts were not that large, although bent over the way she was every bit of them hung down and made for an inviting target.  The machine had no problem, its articulated arm contorting into any position necessary to ensure all surfaces of both breasts were targeted.

Teri lay panting for almost a minute before she realized the whipping had stopped. She glanced down, and what she could see of her breasts were a mixture of bright red with mottled purple spots. She realized that she might be wearing blouses that had no cleavage for a while!

“Last punishment: Category sexual: Masturbation without permission.  Two enhancements for repeated violations. 40 lashes with light strap, to be applied to genital area.”

Teri was dumbstruck; had she heard that right? Sure enough, the arm repositioned itself to a spot below and between her legs.

“You nasty, wicked young lady!” The machine scolded, then lashed at her crotch.  The strap caught her dead center on the labia.


Strangely, Teri remained quiet. Until the second lash, then she wailed and cried and sobbed.

The punishment was finally over. Teri lay there for a couple of minutes while her panting returned to heavy breathing, the eventually to gentle breathing.

“You took that punishment well. All is forgiven.” The machine announced and her wrist restraints were released.

With trembling hands she released her ankles, gathered her clothing and exited the room, not bothering to dress. When she got to her room she plopped onto the bed like she usually did after a punishment, but then quickly rolled to her back when her tender breasts contacted the mattress.  Her buttocks weren’t any better so she rolled to her side and just sighed. After an hour she managed to dress again, except in a loose fitting sweat suit with no panties or bra.

When her mother returned home from work an hour after that Teri had mostly composed herself, but her mother spotted right off that she was upset.

“Oh, Teri!” Her mother said. “Was the curfew punishment a bit worse than you expected?”

“Much worse.”

“I was afraid of that. Mind if I take a look?”


“Your bottom!  Just give me a peek.”

It wasn’t the first time her mom had wanted to see the results of a spanking. She felt like refusing, unsure what her mom would make of the marks on her buttocks. She decided that refusing might raise more suspicions so she reluctantly turned around and slipped the waistband of her sweats down just below her butt cheeks.  She was careful to keep her legs close together so that the redness of her crotch was not obvious.

“Oh, you’re going to feel that for a while! Tell you what, I can soften it up a bit, for next time.  Why don’t we go modify your profile right now?”

“Oh, no mom!” Teri cried in sudden fear. To have her mother discover the modified profile now, after she had endured all that, was just more than she could bear. “I, I deserved it! Yes, I did.  It doesn’t matter how sever the penalty is because I won’t ever do that again!  And if I do, I’ll deserve it!”

“Okay.” Her mom said, looking at her daughter oddly. There had been mild objections to the idea of the robotic punishment machine from her daughter, mostly when the practice had started over a year ago. Since then there had been a few comments made indicating that her daughter would prefer no punishment at all, especially since she had turned 18.  Was she now appreciative of the discipline? Was her daughter showing signs of maturity?

Saturday morning she awoke and immediately examined herself in the full length mirror.  Her breasts had a few light marks so she wouldn’t be wearing a bikini this weekend. Her crotch was a bit tender but the puffiness she had experienced the day before had gone away.  Her buttocks had an ache that she could almost describe as pleasant.

No worse for the wear, she thought. Now her thoughts were focused on how she might fix her profile. When she had hatched this ill-conceived idea her thought was that she would just wait for the next opportunity to make adjustments to her profile. She knew her mother would occasionally log on as administrator for ‘maintenance’ purposes. If she asked to review her profile, and get a few moments of privacy, she could set everything back and then have her mom review it. She previously hadn’t been concerned about how long would be before she could set things back.

That was when she believed her mom’s profile to be much more lenient than her own.  Teri had figured that she was normally ‘good’ and rarely received punishment so it wouldn’t really matter how lenient the profile had become.  Now she had a profile with conditions that she couldn’t possibly adhere to.  She didn’t have a job! Maybe she could get one! Any kind of job that she could show up and not be late to. Teri considered that idea.  “Hey mom.” Teri said meekly. “You got a minute?”

“Sure, hon. What’s on your mind?  And how is your bottom this morning?”

“My bottom?  Oh, I feel it, it’s there! It’s okay.” Teri chuckled. Indeed, it wasn’t her bottom that was bothering her the most. Her breasts were so tender that she still was going without a bra. “I was wondering if you would allow me to make a temporary change to my punishment profile.  In private.”

“You mean where I don’t see it? Why?”

“Well, mom, it’s kinda embarrassing. A girl’s gotta have some privacy, right?  I am only talking about a, a day or so. You log on as administrator, I make some changes and log out. A few days later we do it again, except this time you are welcome to review my entire profile.”

“I get it, hon.  You feel guilty about something and want the relief that punishment brings. Tell me one thing:  is this for something you have already done, or something you are about to do?”

“Um, well.” Teri said sheepishly.

“Okay, you don’t have to answer that!” Her mom said jokingly.

“I assure you that I’m not trying to cheat on anything in my profile, or get away with anything!” Teri said emphatically. “I was punished for the curfew violation yesterday, and I already gave you my password to my school account so you can verify that everything there is as it should be.”

“Honey, I trust you impeccably! The thought that you might be trying to cheat the system never entered my mind!”

Oh, if only you knew, thought Teri.

“But you don’t need to change your profile for one off things.”

“I don’t?”

“No!” her mom assured her. “At the end of the interrogation the machine asks if there is anything else to consider. If you say ‘confession’ the machine will start a question and answer period where it establishes what you did wrong.  It will then look up in its database how such infractions are normally punished, then apply the calibration from your profile to assign the severity. All confidential, your dad or I will never see it.”

“What if it isn’t in the database?”

“Hon, I really doubt that you have found some unique way to misbehave! If it is something you’ve already done, and you have the courage to change your profile to cover it, then you will have the courage to confess it.  Now, if it is something you might do in the future, and you want the deterrent, well – is there something special going on next week?”

“No, Mom, nothing different.  All the same.  In fact, it’s all in the past, not going to happen again! I have already learned my lesson.”

“Well then, just do the confession and be done with it.”

“Alright, Mom, I’ll do that.” Teri said, realizing that changing her profile will be more difficult than she thought. Time to change tactics. “Mom, would it be okay if I got a job?  Something simple, maybe a few hours a week?”

“A job?  Honey, no, we had discussed this long ago.  Is your allowance not enough?”

“No, Mom, that’s not it.  I just feel like I should have a job, contribute to the family.” Avoid a punishment is what she really meant but didn’t say aloud.

“Teri.” Her mom said firmly. “You HAVE a job!  Your job is to go to school and get good grades.  Your job is to go on to college and get a career.  THAT is your JOB.”

Something clicked in her brain.  Would that work?  Could she answer the question honestly if she considered school to be her job?  Yes, she could!

“Oh.” Teri said, a smile forming on her face. “That’s right. School is my job.  School, work, same thing! Thank you, mom, this talk has helped a lot!”

Teri debated on if she should return to her normal Monday schedule or wait until a full week had passed. In the end she figured that she would better off to return to her normal schedule, just so that her mother didn’t grow concerned over a change in her patterns. Another good reason was that she had scored 100% on the test that had just been reported and there were no other violations, at least not that she was aware of. Not every item in the profile was covered in every interrogation: Some issues were only queried monthly instead of weekly. Could her mom’s profile yield any more surprises?

The machine went through the preliminaries, establishing her identity and running the initial calibration. She breezed through the school category with confidence. The domestic category was also easy, as she had helped her mother clean the kitchen after dinner, including loading the dishwasher and had vacuumed the entire house.

The sexual question had worried her. She usually masturbated after a discipline session, enjoying her favorite fantasy where it had been a handsome man who had just spanked her and was now ravishing her body. But immediately after her last discipline session her entire genital area and her breasts were too sore to consider touching for pleasure. The urge had called to her again last night, and her fingers got as far as reaching under the waistband of her panties before she thought better of it.

She was relieved when the machine accepted her answers and continued.

“Next category: work.” The machine said. “Have you been on time every day since your last discipline?”

“Yes.” Teri said with as much confidence as she could manage.

“Interrogation complete. Is there any input from user?”

“No.” Teri sighed in relief. It had worked.

 “Subject shall position herself in the indicated position.”

Teri had always thought it odd that the machine made her get into position even when there was no punishments due. Up to now it had never been any problem as she simply leaned over the bar and grabbed the handles.  The program ended, and she was done. 

Now she had to secure her feet into the foot pads, and when she grabbed the handles her wrists were secured as well.  She had a moment of terror when she saw the arm move, the ‘hand’ going to a box that was normally kept closed and the contents of which she had never seen. She was shocked and amazed when it came back with a smooth, slender object.

“What’s happening?” Teri asked.

“No punishment is due. You have been a good girl today!” The machine said, as if in answer to Teri’s question. “As a reward, some pleasure! Option of short or long program. State your choice:”

“Uh, short!” Teri said, taking what she assumed would be the easiest option. She had no idea what was about to happen and wanted it to be over as soon as possible.

Teri gasped as the object was brought down between her legs and was pressed into her sex, the tip sliding along the length of her labia. She instinctively pulled away from it, at least as far as the waist belt allowed, which was only an inch or so, but the object followed her, leaving her straining on tip toe. After a few strokes there was a buzzing sound and she felt the vibrations in sensitive skin.

She knew of vibrators, but had never used anything other than her own fingers for sexual pleasure. This was something else! Even though she was appalled at being touched this way she had to admit that if felt good.  Damn good! She soon relaxed, pressing her pussy more firmly against the vibrator. After a minute or so the vibrator was slid back, repositioned and slid deep into her vagina. She had never used anything inserted in her vagina during masturbation before and this felt good. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her.  Suddenly she felt a touch to one breast, and an instant later to the other.  She opened her eyes to see that two of the other arms were now starting to massage her breasts.  She was amazed, as she had never seen these arms do anything before.  Then she felt a touch to her clitoris while the vibrator was still in her vagina.

All four arms were in use, she realized. This was incredible, more stimulus than she could do on her own. She was accustomed to masturbating immediately after a punishment session so her body responded immediately, and she soon experienced the most dramatic orgasm she’d ever had.

Teri stumbled back to her room and fell onto her bed in a post orgasmic bliss.

* * *

“Hi daddy! Welcome home!” Teri called out as she literally bounced to him with a hop and skip.  She hugged him tightly, then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before skipping off again.

“Something’s got her in a good mood.” Her father observed.

“I know she scored a 100 percent on the big test she was worried about.” Her mom said. “Probably relieved that there wasn’t any punishment this week.”

“When I hugged her I didn’t feel any panty lines under her sweats.  Doesn’t that usually mean a sore butt? Has she been neglecting her chores?”

“No, in fact she has been helping out even more! Yesterday she practically wrestled the vacuum away from me, and she has been helping with the dishes! Whatever has gotten into her, I like it!”

“You mentioned that she was asking about confession. Maybe she relieved herself of some guilt.”

“Could be.” Teri’s mom said. “There was certainly something that was troubling her, maybe she confessed and feels free now.”

“Any idea what the trouble was?”

“Oh, it was probably something to do with boys!  I am sure it’s nothing for us to concern ourselves with, she has a good head on her shoulders.”

* * *

Weeks passed without any opportunity to change the profile. Teri decided that she would just live with it until a good opportunity did present itself, which might not be until her next birthday. She decided that she was okay with that.  She normally didn’t have any punishments, and when she did it was usually a single level one punishment.  Forty swats weren’t that bad, she decided.

The ‘reward’ was certainly nice! She discovered that she could submit up to twice a week and earn the reward. When she chose the ‘long’ reward it would massage and stimulate her for twenty minutes before bringing her to orgasm, although the long option wasn’t available if she had incurred any punishment. 

Teri wondered where the cut off was; if two punishments would result in no reward at all, or if it required more. She knew that five punishments didn’t get a reward, a data point from her first experience with this profile, and one she really didn’t want to repeat. Eventually her curiosity got the better of her and she intentionally earned two domestic penalties, and no reward.

‘Well, that didn’t work out so well!’ Teri thought as she lay on her bed.  She had just endured 80 hard smacks on her bottom and didn’t get any sexual relief to boot! Now her bottom was throbbing and she felt the need. Her hand strayed to her crotch, the fingers just grazing the labia, the threat of the sexual category fighting against her desire.  She wanted to touch herself, she wanted that release!  But that whipping on her genital area had been intense!

But maybe it would be worth it.

Her hands touched again, a shiver running up her body.  So naughty!

‘You’ll pay dearly for it’ her better sense said.

‘Might be worth it’ her demon side argued back. ‘Maybe it won’t be so bad this time.’

Teri closed her eyes, her fantasy starting to form in her mind. A lover spreading her legs, whipping her sex for a sexual misconduct, with two enhancements.

Two enhancements, Teri suddenly remembered. The punishment for the masturbation had been one point for the basic violation with two level increases for three consecutive violations.

Teri sat up on the bed, trying to clear her mind to make sense of that. The enhancements for repeat violations were for a time period, either a week or month. Her previous profile had no ‘sexual’ category, so there had been no questions about masturbation, so there had been no history.  Therefore, the history had to have come from her mom’s account.

“Oh my God!” Teri said aloud. “Mom’s been using the discipline machine!  For real!”

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