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The Robot Washing Factory

by DownTheHobbittHole

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© Copyright 2019 - DownTheHobbittHole - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; factory; intruder; slip; caught; machine; capture; process; strip; wash; dry; polish; buff; climax; conveyor; packaged; box; shipped; cons/nc; X


It was a warm, sunny afternoon, you had just finished work and you began walking home.

As you walk past a large factory that cleaned robots, you notice something suspicious, the lights were on and you could hear machinery rumbling inside, but the factory was supposed to be closed 2 hours ago. Being the heroic type, and also seeing a possible hefty reward for catching a burgular, you crawl under the large wire fence and climb up to an open window.

Looking inside, there was robots every where, you lean through the window but suddenly you slipped, falling in to a puddle of mud, "argh great just what I needed!"

You look up to the window, there was no way you could get up to the window it was far too high. As you get up you look around and see a shadow moving around in the control room.

But suddenly a large claw like out of an arcade machine, it sweeps down locking around your shoulders lifting you up in front of the glass control room, "Woah! What's going on? Who is controlling this place let me out!"

The shadow behind the glass, "You think you can interfer with my plans! Well now, I'm going to clean up your little act once and for all, you'll think twice before messing with other people's plans."

The person now operates the buttons before him, moving the crane above a large boxy stainless steel frame, as you're lowered into it and onto the start of an internal conveyor. Then the claw releases you as it retracts and the hatch closes trapping you inside, as large overhead lights flicker to life.

Suddenly you hear rumbling as cogs and gears begin to turn as the machine kicks to life.

A scanner on along arm moves in front of you as it shoots out a laser grid scanning you, now four clamps on moving arms latch around your wrists and ankles pulling you spread eagled, the scanner moving out the way.

Now your pulled forward where multiple robot arms appear holding scissors as they shred your clothes to bits, a small vacuum sucking them up. You were now left completely naked, nozzles built into the ceiling begin to soak you down with warm water.

Once again you're pulled forward through more nozzles built into the walls, as they began soaping you up, covering you in a thick pink foam, they panned up and down, covering you from head to toe. Below you were nozzles within a gap in the conveyor, spraying the insides of your legs and your neithers with more of the thick soapy foam.

Again you are pulled forward towards more mechanical arms, all holding large spinning super soft brushes, but before you were 'finished' the brushes were done, as you're now pulled through another set of water hoses as they soak you again, washing away all the bubbly foam and your excitement.

Suddenly long arms holding buffers approach you as you pass underneath a large tank, with a sign on it reading "hot wax", a valve opening and a giant dollop of wax splats on top of you, covering you completely in the sticky warm goo.

The buffers now starting up, as they polish the wax into your skin, as once again they work over your entire body polishing it to a shine, the buffers now polishing your neithers as its pressed against your body, as you can't take any more as you cum right in the centre of the buffing pad.

Now the buffers begin slowing down as an inspection cameras pop out of the walls, looking you over, they were satisfied that you were shiny enough. You're now pulled under a set of heated air dryers as they dry out the wax making it stick to your skin giving you a long lasting shine, as microfibre towel hands now buff you dry, "Argh let me go!".

The clamps now pulled you through some plastic strips into the shipping room, as you enter the room a hand holding a stamper, stamps you on the forehead with a cleaned stamp. Next an arm holding a can of air freshener approaches you, as it sprays you all over including your privates, the freshener making you smell of flowers.

Smelling fresh as a daisy, you're lifted off of the conveyor belt into a large shipping crate, traveling along another conveyor, by more mechanical arms.

Once the arms dropped you into the crate they came back with a large flexible pipe, as its positioned over the crate, now the pipe started dumping hundreds of polystyrene lumps, as the crate was filled to the brim.

Now before you could escape the lid was slid into place and nailed shut by another robot arm holding a nail gun.

As you trundle along the conveyor more arms stamped the outside of the crate with fragile stamps, this way up stamps and the delivery address. Now your box is picked up and load onto the back of a truck, as the back doors are shut and it begins to pull away out of the factory.


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