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Ship's Log

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; solo-f; D/s; chair; machine; cond; straps; intubate; gag; bfold; mc; denial; oral; climax; enslave; sci-fi; reluct/cons; X

“Captain’s log, March 3, 2278. Ship’s time, 1300 hours. We’ve just left Space Station L17, and it’s good to be back into space and out of those clothes. I can’t see how anyone can stand to have anything covering their bodies, but maybe I’ve been alone in space too long.

“Slave is down in the hold, making sure our cargo is secure. Once done there, she’ll be working to repair a glitch that’s developed in the computer terminal in my quarters. For now, I have no choice but to make this entry sitting at the helm station. Once she’s finished with that, I’ll be settling her in here for the duration of the voyage, thanks to the new items I had installed during our overhaul.

“The techs assured me that she can remain here at her post for the duration of our trip. How, I’m not sure, but they tell me that, once she’s here, only my verbal command will allow her to leave her station, once I restrain hermmmmmmph. Mmmmmnnnnnmmm!”

“This is…..”

“Please state the proper time and date for the record.”

“Oh, yes, sorry. It’s, um, March 4, 2278, and the time is 2300 hours. This slave knows she is not allowed to make log entries, and she hopes Mistress will forgive her, but the computer is set up, by her order, to require a log entry every day. If an entry isn’t made, the computer stops doing anything else until it does receive an entry. So maybe this slave should tell why she is doing this.

“Yesterday, this slave entered the bridge after completing her duties to find Mistress strapped into the helm chair. There are straps holding her wrists to the chair arms, more straps holding her legs in place, even more straps at her chest, waist and thighs. There is also a strap running between her legs, and one over her mouth. There are tubes coming from these straps, and this slave thinks Mistress has had catheters and a feeding tube inserted into the proper places. Mistress is trying to get loosed, but the straps are too strong, and this slave can do nothing to help. The computer keeps saying it needs a verbal command from Mistress to release her, and the strap over her mouth keeps her from giving that command. This slave would like to show her that everything else is ok, but the helmsman’s mask over her eyes won’t allow her to see anything but the course and speed displays.”

“Forgive me, Mistress…..”

“Please state the proper time and date for the record.”

“This slave is sorry, computer. It’s March 5, 2278, and it’s 2200 hours. This slave is glad the computer is programmed to remind her of these things, so she doesn’t forget.

“Mistress’ wrists and ankles have become quite red from her struggles, and this slave has done her best to rub soothing ointments into the irritated skin. Mistress seems calm at the moment, but for a while, she struggled quite fiercely. It made the ship do some things that almost made this slave ill, since the helm controls are now linked to her neural net by the mask. This slave has tied into the secondary navigation displays, and she is pleased to report that the ship did not get very far off course. Mistress taught this slave how to navigate, so she definitely knows what she’s doing..”

“March 6, 2276, 1500 hours. This slave has decided to make entries earlier from now on, so that she can sleep. This slave hopes Mistress will understand and not punish her for this indulgence. This slave also hopes that Mistress will see that all entries are as close as possible to the minimum length she set into the program for acceptable entries. The ship is back on course, and should arrive at its next destination on time. Once at Space Station L23, this slave hopes the techs there can find a way to release Mistress from the helm.”

“March 7, 1450 hours. Today, this slave noticed a small screen on the side of the helm chair’s left arm. It wasn’t there before, so it must be part of the new equipment Mistress had installed at the ship’s last stop. The screen is usually blank, but sometimes, while this slave is caring for Mistress, the screen lights up with either the word “REWARD” or the word “PUNISHMENT”. This slave can only assume that Mistress is receiving whatever the screen displays, probably based on her performance. If so, this slave will make extra sure to do a good job once she is in the helm chair again.”

“March 8, 1300 hours. Mistress has been very quiet today, and this slave has noticed what sound like soft moans coming from behind the mouth strap. The small screen has only shown “PUNISHMENT” once today, though the “REWARD” has lit up several times. This slave can only assume that Mistress is doing her job well. This slave has also noticed that Mistress’ nipples seem to be constantly hard now. Whatever reward Mistress is receiving, it must be a good one.”

“March 9, 1327 hours. I have decided that, since I have to do these entries, it might be more proper to speak in the first person. I’m sure Mistress will understand.

“Mistress has been strapped into the helm chair for five days now. Her moans, when she’s not asleep, have become almost constant now, though they’re hard to hear through the mouth strap. She actually looks quite good sitting there. The chest strap causes her breasts to jut out very appealingly. That, along with her hard nipples, makes it very difficult not to play with them.

“Today, a passing ship wanted to talk, and I had to pretend to be the Captain and talk to them. It was fun, actually, since Mistress rarely lets me talk to anyone but her, and only when she speaks first.”

“March 10, 1100 hours. I may have done something wrong. I was checking some readings when I accidentally pushed a button on the side of the helm chair’s right arm. It wasn’t there before. When I did, the computer said ‘Training program initiated’. Nothing else seems to have changed, and I can only hope Mistress isn’t too mad when she finally gets loose.

“Tomorrow, we arrive at Space Station L23. Once there, I’ll try to find a trustworthy tech to come in and see about freeing Mistress.

“To pass the time, I’ve been reading, watching information tapes, and, generally learning what I can. Mistress never lets me do these things, but I do need the distraction. Also, I have been eating Mistress’ food, since that’s all there is, other than the pure nutrient Mistress is receiving through her mouth tube. I could learn to enjoy this, if I weren’t a slave.

“Once we reach the station, the computer will begin making automatic log entries Mistress set it up that way so she wouldn‘t have to keep coming back to the ship if our layover was very long.”

“Automated log entry, March 11, 1200 hours.”

“Automated log entry, March 12, 1200 hours.”

“Automated log entry, March 13, 1200 hours.”

“March 14, 0950 hours. This is my first entry as this ship’s new captain, and I think I should explain how that happened.

“When we arrived at Space Station L23, the ship docked quite cleanly. Once the systems had all powered down, the straps holding the former captain into the helm chair automatically released her. I was there, as was proper, awaiting the punishment I knew I would receive for my conduct during the trip. What happened next was a surprise.

“Instead of punishing me, once the straps were gone, she slid from the chair onto her knees in front of me. I can’t really explain this part, so I’ll just insert a section from the automatic recorder.”

“Mistress, may this slave speak?”


“May this slave speak, Mistress?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Thank you, Mistress. Mistress, may this slave cum now?”

“Please note that it is the former captain addressing me as ‘Mistress” and asking permission to cum. Back to the recording.”


“Yes, Mistress, may this slave please cum?”

“You, um, need to cum?”

“Very much, Mistress. The chair rewarded this slave for good performance, but never enough to let her cum.”

“Are you ok?”

“This slave is fine, Mistress, and she is honored that Mistress would ask. This slave has received very high marks on her training, and for the performance of her duties. May this slave cum if she makes Mistress cum?”

“Another note. Before reaching the station, I had already dressed in one of the former captain’s outfits. Luckily, we’re about the same size and build, though her clothes are a bit loose in the chest for me, since I’m not quite as well endowed.. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the clothes were gone and I had received a very satisfying orgasm. I then told the former captain that she could cum, which she immediately did. Repeatedly, in fact, until I had no choice but to tell her to stop, which she also immediately did.

“Once the cargo was unloaded, I took the former captain to the station medics. They ran a complete workup on her, then complimented me on how well she was trained. That training button, it seems, started a subliminal program that totally altered her basic personality. She is now a slave, knows nothing beyond her duties as a slave, and has no desire for anything else. The medics also told me that this level of training cannot be reversed, so there’s no way to return her to her former state. And this ship still has runs to make, so I have no other choice.

“March 22, 1325 hours. We are on course for Space Station L5 with a cargo of energy converter parts. Slave has settled into her new duties quite nicely. She’s turned out to be so well trained that I had the new system removed from the helm chair. Autopilot can handle the job of steering the ship at night, and I have much better uses for that mouth than sucking down nutrient. Slave learned some interesting tricks from that training program, and I’m looking forward to experiencing them all, many times over.

“I also, please note, removed that stupid once a day log requirement from the computer. I, also, have better things to do with my mouth, at least when slave deserves that much of a reward.

“Note to self: remember to remove all slave training programs from the computer.

“End of log entry.”

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