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Slowly, Slowly

by The Technician

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Marsha was happily married. Earl was a good husband and an excellent father. Financially, they were more than comfortable in their lives together. They weren't the one percent, but they were in the top ten. And yet, Marsha was not content. There was something missing. And it was missing in their sex life. Earl was.... too fast.

He wasn't a two-minute wonder. Nor was he a "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am" kind of lover. He would often spend at least half an hour in foreplay, lightly stroking her back and legs and thighs and breasts. Sometimes he would suckle lightly on her breasts before making circles around her clit with either with his fingers or with his tongue. And then when he entered her, he could regularly sustain himself for ten or fifteen minutes. Often she would climax long before him and would be driven into a second orgasm before he finally came.

Most women would say that Earl was a nearly perfect lover who could drive them to the heights of passion and bring multiple orgasms from their body. But for Marsha, the most intense pleasure was not the orgasm itself, but the anticipation. It was that time just before the volcano erupted that she coveted. And Earl - or perhaps she herself - went through that precious moment entirely too fast. That is what she wanted stretched out. That is what she wanted to make last. She wanted to be held just on the edge of orgasm for as long as possible. And Earl didn't do that.

Maybe he didn't understand. Maybe it wasn't possible for him. Maybe it wasn't possible for her. Marsha had many times tried using a vibrator to take herself to almost that peak. She could easily bring herself off with her little friend. She could even keep herself right on the edge for an extended period of time, but when she did, it wasn't the same. Maybe teasing yourself at the edge of orgasm was impossible to truly do to yourself - like trying to tickle yourself. Maybe someone else had to be in control in order for the pure pleasure of that extended fleeting moment to be realized.

In desperation, Marsha turned to teasing stories from the internet. One thing she noticed immediately, was that in all of the teasing stories, the woman being held on the edge of orgasm, was also being held in bondage. She brought up the subject of light bondage with Earl, but he could not imagine restraining someone, even if they wanted it. So Marsha dropped the subject and began reading solo female / self-bondage stories.

The problem with most of them was that the women depicted either gained most of their satisfaction from the bondage itself or from the intense orgasms which were forced upon them. Sometimes they just got off on the pain or humiliation would result from discovery. Although all of that made Marsha very wet and horny, her real quest was for an extended period of restraint of her orgasm, not her body.

And then the ads began to pop up on her browser and emails began arriving in her "special account." She had known enough to create a special user on her computer that was separate from everything else and a special email and browser account that was not connected in any way to any of their family accounts. She knew that the electronic gnomes of the internet know where you go and what you read, yet she was still surprised at the quantity of ads for adult toys and bondage sites and bondage equipment that arrived. They were sometimes comical and ridiculous, but she read them anyway.

She read each and every ad and popup that came to her, including those in her spam filter. She deleted almost every one of them immediately, but one day an email with the title "Teasinator" caught her attention. It was advertizing an electronic device called The Teasinator that was "guaranteed to keep her hot, horny, and on the edge for hours at a time." Marsha went immediately to the website.

The device was expensive... VERY expensive. It included a control box, vaginal and anal dildos, nipple stimulators, some sort of clitoral clip, and several "negative reinforcement pads" that were shown applied to the underside of the breasts, the insides of the thighs, on the abdomen, and on both buttocks. She wasn't sure how The Teasinator worked, but she knew that she wanted it.

Earl kept a very strict budget book and every penny had to be accounted for. Early in their marriage, that had caused tension, and so he had allocated to Marsha a "mad money" account. A certain amount each month went into that account and Marsha could do whatever she wanted with it. As Earl's income had grown, so had the amount that was in her mad money account. Marsha probably could have bought a decent car with cash from the account, so she had more than enough cash to play with. The account was linked to PayPal, so there was no problem ordering the device on line.

But then Marsha thought, "I will still be in control. If I want to stop it, all I have to do is turn it off."

That thought took her back out to the bondage websites, especially the self-bondage equipment. Soon packages of timers and restraints and automatic releases started arriving at their home. Many women would have torn open the packages immediately and started experimenting, but Marsha, after all, was seeking restraint and delay, and so she carefully stored away each piece of equipment until she knew that she had everything in place.

The final thing needed was not a piece of equipment, but a place for her to put herself into the desired bondage and experience the full effects of the Teasinator. And the perfect place was in her own back yard. The previous owner had built a sauna building a little ways from the house in the spacious area behind it. The sauna itself had been only about twelve feet square, but the building that housed it was closer to twenty feet on a side. And because the winters where Marsha lived could get very cold, the sauna building was very heavily insulated and sealed against moisture. Something had gone wrong with the sauna and it had nearly caught fire, so the previous owner had removed it with the intention of rebuilding it. He had, however, moved away before that was done. So what stood in that back yard was an unused, totally isolated room that was effectively soundproofed.

As soon as Marsha thought of using "The Hot Shed," as her husband called it, she ran out to the back yard to check it out. It was basically empty, except for a few left over pieces of the old sauna. When she closed the door, she was plunged into total darkness. "Perfect," she said as she fumbled to find the door latch in the disorientation of absolute darkness.

That night at supper, she told Earl that she wanted to tone up her body and mind with "Isolation Yoga." He had never heard of it, but if he had looked it up on the internet, he would have found that it was basic Yoga, except it was practiced in near sensory depravation conditions - like the hot shed.

"What do you need?" he asked.

"It will only take a little fixing up," Marsha answered. "And then just some pads, mirrors, and various attachment points on the walls and ceilings for the training bars and so forth."

"How much?" was Earl's next question.

"Less than diamond earrings," was Marsha's answer, "but with the same rewards."

Many years ago, Earl had once joked that the only reason that a man buys diamonds for his wife is so she will give him a blow job. On her next birthday, he gave Marsha a pair of diamond earrings. He had forgotten all about the joke until that night when Marsha, for the first time in their marriage, gave him excellent oral sex. They had kept up the joke whenever Earl gave her diamonds. Actually, it was getting to the point where he wasn't sure whether he gave her diamonds because he loved her and could afford to, or because he would get his cock sucked dry that night.

In any case, Marsha's estimate of the costs was sufficient for Earl and he told her to call a contractor to do the work she wanted. A few weeks later the "Yoga Shed" as she now called it was ready. There were three levels to the floor. At the door and along that wall and the adjoining wall to the left, coming out four feet, the floor was carpeted. It then stepped up to a two inch pad that continued another eight feet to a heavily padded platform in the corner that was about two feet off the floor. The final platform was approximately eight feet square and looked very much like a bed.

When Marsha showed the completed room to Earl, he said that the corner platform looked a lot like a bed, to which she answered, "It is for drifting in the nirvana of isolation and finding your center." When he asked about the many eyebolts which seemed to protrude from the walls, ceiling, and even, in some places, the floors, she explained that they were needed to support the bars and other aids to gaining flexibility.

Earl seemed a little hesitant about the whole project, but when Marsha suggested that they could use the platform so that she could give him his diamond reward, he decided it was just one more thing that he could live with if it made her happy.

It took three more weeks to get all of the equipment in place. That Marsha did entirely on her own. The various restraint equipment was relatively easy to set up. The Teasinator had the capability to control "restraint systems" as it called them, and had even recommended suppliers for electronically controlled cuffs, spreader bars, and lifting winches.

Marsha carefully assembled her system. With the help of the Teasinator control screen, she tested and re-tested each restraint and dildo. It felt funny to hold the vaginal device while it vibrated and wiggled in her hands. The anal device did not wiggle, but instead grew longer and shorter as it vibrated. She thought she could feel something when she held the black pads that were supposed to be beneath her breast and on her upper thighs, but she wasn't sure. Maybe they had to actually be in place for everything to work properly. She would find out the first time she used them.

Everything was ready. All she had to do was wait for an opportunity when she could be out in the Yoga Shed for an extended period of time. Since waiting was what it was all about, the delay became a part of the game she was playing with herself. Twice each day, she would walk out to the Yoga shed dressed in her white top and white Yoga pants to do a half-hour Yoga routine. She knew that in the bright sunlight, it was almost as if she were naked..., and she knew that the neighbor's high school son was watching her most of the time. Once she even did a Yoga stretch, bending down to grab her wide-spread ankles while making sure her ass was aimed at his window. She lowered her head almost to the ground several times, each time looking back between her legs at the second floor window with the curtain pulled slightly to the side.

Finally the opportunity came. Earl was going out of town on business for three days. As soon as he went out the front door to leave for the airport, Marsha went out the back door to the Yoga shed. She carefully laid out the restraints and by early afternoon everything was in place.

For her first session, she chose to be spread eagle on the platform. First she inserted the vaginal dildo. She wanted to do that first so she could feel it inside her as she prepared everything else. She had planned on placing the anal dildo last, but once she felt the fullness of the device in her pussy, she decided to also fill her nether regions.

The anal device did not go into place quite as smoothly as the pussy device. She had to grunt and push a couple of times to force it in. Next came the strange nipple clamps. They weren't really clamps, but were more like little hats that sat over her nipples and squeezed slightly to hold themselves in place. The two black squares went on the underside of her breasts. She still wasn't sure what they were for. Likewise black squares went on her inner thighs just short of where her legs met her crotch and on her abdomen just below her navel. She opened the package for the two squares to apply to her asscheeks and found that there were four, not two in the bag. There was also a small slip of paper with instructions that indicated it was two patches on each cheek. Wires connected to everything, and once everything was connected she turned on the controller.

As expected, Teasinator asked, "Is this a test or a session?"


"Do you wish to test the devices before beginning the session?"


The dildo in her cunt began vibrating and rapidly ran from very slow to very fast, and then from very soft to very strong. It quit vibrating and began wiggling. Again it varied from slowly to fast and from very little movement to nearly bending in half. When it stopped Teasinator asked, "Did device function satisfactorily?"

Marsha had to catch her breath before she answered, "Yes, quite satisfactorily."

Teasinator then stepped through each of the devices. After each it asked if the device functioned satisfactorily. When tested, the little caps on her nipples, they varied from feeling like they were sucking on her to like they were pinching her tightly. She thought she even felt a slight shock. When asked if they had worked properly she replied, "I think so." She gave the same answer after the pads tingled her skin and then popped her with a sufficient shock to cause her to yelp.

Finally the machine said, "Test completed. Please verify or change setup."

Marsha wasn't totally sure what to do at this point, but it then asked "Intensity?"

Marsha bit her lip while she paused and then answered "High... no, Extreme."


"Random," Marsha answered. After all, the whole purpose was to not know how long the teasing would continue.





"Maximum Total Duration?"

Now Marsha wasn't sure what to answer. She knew Earl was going to be home in three days - actually Wednesday evening around 6:00. While she was debating with herself, she suddenly found herself blurting out, "Wednesday, 5:00 pm."

The machine answered with "Calculating Maximum Total Duration." There was a slight pause and the voice said, "Entered."

Then Teasinator asked a question that she didn't remember seeing in the manual. "Allow Internet Observation?" She did remember something about the company keeping track of how the machines performed. A lot of companies collected data like that so they could improve their product. She answered, "Yeah, OK."

"Allow internet override?" Again, she wasn't sure what that meant, but answered, "Yeah, OK."

"Allow training mode?" Now she really didn't know what to answer, and she was absolutely sure that was not in the manual. But since this would be her first time, she assumed it had something to do with being a first time user and answered, "Yes, I guess."

"Final question," Teasinator said in its mechanical voice, "Notify designated contact of the session?"

"Yes, of course," she answered.

She really didn't want Earl to know what she was doing, but if something went wrong, he was the logical person to call for help. In case of a serious problem, the system would send an email and text message to the safety backup one hour after the session was supposed to end. This was an off-site safety protocol, and not a part of the machine, so nothing that happened to the machine could prevent sending out a safety alert message. Teasinator notified the web controller before it started a session. If the unit did not notify the safety system that the session had completed successfully, or if Marsha had not called a certain phone number by a certain time, the web-based safety would send out the alert emails and text messages to the listed safety contacts. If response was not received within five hours, then the program would trigger human intervention who would intervene or summon the proper authorities or whatever. It was a nearly fail-safe backup system.

"Beginning session," said the mechanical voice and the arm and leg restraints began to tighten, pulling Marsha into a classic spread eagle position on the bed. It was a little tighter and more widely spread than she would have done herself, but it wasn't unbearable. She had told the machine to decide how long a delay before beginning and how long to actively tease her before letting her reach orgasm. She pulled slightly against her bonds to test them, but all she could do was wiggle a little on the bed. She let out a deep sigh. Nothing to do but wait.

Then everything went black. At first she began to panic, but then she could see the slight glow of Teasinator's control panel illuminating the floor alongside the bed. That's right, she remembered. It controls the lights..., and the heat..., and the air conditioning..., and me.

Looking at the slight glow beneath her, she thought, "Next time I will have to put something over that panel so things will be totally dark." Then the glow went out. "Teasinator thinks of everything," she said aloud.

Lying in the total darkness seeing nothing, hearing nothing, aware only of the slight pressure of the soft padding against her back and the pull of the restraints on her arms and legs, Marsha had no idea how much time passed before she felt a very slight movement within her. The movement was soon accompanied by a slight vibration from within her ass, and then more movement in her cunt. Vibration slowly started building both in front and in back.

Lips nibbled at her breasts - no that couldn't be. Was someone in here with her? Then a pinch on her nipples and she realized that those funny little hats were very, very realistic when you couldn't see them.

Something was thrusting into her ass... very, very slowly. "My God!" she screamed out. It was as if there were two men within her, each moving very slowly and very slowly gaining speed with each thrust.

Then the hands began. "Hands?!" Marsha almost screamed aloud before she realized that it must be the electrical sensations from the black pads. Concentrating on the sensations, she realized that the pads seemed to work in pairs. Sometimes it was one on her breast and one on her ass, and sometimes one on her thigh and one on her lower abdomen. Sometimes it was the pairs together.

When the pair on her upper thighs activated strongly together, it caused the muscles of her cunt to almost expel the dildo. No wonder the instructions specified the leather, thong-like harness to hold everything in place.

She was rapidly building toward an orgasm. "This is faster than Earl," she thought to herself. And then said aloud amidst her pants and groans, "Technology disappoints me once again."

But the technology was not going to disappoint her. The cumulative effect of being bound, waiting in the darkness for the session to begin, and the exquisite stimulation provided by the programming had rapidly taken her to the edge of the mountain, but Teasinator was not going to let her go over the peak. Instead, just as she was about to orgasm, all sensation stopped.

"Nooooo!" she screamed out. She had wanted to be teased. She had wanted to prolong that magic moment just before release. She had spent all of this time and money and research to get just to this point, but her body did not care. She was RIGHT THERE. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. She cried out uselessly to the machine, "Please, please, please, let me cum!"

And in response the slight movement began once again deep in her cunt. And then vibrations. And then the thrusting within her ass. Lips kissed her nipples. Hands lightly stroked her asscheeks. Closer, closer, closer... and then nothing!

She sobbed out her need to cum. She begged the darkness to fuck her. She screamed for anyone to come and do anything to her, if they would only give her that extra little stimulation she needed so that she could cum.

The air began to get cold in the room. Marsha could feel the chill of the air conditioning blowing across her skin. And then a twinge of electrical stimulation between her legs..., and then on her breasts..., and then on her ass..., and on her abdomen. Soon all of the pads were activating almost continuously. Occasionally, the pulses would be sharp and intense. Normally such a pulse would have been very painful, but in her lust soaked state, they merely added to the pleasure that was keeping her just short of the bliss her body so desired.

Her vocal responses were reduced to animalistic grunts and growls. Her body was arched high above the bed as she thrust herself forward in the darkness trying to force some unseen lover deeper into her cunt. For a moment, she almost believed that she had been successful as the vaginal dildo began to squirm and wiggle within her. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she grunted as she drove herself onto his imaginary manhood. But the "Yes!" quickly turned to "Noooooooooo!" when all sensation stopped once again.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no," she sobbed. "I need to cum! I need it! Please, let me cum!" But Teasinator merely ran it programs and hummed softly as its fans cooled its computer processor.

Marsha waited for the cycle to begin again. Maybe this time she could fool the machine and get herself off before it removed stimulation. But no cycle started. No wiggle, no tickle, no vibration, nothing. As her body slowly came down from her sexual high, she started crying for real. Going too rapidly through that magic moment to actual orgasm had been unsatisfying, but reaching it, and staying there and not reaching orgasm was practically torture. Her body throbbed with desire and need. If her hands were free she would have shoved them both into her cunt and taken herself over the top. But her hands were not free. She was bound spread eagled in the darkness and Teasinator was in control.

Now that she was not being driven out of her mind with sexual stimulation, she began to notice that the room was actually very cold. She could feel goose bumps on her skin and her nipples were pushing upward on the little clips or hats or suction cups or whatever they were. She began to shiver slightly. The coolness of the room and the darkness and the absolute lack of any stimulation had driven all excitement from her body. Now she was just cold and uncomfortable.

She tried to figure out how much time had passed, but all she knew for sure was that Teasinator had taken her to the brink of orgasm and held her there for a VERY long time. Somehow it knew when she was just about to orgasm and backed away so she was left hanging. It also knew when she was about to drop down out of that place just before orgasm and tweaked and tantalized until she was right back up on the edge - only to leave her tottering there unable to jump from the brink.

"How many times? How many times?" she asked herself. She truly wasn't sure. Maybe it was ten, but it could have been twenty or even thirty. Her fogged memories were too unclear.

She pulled at the restraints, expecting them to open and release her. When they did not, she once again had a moment of panic, but then remembered the mechanical voice had asked for a number of cycles. She had answered, "Random," which meant The Teasinator, not she was going to say when this was over.

Something changed. Marsha wasn't sure what it was, but something changed in the room. She looked around in the blackness trying to figure out what her senses were telling her. Something had changed in the room. "At least I quit shivering," she thought to herself, and then exclaimed out loud, "That's it!"

The air conditioning had turned off and the air blowing over her body was now warm. The heat was on. Marsha relaxed back into the padding and let her mind and body drift in the warm breeze. But the Yoga Shed was a small, sealed building and it didn't take long for the furnace to raise the temperature in the room well past a comfortable level. Marsha could feel perspiration forming on her stomach and her legs. She shifted slightly, trying to get more comfortable as sweat trickled down between her legs and dribbled past the dildo which was held in her ass by the between-cheek string on the leather thong.

And then it began again. This time it started with the anal device expanding and contracting in her ass. It felt like someone was fucking her in the ass, except that it moved in both directions at once, pushing back against her anal sphincter while at the same time pushing further into her colon. The sensations were slowly, very slowly taking her back up the mountain of passion.

Well past half-way up toward the peak, the vaginal worm started its wiggling dance. Still there was no vibration, but the sensations of movement were taking Marsha quickly to the pant and moan stage of arousal. She found that she was grunting out a loud "ahh," each time the bend of the vaginal worm and the thrust of the anal device corresponded. Then the vibrations began.

Grunts became screams, and moans became begging cries as Teasinator pushed her ever upward on the road to release. This time she truly thought she would be allowed to cum. She was close, very close..., much closer that she had been in any of the previous times. She was almost there. She opened her mouth to scream out the release of her orgasm.

But the scream the came out was not a scream of release. It was a scream of pain. All five pairs of pads suddenly jolted her with an extreme dose of electricity. Her sweaty skin made the shock even more intense and she threw back her head and yelled out "Aiiiiieee!" in pain.

Then silence. No motion. No vibrations. No electrical stimulation. Just the silent darkness surrounding her.

Marsha's breath had just finally returned to normal when she felt the anal device once again began to stretch and contract. "No," she said aloud. "No, don't do this to me!"

But Teasinator had the heart and soul of a machine, and it ignored her pleas as the wiggling dildo in her cunt added to the sensations. "No, no, no, NO!" she was pleading when the vibrations began. Despite the protests of her mind, her body was being forced once again to the peak of Mount Passion and she was being pushed to the very edge of the cliff.

Teasinator's mechanical voice suddenly broke the silence and said, "Maintain control of your body or you will be punished."

"What?" Marsha panted.

"If you start to cum, I stop it," answered the machine. Somehow the mechanical voice seemed to have taken on a diabolical overtone as it said that.

The movement of the two dildos and the vibrations continued. Marsha willed her body not to cum. She was standing on the edge. Her feet were slipping. She was falling. She could not help herself. The big O wave of pleasure started to crest over her body, but the waters of orgasm never reached her. This time the shocks were even more severe, and in addition to the five sets of black pads, the nipple caps joined in the electrical torture. Had not the Yoga Shed been effectively sound proof, neighbors blocks away would have heard Marsha's scream.

Back to the darkness and silence.... Then the movement... Then the vibrations... Again, Teasinator's diabolical mechanical voice warned, "If you start to cum, I stop it."

This time Marsha was able to hold back. She was at the edge. She was on the top of Passion Mountain, but she was holding back her cum. She began to moan in extreme pleasure. This was the place she had been trying to attain. This was her magic moment. She was right on the very edge of orgasm and was staying there. And then the nipple devices began to suckle. "No, no, no," she moaned as sensations overwhelmed her and she began to slide over the edge.

"Wham!" the shocks slammed her back to the base of the mountain.

She lay in the silence for several minutes and once again the cycle started over in exactly the same sequence as before. This time, even when the nipple devices began suckling she was able to stay just slightly back from the edge. But the edges of the cliffs on Mount Passion are covered in loose stones and very slippery. After several minutes of intense stimulation, she once again found herself sliding toward that edge. She felt herself begin to loose control and start over the edge and once again the intense electrical shocks slammed her back to the very base of the mountain.

Teasinator spoke from the darkness. "Training mode cycle nearly complete. This time you may cum when I give permission. If you do not hold out until then, the training mode cycle will repeat."

"This is the training mode," she thought to herself. "Would I have allowed this if I knew what it was?" she asked herself. "You bet your ass I would!" she answered out loud. Still aloud she said, "This machine can train me to stay on top as long as I want."

This time, when the expansion of the anal device told her that a cycle was beginning, she relaxed against the padding and softly moaned, "Yes," as she anticipated going to the top of Mount Passion and staying there. This time, she clung tightly to the precipice and did not allow herself to go over the edge. Teasinator added more and more stimulation that pushed her closer and closer to the brink, but she did not let go. After five minutes - or was it a half hour - her grunts and moans finally merged together until she was yelling out one continuous long and drawn out "Aaaaarrrrggghhh." Finally, when she thought that she could stand no more, the mechanical voice said simply, "You may cum."

Marsha did not drop off the cliff from Mount Passion. She soared into the sky. If she had not been restrained on the bed, she surely would have thrown herself onto the floor - or perhaps the ceiling - as she wailed and cried and thrashed in the greatest orgasm she had ever experienced in her life.

She lay panting in the darkness. The padding beneath her was drenched in her sweat. The area between her legs was sopping. She must have peed herself when she lost control, or perhaps her cunt had just flowed with that much love juice as she was being teased and held at the very edge of climax. "Yes!" she said aloud accompanied by a deep exhalation of breath. "Yes!" she repeated. "This is what I have been looking for. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!"

Then she felt the wiggle of the dildo in her vagina. "No," she said. "No, I don't think I can stand this again." But Teasinator did not listen and began applying vibration to match the movement in her cunt and in her ass. Suddenly a moment of clarity came to Marsha's lust-fogged mind. A command that she had read in the manual and immediately forgotten. "T-Control," she said firmly. "Time and Status."

"Tuesday, 21:14 hours," came the mechanical reply. "God!" she thought. "It's 9:00 o'clock on Tuesday evening! How could that be!"

The voice continued, "Five cycles completed. Two cycles remaining." Marsha said aloud, " I only remember three cycles!" Then she said, "Two more cycles and then freedom. I can do this."

"Remember," said Teasinator's flat voice, "If you cum you will be punished severely."

"I hope the previous punishments weren't gently," she thought. "But it doesn't matter because I can hold out."

And she did. Despite what seemed like hours of teasing and torment from the Teasinator that kept her on the very edge of orgasm, Marsha did not climax. She screamed and yelled and begged to be allowed to cum, but she did not climax. After some unknown time, she was reduced to a whimpering, quivering, lust-filled woman who was thrusting her cunt violently into the air and begging to be fucked by someone..., anyone..., anything! Her ability to hold back was slipping. The orgasm she desired, but dared not let to happen was just over the next hill.

Then everything stopped. She continued to cry and whimper and thrust her cunt into the air for many minutes after Teasinator shut down. Her cries of "Please let me cum!" were ignored as the unit sat silent in the darkness.

Now drenched in sweat and nearing exhaustion, Marsha again gave the command "T-.Control, Time and Status."

The mechanical voice responded, "Wednesday, 01:23 hours. "Six cycles completed. One cycle remaining."

"One more cycle," she thought to herself, and then she began to drift off to sleep. She wasn't sure how long she slept, but she was awakened by the movement of the dildos in her cunt and ass. Evidently Teasinator was well into the cycle because her body was already bucking and thrashing in the restraints.

"T-Control, Time and Status." she managed to cry out between pants and moans.

"Wednesday, 07:30 hours." it responded. "Six cycles complete. Twenty percent through last cycle."

"I will really need to take a long bath before Earl gets home," she said aloud. She started to say something else, but her comment was cut off as the nipple caps began pinching and suckling at the same time. She flew with the passion and let it take her as high as she dared. She was nearing the top of the mountain again. She knew that the program was supposed to let her orgasm on the final cycle and she pushed herself upward toward that goal. She was at the very, very edge and waiting expectantly for the mechanical voice to say, "You may cum."

Finally, Teasinator spoke, but it was not the command she was waiting for. Instead it said simply, "Internet override initiated. Cycle extended indefinitely."

"What?" she yelled aloud. "What do you mean, ‘Indefinitely'?"

Naturally, Teasinator did not answer. What it did was to begin to add pulses to the other stimulation which was already overloading Marsha's senses. And it did not stop or pull back as she came to the edge. It pushed her to the very, very edge, and when she could no longer hold herself back, it release lightning through the black pads and through the dildos that drove her back down to the base of Passion Mountain.

"How in the hell did it do that?" she asked aloud. "It zapped me INSIDE my ass and pussy!"

Then it began again. This time it did not start slowly, but came to full movement and vibration almost immediately. Her nipples felt the suckling motion of the nipple caps and electrical pulses that felt like human hands flowed randomly between the black pads. Soon she was once more screaming at the edge of the cliff. And once again she was struck by the blast of lightning that threw her all the way back down the mountain.

After this had repeated twice more, she managed to call out between cycles, "T-Control, Time and Status."

"Wednesday, 14:20 hours," it responded. Then it added, "On internet override."

"Nooooooooooo," Marsha wailed aloud. Earl was scheduled to be home at 6:00. It was now almost 4:30. She would still be trapped here when he got home. She had to get loose somehow.

She thrashed wildly against her restraints, but was too solidly restrained to escape. The vibrations and movement began again. This time they were very soft and did not increase in intensity. Normally, such a low level would have had very little effect on Marsha, but in her overly aroused and teased state, the minor stimulation was enough to move her a long way up Mount Passion. She was no where near climax, but was forced into and held in a state of very high arousal.

"T-Control, Time and Status." she yelled.

"Wednesday, 17:30 hours. On internet override."

"No!" she yelled. Earl would be home in half an hour. He couldn't find her like this. "No! No! No! No! No! No! No!" she yelled, but Teasinator's response was to increase the vibration and wiggle in her cunt dildo.

"No! No! No! No! No! No! No!" She continued to wail as the anal device expanded and contracted rapidly within her.

"No! No! No! No! No! No! No!" As the little hats nibbled at her nipples.

"No! No! No! No! No! No! No!" As the electronic hands roamed over her body.

She was there. She was at the very edge. Her mind said to hold back, but her body was once again thrusting upward and her voice was yelling out "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

There was a momentary flash of light. At first she thought someone had taken a picture, but then she realized that it had been someone opening the door. It had to be Earl, but if it was, why was she still in darkness? Then she felt the hands on her body. This was not the electronic stimulation that felt like hands, this was human hands running over her entire body.

Teasinator's voice broke the silence with the reminder, "If you come without permission, you will be punished."

Marsha's only response was "Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh," as the hands continued to roam over her body. She felt the little nipple caps being removed only to be replaced by human fingers tweaking and twisting her nipples. Then human lips - real human lips - suckling at her breast.

Teasinator again reminded her, "If you come without permission, you will be punished."

There was a strange pulling sensation on the underside of her breasts. The black pads were being peeled off. Then she felt the same sensation on her abdomen and between her legs on her upper thighs. Hands reached beneath her and removed the pads from her ass. Then the hands untied the leather thong's ties at each hip and pulled it from her body. Finally, she felt first the anal and then the vaginal dildos being pulled out of her.

The hand continued to roam her body.... tweaking her nipples... playing with her clit. Lips suckled her breasts. A mouth and tongue lapped at her pussy. She was on the edge of losing control. Her back was arched high in the air as she cried out again and again, "Fuck me! Please fuck me!"

She felt a man's body positioning himself between her legs. He thrust into her and began pumping in and out of her swollen cunt. She was now screaming, "Let me cum! Please, please, let me cum!"

The man continued to drive into her, bottoming with each stroke so that his body slammed against her swollen clit. Finally she could feel him begin to stiffen in preparation for ejaculating. She felt his face along side her own. A soft voice - Earl's voice - whispered in her ear, "You may cum."

He then rode her as she screamed and thrashed and thrust against him so violently that he was lifted up off of the padding on which they lay. After a loud and long scream from Marsha, they both collapsed into the pad.

Teasinator's voice once again filled the room. "Cycle completed," it said. "Restoring room lights." The lights in the room began to slowly brighten. The returning light caused Marsha to blink and squint.

Earl was still lying on top of her. He was wearing an odd headset with what looked like a strange pair of binoculars on it. As he pulled it off his head, he said simply, "Night vision goggles."

He then pointed at the Teasinator and said, "Your very expensive little friend over there illuminates the room with infra-red light. That tall stalk coming out of the top of its head in an LED light source. The smaller stalk is a fully mobile night vision web cam with remote tilt, swivel and zoom."

I was in the middle of a meeting when a message came through to my phone saying, "Teasinator session begun. Click here for video." Luckily I was sitting so that my bosses couldn't see the streaming video. They assumed it was a work related call since it was on my work phone.

Marsha just lay limp in her bonds with her eyes very wide.

"When I got back to my hotel room, I went to the website indicated in the message and signed in as directed. There was an important message for me telling me that it appeared that they had shipped an obsolete manual with my purchase and I should be sure to download the new manual before beginning a session as there were many new features on the newer model."

Earl chuckled and continued, "It would appear that you had not gotten that message before you began your little session. I downloaded and read the manual and figured out exactly what you were trying to do. I watched some of the stored session and this morning activated the internet override to change your final cycle so that it would be still running when I got home."

"Are you angry with me?" asked Marsha, dreading what his answer might be.

"Not at all," he replied. "The purpose of these meetings was to interview for an in-house promotion to a new position. I was really interested, but I was concerned that it would involve a lot more travel. I will probably be gone a few days each week from now on."

He reached over and released one of the wrist restraints. "However, now that you have your little toy to occupy yourself, and I can join in the fun from afar..." He released the other wrist restraint and began removing the leg cuffs.

Marsha was now free of her restraints for the first time in almost three days. "You would not believe how tired I am," she said to her husband. "Are you going to carry me to bed or am I going to sleep here tonight?"

Before Earl could answer, Marsha added, "Either way, when I wake up tomorrow morning, I am going to give you your reward for the best diamond earrings that a girl has ever received."

Earl picked her up and carried her back into the house. They were both naked as they crossed the yard, but neither of them cared. As they left the Yoga Shed, a mechanical voice from inside said, "Program complete. Shutting down until needed."

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