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Sue & Ali 2: The Farm

by 64Fordman

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Part 2: The Farm

The excitement was building for the two girls as Sue slowly guided the car down the country dirt road toward their Uncle Ray and Aunt Tammy’s farm. Even though their father Stan had only allowed them one week, it would be an entire glorious week of vacation away from the work-a-day world of the kennel. Not that the girls actually did much work, their primary responsibility seemed to be listening to their father complain about how little they did. Add the fact that they would be spending the week with their cousins Troy and RJ and…

“How much further is it?” Ali asked.

“By the time you change the radio station a hundred more times we’ll be there, so like 20 minutes.”

“I don’t want to miss a good song on another station.”

“You realize this is why dad always makes you ride in the back seat, even when it’s just the two of you.”

“He’s just concerned for my safety, besides I used to change the station with a stick until dad broke it in half and threw it out the window for some reason.”

“What’s it like in your world Ali?”

As dusk fell Sue turned the car on to the property and headed up the long driveway, the girls could see two pickup trucks next to the house.

Troy and RJ helped the girls bring their bags in and get settled. The boys had prepared a light meal then the four spent a couple of hours in the den catching up. The girls were tired from the long drive and everyone went to bed early.

The next day was beautiful and both girls were dressed in t-shirts, shorts and sandals. After breakfast the girls went for a walk around the farm, exploring the barns and sheds where they used to play when they were young. When they returned they met the boys at Aunt Tammy’s little piece of heaven, that’s what the boy’s mother called it. It was a quarter acre of perfectly manicured lawn next to the house bordered on two sides by tiered gardens filled with countless types and colors of flowers, and in the middle stood a giant elm tree that towered over the two story farm house.

The girls were looking at the new edition, Uncle Ray’s little piece of heaven. At the back edge of the lawn was a large brick barbecue built on a concrete foundation. The boys explained the barbecue was wood fired and they helped their dad built it to handle a whole steer. When their parents return they were going to use it for the first time with a big party.

With a skeptical look, Sue doubted a whole steer could be cooked on the barbecue.

“We have to test it anyway, now would be as good a time as any.” RJ said.

Troy agreed and RJ ran to a large shed not far from the house.

“He’s not getting a steer, is he?” Sue asked.

“No.” Troy said.

Ten minutes later RJ was returning, but not on foot, he was driving the John Deere Gator, a six wheeled two seat utility vehicle with a dump bed on the back. In the back he had the barbecue spit which had three parallel stainless steel rods between two stainless steel cross bars. The center rod extended two feet past the cross bars on each side and the whole thing was two feet wide and eight feet long. He also had a lot of rope.

They talked Sue into being first, she kicked off her sandals and laid face down on the picnic table near the barbecue. The boys put the spit on her back and began tying her to the steel rods. When they were satisfied she was secure Ali laid on her back on top of Sue with the spit between them and they tied her to the rods. When Ali was secure they slid the spit off the table so one end was resting on the dump bed of the Gator and the other end was on the table with the girls suspended over the lawn. RJ got a big roll of duct tape from the Gator and used it to strap the girls together for added security.

“Alright, you win, this thing can hold a cow, the test is a success.” Sue said.

“This isn’t the test.” RJ said.

The boys each lifted one end of the spit onto their shoulder and carried it to the barbecue. They lowered the spit into slots in the sides of the barbecue walls. The girls were now in the barbecue suspended about two feet above the stainless steel grate that covered the fire box and provided the cooking surface.

“This is the test, hit it RJ.” Troy said.

RJ turned on the power and the girls began to slowly rotate on the spit.

“I told you that motor would have enough power.” Troy said.

“You were right, perfect speed and smooth rotation.” RJ said.

“And no flex at all in the spit.” Troy said.

The boys continued talking about the barbecue completely ignoring the girl’s squeals and screams.

“How about you put the Gator away and I’ll start lunch?” Troy said.

“Sounds good.” RJ said.

“You’re going to leave us like this?” Sue said as the boys walked away.

“We could build a fire.” RJ yelled back.

“Do something.” Ali said.

“I can’t move.” Sue said

“This is totally your fault.” Ali said.

“How is it my fault?”

“That would never hold a whole cow.” Ali said imitating her sister.

“Okay little miss couldn’t jump on the table fast enough.” Sue said.

“I didn’t want to be a spoil sport.” Ali said.

“You’re loving this just as much as I am.”

“Yeah, I am; can you imagine if there really was a fire, if we were slathered in barbecue sauce helplessly turning over the flames watching our toes roasting, I mean the reality would suck but the fantasy is making me tingle all over.” Ali said.

“Imagine all this time I thought I was the weirdo.”

The girls rotated on the spit another 30 minutes before the boys came back.

The next day the boys had some chores on another part of the farm. It was another beautiful sunny day and the girls were wearing two piece swim suits. The farm didn’t have a pool but there was a two person hammock under the big oak tree. The hammock was hung on a steel frame and had a wood rail at each end that the ropes passed through to keep the bed flat.

Sue and Ali dragged the hammock from under the tree into an open area of the lawn to work on their tans. They were laying on the hammock with their heads at opposite ends when the boys drove up in the Gator.

“I thought you had chores?” Sue said.

“We do, we had to get some tools, we just want to make sure you two stay out of trouble while we’re working.” RJ said.

“Yeah, I guess you’ll have to tie us up?” Ali said.

The boys got coils of rope from the Gator and stood at each end of the hammock.

“Are you sure you want to be this far out on the lawn?” Troy asked.

“Yes, we want to get some sun.” Sue said.

“Okay.” said Troy and the boys began tying the girls to the hammock. The girls were stretched out so their wrists and ankles were resting on the wood rails. The ropes binding the girls were wrapped around the wood and the ropes suspending the hammock holding their limbs securely in place.

After the boys drove away the girls decided to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

“Can I ask you something, how did you know you liked being tied up?’ Ali said.

“I can’t tell you how because I don’t know, but I can tell you when. Remember when Mom and Dad broke up and we moved to the house in town and Mom was seeing that guy Eric?” Sue said.

“The guy Dad said could grease a Virginia Class Destroyer with his hair.” Ali said.

“Yeah, and we had to visit Dad separately when he was on leave.” Sue said.

“I hated that, why did we have to do that?” Ali said.

“Because sometimes adults are stupid. One day I was playing rodeo in the back yard with those two kids from down the street while you were with Dad and they were trying to rope me as I ran around. Eric came in the yard and said he would show the boys how to rope a steer and hogtied me on the lawn then went in the house. So the one kid, Johnny, got a stick and was pretending to brand my butt, when they went to untie me they couldn’t get the knot out and left me there to go find Eric.” Sue said.

“That wasn’t the first time you were tied up?” Ali said.

“That was the first time I was really tied up and couldn’t get out by myself, that’s the day I knew I liked it. The next year we started spending the summers here and Dad would come here” Sue said.

“And Troy and RJ started tying us both up.” Ali said.

“And here we are.” Sue said.

“But what is it you like?” Ali said.

“That’s hard to…what was that?” Sue said.


“I heard a click.”

Both girls screamed as the sprinkler system applied water to the lawn and flower beds, and to the hammock the girls were securely attached to. The water was pumped from a well fed by a deep underground spring.

“It’s freaking freezing.” Ali said.

“Those dumbasses.” Sue said.

The sprinklers ran for 20 minutes. When the boys walked back from the shed after parking the Gator the girls and the hammock bed were still dripping wet.

“You could have told us about the sprinkler, Troy.” Sue said.

“You said you wanted to be out here, and a woman is always right, isn’t that what you told me once?” Troy said.

“I guess I deserved that.” Sue said.

“So what did you two talk about while we were gone?” RJ said.

“Sue has been thinking about getting her hair cut short.” Ali said.

“You mean like a boy?” Troy said.

“Something wrong with that Troy Woodridge?” Sue said.

“Not if you want folks looking at your back side to see if you’re a lady by how your britches are fittin you when you walk by.” Troy said.

“I miss you guys so much.” Ali said laughing.

“The suns warm, you two can dry off out here, we have to get cleaned up, right RJ?”


Everyone woke up the next day to black clouds, strong wind and heavy rain as a major storm front moved in. Sue, Ali and the boys spent the day inside. The girls stayed in their pajamas and bare feet while the four played video games, a couple rounds of euchre and watched TV.

Later that evening, after brushing her teeth, Sue entered the guest bedroom she was sharing with her sister, which had two oak frame twin beds separated by an oak night stand that held a small lamp. One side wall had two double hung windows with light blue curtains that were tied back to the molding and matched the bed covers. The opposite wall had a four drawer oak dresser and a door to a closet.

Ali was lying on her bed as Sue put away her toiletry bag.

“Would you tie me up?” Ali said.


“I just thought…. I had this idea…. I can’t ask the boys….”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to explain, I was just shocked for a moment, let me go find something.” Sue said.

Sue came back with rope from downstairs. She had Ali slide down to the middle of the bed, doubled a piece of rope and wrapped it around Ali’s right wrist three times bringing the ends through the loop on the outside of her wrist. Bringing her arm up to the bed post Sue wrapped the rope around the post three times leaving an inch of rope between Ali’s wrist and the post and tied a half hitch, then wrapped the remaining rope around the leg of the bed and tied it off.

Sue repeated the procedure on Ali’s other wrist and both ankles. The bed wasn’t that big so Ali’s arms weren’t fully stretched, but she wasn’t getting out by herself.

“Tie people up much?” Ali asked.

“Just showing how much I love you.” Sue said.

“This is actually very good, just what I was thinking of, thank you.” Ali said.

Sue got a red bandana out of her suitcase, rolled it up and pushed it in Ali’s mouth, tying it tightly behind her head.

“You’re welcome.”

Sue pinched Ali’s big toe between her thumb and index finger and wiggled it.

“Do you want me to do anything to you before I go?”

Ali’s eyes went wide as she shook her head and grunted through her gag.

“Okay well let me know, I’ll check on you later.”

Sue closed the door to the bedroom and went downstairs. She picked up some drinking glasses from the living room and returned them to the kitchen, when she returned a hand clamped over her mouth and her arms were pinned to her side.

RJ lifted her legs and she was carried to the sofa and put down on her back. With RJ straddling Sue holding her arms down with his legs he retrieved a roll of duct tape from behind the sofa cushion and replaced Troy’s hand with a strip of tape over her mouth that almost went back to her ears. A second strip was applied right under her nose. The third strip went under her jaw and up the sides of her cheeks, and a final strip over her mouth covering her chin. While RJ applied the tape Troy got a straight back chair from the dining room and placed it in front of the sofa.

Sue was in her element now, not like the barbecue where she essentially volunteered. Nobody asked her, she was ambushed. Robbed of her ability to say no and her playful resistance futile against the boy’s strength, she was going to be tied to that chair and the chain of actions between this moment and the end result were on a trajectory out of her control.

Sue was moaning through her gag while loving every minute as the boys turned her over and tied her hands behind her back then placed her in the chair with her arms over the back. When the boys were done Sue had rope around her waist, chest and over her shoulders pinning her to the chair back. Her arms were tied to the chair back with her wrists tied to the cross bar under the chair. Her legs were pulled back on each side of the chair with her ankles tied to the back chair legs keeping her toes a good ten inches off the floor.

RJ tickled the sole of Sue’s foot for a couple of seconds and Sue threw her head back moaning at RJ through the tape and curling her toes, the only parts of her body she could move except her fingers.

“What if the tickling didn’t stop?” RJ said.

Sue eyes lit up, she wanted him to do it.

Meantime, Troy was just ending a phone call and was acting rather excited.

“Jim Mueller lost power and can’t get his generator started, his run-off pond is about to flood his barn and destroy his seed for the next planting, put the electrical and plumbing tool boxes in the truck and meet me around back, I’ll grab some stuff from the basement.” Troy said.

As RJ put on his coat Sue grunted to remind him of her current situation.

“Mr. Mueller has done a lot for dad and that seed is worth forty grand, you’ll be fine until Ali comes down and unties you.”

RJ grabbed his keys and ran out the door.

Sue tried to struggle for a few minutes. Well, struggle wasn’t exactly the right word for it, straining her muscles against the unyielding ropes would be more accurate. Next she searched for knots but no knot that could be untied was found within the limited range of her fingers.

Looking over her shoulder Sue rowed her toes back and forth as if by some miracle they could come in contact with the carpet and move the chair. Ali would be no help, Sue made sure of that. Waiting for the boys to return was the only option left Sue decided, and this would be a completely new experience. In the past she always knew the boys were close by and would soon release her, she had no idea where they were or how long they would be gone, and poor Ali had no idea what was going on. This would be embarrassing to explain.

The boys returned ninety minutes later and entered the house through the basement. After using the shower in the basement mud room and changing clothes, the whole family kept clothes down there for post dirty job clean up but that was farm life, the boys came upstairs to find Sue right where they left her.

“Something smells rotten RJ,” Troy said checking his underarm, “and it ain’t us.”

They untied Sue from the chair but left her gagged with her hands tied behind her back. RJ slung Sue over his shoulder and the boys climbed the stairs.

When the door opened to the guest bedroom Ali raised her head and looked over her pajama clad body and bare feet at the sight in the doorway.

“Well, well, well.” Troy said as he untied the knot behind Ali’s head and pulled the bandana from her mouth.

“Did you get kidnapped?” Troy asked.


“So you wanted to be tied to the bed?”

Ali displayed an embarrassed smile.

“Well then, I think you deserve some company, good thing I thought ahead.” Troy said holding up rope he carried from the living room.

Sue had no idea as she stared at the chair while her hands were being tied that she would end up tied to a bed, but for Sue that was the beauty of being helpless.

RJ put Sue on the other bed and she looked down her pajama clad body as the boys each took an ankle and tied them to the bed posts. After releasing her hands each cousin wrapped rope around one of her wrists then pulled the rope around the posts and hauled her wrists to the corners of the bed. Sue was tied similar to Ali in that the final knots were tied to the legs of the bed well out of reach. Troy pealed the tape gag off Sue.

“I guess we’ll see you two in the morning.” Troy said.

The boys left the room closing the door.

“So you want to tell me what happened?” Ali said.

“Oh you know, the usual.”

“Well at least we get to share our first all-nighter.” Ali said.

“Cheer regionals.”


“I spent the night tied to my bunk at cheer regionals with my dirty sock tied in my mouth.” Sue said.

“You never told me that.”

“My team mates did it after I botched a move in the semifinals, that’s why we came in second place.” Sue said.

“That’s funny.”

“Oh it was funny, it was a regular riot.”

“I wish we could live here with Troy and RJ, what do you wish?” Ali said.

“I wish Troy hadn’t taken your gag off.” Sue said.

“You love me.”

Troy and RJ let the girls sleep in, it was a little after 9 when Troy entered the guest bedroom and untied Ali.

“Breakfast is ready whenever you two are.” Troy said and left.

Ali was selecting some clothes for the day.

“Well, untie me.” Sue said.

“After I use the bathroom.” Ali said.

“No, untie me right now.”

“First of all, this is the most fun we’ve had in a long time so stop being a grumpy grimace, and second, you’re in no position to make demands.”

“Someone’s britches getting a little small are they, nommmmmmmmm.”

Ali used the bandana from last night to gag Sue.

“Would you like to know a secret, I always thought I went along with these games because of you, and maybe at first I did, but I really like it, maybe more than you, but I still love sharing it with you, thank you.”

Ali kissed her sister on the forehead, took her clothes and toiletry bag and left the room, closing the door.

This was an interesting turn of events Sue thought, started out tying her sister to a bed, and now was under her complete control, and Ali was going to relish every moment. She was right too, they were having a great time, but the little girl who followed Sue around like a lost puppy becoming the pack leader, now that required some bud nipping.

Sue could hear the sounds from the bathroom, the toilet flush; water running in the sink; the shower, and then silence.

When the hair dryer started Sue began tugging on the ropes, strictly in frustration.

Ali finally returned to the room and removed her sister’s gag.

“Are you ready to get up?” Ali said.

“Untie me.” Sue said.

“If you want to be untied, you’ll have to ask me nicely.” Ali said.

“Just untie me twerp.”

“Someone’s still a little grumpy, why don’t I come back later and see if you feel better?” Ali said stretching the bandana between her hands.

The bud nipping would have to wait.

“Please untie me.”

When both girls got down stairs they were greeted with a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. And the sun was shinning.

“Why are you treating us so well, to make up for keeping us tied up all night?” Sue said.

“No, there’s a ton of clean up from the storm and you two are helping, after this meal we won’t be stopping until dark.” Troy said.

“Seriously, we’re like on vacation.” Ali said.

“Think of it as a working vacation.” Troy said.

“We don’t even work at work, and we’re damn proud of it.” Sue said.

The weather had turned noticeably cooler since the storm ended, not bad but definitely sweatshirt and long pants weather for the girls. They all went out through the basement, Troy found a couple of old pairs of muck boots for the girls to wear.

It was midafternoon and long ago had become the worst day of Sue and Ali’s lives. They just finish one job and get another job, they were just glad their father wasn’t here to see this, he’d expect them to work this hard all the time.

They went into a barn to put some tools away, or at least get rid of them, and saw bales of hay against the back wall. To the girls they were like water in the desert, they ran over and laid down on them.

“I hurt all over.” Ali said.

“My pain has pain.” Sue said.

The bond between the sisters was never stronger than when they had a common objective, like getting out of doing something or getting tied up. They both fell asleep.


When they woke up they were each being duct taped by one of the boys. When they were done the girls had their hands taped in front with yards of tape around their arms and upper body and legs taped at knees and ankles.

“We have another job for you.” Troy said.

“Being duct taped isn’t a job.” Ali said.

“The duct tape is just the safety equipment, we’ve been meaning to get those two old tractor tires down the hill next to the barn because mom wants to make some kind of landscape decoration out of them.” Troy said.

“How are we going to….NO WAY!” Sue said.

He picked Sue up and carried her to a tire and with RJ’s help got her inside. It was a tight fit and after a generous amount of tape she was in to stay.  After Ali was secure the boys rolled the tires to the top of the hill.

“First one down is the winner.” Troy said.

With a short countdown and a gentile push the girls were rolling down the hill. The boys ran back to the Gator and took chase.

It wasn’t a steep hill, the buildings were just built on the high ground and there was a long gentile clover covered slope down to the road and a railroad right of way, but with the head start and the weight of the girls giving the tires a little more momentum the boys were having a hard time catching up.

“Come on, they're way ahead of us.” RJ said laughing.

“This is as fast as this thing goes.” Troy said.

“I didn’t know anyone could scream that long.” RJ said.

The tires reached the bottom of the slope after a four minute roll and rolled up a small bank where they lost momentum and bumped into a weed overgrown wire fence, rolled back down the bank and fell over. The girls stopped screaming and started laughing.

The Gator pulled up a minute later and the boys cut Ali out of the tape. Troy cut Sue’s hands free and handed her the scissors, the three got in the Gator with Ali on RJ’s lap.

“What are you doing?” Sue said.

“Winner gets to ride.” Troy said.

Sue spent the next 15 minutes cutting herself out of the tape, 10 minutes trying to get out of the tire, and 20 minutes walking back to the top of the slope where RJ pulled up in the Gator.

“May I offer a lady a ride?”


The excursion gave everyone a nice break but there was still work to do.

Tired and sore Sue and Ali went to bed early, tomorrow would be their last day at the farm.

Morning saw a return to normal weather, bright sunshine and warm with a gentle breeze. The girls awoke to knotted bandanas being placed in their mouths and tightly tied behind their heads. They were both on their stomachs on their beds with their hands tied behind their backs.

With Troy tying Sue and RJ tying Ali, both girls were placed in tight hogties in their pajamas with the heels of their bare feet touching their hands.

“Since we recently found out that you two like to be tied up way more than we thought, and you have to leave tomorrow, we are going to treat you two to a good old fashioned kidnapping.” Troy said.

“You’ll both be our hostages for the day, it’ll be like a kidnapping extravaganza, kidstock, kidnapalooza.” RJ said.

“I think they got it.” Troy said.

The boys left the room and the girls began to struggle, but they could hardly move and getting off the bed was clearly not happening.

RJ returned and untied Ali.

“Get some clothes, you have 20 minutes to use the bathroom and get dressed.” RJ said.

RJ was waiting in the hall when Ali emerged from the bathroom bare foot wearing a white tank top and denim shorts. RJ tied her hands behind her back and replaced the gag, then helped her downstairs and turned her over to Troy in the kitchen.

Sue came out of the bathroom bare foot with a light yellow t-shirt and denim shorts. She was tied and gagged and led downstairs.

Ali was tied to a chair at the kitchen table and RJ tied Sue to a chair at the opposite end. Troy put two plates on the table, each one had two sunny eggs, two slices of buttered toast and a heap of home fried potatoes.

The girls were warned not to talk and the gags were removed. As Troy shared a plate with Ali, Sue watched RJ sit next to her. Her hands were behind the chair with her upper body and arms tied to the chair back and her feet pulled under the chair and secured to the center rail, and that feeling she loved so much was back.

RJ opened a napkin and stuck the corner under the collar of Sue’s shirt. Sue searched her mind but any memory she may have had of being fed as a child had faded into obscurity, but reasoned the experience she was about to have would be very similar to being strapped into a highchair.

She watched as RJ cut into the egg with a fork and as the yolk ran onto the plate he placed a piece of egg on the toast and brought it to Sue’s mouth. The meal continued with RJ alternating between feeding himself and feeding Sue, and Sue watched him select forkfuls of food and carefully place them in her mouth, occasionally offering her sips of milk through a straw.

When the food was gone RJ took the napkin from Sue’s shirt and gently wiped her mouth and replaced the gag.

The girls sat tied and gagged as the boys cleaned the kitchen.

“Alright, let’s get you both comfortable, RJ and I have some things to do.”

Sue and Ali were untied from the chairs and led to the basement. Troy led Ali to one of the support poles and her hands were retied around the pole. Troy wrapped the remaining rope around the pole and Ali’s wrists and cinched the rope pinning her wrists to the pole. Then her ankles, knees, waist, chest and arms were tied and cinched. Ali couldn’t move, and the cement floor of the basement though clean was cool on her bare feet.

Sue was tied to another pole exactly like Ali with the girls facing each other about 8 feet apart.

“We’ll be back later.” RJ said.

The boys went outside through the basement door.

The girls tried getting loose but that proved pointless, the same with having a conversation and they settled on quietly observing each other’s helplessness. That is until a black spider descended from the ceiling right in front of Ali.

Sue could only watch helplessly as Ali screamed in terror through her gag. The spider slowly descended as Ali desperately fought the ropes securing her to the pole and holding her bare feet to the floor.

When the spider reached the floor it went straight under some storage shelves and was gone. Ali looked at Sue and both girls started laughing.

The boys returned an hour and a half later and untied Sue from the pole, tying her hands behind her back and her feet together. Troy and RJ went out the basement door to the backyard with Sue slung over RJ’s shoulder.

When Ali was brought outside over Troy’s shoulder she saw her sister on the lawn rolled up in a sheet from shoulders to ankles and trussed up with rope, another sheet was spread open on the lawn. Troy’s pickup truck had the tailgate down and a large tool chest in the back with the lid open.

Ali was rolled up, trussed up and lifted into the back of the truck. Troy climbed up and placed Ali in the chest. The chest was made of thick black plastic with ventilation holes in the back, and some old blankets were folded in the bottom.

RJ lifted Sue into the truck and climbed up.

“I’ll hold Ali and you put Sue in.” Troy said.

Troy held Ali on her side with her back against the back of the chest while RJ tried to put Sue in on her side so the girls would be facing each other.

“She won’t fit, the chest isn’t wide enough.” RJ said.

“Flip her around.” Troy said.

RJ turned Sue over and lowered her in with Sue facing her sister’s feet. Sue’s complaining got even louder when three nylon straps were pulled tight around both girls securing them to the bottom of the box and holding Ali’s feet against Sue’s face. Sue tried to find some room to change her predicament in the tight confines of the chest but she was stuck with her nose between her sister’s arches and she could feel her toes resting on Ali’s forehead.

The chest was closed and the girls heard the sound of ratchets as tie-down straps were tightened strapping the chest down to the truck bed. The truck started and they were moving.

Sue didn’t know how long they were driving, she was marking time by how often she was forced to fill her lungs from between her sister’s feet, but they were no longer on country roads. When the truck stopped Sue could hear traffic noise and voices, they were in town.

Soon they were moving again and back on rough country roads. When the girls were lifted out of the tool chest they were back on the farm at another one of Aunt Tammy’s creations. It was like a miniature park with grass and ornamental trees, wooden benches and a picnic table, and a beautiful brook that meandered past. Aunt Tammy called it the Hundred Foot Woods in honor of A. A. Milne.

Sue and Ali were released from the sheets and carried to the picnic table. RJ covered the table with one of the sheets and Troy removed items from a large plastic bag. RJ untied the girl’s hands and retied them in front and removed their gags.

“What’s this?” Ali asked.

“We got your favorite meals from Millie’s Diner, honey brined fried chicken, and Millie’s blue ribbon baked beans and buttermilk biscuits.” Troy said.

“No Mr. Pibb?” Ali said.

“I only got two hands, it’s in the cup holders in the truck.” Troy said.

“Aren’t you going to feed us?” Sue asked.

“Its finger food, you’ll have to use your own fingers.” Troy said.

“I need a fork.” Ali said.

“Did you get any napkins, and what about those moist wipes things?” Sue said.

“Where’s my Mr. Pibb?” Ali said.

“Which one of you is the hostage again, I lost track?” RJ said.

“A little help here, get the drinks.” Troy said.

Sue and Ali ate their lunches with their hands tied in front without too much difficulty, getting the baked beans to their mouths was the biggest challenge and the boys found great entertainment in their efforts. Ali figured out how to scoop the beans onto the fork and use her fingers to rotate the fork toward her and bend her elbows to get it to her mouth, then she taught Sue.

After the meal was over and everything was cleaned up the girls were untied.

Okay, let’s go.” Troy said.

“Aren’t we going to get tied up?” Sue said.

“You did say the whole day.” Ali said.

“It’s only like 2:30.” Sue said.

“I hope this isn’t all you had planned?” Ali said.

“It is our last day.” Sue said.

“We don’t know when we’ll be back.” Ali said.

“You’d think the two of you could think up something else.” Sue said.

“Where did those gags go?” Troy said.

Troy tied the girl’s hands behind their backs and gagged them with the bandanas.

“Sorry, I don’t remember whose was whose.” Troy said.

RJ got behind the wheel while Troy helped the girls into the cab of the truck. The girls were squeezed between the boys on the front seat.

“Where are we going?” RJ said.

“Back to the house.” Troy said.

RJ got on a service road that crossed the farm. As he neared the house Troy saw the small barn and had an idea.

“Turn here.” Troy said.

“The petting zoo? Okay.” RJ said.

The petting zoo was the boys and their father’s name for this building. Though livestock was not a part of the farming operation, Aunt Tammy had ‘pets’ that she treated like children and showed at state fairs and the like including 2 goats, a rooster and a pot belly pig. While their mother was away the boys were taking care of the animals.

The girls were brought inside and sat in two old wooden chairs. While RJ watched Troy tied the girls to the chairs and slid them up to one of the pens. One at a time he lifted a leg and slid a foot through the gap between the wood rails of the pen and tied an ankle to the rail. When done the girl’s feet were inside the pen with their ankles tied a foot apart.

Troy got a small bucket and some salt, added a little water to make a paste and painted it on the bottoms of the girl’s feet. Then he let the goats into the pen.

Both girls realized what was about to happen at the same time and began struggling.

Troy removed their gags and told them they would be back later.

“No wait, come back.” Ali said.

“This is what you wanted, enjoy ladies.” Troy said.

By the time the boys had reached the door Troy could tell from the screaming that the goats had found the girl’s feet.

The goats seemed oblivious to Sue and Ali’s hysterical laughter as they removed the salt with their tongues. Their struggling against the ropes was as involuntary as their laughter.

After a few minutes of what seemed like an eternity Sue began a fit of laughter that was almost convulsive. Ali attempted to communicate but finding extra breath to form words proved difficult.

“Is hahahaha is it hahahaha biting you?” Ali said.

Sue shook her head as she tried to respond verbally through her laughter.

“It’s hahahaha it’s hahahahaha licking hahahaha licking hahahaha between hahahaha my toes.”

The goat licking Ali’s foot moved over to Sue’s other foot. Sue’s reaction was so great she would have turned the chair over if her legs weren’t tied to the rail of the pen.

“Oh my gosh, that was amazing.” Ali said.

“Help hahahahaha help hahahahahahaha help me.” Sue said.

“What’s it like with two goats.” Ali said.

“Call hahahahaha call it hahahahahaha use your foot.” Sue said.

“So you don’t want two goats?”

“Do it hahahahahahahahahaha.”

“Because it looks pretty freaking awesome.”

“Ali hahahahahaha please hahahahahaha they're hahahahahahahahaha killing me.”

“Okay, here goatie goatie.” Ali said waving her foot.

Ali got the goat’s attention and it moved back to her foot sending her into another fit of laughter. As the single minded effort to remove every trace of salt from their feet continued laughter was the only form of verbal communication the girls could manage, but from its subtle changes in volume and intensity each sister knew exactly what the other was experiencing at any given moment as if a wireless connection had been established between them and on some level of consciousness the agonizingly pleasurable stimulation of the other was added to their own until both girls felt an impending explosion that each felt would surely end with insanity.

The goats lost interest and were lying on straw mats on the other side of the pen as the girls, glistening with sweat, caught their breath.

“This is going to sound weird, but I feel like I just had sex, really great sex.” Ali said.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Sue said.

The girls had recovered when the boys returned and untied them except for their wrists and led them to the truck.

“What’s next?” Sue said.

“We could make you run behind the truck.” Troy said.

“You mean like a workout?” Sue said.

“Wouldn’t hurt, you could get rid of that pouchy stomach.” Troy said.

“I don’t have a… you jerk, I was a cheerleader.” Sue said.

“And now you’re a hostage.” Troy said as he gagged Sue with a bandana.

The truck pulled up to the house and everyone went inside. Both girls got a bathroom break and returned to the living room where they were tied back-to-back in chairs with arms to the arm rests at wrist and elbow and legs to the front chair legs. Their upper bodies were tied to the chair backs and rope was wrapped around both girls and the chairs at chest and waist.

Troy tied the gag back in Sue’s mouth that she had loosened and left around her neck in the bathroom.

“That’s for calling me a jerk, we have some chores so we’ll be back in a while.” Troy said.

The girls were left alone.

“Wasn’t today totally awesome,” Ali said, “the boys were so sweet when they fed us breakfast and that beautiful picnic we had and my toes are still tingling, I used to think it was gross whenever I saw that in a movie but any man of mine will definitely need that skill set, I actually felt jealous when you stole my goat.”


“I know, you’re such a scam artist sometimes like when you borrowed my Ipod and let me look for it for two days, did you hear that new Taylor Swift song, it’s so cool, I heard she’s touring in our area we should totally go oh you know who I saw on TV last week, Robert Pattinson, I hope a new Twilight movie is coming out soon.”

“Mmmm mm.”

“I know, this is killing you.”


Sixty minutes and almost as many subjects later the boys came in through the basement to remove their boots.

“Are we going to keep them tied up all night?” RJ said.

“No, they have to drive home tomorrow and need rest, we’re going to wrap this game up when supper is ready.” Troy said.

Returning to the girls Troy gagged Ali with a bandana.

“Bad news ladies, neither one of your boyfriends thought you were worth the ransom so we’re going to have to get rid of you, but since you’ve been such good hostages were going to give you a choice.”

“Tied to the railroad tracks?”


“A dip in the lake with cement shoes?”


“Or the always popular saw mill?”


“Don’t decide right now, set a spell and let it mull over on your mind while we start supper.”

An hour later the four cousins were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying crawfish and Jambalaya.


Thanks to an early start the girls returned home by late afternoon and were surprised to see their father’s car gone and no activity around the kennel. Entering the front door into the reception area they found a note from their father explaining all the dogs had been picked up and he would be back around nine.

“I could use a shower after sitting in that hot car all day, you thinking what I’m thinking?” Sue said.

“Might as well make it 101 times, let’s put our bathing suits on.” Ali said as the girls climbed the stairs to the second floor residence.

Back downstairs Sue got Bandit and Roxy’s collars used for two rescued dogs the kennel had sheltered until their adoption and the girls had kept hidden since. Sue checked to make sure the automated system recognized the RFID tags in the collars as active and started the bath routine.

As the system delivered two cages via the overhead tracks they helped each other put on the collars. The girls noticed a change had been made to the cages, the doors now slid up on tracks rather than swing open on hinges.

“Dad must have been bored without us.” Ali said.

“Who cares, I’m going first.” Sue said.

They each got on their hands and knees and backed into the medium size cages that the system had selected as appropriate for the dogs, but were just big enough for the girls to fit in. The doors slid down in a slow controlled motion and latches engaged at the top locking them closed. Both girls checked the doors and found them secure, and the release tabs on top could not be reached from inside the cage.

“We’re locked in, we’re not going to spend the night in these things are we?” Ali said.

“That only happened the first time, I got this, nothing can go wrong.” Sue said.

The arm on the overhead carriage telescoped down and attached to Sue’s cage carrying it away. Ali was picked up next and carried to the wash room, she was placed on the conveyor behind her sister.

Motors began quietly spinning to life and the conveyor started slowly moving the girls toward the dog washer.

“This is my favorite part.” Ali said.

“You can change your mind but you’re still going in there.” Sue said.

Sue’s cage passed a sensor on the conveyor and the clear Plexiglas door slid up allowing her to enter the wash chamber.

When her cage reached the proper position the conveyor stopped and the door closed. A few seconds later came the quiet click of a solenoid and warm soapy water gently sprayed from all sides into the cage.

After clear water had rinsed away all the soap the door opened and it was Ali’s turn to enter the machine as the conveyor carried Sue into the drying chamber. As warm air dried Sue’s body Ali was soaped up and rinsed off.

While the machine was drying Ali with warm blowing air Sue’s cage traveled along rollers to the back of the housing area. An overhead arm came down and lifted the cage off the rollers and set it on the floor and the door slid up. When Sue crawled out of the cage on her hands and knees, her neck was locked into a yoke type device that descended from the ceiling. As she was held in place with her legs still in the cage the mechanism inside the yoke cut away the collar she was wearing and replaced it with a wider thicker one, heat sealing it around her neck.

Sue tried to stand after being released by the yoke but found she couldn’t, a solid rod was attached to her new collar forcing her to remain on her hands and knees. The rod was attached to the overhead system and began leading Sue down the hall and outside to a lawn area behind the kennel. When she reached the middle of the lawn the overhead carriage stopped but didn’t release her forcing her to sit on her legs on the grass.

Not long after Ali was led out next to her sister in the same predicament. Both girls were released, the rods folded up and the carriages returned to the kennel.

“Bad things don’t happen because you’re unlucky, bad things happen because you’re a dumbass.” Ali said imitating their father.

“I don’t understand.” Sue said.

“Whatever, just get this thing off me.” Ali said.

“It doesn’t have a buckle, don’t worry a pair of scissors will make short work of this.” Sue said.

Sue got up and walked toward the back door of the kennel. When she reached the edge of the grass she grabbed her neck and began this crazy motion that Ali mistook for Twerking. It ended with Sue spread-eagle on her back on the lawn.

“What happened?” Ali said.

“Shock collar.” Sue croaked.

“Ali.” Stan said from the doorway.

“Dad?” Ali said.

“Get over here.” Stan said.

Ali instinctively followed her father’s command and when she reached the edge of the grass she was treated to the same experience ending with her falling across her sister.

“Sorry, now it’s off.” Stan said pulling a remote out of his pocket.

The girl’s dramatic display of distress was over acting at its finest.

“Oh please, there’s a triple-A battery in that thing, it’s half a volt.” Stan said.

“This is an outrage, you said you would never use a shock collar on a dog.” Ali said.

“Never have, never will.” Stan said.

“So this was for us, this is an outrage.” Sue said.

“Just teaching you two knuckleheads a lesson about using the kennel equipment like an amusement park ride.” Stan said.

“How did you know we were going to…”

“Sue, we’re busted, give it up.”

Stan took a scissors out of his pocket and cut the collars off the girls.

“Go get dressed, we’ll go out for pizza and you can tell me all about the farm.”

Both girls were giggling as they walked inside.

“Hey, I’m glad you’re both home.”

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