Gromet's PlazaMachine Stories


by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Machine/f; robots; program; wrap; tape; cocoon; package; boxed; gag; breast; electro; steel-wire; dress; toys; insert; climax; denial; cons; X

Robotic arms were nothing new, in fact they were considered “old school” but Janet’s design was different, instead of being clumsy and able to do only bulk tasks her design was extremely nimble with multiple grasping tongs or “fingers” available in each projection making it able to not only lift and manipulate heavy objects up to a thousand pounds but could handle fragile items so small and fragile they could hardly be seen by the human eye. Janet had been designing her arm since graduating from college and after four years she thought she had tested it enough to show it to her boss. Janet had always been welcome to visit her boss mostly because he enjoyed watching her fantastic body move under the tight clothes Janet always wore.

Janet loved showing her body and didn’t mind when men, or women, ogled her, always wearing tight skirts and high heels with tops that accentuated her small waist and perfect breasts. Janet didn’t have to work to keep her body toned, her work hours limited her time to eat and keeping her dresses tight made walking and moving a work out in itself she had been raised by her grandparents and her grandmother had always made her wear firm under garments and Janet had grown up with corsets, girdles and very strict bras and bustiers and now wore them because not only were they comforting to her she truly enjoyed the restrictive properties of having them on her body and rarely wore skirts that had an higher than knee length hems and even rarer did she show bare cleavage keeping her exposed skin to a minimum.

Janet also didn’t mind that because her boss liked to see her body that it gave her an advantage that she, unlike most of her colleagues, could get in to see her boss almost any time she needed to and today was no different. Janet felt her design was ready and scheduled an demonstration for tomorrow morning, her boss agreeing cheerfully as he had been watching her walk back and forth in front of the large display board in her tight skirt and high heels while she pitched him the idea. Janet had set up the four arms on a mock assembly line and tested them thoroughly having them practice with every item of different shape and size she could find lying around the lab to demonstrate their most basic use of packing in a warehouse. The next test was to perform an surgical type operation on a pig she had gotten from a meat market and the last assemble a mock up car shaping and welding as needed, the arms each had computers built into them could move themselves as needed and had laser, sonar and infra red scanners to determine for themselves how to best complete the task given to it.

Janet showed up early to get ready for the presentation, she had worn her tightest leather pencil skirt that held her knees snuggly together and stretched across while it cradled her firm ass, the white fitted blouse tucked into the wide belt emphasizing her smaller than normal corseted waist with her tall pumps completing her outfit. Janet had worn her corset much tighter today wanting to really keep the attendees attention and even though it forced her firmly held breasts to heave and push against the fitted top making Janet seem to pant constantly she would enjoy watching the men stare at her chest .

As Janet waited in her office she thought back to the tests she had performed with her robotic arm at her house, it wasn’t as big or capable as the arms at the lab but she had been able to make it aid her in her favorite past time of self bondage, and it had actually given her the idea of making an arm more useful for delicate tasks. Her arm at home could be programmed to use a vibrator on her restrained body and had many times as Janet lay bound and gagged while it teased her for as long as she had programmed it to using it’s sensors to determine when to stop so she was held on the edge for hours moaning and grunting as she fought for an orgasm. She had given the computer control of the breast cups on several of the last visits to her robotically induced torture sessions and it could now message, twist and even increase the vacuum in the cups to almost painful levels even using the small pinchers in the cups to torment her sensitive nipples all while she was restrained by steel cuffs attached directly to the large steel work bench and could only be released when the computer had run its program.

Janet’s demonstration went perfectly and as she had hoped her body kept them interested long enough to show them the special features of the machines and after that they concentrated on the arms themselves seeing the vast array of potential uses for them and all clapped at the end of the presentation. During the next few months Janet’s project was scaled up and soon her demo arms were outdated as new and better arms were produced by the team of engineers working on the project but instead of disassembling the four proto types Janet had one put on display in her new office and took the other three home and soon had four arms set up and available to help her in her desire to have the ultimate bondage experience. Janet carefully programmed what she wanted the arms to do giving each a specific task, now not only would they control her orgasm they would also chose how to bind her, given only restrictions to how long and programmed to understand what “living organic material” meant allowing them to keep the organic material living.

As Janet had been programming her new toys she used the extensive amount of programming that had been installed by the research team to augment her own programs utilizing the robot arms incredible tactile ability to let it explore each item it was working with and determine how to complete its task. The packaging routine was updated to help it understand what it was being asked to do and once Janet’s project at work was up and running she spent several weeks setting up and testing her new helpers to make sure they would perform as she wanted.

One test that had almost gone wrong had left her wrapped in layer after layer of packing tape as the computers tried to get the “package” to stop being able to move, it used the only material in its inventory, packing tape, to cover the package from one end to the other. The package was Janet, the computers had been set to bundle and pack her body for three hours then unseal the areas necessary to give the package an orgasm keeping the package of organic material alive but restrained during the entire event. The machines searched it’s archive to find the best way to achieve its goal and as Janet stood next to the machine watching the programs working it suddenly grabbed her carefully cutting her clothes from her body while it restrained her under layers of packing tape.

Janet tried to struggle but the strong arms held her with little effort and within a few minutes she was immobilized enough to where she stopped struggling and lay on the steel table awaiting her fate and hoping she had made the machines understand keeping her alive. The machines used everything in their inventory to complete its task forming a large dildo out of several objects sitting in her lab inserting the monster before flipping her over and inserting another probe into her tight ass, as Janet screamed it quickly but carefully filled her mouth with a ball cloth it had formed from her clothes then sealed her mouth shut with packing tape leaving Janet flailing uselessly while her eyes pleaded with the machine to stop.

The breast cups were applied and sealed on to her with more of the tape and the computers used their tactile fingers to wrap her torso in an extremely tight layer of tape giving Janet a rigid corset of packing tape that was tighter than she had ever worn. For over three hours Janet struggled against the machines, she could no longer see, her head had been wrapped tightly and now only breathed through the two small tubes the arms had produced and carefully forced into her nose before covering her head completely. her legs had been wrapped together then unwrapped since she could still move and rewrapped after they had been folded back locking her ankles to her thighs before being wrapped tightly together.

As the machine experimented trying to achieve total immobility of the package Janet was wrapped and rewrapped several times until finally she was completely immobile. Her arms had been folded and forced up her back then wrapped individually then wrapped tightly to her already wrapped torso, her folded legs and been pushed up against her chest trapping the cups under them then wrapped tightly, her head had been wrapped tightly and now was wrapped to her folded knees putting her effectively into a extreme ball tie. Janet now sat on her ass completely covered in tight packing tape unable to move any part of her body as the machines stood ready to start again as it monitored the package.

Once it was ready knowing the package could not move it lifted her compressed body and sat her in a box filling it with packing material and sealed the box, now the three hour program started, the computer understood the program wasn’t to start until the package was completely immobile, Janet had also left the program open so the computer took it as three hours in the box then three hours teased until finally bringing package to an orgasm then three hours out of the box before removing packing material from it.

Janet had already spent over three hours getting packaged now she sat encased in packing tape inside a small box unable to move speak or hear waiting for the computer to release her and wondering where her programming had gone wrong. Janet could not move any part of her body and even as she sat sweating and scared she might not be released she was amazed at how well she had been bound and other than her body aching she was in no real pain.

Janet spent three hours gasping for air as the heat inside the box rose making her sweat profusely as her body cramped and the aches increased until she was weeping silently. Suddenly she felt the box move and then she was picked up and sat back on the cold table and laid back on her folded arms and secured in that position, Jane could feel the cooler temperature on her encased body and as she lay on her arms she realized the computer had placed her in the perfect position to arouse and abuse her and suddenly felt very vulnerable knowing the computer had unhindered access to her pussy and ass.

Feeling the tape being carefully cut away from her pussy and ass Janet struggled still incapable of any movement or resistance as the dildos were removed and she could vaguely hear her original arm move in place inserting her vibrator into her damp pussy making her moan into her gag. Finally, she thought, it’s going to make me cum, squealing as Janet felt another vibrator being forced into her tight ass, she grunted and moaned as the large vibrator was eased into her, Janet lay thinking where did it get the other vibrator then remembered she had given it access to all of her vibrators so it could choose the best one to use and know had chosen to fill both holes, smart she thought better than I expected.

Janet was continuing to moan when the arms stopped moving, she whined under the tape and felt herself being lifted back into a seated position, Janet was now wanting to cum desperately and as she moaned and fought the tape the machine feeling the vibrations and interpreting them as movements studied her cocooned body finally moving in and began cutting away the tape holding her head to her knees. Janet felt her head freed and straightened her neck grunting from the relief as the arms moved around the opening they had created smoothing the tape and adding more sealing the space between her chest and knees before applying more tape around Janet’s head and neck fixing it so she could no longer move or twist her head in any direction.

Janet continued to struggle and making noise while the machine studied her again then wrapped her head in the thick packing material and wrapped a layer of tape over it tightly sealing her head and neck again. The machine still picked up more vibrations coming from the package and added two more layers of packing material and tape before it no longer felt the vibrations, Janet was now scared, the tubes the machine had attached to her nose made breathing even more difficult and with her head wrapped in layers of tape and now three layers of packing material and even more tape squeezing it she didn’t know if her body could stand the added strain.

Laying Janet one her back again the machine restarted the timer, the hour and a half it took for it to figure out and execute its solution did not count towards the three hour time for her to be fucked and now started with the vibrators again, activating the breast cups sucking them strongly while pinching the helpless girls nipples roughly. Janet was now in heaven and hell as she felt both holes being stroked and vibrated while her tits were being massaged and nipples being pinched ruthlessly raising her arousal and making her try to escape before relaxing as the orgasm grew near again then having the whole process start over holding her on the edge of an orgasm for the next three hours with computerized precision.

When she felt her orgasm swell she didn’t fight it knowing it was another tease but as she gasped and panted in her silent dark world she felt the climax cresting and thought maybe at last and began struggling for all she was worth making the tape creak slightly as the desperately needed orgasm crashed onto her making her scream into the thick gag and her cramped and compacted body tense and shiver in its cocoon. The fight and orgasm was too much and Janet passed out.

Waking Janet could feel she was sitting on her ass again, her arms and shoulders screamed with pain as her outer shell showed no movement of any kind but inside the shell she was fighting and twisting trying to get any part of her body to move and ease the pain she was in. Janet sat in her dark prison convinced the machine had screwed up and she would die wrapped like a package, the breast cups had kept most of the vacuum the machine had applied, the bent hoses not allowing the pressure to be relieved and for over six hours had kept her breasts stretched out almost touching the outer sides or the cups making Janet moan with each breath as the cups tugged on her tender breasts.

As Janet was about to give up she felt pressure being relieved around her head then her upper body and she was forced to lay back as the machine cut away the remaining tape leaving her naked sweat soaked body laying flat on the table, the cups had released their grip and were removed and finally her head was uncovered completely and the wad of cloth removed from her mouth. Janet curled into a ball holding her sore breasts with her numb hands and lay on the table thinking about the video and wondering what had gone wrong as she fell asleep.

It took two days for Janet to get over her experience and another two before she had figured out what had gone wrong, twelve and half hours of video made her horny every time she watched it as she matched what had happened to her with the reading the computers had picked up using them to tweak the program so it wouldn’t happen again, knowing after watching the tape so many times she would have the machine repackage her.

Janet returned to work and while supervising the project continued to experiment at home finding the machine could wrap her torso in a perfect corset much tighter than she could achieve by herself and now wore the corsets of tape regularly, she had also programmed them to seal her inside tight hobble dresses wrapping her hands into tight fists or even a tighter armsleeve for however long she had programmed it to leave her, once choosing a long dress and armsleeve with her lower face wrapped tight and opting for the four hour time leaving her to struggle with the vibrators she had stuffed her ass and pussy with while she shuffled around her home collecting the items the computer would need to sense before it would release her.

These items were all made of steel and she would need to hold her hands close to them so the magnet she had held onto while the machine had wrapped her picked it up, the problem was the new tape she had given the machine was so thick she was only able to pick up one at a time forcing her to return to the machine with the items individually. The six trips back and forth took over twelve hours, during the first three Janet had climaxed so many times she was exhausted and as she returned with the last item she collapsed in a door way and slept for another three hours before dragging her sore body into the lab, the machine recognized the last item and lifted her body up right before stripping the layers of tape from her leaving her in a long corset as she lay back on the table and fell asleep smiling as she drifted off at how nice her new tormentor had been to her.

As Janet’s experiments increased she had amassed many new materials for the computer to use to package her and had improved its ability to tease and torment her adding electro shock therapy to her growing list of torments and spending every moment away from work bound in some way. One evening Janet sat watching TV in an extremely tight corset that she had programmed the computer to use leaving her breasts exposed, on her breasts the computer had added the nipple clamps she had designed and built to not only pinch her nipples roughly but to be irremovable by anything other than the computers smallest “fingers” making them permanent until it choose to release them.

Her lower face had been wrapped in a layer of plastic then tapped tightly over the large ball gag she had strapped on before letting the machine take over. Her legs had been wrapped from her thighs to her toes over the six inch heels she wore, the machine had wrapped them so tight and thick Janet could not bend them at all, her firm ass was framed above and below by tight tape she had found that after it was stretched it fused to itself and continued to try to shrink back to its original size making it so her corset and leggings continued to tighten long after she had been wrapped forcing her to take more shallow breaths the longer she wore it.

Janet had used this new tape several times adjusting the tension the machines used each time and now thinks she had is set correctly as she sits gasping through her nose waiting for the remaining time to expire so the computer will mummify her completely and begin her teasing session then forcing her to multiple orgasm’s before it would release her.

Janet’s hands had been wrapped together behind her back, she had grasped her elbows as the arms manipulated the tape and sealed them together, the tape now crushing them making her arms go numb as she sat struggling to find some way to get comfortable while she was forced to wait the four hours before she could return to the machine, her dripping pussy so close and exposed but completely out of reach teasing her with her inability to do anything to push herself to and orgasm. Janet sat through two long boring movies before fighting her stiffened legs to stand and the walking into her lab, the machine beeping letting her now she was late and would be punished.

Janet sighed as she backed up to the table wondering which of the punishment routines the computer would chose and hoped she would still be released in time to get ready for work. Leaning against the table getting ready to push her ass up onto it the machine grabbed her around her narrow waist holding her there while she heard it loading a different restraining substance into the chamber.

Recently she had found some extremely thin wire through her contacts and had purchased several large spools and had entered the material into the computers option list but had not chosen it to try because she needed to test the tension needed to be tight but not cut her, as she stood thinking about the wire she noticed the small arm choosing a vibrator and moved it towards her, Janet spread her legs smiling under her gag as the arm stuffed it deeply inside her then spun her around bending her over the table as it forced a large vibrator deep into her ass making her moan and twist as the large phallus penetrated her.

As soon as the computer had her holes full it begun to wrap the same tape around her ankles, drawing them tightly together as it moved up her legs finally sealing off her upper thighs and sealed her firm ass under the tight tape, Janet could do nothing to stop the machine from wrapping the tape directly to her skin and knew it would be painful when the arms cut it off her but her struggles and moans were met with her lower head and neck wrapped in several more layers of the tape muffling her further.

Now she was held on her tall heels wrapped from her ankles to her chest in another layer of the shrinking tape and could already feel it pulling tighter across her legs and stomach and gasped for air while the arms held her. When she saw the arm bring her most recent additions towards her she desperately tried to break the machines grip as she twisted and tried to hop away but another arm grabbed her wrapped neck and held her firmly straight as the two large plastic breast cups were pushed onto her chest over her clamped nipples and quickly wrapped to her chest sealing them and adding another layer of the tape around her chest.

She could feel the tape warming around her face and neck as it fused to itself and felt the vacuum being applied to the cups and tried to moan as she felt her breasts swelling into the cups as the machine continued to pull the air from the cups forcing her breasts to swell almost twice their normal size forcing them against the inside of the cups and in turn pressing the clamps tightly into her tortured nipples making Janet whine loudly. The machine picked up the noise and wrapped her uncovered face and head in more of the tape continuing to add layers until all the layers were even and her head was a large ball of tape.

Janet was starting to get scared unsure how the tape would affect the removal process and if it would damage her face when the machine pulled it off but mostly because none of what the machine was doing had been programmed and as the machine wrapped her entire body in several more layers of the tape sealing her inside her cocoon then lifted her and lay her on the table.

Janet could not move anything and was barely able to breathe under the tension of the tight tape and the heat was now becoming unbearable and she could do nothing about it and now began to worry if the program would release her or not. Janet lay untouched for an hour struggling with the pain from her stretched and clamped breasts while she gasped for air before the electrodes in the vibrators began stinging her pussy and ass. Janet moaned and thrashed inside her cocoon as the intensity increased and made her start screaming, outside the mummified body of Janet lay completely motionless and silent as she was tortured inside.

Janet was forced to black out several times, each time she woke the torture started anew until finally the electricity eased and her vibrators began running and as her arousal grew she knew that she had made it through the punishment phase and now had hours of teasing to endure before she would be forced to orgasm over and over again then hopefully released. For the next three hours Janet was teased, brought closer and closer each time to an orgasm before being shocked, suffocated or just left alone untouched until the computer sensed she was ready to start another session.

When she was finally allowed to orgasm Janet was in tears from the built up frustration she was feeling and when the first orgasm exploded through her she screamed as her body convulsed, the computer kept her climax going for almost thirty minutes before Janet blacked out, stopping while she lay unconscious adding oxygen to her breathing tubes and restarting her orgasmic climb as soon as she awoke. Janet was forced to cum almost continuously for another hour before everything stopped leaving her gasping for air and desperately wanting her torture to stop, her total helplessness with the situation washing over her making her realize just how completely the computer controlled her made another small orgasm wash through her.

Janet was unaware that with the black outs the punishment and pleasure sessions had lasted long into Monday and that she had been wrapped in her corset and leggings for over thirty six hours and totally mummified for almost twenty four, and since her last orgasm she was still lying helpless on the table while the machine did nothing to release or stimulate her. Janet no longer cared about time or work or anything other than the warm comfortable feeling she was having as she lay mummified, even the pain from her swollen breasts seemed comforting, the tight tape had made her legs go numb long ago as her arms had already been so now she lay motionless breathing steadily through her nose not caring if she is ever released.

Janet flinched as she felt her body being lifted to her feet again and could feel the cold air on her sweat covered body as the tape was cut away from her legs, she felt no pain as it was pulled from her upper thighs and hips and just thought her body had gone numb. When the machines reached her breasts she felt the vacuum released and moaned as her breasts awakened and the pain started radiating through her body as her breasts began the slow process of returning to their original size. The clamps were slowly released making her scream under the layers of tape before her arms were freed.

Janet now stood naked except for her encapsulated head in her towering heels, her waist held firmly by two of the arms wondering why it hadn’t removed her head covering. Janet reached up and felt how thick the tape was around her head and began to feel aroused again as she thought about having to try and remove the tape herself when her hands were grabbed by the machine and pulled behind her and secured around her wrists leaving her twisting and moaning as she fought the strong arms holding her. For another hour she was forced to stand naked while her head bobbed back and forth as she struggled against the machine desperately trying to figure out what had happened and why it was holding her like this.

Janet was exhausted and was standing with her aching feet whining in her hood when the machine finally started to cut it away leaving her naked wearing only her gag and heels, she had not felt any pain from the tape around her face and hoped it was all the sweat she had produced making it not stick to her skin but was glad to be able to open her eyes, just as the machine let go of her waist leaving her to stagger away from it with her hands still secured behind her and her mouth still filled by the large gag. Janet stumbled out of the lab trying to wiggle her hands out of the tape holding them firmly behind her, as she staggered around the house finally collapsing on her bed falling asleep instantly.

Janet was dreaming about being held captive by her creation not allowed to ever leave the house or ever be free of her bonds and in her dream she orgasmed wildly waking herself with her own screams only to find out she was orgasming for real and as the waves of pleasure washed over her she struggled to free her hands. With the rapture fading Janet got up and while still struggling with the tape holding her hands behind her back she walked to the lab hearing the machine beeping as she entered the room. Walking carefully around the contact pad she eased her way to the control board and stared in disbelief at the screen.

Janet had hoped to be able to use the thin wire as another form of restraint but had also started inputting her idea of wearing her restraint as clothes but unlike the tape it wouldn’t look so “fetishy” now on the screen was a diagram of how it could be done. She studied the diagrams and could see the computer had figured out how to lay the thin wire across her body both vertically and horizontally actually weaving the wire together to keep it from separating as she wore it.

Janet got so caught up in her studying of the screen she stepped forward stepping on the pad and within seconds the machine had her by the arm leading her firmly to the far end of the table. Once there Janet’s arms were cut free and held out away from her body and secured keeping her arms taunt, Janet struggled but stopped moving when the machine wrapped her ankles together and she saw the wire being fed out and wrapped around her legs just above her knees. The machines worked quickly moving up her legs while the other arms started laying wire across her shoulders and down to the rising hem crisscrossing her breasts.

Once the vertical layers were finished the two arms retrieved the plastic breast cups and slid them over her breasts, Janet tried to struggle as she saw them being picked up but could not stop them from being put on her again and felt the vacuum being applied. Moaning as her breasts started to fill the cups again she was surprised when the vacuum stopped and the arms removed the hoses from the cups leaving only the formed cups stuck to her chest.

While this had been happening the machine had woven the wire to her stomach and was currently pulling it in by a few inches as it kept climbing as it wove the thin strands over and under each other. Reaching her breasts it continued to climb until Janet was covered from a snug two inch collar down to just over her knees in a steel wire dress, Janet was lifted to the table and each leg in turn was held while her feet were wrapped in the wire covering her shoes as it climbed over her calf and stopped below the knee, Janet sat marveling at her new dress while her other leg was wrapped until it matched its mate and her wrists were freed and the machine beeped and shut down.

Janet couldn’t believe what had happened and carefully stood in her new boots with slightly more than a six inch heel now and wobbled her way to the mirror. Stunned she stared at the dress, it was perfect fitting her exactly as she had wanted and even though it was incredibly tight from the chest to her thighs she had no discomfort of any kind. Turning to the side she could see her waist was evenly drawn in and looked very thin but her ass bulged almost vulgarly out from her thin body, Janet smiled as she rubbed her ass feeling how tight the wire dress was then bent over watching to see if any skin showed from under the steel.

Janet could feel the wire tighten around her ass as she bent over squeezing the air from her lungs as the wire tightened its grip on her body as it maintained its shape but no skin bulged out in between any of the wires covering her. Janet giggled as she stroked her new dress and walked to her bedroom testing how well she could move in it and loving the restriction the tight skirt placed on her but felt very comfortable with the amount of room she had to walk. Looking at herself in another mirror she finally realized she still had her gag in so she unbuckled it and pried the large ball out of her mouth and stood looking at herself before noticing the time on the clock behind her and panicked as she knew she only had an hour to get ready and get to work.

Janet rushed around pulling skirts and tops out trying to figure out what to wear then while she brushed her hair she watched the dress move and decided to wear only her new dress but would carry a skirt and blouse with her in case something happened while she was out. As she closed her lap top she noticed the date and walking to the car figured out that she had been completely bound for over two days starting Saturday afternoon with the corset and leggings and not being released until Tuesday morning.

Smiling as she drove to work the large plug still firmly imbedded in her ass she couldn’t believe she was held by her machine for so long and thought she needed to stop playing until she was able to figure out what was happening and why she was being abused the way she was by the machine. Everyone loved her new dress, the way it shined and reflected the light, her boss accepted her apology saying it was no big deal to miss a day every once in a while and Janet spent the rest of the day getting caught up on her work.

Janet worked late to catch up and driving home she worried about how to get the dress off since as her coworkers had pointed out there were no zippers or buttons and she wondered what would happen if she cut herself out. Reaching her house she went to her lab and not wanting to waken the computer until she figured out why it did what it had she stayed clear of it only getting a pair or wire cutters and stood in front of the mirror and sighed as she looked at the dress again not wanting to destroy it but knew she had to find out if she could get out of it or not and cut the wires at the top of the collar. Janet squealed as the spring tension of the wire unspooled all around her as the tension forced it to open as it loosened it seemed to grow until she was covered in a mass of thin wires hanging from her shoulders.

Janet looked at it for a minute then raised the tangled mass up and over her head then sat it on a bench looking at her flushed body and the tiny stripes running all around it, sticking her finger under the plastic cups she released the vacuum and sat the cups next to the dress and rubbed her tender breasts for a few minutes before bending over and snipping the wires below her knees and watched the wire unspool again allowing her to step out of the mass around each foot. Janet was totally free for the first time in four days and left the lab to go study the program and videos to find the malfunction so she could start playing again.

A week later Janet had figured out there had been no malfunction, the machines computer had acted as it had been programmed so Janet wrote new guidelines for her release making sure she would be freed by five in the morning during the week and then her session would continue when she got home, during the weekends the machine could hold her from Friday night until Sunday morning if it deemed it necessary thus guaranteeing she would not miss any more work days. The dress program she had started programming from other tasks letting the computer work on the problem and activate itself once a solution had been formed and complete the task of securing the package.

With her new program installed Janet set the machine to mummify her again holding her on the edge of an orgasm all night allowing her to cum just before the time for her to be freed giving her the much needed orgasm and bondage time she had been craving all week. Janet had let the machine pick her torments and position giving it multiple options to choose the best one it could use to achieve her goals and stepped onto the pad and was quickly held by the arms as it started wrapping her.

Janet had worn her large gag and some even taller heels and stood perfectly still as the arms inserted her stim plugs into her bending her over the table to push the plug into her ass, Janet had programmed this motion because she liked the sensation of being bent over and forced to take the plug and moaned past her gag as the machine pushed it in one movement into her firm ass. The moaning was quickly muffled as the machine wrapped her head tightly as the other arms wrapped her legs the arms meeting at her waist as the strong arms pulled her waist in extremely tight forcing the air from Janet’s lungs.

Janet was now wrapped from head to toe with only her arms and breasts uncovered she was turned around and after the nipple clamps were snapped on to her the plastic cups were suctioned onto her chest crushing the clamps to the inner walls of them. Janet’s arms were flailing wildly as the pain from the clamps made her try to fight the machine only to have two arms grasp them while the others started wrapping her upper body trapping her arms to her sides from shoulders to elbows.

As the machine continued to cover Janet in thick layers of tape it covered her hands then taped them tightly across her chest leaving Janet with the appearance of an Egyptian mummy as it laid its package on the table and wrapped her feet to complete her cocoon. Janet was immediately comfortable in her tight cocoon and lay quietly waiting on her stimulation but after what seemed like an eternity she had not been stimulated in any way. The machines had all gone to sleep and for the rest of the night Janet drifted in and out trying to sleep and waking to try and struggle only to feel nothing and drift off again, feeling her body being picked up again and sat on her feet Janet wondered why the machine had chosen to leave her untouched during the night. The machine unwrapped her lower legs only to sit her back down and begin wrapping them again, Janet tried to listen but heard very little as she felt her feet being encased in something new.

Janet was set back on her feet as the machine cut away the wrapping up to her dripping pussy then cut her arms away from her chest holding them away from her body as it began wrapping her thighs then over the tape already around her covering her torso and continuing up her neck. Once her body was wrapped Janet felt her upper arms being wrapped tightly covering them from above the elbows to just below her shoulders then her arms were lowered and the machines worked around her arms, Janet could not see what they were doing and when they finished her head was unwrapped and the machine stopped, releasing its grip on her.

Janet walked to the mirror gasping from the tight wrappings and stood looking at another dress made from the steel wire, this time it started at her knees keeping them very close together gripping her tightly as it moved up across her compressed waist and over her vacuumed breasts then almost went to her chin. The layers of wire holding her neck rigidly allowing very little movement, Janet looked at her feet and once again they were covered in the wire but this time they had been made to look like ankle boots with an open toe and not only had the wire added height to the soles but the computer had added height to her heels forcing her to stand on the balls of her feet and making her lean slightly forward.

Janet smiled around the gag as she tried to reach up to remove it and found her arms had been tethered to her sides from the elbows up by the sleeves of her new dress, Janet turned to each side admiring the sleeves trying to see how they had been attached before realizing she could not reach the gag in her mouth. Janet was now struggling desperately trying to reach the gag and since the computer knew nothing of it and couldn’t help her to remove it.

Janet carefully walked to the control panel and saw the machine was asleep and showed a countdown clock to this evening leaving her fourteen hours before she needed to be back in her lab, Janet knew this program and the machine would not activate until then unless she commanded it to and then it would only continue on the program it was on. Janet continued to struggle with the arm sleeves finally reaching for her wire cutters and tried to get them under the tight wire but the limited movement allowed by the wire kept her from reaching any edges of her dress.

Janet discovered that she could reach the gag strap and carefully cut it away pushing the large ball out of her mouth with her tongue, now she needed to find a way out of the miles of wire encasing her. Janet walked around her house getting used to the confining dress, the tight hemline only let her take tiny steps in her extreme heels and the sleeves around her arms limited her ability to reach for anything. Getting close to the time she needed to leave Janet tried to brush her hair finally using a long body scrub brush she managed to get her hair decent, Janet had always wore light make up so not having to add any was a blessing and she decided she would see if she could drive or not and went to the garage and wiggled into the driver seat. The dress tightened considerably as she sat down and adjusted the seat so her hands could reach the steering wheel better and leaned back gasping before starting the car and driving to work.

Janet was able to stay in her office all day, pacing around the small room struggling with the dress tugging constantly on the sleeves impressed how they looked normal but restrained her more than she would have thought, sitting for long periods made breathing even more difficult and the plugs trapped inside her made her hornier than ever coupled with the fact she could not remove them really had her going. The tall shoes although not uncomfortable made her legs ache from the odd angle they were at but she really liked how they looked like ankle boots and wanted to save this style for later every breath reminded her of her pinched and swollen breasts but as the hours passed Janet learned how to control her breathing and the pain eased some.

Janet had forgot to bring her own computer so she could not look into what had happened but knew she had programmed the machine to release her by five in the morning and couldn’t figure out why it had sealed her so well in the tape and steel. Janet’s bladder began to be a problem just at the end of the day, the small amount of water she had drank was now wanting to be released and she had absolutely no way of relieving herself so she gritted her teeth and drove home.

Arriving home Janet trotted in her heels to the lab and grabbed her cutters and went to the bathroom, slipping the cutters under her high collar was impossible since it was so tall and much tighter and the tight arm sleeves held her arms to her sides pulling and twisting her arms she finally gave up on the collar and tried to reach the tight hem but found it too was just beyond her reach and smiled at how the computer had found such an open solution to keep her restrained and after several minutes she gave up thinking she would just have to see what the computer had in store for her.

Needing to pee had given way to being controlled and the arousal it was causing as she stepped up to the table and waited, she had been mummified for nine hours and sealed into the dress for almost fourteen and now waited gasping for the computer to awake and see what it had in store for her next, the thought of programming it to release her crossed her lust filled mind but she decided to wait and see hoping she would spend another incredible night bound and gagged under its control so she stood and waited, finally hearing the machine wake up and giggled as it grabbed her around her narrow waist.

At first the machine scanned her body then stopped moving before quickly opening her mouth and filling it with wads of sticky tape, once her mouth was bulging it wrapped several layers around her head sealing her mouth shut. Janet tried to fight but could not raise her arms high enough to try and stop the machine as it stuffed her mouth and gave up as she felt her head being wrapped tight. Without removing anything she was wrapped again like an Egyptian mummy her arms pulled tightly across her narrow waist as her entire body was coated in layers of restricting tape on top of what she had already been wrapped in, after her feet had been sealed she felt her body being lifted again and she was set on her feet, one of the arms holding her in position leaving her struggling for air as her feet and legs became painful again.

Janet spent another long night wrapped and gagged with no stimulation other than the pains she felt during her brief struggles, the next morning she was awakened by the machine cutting the wrappings off of her then she felt the skirt being cut only to have the feeling stop as the computer removed the plugs and released its grip on her, Janet stood waiting on the machine, her head still tightly wrapped and still wearing the metal corset, finally stepping off the platform and teetering her way to the bathroom and relieved herself with a long sigh, she was very hungry but could not reach the gag to remove the tape and as she left the bathroom she heard the machine beeping and returned to the table where the machine grabbed her again first stuffing her pussy before bending her over and filling her ass again with the plugs then began weaving another skirt onto her.

As she was held firmly she felt the skirt pass her knees and continue to her ankles, she felt her thighs pressed together again and hoped it had left her some room to walk in the long skirt. The machine started to lace tape and wire around her upper body covering it in a colorful array adding yet another layer to Janet’s already encapsulate body before stopping and cutting the tape covering her mouth and head and released her again as it shut down.

Janet took a tentative step away from the machine and could feel she could walk in the long dress but had very limited steps and went to the mirror and involuntarily smiled as she saw the long dress that fit her perfectly, the multiple colors intermixed giving it a completely different look, the extra layer made bending almost impossible and she could no longer turn her head or neck but as she modeled in front of the mirror she really liked what she saw.

Janet still had almost two hours before having to leave for work and sat down in front of her computer and began trying to figure out what was happening as she studied the running programs she quickly reset it to release her, finding her lock out program wouldn’t let her change her “Packaging” but she was able reset the program for her arms and went back to the machine and felt it snip the wires in between the dress and her sleeves allowing her to raise her arms again.

Moving to the bathroom Janet washed herself then styled her hair and put some makeup on to cover the lines on her face, grabbing her computer she left for work and spent another long day pacing her office only having to leave twice and both times getting stares from the men and compliments from the women on her new dress. Janet was used to walking in tight dresses so her biggest problem was her feet and breasts both were becoming painful and she really wanted to be set free so she started studying the program and realized her mistake.

When she had set the time restrictions she had inadvertently programmed the machine to keep her bound and utterly helpless during her off times and the computer had interpreted that to keep her sealed but able to go to work the rest of the time. Janet smiled knowing she could fix the error but could not gain access to the program, her locks outs were now in place and wouldn’t allow her to change a running program. Janet was irritated, this meant she would have to start all over again needing to do a complete program dump so it could be reset, as she continued to study the running program she noticed that once it finished this cycle the computer would stop and that point if she could reset it then she would not lose all her previous programming.

The problem was it wouldn’t complete its run for three more days, Janet sat back and looked at the long dress and thought about how much she had really been enjoying herself so she decided to wait and see what came next. During the day Janet had added some “outfit” designs and a stimulation program so her nights wouldn’t be so boring, the last thing she could modify was her breast torture but could only make it remove the cups briefly before the computer would decide to replace them or not using one of the new options she had entered. Janet drove home excited about the new possibilities of her machine controlling her full time and wondered how tonight would go and if it would let her climax or not.

Janet was allowed to eat a light meal and relieve herself before the machine started beeping again, it had removed everything except the shoes allowing Janet to quickly sponge her body clean before returning to it for the night. This time Janet was restrained by strips of the self fusing tape around her ankles and thighs after of course it had filled her holes and stuffed her mouth again, then her arms were taped tightly together behind her back before it released her and shut down leaving her balancing on her high heels bound tightly hand and foot. Janet stood waiting for a few minutes before sliding onto the table and stretching out opting to just sleep here instead of struggling to her room and back.

During the night the computer stimulated her slightly making her purr with contentment as she lay tied on the table, each time she reacted the computer recorded her body’s readings learning how to control her better. Janet was awakened by the arms picking her up and cutting her leg restraints before removing the plug from her pussy and letting her relieve herself.

Returning Janet stood waiting for her next dress to be applied unsure of the time as she stood waiting for what seemed like hours before the machine started wrapping her legs individually, reaching her thighs they stopped and forced a small vibrating egg into her pussy before stuffing the plug back in and continuing to wrap her. Each pass was tighter than the last as it continued up her body smashing her breasts under the tight tape as she stood moaning and gasping through her nose. The machine wrapped her neck and up to her ears before retreating back down placing another layer before it cut her hands free and immediately began to wrap her arms in the shiny tape sealing them from her shoulders to her wrists in a mix of bright red and blue strips leaving her standing in a cat suit of tape.

Janet’s face coverings were removed leaving her in a half hood that went below her chin and angled back to below her ears keeping her head totally immobile, she flexed her hands and arms testing her range of movements before stepping off the pad and looking at herself in the mirror. She liked the suit but could not go to work in just it and stood staring as she rubbed her tightly sealed body and stroked her sealed off pussy before going and getting dressed for work, the half hood was covered mostly by her hair and a long sleeved blouse took care of her top and arms but even the long pants wouldn’t cover her multi colored shoes.

Janet stood looking in the mirror debating on whether she should just cut herself out and stop the experiment or not, deciding to take a can of spray paint and cover them in black paint, now she looked almost normal except for her tiny waist and no breasts so she drove to work still aroused and desperately wanting to cum and tried to figure out why it hadn’t stimulated her and keeps inserting things and never uses them. After several meetings Janet was able to study the program again and found another glitch that she had caused that had taken out the programs that controlled her actual stimulation, grunting and cursing herself she removed the bad lines of code and closed her computer.

Janet was late leaving the office and on her way home began feeling a tingle in her pussy and ass, at first she smiled knowing her fix had worked but as the intensity increased she sped up trying to get home knowing she was being punished for being late and that it would continue to increase until she got to her lab. By the time Janet got home she was screaming with each pulse now slamming through her body, Janet could barely walk as her shocks increased and had her desperately trying to tear the tape off her body as she staggered into the lab.

As soon as she stepped on the pad the arms grabbed her then ripped her clothes from her body and began to wrap her tightly moving slowly up her legs, the shocks had not stopped and Janet was screaming as her mouth was stuffed again and her entire head sealed under more layers of the tape while the other arm cut away the tape from her breasts and reapplied the clamps and suction cups and pumped them until they were stretched tightly against the outer walls.

Janet was pulling on the cups when her hands were grasped and forced behind her back in a reverse prayer and secured tightly as the arm wrapping her continued upwards covering her arms and breasts before adding another layer to her entire body before stopping and releasing her. Janet teetered on her high heels before falling forward slamming to the ground, her tortured body wriggling on the floor as the pain increased again for several minutes before she blacked out.

Waking hours later Janet moaned as she rolled around trying to figure out where she was eventually finding she was on the floor and knew that if she had fallen off the contact pad the machine would not be able to release her when it was time and desperately struggled to move her encased body towards where she thought the machines were. For the rest of the night Janet struggled in the tape while she flexed and twisted desperate to feel the pad beneath her so she could stop and rest but also afraid that once she was on the pad again the punishment would start again, as she struggled to move she also struggled with the idea of being punished more but she knew she had to be in reach of the machines or she would never be free so she continued to roll and twist until finally finding the legs of the steel table and lay panting as she waited for the machine to do whatever it was going to do next and vowing to get herself out of this as soon as she could.

Janet awoke as she felt a slight buzzing inside her, stretching her legs she rolled over as the vibrations increased making her moan slightly then she felt small electrical shocks intermixed and as everything increased she was brought to an amazing orgasm and lay screaming behind the thick layers of tape and steel wire gasping as the climax faded she blacked out.

Waking she found herself in a wire woven catsuit, she could tell the cups were still on her breasts but her nipples no longer hurt and as she slid off the table onto her weak legs she could feel she was still plugged. Janet tried to walk but had to catch herself as her heels had grown again along with the soles of her shoes that were now part of her cat suit, studying herself in the mirror she was impressed with the skill the computer was showing noticing that it had not only woven the wire around her head but laced it with her hair so now she had steel wrapped around her head leaving her face open but making it difficult to move her head in any direction.

Janet looked at the clock, the machine had released her at five am giving her ample time to get ready to go to work. Janet concentrated on walking and after a few steps had figured out how and went to the bathroom to get ready and figure out what she was going to wear today when she noticed she didn’t have to relieve herself and actually felt empty, she thought it was because she hadn’t eaten dinner and brushed her hair and applied some basic make up and went and ate breakfast before getting her longest pant suit and slipping into it, the pants left her feet totally exposed so she got undressed and painted her shoes again then pulled on some long leggings then slipped into a tight pencil skirt and matching blouse, both were really loose around her waist so she wrapped a wide leather belt over them and pulled it tight and checked herself in the mirror.

As Janet fluffed her hair she felt herself gasping and realized her waist was much smaller than normal even under her corsets and was surprised she wasn’t having more issues with being held so tightly and smiled thinking “Well this is one way to corset train” Janet logged into to her computer and entered she would be home late, the program put up a data box with am or pm next to it and she entered 11 pm and logged out, she knew she had a business dinner after work with three presentations to new clients today and hoped she would have some time to study the program starting to feel unsure about her creation or when it intended to let her go.

Janet struggled all day with her steel catsuit, her presentations were all very long and clients had many questions making her sit and answer them for hours, finally she had a couple of hours until her dinner meeting and opened the program and tried to find it’s end program. Finding out when she had programmed in the times she had also programmed it to be never ending, she looked and could not find any options for ending the process.

Grunting she had no intentions of having her creation control her for the rest of her life even though for the most part she had been enjoying herself, looking at her schedule she saw that in one week she had scheduled a two week vacation and had specific things she wanted to have done to her especially now her machine could weave incredible clothes for her and decided that this weekend she would stop the experiment and reset the computer so she could have it reprogrammed by her vacation time, “I’ve gone all week what’s one more day” she thought to herself. Her schedule was empty tomorrow so hopefully she could handle whatever the machine did to her and she would cut herself out Friday night.

Janet was uncomfortable at dinner, her plugs were buzzing her pussy and ass randomly and sitting made the suit tighten dramatically around her waist and was glad to be heading home as her vibrators started running continuously. By the time she reached her house she was panting, her building orgasm made her get undressed as she walked to her lab and walked right up to the machine and closed her eyes as it took hold of her and began wrapping her in another mummification but this time using only the steel and wrapping her head so tight she couldn’t open her mouth or eyes at all. Janet was pleasured all night receiving so many orgasms she was beginning to think it was trying to kill her unable to even flinch inside the steel cocoon. As the time dragged on she was finally left with only slight humming inside her and drifted off to sleep.

Janet was awakened by the machine picking her up but it only cut away the wire around her head leaving her panting with her arms held high up her back, Janet waited when finally the arm carried her to the console, Janet looked and saw her schedule and the day was flashing that there was nothing there. Janet didn’t understand but the machine laid her back on the table and slowly forced her knees to her chest and began wrapping them in layers of tape leaving only her head untouched as she panted against the stricter confines she was now in.

When the arms forced her mouth open wide and filled it with the sticky tape she desperately tried to fight it but as she was being wrapped over the gag she realized that the computer thought she was off today since nothing was scheduled and intended on keeping her bound all day. As the tape forced her to bow her head until it was touching her knees she realized that it was Friday and it would keep her totally restrained all weekend, and as the last bit of light was blocked out she moaned knowing she would not be freed until Monday morning and it was all her fault.

Janet was pleasured and punished randomly all weekend, the computer changed her position several times never releasing her from the catsuit only opening small holes in the wire over her breasts to vacuum them tight again, she had never been so completely controlled before and was starting to like it as she was moved and carried even having her body functions taken care of by the machine, another new trick it had figured out on its own.

Late Sunday night she was laying mummified with her hands across her chest again while a large storm roared outside, she could not hear or see the lightning or thunder as she purred inside the layers of tape and wire, now totaling four of each rendering her total immobile and completely silent. Unbeknownst to her was when the rails the machines had been installed on were bolted to the floor one of the long bolts had been placed in a shallow part of the foundation and now was sticking in the earth beneath the machine. As the thunder clapped a bolt of lightning hit a nearby tree sending voltage to the surrounding earth and into the machine resetting it and wiping its memory clean.

As the computer rebooted its base programming came on line and it scanned the package lying in front of it and choose the best way to have it shipped, grabbing the boxes its supplies had been delivered in it constructed a thick card board box to fit the odd sized package, during its construction the machine recognized the package as organic and made arrangements for its breathing tubes to be extended out of the thick layers of card board. Once the basic box had been built it filled the open areas with expanding packing foam and as the foam began to rise it placed the lid over the box and quickly wrapped the entire package in several layers of tape.

Janet felt herself being moved then felt it starting to get hot around her but when her air was cut off she began to panic but could move nothing as she started to black out the machine opened the air holes allowing her to breathe as it applied packing labels stating this side up and fragile on the appropriate sides before printing out a shipping label for the only address it had in its memory and scheduled a pickup with the shipping company that had delivered it to her home for the next day.

Janet lay quietly and even as she felt the box being moved from the table where the delivery company had found it she was warm and happy inside her prison safe in the knowledge the machine would release her Monday morning and she could decide then what if anything she would do with the programming.

The address she was to be delivered to was a company that had made one of the chips that had been used for its basic system in……..


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