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Storycodes: Solo-F; machine/f; M/f; spandex; clothing; boots; lab; machine; process; straps; gag; tease; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Winona turned and posed in front of her mirror, grinning with delight. Oh, it was perfect! After all the money to buy, and the seemingly endless wait for it to be delivered, it was exactly what she'd hoped for.

"It" was a brand new top. Made of gleaming black super-stretch spandex, the tight material hugged her generous curves all the way down to her hips. It was a special design, with long sleeves and high neckline, almost a turtleneck in fact. With its thin cloth and super tight fit, the top was a second skin, faithfully outlining every slightest curve, from the slight indentation of her naval to the protrusions of her hard nipples. With the addition of her favorite leather collar, now locked securely in place, her upper half had been transformed into a shiny black statement of female sensuality.

"Now, what to wear with it." Digging through her closet, she settled on a pair of wet look spandex pants. With their super tight fit and full front to back zipper, they were a perfect match for her new top. With a pair of black low top boots sporting four inch heels, the outfit was complete. Winona turned in place before the mirror, smiling with delight at how she looked.

"Oh," she whispered, "I've got to show Bruce. He's going to love this!" Snatching up her purse and keys, she dashed from her house.

Winona's boyfriend Bruce lived on an old farm lust outside town. A passionate inventor, he'd converted one of the sheds into a workshop, and this was where he could almost always be found. Parking her car outside, Winona made her way through the door, pausing to consider the best way to go.

As usual, the shop floor was crammed with various devices Bruce had been working on. Glancing to where Bruce was bent over his workbench, Winona thought wryly that, sometimes, the hardest work here was just finding a way from one side to another.

Today, there actually did seem to be a clear path, though it required her to pick her way toward the center, then walk through some kind of strange framework. Undaunted, she began working her way across the crowded floor.

"Hey, Bruce," she called out, "look what I just got."

"Just a sec," Bruce replied, not even glancing up. Disappointed, Winona paused in the clear section of floor within the frame. Maybe, she thought, he needed a better demonstration.

"Bruce, honey, check this out." Reaching down, she pulled the waist of her new top slightly up and away, drawing the already tight material even tighter. Even as she did, Bruce turned, his eyes widening.

"Winona, don't!"

Even as he spoke, something blurred in Winona's vision to either side. Before she could react, something pulled the waistband of her top from her hands, quickly drawing the material up over her. The relentless pull drew the waistband over her head, the tight material peeling from her body and forcing her arms up. Too stunned to move, she stood with her arms pressed to the sides of her head by the tight spandex as something seemed to pull her wrists together, crossing them over her head. Something thin quickly wrapped around her wrists, holding them crossed in place.

"Bruce!" The tightness of the cloth, along with whatever had been wrapped around her wrists, held her arms securely in place over her now spandex covered head. The very tightness of the material pressed it against her face, forcing her eyes closed. With no idea what was happening, Winona began struggling to get her arms down.

"No, Winona, hold still, or....." Even as Bruce spoke, and even as Winona opened her mouth for another shout, something slid between her lips, forcing part of the spandex between her teeth. Stunned, Winona felt something wrap around her head, pulling tight enough to force the cloth well back into her mouth, muffling her shout.

"Ooooh! Eh eee ow!" Unable to see, Winona flinched as something touched her, relaxing only slightly as she felt herself guided forward.

"How many times," she heard Bruce say, "have I told you to knock before you come barging in here? Now you've managed to activate my newest invention."

"Oooooh! Ow!"

"Out? I can't, at least not until I've looked to see how well the device did its job. You wouldn't have been my first choice for a test target, but you'll do."

Still struggling to lower her arms, Winona felt Bruce fumbling with whatever it was binding her wrists together, followed by tugs at the thing wrapped around her head. Finally, she felt him examining her collar beneath the turned up spandex.

"The collar," she heard him say, "was a good choice. Without it, your top would simply have been pulled off, which would have ruined the test. As it is, I think you've helped me prove my device works".

"What you walked into," he continued, "was my newest invention, a fully automated trash bag removal system. When it senses a bag is full, it removes it from the can and closes it. Lucky for you I'm still working on the removal system, or you could be lying in a dumpster outside right now".

"aaah aoouuut iiiii ooooufffff?"

"Your what? Oh, your mouth. Well, evidently you squirming around told the machine the bag was unstable, so it added a support strap. Just bad luck it went where it did."

Winona stomped her foot, hoping to distract Bruce, since her muffled words obviously weren't doing the trick. Obviously, the stomp worked, but not in quite the way she hoped.

"Hmmm, interesting," she heard him say, followed by the feel of his hands cupping her exposed breasts. "Having your arms up like that actually lifts them slightly," he said, softly squeezing the firm globes. "And that stomp made them bounce in the most interesting way."

Winona tried once more to tell him she wanted out, only to moan as he began pinching both nipples. They'd always been incredibly sensitive, and his attention to them now was seriously distracting her. Damn it, she thought, now is not the time. Get me out of here, and you can play with them all you want.

Bruce, however, seemed to have other ideas, a fact Winona discovered when she felt the zipper of her pants being undone, allowing the tight material to part and exposing her from the top of her bush to halfway up her ass. The feel of tight cloth was quickly replaced by the soft stroke of Bruce's fingers, drawing another moan from her as shivers of pleasure began to course through her.

"You know," she heard him say, "you look really sexy like that, all helpless and exposed." One of his fingers slipped inside her, and Winona felt her knees growing weak. "I could do just about anything I wanted right now, and there's not a thing you could do to stop me."

Hearing this, Winona froze. This wasn't something she'd considered, but he was right. With her hands waving uselessly over her head, she was helpless to stop him from anything he decided to do. Worse, the strap around her head made for an effective gag, mangling everything she tried to say. Actually, the only sounds that came out clear were the moans caused by his examination of her helplessly exposed body. Strangely, the thought itself brought another moan.

"Now what do I do with you?" Orienting on his voice, Winona turned away from him, backing against him and grinding her ass back into him. "Oh, you want more of this?" Bruce's finger slid within her once more, causing her hips to buck slightly. His other arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her back against him and pressing his growing bulge into the crack of her ass. Winona squirmed, torn between the urge to press back more firmly against him and the need to press forward against his probing finger. When the finger was removed, she moaned her disappointment.

"Not quite yet," she heard Bruce whisper. "I may not get another chance like this, and I'm not going to waste it."

Winona felt herself turned and leaned forward until her shoulders rested on some flat surface. Hands drew her feet apart, and then she felt what could only be his tongue slipping within her. Winona's moans became almost continuous as he explored her, his tongue seeming to touch every trembling inch within her before finding the hard bud of her clit. At his first touch, her whole body jumped, her moan becoming a gasping cry. It wasn't an orgasm, not quite, but it was damn close.

How long Bruce's tongue teased her, Winona had no idea. It seemed an eternity before it vanished, only to be replaced by something larger, harder, entering her slowly and filling her completely. By now, she'd completely lost control of her body, her hips squirming madly under his slow thrusts. Her arousal, growing quickly, soon peaked, her whole body seeming to clench as waves of orgasm swept through her. Somewhere in the midst of those waves, she felt Bruce spasm, the feel of his seed pumping into her only strengthening her own orgasm. It seemed forever before the waves faded, leaving her limp.

"I think I need to add some safety features." Stretched out an amazingly clear patch of floor, Bruce glanced up at his device. "Can't have people getting caught in it, can we?"

Released from her bonds and now totally naked, Winona nestled in his arms, gazing at her new top. "It's stretched," she pouted softly. "Your machine stretched it. Now I'll have to get another one." Turning her head, she pressed herself against him. "Maybe a cheaper one, though. And maybe more than one." She smiled. "After all, who knows how many times we'll have to test your new safety features to make sure they work right."

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