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Trip To The Chocolate Factory

by DownTheHobbittHole

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© Copyright 2017 - DownTheHobbittHole - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-unisex; machines/unisex; factory; tour; strip; naked; wash; scrub; wet; messy; soap; foam; encase; chocolate; mould; process; packaged; display; hum; nc; X

After winning some tickets online, you were on a tour, with a couple of other people, going around a huge chocolate factory that was fully automated, even the robot tour guide that was now leading you past a large glass window looking down on the factory floor and you can see all the conveyors and tanks and machines, it looked like something out of HOP and you also notice an unlocked door next to the window and this tour was far too boring.

"I thought this was going to be fun but.... It's so boring and depressing " seeing the robots making the chocolates and candy ones were not really good at it "when do I try a sample", you whine to the robot tour guide.

But the robot just stopped at the window and began blabbering on about coco beans and the door onto the catwalk above the factory floor seamed to be far more interesting as you head over to it.

As soon as no one was looking you walk through the door and hide behind it, when they had moved on to the next area, you grin before jumping on the catwalk and then looking around.

Whilst looking around, you look down at a large chocolate mixing vat that was currently being cleaned ready for a new batch of chocolate to be made, you also don't notice the large bulky sanitation bot that was now cleaning the catwalk as it didn't notice you and bumped into you sending you falling over the rail and into the large vat.

As you try to climb back up the side of the vat a large pole like object with nozzles is lowered into the vat and starts squirting the sides with disinfectant and robot arms holding scrubbing brushes also come on down, suddenly a loud robotic voice announces "foreign object detected in vat" as four clamp like mechanical arms come down and rip off your clothes before going away carrying your clothes with them, leaving you completely naked in the bottom of the vat

"Hey wait you can't take my clothes they were alot of money!" You grab hold of one of the clamps but it was so wet you loose your grip and slip back into the vat, as the pole spins around as it coated you all over in the disinfectant as a pair of scrubbing brushes proceed to scrub you clean. The brushes roamed all over your body and they were sure to scrub you clean absolutely everywhere.

The scrubbing brushes now withdraw and the nozzles hose the inside of the vat with warm water, washing away the disinfectant, as the pole comes round and hoses you down in the proccess.

Now a large flexible pipe comes down and begins blowing hot air into the vat drying it off, making sure not to miss you, after a while the pipe retracts as a conveyor belt above the conveyor begins dumping coco butter and all the over ingredients need for chocolate into the vat.

Trying again to moving up the vat you feel the coco butter coming down the sides as you slip back into the middle of the vat... SPLOSH... "Blegh!".

Once the vat was about half full, the conveyor stops as a large mixing paddle is lowered into the mix and slowly begins to turn around, you try to get away from it "No please don't mix me, I'm not chocolate!" As the ingredients begin to mix and unlucky you, also you are covered from head to toe in the chocolate as the vat begins to heat up just enough to make the chocolate runny and sticky.

After a while the paddle slows down and then retracts, the heat is turned off, as you begin to hear a slurping sound as the chocolate and you are sucked down a drain in the bottom of the vat.

Taking a few deep breaths to calm down, you feel the chocolate going down the drain. "Thank god thats all ove...What!?!", as you slip down into the drain "No! no! no!"

As you now travel along a long clear pipe, a bit like the scene from charley and the chocolate factory, towards a large chocolate bunny moulding machine, as you think to yourself, "Wow it's just like from the movie", then seeing you were heading to the bunny moulding machine "no! no! nooo... "

As you squirt out of a nozzle above the machine into a funnel and down into the mould as its filled to the brim, and now rolling out the machine was a large bunny mould and trapped inside was you, as the chocolate began to set and harden, your face pressed against the plastic mould where the bunny face was supposed to be.

After a while the chocolate had set and the conveyor now pulled you forward through some plastic strips and into another machine where your mould is removed and taken to be washed by some mechanical arms, you were now stuck inside the chocolate "Help... help me please!" as you wiggle inside the chocolate.

Now your pulled forward through some plastic strips and into the decorating area, As mechanical arms began picking up small icing bags filled with white chocolate, that has been dyed pink. And they began squirting on inside of the bunnies ears, on the tummy and on the tail, before moving to your face and adding two rosy cheeks.

After about five minutes wait the chocolate had set and the arms now picked up what looked like tiny spoons as they began scraping away the excess chocolate and removing the burrs from where the two parts of the mould had set, now they had finish but your chocolate had become dull and had lost its shine becuase of the scraping, so the arms came back holding very soft, fluffy buffers and some sort of edible polish, probables a form of nut oil.

You begin to moan and wimper, but the machine carried on as the arms sprayed you from head to toe with the oil, as the buffers started up and began polishing the chocolate and you got a first hand experience of how chocolate got its shine as the buffers worked over your face, "Hey stop it!,blagh!, stop!" you scream as your face was getting all oiled and shiney.

Now the buffers moved down to the bunnies neithers as they polished it, because your body was so close to the surface of the chocolate you could feel the buzzing of the buffers working over the chocolate, but you were cut short as the buffers moved away, now that you were all shiny the arms grabbed a pink ribbon with a bell on it and tied it around your neck.

Now as you pass through more plastic strips, exiting the machine you can see the conveyor belt branching off in two directions and signs above them saying "REJECTED" and "PASSED", just before they branched off you could see large scanning cameras checking the quality of the bunnies in front of you, most of them went down the "PASSED" conveyor but a couple had broken ears and tails so they got sent down the "REJECTED" conveyor.

As you approached the cameras, you kept still, your heart beating and your breath going fast as you pray to god that you pass, so you could get out of here. As the cameras were now looking over you noting your face wasn't the right colour and so you were sent down the rejected line towards two large rubber wheals braking up the bunnies into smaller pieces of chocolate to be reused.

"AAAHHHHH!" you scream and wiggle around on the conveyor not wanting to get squished, little to your knowledge but the crusher was fitted with a pressure gauge and wouldn't squeeze something too hard, only enough to break the chocolate, and you could have escaped, but all your wiggling around caused you to fall off the side of the conveyor belt, when you hit the floor the chocolate bunny that encased you broke into loads of pieces, but before you could recover a large metal box on wheals, that looked like a road sweeper started coming towards you, its horizontal and vertical scrubbing brushes forced you head first inside and up onto a internal conveyor as you were now being carried along.

"EEYAAAAAHHHH!" you could feel your hair being brushed inside the machine "STOP IT AT ONCE I AM A LIVING THING!" you kick and scream at it as you try to get your head out, but it was no good as the rest of your body was pulled inside.

Now you could only lie flat on your belly as the ceiling was very low and your arms were stuck by your sides and you couldn't pull them in front of you, as the conveyor continued to pull you forward as you pass by some scanners which decided the chocolate stuck to you was mud and so you needed cleaning, as you're pulled forward towards some nozzles squirting out liquid soap, there was also a small gap in the conveyor where more nozzles were positioned, and every part of your body, including the entire front half, was coated in the soap, you spit out the soap in your mouth "Blegh!, Hey that's not funny robot get this stuff off me right now !" you shout.

Next you're pulled forward towards two large circular spinning bristle scrubbers and four robotic arms clamp around your arms and legs, you also notice that the ceiling also got higher as though the brushes were in their own little compartment, as you're spread eagle by the arms and the scrubbers go to work, "Hey stop it I don't need to be cleaned all over you know!" You scream and wiggle trying to get free, "I don't need to be scrubbed clean, just water to get the soap off!"

The brushes roamed all over your body as you're scrubbed down from head to toe, "Hey stop it, blagh, mmph " you wiggle and pull and push trying to get out of the machines hold, "Let me go already I'm clean!".

Next the arms stuff you onto another conveyor as your hands are once again pinned by your sides as you're pulled towards more nozzles this time shooting out water, "Let go, let go i say!" you scream, as you pass through the nozzles hosing you down from head to toe, you are now pulled forward towards hot air jets and two horizontal spinning microfibre brushes, as you pass through the air jets and then through the middle of the two brushes and onto another conveyor where a stamping machine comes down and stamps you on the butt with a pink "CLEANED" stamp, just bellow the stamp it had some wrighting "NEXT CLEAN DUE IN 1 HOUR" it also had a barcode next to it, as you're spat out the back of the machine from the conveyor, however the sanitation bot was now up on one of the cat walks with its rear hanging over the edge directly bellow where the used chocolate moulds got washed.

As you enter the machine the mould in front of you is pulled apart as its held by robotic arms as its washed whilst more robotic arms think you're a mould too as they pull you spread eagle as a foaming brush is used to suds you up, as you beg the machines to stop "Stop it!, stop it!".

Now you are pulled towards hoses squirting disinfectant as your hosed down with disinfectant before being pulled forward to the drying area where you are towel dried all over, not missing any spots. Now as you exit the machine, you quickly hop off the conveyor and start looking for something to cover yourself up so you could go, as you look around you see a door labeled packaging area, as you go through it you immediately spot some plastic that would cover you up good enough.

As you go over to the plastic and begin wrapping it around yourself, a large claw came down and picked the spool of plastic up turning you into a human spinning top as it unwinds from your body and you end up landing on a conveyor belt just before the packing machine for the chocolate bunnies, and before you could do anything you're whisked inside the machine and your grabbed by some robotic arms and a sheet of see through plastic is placed under you as more arms begin to gift wrap you, "Let me go I said let go dammit!".

Next the plastic is pulled up around you and tied at the top with long strips of ribbon that are then curled into bows, now that you were trapped in the plastic a couple of hands holding stickers, one was a bar code and price tag which was stuck to the bottom and the other was a little description of the chocolate bunny inside,"I am not a bunny you stupid machine!".

Now as you exit the machine your carried along the conveyor to where the conveyor split of in two directions one was headed for the quality control area and the other was headed for the factories gift store, every one hundred rabbits was tested for quality.

Luckily for you the scanner read that you were the 99th rabbit and you could see the rabbit behind you pass through more plastic strips as you were carried straight into the gift store where an automated claw in the ceiling carried you over to one of the shelves, just as the tour group was walking in, you wiggle and scream in the box as the tour group come in "HELP! PLEASE I BEG YOU! LET ME OUT! I'LL DO ANYTHING!".

The group quickly run over to you some giggling and laughing, some taking photos and others just staring, completely gob smacked, whilst the automated tour guide comes over with a pair of scissors and a towel as he lets you out and hands you the towel, but the giggling and laughter was too much as you run out the factory and headed home.


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