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by Cowgirl Corral

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; fpov; machine; lactate; accident; bodymod; drug; transform; hucow; milking; force; training; nc; XX

"Well that's odd" I wondered out loud to myself.

I had been looking for jobs when I'd received a notification of a new deposit into my account. It was only £1, but the note with the transaction simply said "PROJECT."

Ah, so that's where it was from.

My job - up until two weeks ago when they suddenly told us we were all out of work - was as an assistant project manager for a software company.

As much as I'd protested against it, my boss had made the programming teams cut every corner imaginable on the "autofarm" dairy automation project to get more funding to try to prop the company up. It was supposed to be a 2 year project but we were only 7 months in.

Kane, one of the programmers, had botched the programming for the milk gathering and auto dispatch system so badly that I had had to fix it right before the first test on Monday, or else the whole thing would crash on startup for some reason.

My own boss - the project manager - had been so proud of his shortcut of identifying anything on all fours as a cow when I had found bugs in the identifier code.

"Just for the test" he'd said… "We'll go back and fix it later".

It seemed like the main corner cut had been all the competent programmers… which left a few others and Kane, the dumbass who ogled my chest every time I had to go past his desk.

So that explained the from where, but not the why…

Eh, Whatever. It wasn't much. I'd follow up on the bank deposit later.

The next week I got 2 pounds. The one after, 5. The one after, 10.

I contacted the ex-client for the project. A big food conglomerate, everyone I talked to basically didn't care, because that wasn't their budget.

I went out to the test barn we'd made to investigate. "Why was it sending money at all?" I wondered. "Another glitch, perhaps? Thinking the auto truck has come by and collected some milk, maybe? That wasn't our system, it was the client's - and besides, we'd never even got to the first test with real animals, it had been cancelled when the company went fully under.

I approached the simple "barn" - it was made from a few stuck together shipping containers with a strong door to hold the tech and setup for when it wasn't in use.

I had had to walk almost 10 minutes across the field from the nearest place to park my car. The client had wanted the test area on one of their disused fields, far away from any prying eyes. Whatever, it was a nice day for a walk.

I approached the door, and suddenly heard shuffling.

The dumb tin can announced that I was trespassing on FoodCo property.

It was on of Kane's idiotic "security robots" that he'd wasted weeks on instead of doing the controller program.

I ignored it and lifted the roller door to go inside, not really surprised that it had been left unlocked. It of course jammed stuck on its track about half a meter up - more cheap garbage.

I tried to pull it up, grunting. Goddamn it, I thought.

"Animal. In. Distress." Kane's box of bolts announced to no one in particular. I rolled my eyes. Did he really think that would impress the clients?

I got down on my hands and knees and began to crawl under. I heard a hiss of pressurized air and felt a stinging in my buttock.

He'd put a freaking tranq gun on his robot, the red frilly feathers sticking out of a little point in my yoga pants.

I crawled inside the structure.

We'd set the farm up for an intake test. The planned test run with two live cows from FoodCo would have been all ready to go.

I was surrounded on both sides by wooden fences, designed to lead the cows into the barn off the back of a truck.

I leant on the wall, woozy, before falling forward onto all fours. My balance was way off. This stuff was obviously a cow-sized dose, and it was working fast on my small human body.

Scanning cameras above turned to point at me. "Registering new cow," came the cold, female voice from the controller box in the middle of the barn.

"I'm not a cooow you duumb robot," I slurred as I stumbled about.

A metal arm swung around. It had a loop of cord on the end of it. In a swift motion it swooped down on me, the cord tightening around my neck - not enough to hurt, but I couldn't wriggle out, try as I might.

The arm proceeded down the track, pulling me along with it. I couldn't get up, the metal arm stopped that. I don't know if I could even stand anyway, everything was getting cloudy. As it pulled me onwards and i frantically crawled along to not get choked, my yoga pants beginning to bunch up around my knees, making them slide down with each hobbled step. After just a few more steps they'd bunched up so badly my ass and panties were exposed.

I was pulled along until it suddenly stopped. A green laser scanned over my body. Obviously it was confused, but it eventually reached a conclusion.

"Stock designation: Calf, unregistered."

Oh no…

Another arm came down and I felt a cold plate behind my ear. Suddenly the other came down and pierced my ear. I heard a little "thwup" as the thick plastic ear tag was clipped into my ear.

I had to get out…now!

I struggled against the machine, hoping desperately that something would come loose and I could escape, but each second I felt more and more of my energy sapping away.

I heard it behind me, and I tried to slide myself out of the way, but two more arms from either side of me grabbed my thighs. "No! No! NO!" I screamed.

The top arm swung down into position just above my ass. Any hope I had of it coming to a critical error and leaving me alone was dashed as I saw the light flash and my flesh tingle.

All the arms retracted. I arched my back and looked behind me. I could see the top portion of a black outline. I knew what it was -

It was a flash tattooed livestock barcode, nestled right below where my panties ended.

Tubes invaded my mouth and fed me some FoodCo gruel. Dead tired, I was ejected into a stall and I slipped unconscious almost immediately.

I don't know how long I was out. I came out of what felt like a really deep, restful sleep. For a second, I didn't register where I was. But as I took a look around, the fact that it had been reality and not just a strange nightmare sank in.

I looked around, checking for the security bots before I stood up to get a better view. I had no intention of finding out if they had more tranquiliser darts.

Through the intake line, I could see my ripped yoga pants in the dirt. Past all the machinery I could see the door, still part open. One of the bots came past, so I dropped back down to all fours. I didn't want it to think I was an intruder or a "cow in distress."

As I was considering how best to dodge through the machinery and get out, I heard a quiet "moo" next to me. "Strange" I thought. "We never got the test cows."

I turned to look: It was Mandy, our intern… She was completely naked, with a collar and bell around her neck as well as an ear tag.

"Mandy, what happened?" I asked the young Scandinavian girl.

She just looked back glassily. Was she pumped full of drugs? I still felt pretty groggy myself.

"Mandy! Wake up! Hello!"

She turned to look at me a little more.

Mandy had always been relatively small in the chest region …but hanging freely below Mandy now were breasts that were easily two cups bigger than they had been when I saw her last. They looked kind of tight, with the slight outline of blue veins around her nipples.

I was staring a bit, and I got embarrassed and looked away. But Mandy didn't seem to mind…in fact she didn't tell me off, turn away…anything. She just let them hang there in full view of me.

"Mandy, snap out of it. What's going on?"

I seemed to reach her a little. After a moment it seemingly registered with her and a little of the glaze dropped from her expression.

"Ooohhhh, heyyyyyyyyy. Mmmmm… Look at my uddersss," she said, her eyes closing slowly and blissfully as she teased out "udders".

"Mandy…What happened to you?"

She stopped to consider, mooing again.

"Came… to close up….found…mmmmmm." Her tongue lolled out for a moment.

"Don't worry, I'll get us out of here," I said back to her. I hoped she'd be OK if we got her out of her drug daze.

I carefully got up again to watch the bots patrol. It seemed like there was about a minute when the one inside and the one outside were both out of view from the front roller door.

I watched a few more rounds to confirm… then vaulted the stall's fence into Mandy's to try and get her up and moving. In the end she was so floppy that I had to hang her off my shoulder as I opened her stall door.

I dashed through the processing machines, watching closely for any movement that might suggest it'd try to trap us - but it stayed still. Mandy began to moo loudly "mooo, mooooo, moooooo!" and I shushed her - disturbance could call the bots over. "Mooo!" She seemed so antsy as I brought her to the door.

She calmed as I put her back on all fours to get her through the door. I had to push her butt to get her through, and I couldn't help but look at her wet, glistening womanhood as she went through.

I crawled underneath too, emerging on the other side. I threw Mandy's arm over my neck again, ready to get the hell out of here.

I only heard a few crunches behind me, then the prick of something in my neck. "Damnnnn botssss," I slurred…but as I twisted and fell I saw Kane standing above me, needle in hand.

Mandy fell back down to all fours, looked up at him with loving eyes and gave a low, comfortable "mooooooooooo."

I blacked out.


I woke up in the stall again. I again groggily got up, only this time to find out that my leg had been chained to the back wall.

Kane opened the stall, trailed by Mandy.

"What have you done to her, you creep?" I shouted. Mandy brushed up against his leg and stayed there, almost lovingly.

My heart dropped and my skin went cold when he simply replied that I'd find out myself soon.

This wasn't the same weirdo I had known at work. He was acting completely different. Confident. Cold.

He admitted that the day the company shuttered he was stealing everything of value in here. That he didn't think that anyone would be here. But Mandy's last job had been to pack this up, and she had seen him. That he decided after he knocked her out that he had everything he needed right here.

He bragged about her. "And look how she has turned out. A fantastic little milker." He said. Mandy looked up at him, mindless and docile as he stooped down and ran his hand over her naked chest.

"MOOOooo," Mandy lowed with clear desperation.

I shivered in cold fear as he said he had to attend to her "needs."

He brought in a small milking pump into the stall. Mandy bit her lip in anticipation. He held one milking cup up to her breast as he turned it on, quickly putting the second on as the machine began it's rhythmic drone.

She let out a long, drawn out "Mooooooooooo" and slightly shuffled on the spot as her eyes rolled back for a second. She was clearly in bliss, either completely oblivious or uncaring that she was being completely dehumanized.

He looked at me. It was a message.

I watched in shock as milk spilled into the cups and flowed down the tubes into the stainless steel jug. Kane rubbed her ass as he looked at me. I didn't want to watch her be subjected to this…how could she be so…docile? But I couldn't look away.

Those payments I had been receiving…it had been Mandy being broken, her milk being counted and registered by the automatic sensors. I shuddered…it had only taken a few short weeks to do all of this to her…

I struggled against my chains, but there was absolutely no give in them. I watched the milker jiggle her tits and listened to her bell ring with each time she shivered with pleasure. All the while she quietly mooed and pushed into his caresses. The machine droned on and on…

Soon, the tubes stopped flowing with white milk, and he took the machine's cups off her. Her nipples were slightly red and the heavy suction had made them extend and thicken, and her areolae were raised slightly to go with them.

She mooed again, a clear tone of appreciation in her animalistic noises as she looked up at him again lovingly. I realised I couldn't save her, she was too far gone, too inhuman now.

He turned back to me.

I shrank back, an odd sound accompanying my movement. I had been so focused on the chains and Mandy that I hadn't even felt the collar around my neck, and the bell hanging off it. It rang a soft little 'ding ding' as I pulled back.

I wouldn't be a cow! I spat at him as he came closer. I writhed, but I couldn't stop him pulling my hands behind my back and cuffing them. I spat and swore.

I expected him to be angry. I would have preferred to have been hit, actually. Instead, he just laughed and said how, "at first" Mandy had been pissed too.

It was chilling. I fought back tears. I struggled, but he put the machine's cups on my breasts.

He hadn't changed the cups, so I felt the miniscule droplets of milk that Mandy had left on the plastic on my nipples. He turned the machine on, and suddenly suction gripped the cups tightly to my tits and the machine pulled tight on each of my breasts.

It felt so wrong. I thrashed around but the cups held on strong. The worst bit was how the pulling stimulated me, my pussy was getting moist, the pulling on my sensitive nipples just like a direct bolt of electricity down to my nethers.

I couldn't get away from them. This shouldn't feel so good. I kept flailing, trying to throw myself at him to keep him away. He just stood back a step, crouching, watching the machine relentlessly pull at my exposed breasts.

"No no no no!" I swore to myself. Not now, not now! My nipples had always been sensitive, and now after a few minutes on the pump I could feel an orgasm growing. I tried my best to hide it. Could he tell? I swore at him more, but he didn't react. Did he know?

I couldn't hold it. I squirmed and crossed my legs, which made the bell around my neck ring. No no no!!!

I came. I tried to be quiet and stoic, but it must have been obvious that I had been taken to the edge and over… my whole body shook and I could feel my wetness against my thigh.

"Good girl," he said as he saw me orgasm. I shrunk back in abject humiliation.

There was no downtime. No relief. The milking machine kept its rhythmic assault, pulling my left breast then my right breast. Left breast, right breast. Left, right, left, right… endlessly.

He ignored my name calling and meek threats, my voice wavering. When my second orgasm came I just became quiet.

Eventually after what must felt like an eternity he said it was enough. He pulled the cups off to reveal my red, lengthened nipples.

I was a wreck. I couldn't offer any resistance.

He left me in that stall. I laid down on the thin layer of hay, my chains rattling and the bell offering a soft chime. Mandy lent through the gap between stalls to give me a soft "mooo." She understood.

Almost every second he wasn't in view I kept trying to get free of the chains, I tried smashing it against the wood of the stall, picking at it with my hands and pulling at the point it was secured to the wood.

I got worried when I started to feel the need to relieve myself. When he came by to milk Mandy again I summoned my courage to hide as best I could how scared I was. "I need the bathroom" I said, trying to come across in the most matter of fact way I could. I didn't want to show him how humiliated I was.

He had responded with a simple no. "Unchain me and let me go then," - no response - "At least give me a bucket." He considered it, then after making me wait until Mandy had been milked he went off and brought me back a bucket. At the time I had felt like a master negotiator, like I had heroically kept the upper hand over my captor. As he placed the bucket in the stall and the need to pee was becoming unbearable I realised I'd still be relieving myself like an animal…

Having been so stubborn to begin with, when I asked for the bucket I had basically told him that I really, really needed to pee. He watched from the front of the stall. I tried to stay still, to pretend I didn't need to go, but he just waited…

Eventually I couldn't hold it anymore, pulling the bucket to me and spreading my legs over it. I had to go, I reasoned, and it was at least better to do it in the bucket than to sit in my own filth. The sound of my stream hitting the plastic was deeply humiliating. I couldn't look at him as I did it.

I worried what I would do if I couldn't get free before I needed to do the other one…

He took the bucket away. I was silently glad I hadn't had to plead with him to do that. While reflecting on that small mercy, he brought in the milking machine again. He pressed the cups into my reddened nipples. I didn't bother fighting him on that.

Through the night I kept pulling at the chain. Although I dislodged it from the wall a little bit, I couldn't pull it away. The next day he washed me with a cloth. Having been up all night trying to pull out the chain I was exhausted, and let him clean me without much fuss. While doing so, he noticed the bruising on my leg from pulling at the chain. I watched as he fitted a second chain. My hopes for escape dampened as I saw the heavy construction of the thing. There was nothing I could do as he locked the second chain around my other ankle.

I had a lot of time to think. How long until someone would notice I had disappeared? I had had a great paying job - it had seemed like a good idea to have all my bills on autopay… And I had been such a workaholic… The truth was… People might not have even noticed I was gone yet…

Another day. I had peed several times into the bucket before I needed to do the other one…I felt gratitude inside myself when he took it away.

More days passed. The only silver lining was the orgasms I would get from the milker. I began to know the time just from when my vagina started to get wet. When that happened I knew it would be milking time soon. I'd been conditioned to it. I began to look forward to it. When he brought in the milker my nethers would begin to go from wet to dripping. I had dropped the pretense of not liking it and hiding my orgasms.

My breasts began to get this feeling of tightness and warmth inside them. He told me that meant my milk was coming in soon. Outwardly I cursed him out, but inwardly I wondered if that meant I could feel the same bliss as Mandy did. I realised I wasn't just wondering idly, I kind of… hoped for it.

He had been watching me all those sessions, and turned up the pressure on me. He started to deny me those precious orgasms unless I mooed like a cow.

For a few days I refused, getting more and more exasperated. I tried to cum sneakily, but he knew and stopped the machine altogether. I cried when he did that. So I mooed. And once I did that immensely dehumanizing act I couldn't stop. I begged for those orgasms with moos. At first they had been reluctant, but they soon became eager pleadings.

My breasts got even more enlarged, and the day I first saw milk flowing from my breasts I felt humiliated and ecstatic all at once. I couldn't avoid the truth, I was a milk cow now, just like Mandy. My body had betrayed me, making milk for him. But when the cups were on and my orgasm came, I felt better. With my milk in, I became so much more sensitive I could cum several times each milking.

I was made to moo to be milked. I had to, to get him to relieve the pressure in my tits. It became more than just a necessary evil to avoid the pain of engorged tits though, I learned to truly love it. My breasts grew and filled with more milk every day.

There was little mental stimulation around. I noticed my thoughts slowing down and becoming harder to hang onto. Thoughts of being milked took up a lot of my time when I wasn't on the milker. But a lot of the time I talked to Mandy. I had had to learn her particular moos but mostly, they began to make sense.

I had lost track of time. I was addicted to the milker, but I wanted more, I wanted to be filled. I mooed for Master to use me. It was the first time I had asked…begged. Weirdly, I felt a sense of control. He had used me many times, but now I could moo and get him to fill me!

I'm not sure how many days it had been, but eventually he unchained me. The first thing I did was head over to Mandy and lean into her sweet nuzzling.

Maybe a month after that we moved into a new barn. I'm very happy in the new barn, it's so big and nice. I'm not quite sure where it is because Master brought us out to it in a big van, but it took a while to get here! We have a milking machine each too, so we can be milked together! Here I don't need to worry about anything other than being a good milker. I don't want to run away anymore, I have too much fun with Mandy, being milked and being bred, I love being a cow!



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