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The Wardrobe

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; machine; matter; transform; clothing; latex; cocoon; tease; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

There were those who considered Brad Wills to be a genius. Among those few who really knew him, the general consensus was that he made most geniuses look stupid. As a teenager, Brad had pioneered the field of sub-atomic manipulation. The ability to break any matter down into sub-atomic particles, and then reassemble those particles in any way, allowed mankind to finally rid itself of the one problem nobody had ever before found a solution to. Namely, trash. All human waste was now broken down, then recombined into useful items. It did generate jokes about this week’s newspaper being made of last week’s supper, but, in general, it was a useful and very well received bit of technology.

By his early twenties, Brad had perfected particle transmission. Thanks to this bit of technology, you could order, say, a new pair of shoes, and it would arrive at your home’s pad within seconds. The only limitation to this technology was that it could not transport any living matter. Living matter changes slightly with each second, making accurate transportation impossible. For anything else, though, the technology worked quite well.

Brad, however, wasn’t quite satisfied. As with any genius, his mind was already seeking ways to make his inventions work better. And, by combining the two, he developed a device never before dreamed of in the world of fashion. Or fetish.

“What are you working on now?” Glancing around, Molly tried to see what might be new. However, Brad’s lab was always so cluttered with partially completed projects, she doubted she’d notice an elephant were one to appear.

“My greatest invention,” Brad replied.

Molly grinned. “This week,” she said teasingly. Friends since childhood, Molly was the only one allowed to tease Brad about his work.

Brad returned the grin. “Actually,” he said, “I’m not sure I can top this one. It’ll revolutionize the garment industry.” He paused thoughtfully. “Or put it out of business. Either way, it will change the way the world looks at clothing forever.”

“So what is it?” Molly glanced around. “Where is it?”

“This one’s actually in my bedroom,” Brad informed her. “I’m just making sure all the connections to the computer are solid. Why don’t you go upstairs and wait for me.”

Once upstairs, Molly glanced around Brad’s comfortably appointed bedroom. Nothing appeared to be any different, and Molly considered herself to be in a position to know. In addition to friends, they had been lovers for some time, and Molly couldn’t help but remember the nights she’d spent in that huge bed. Even now, the memories sent a small shiver of pleasure through her.

“Ready.” Molly broke of her thoughts as Brad entered the room. With a smile, he moved to the closet and opened the door. Inside, instead of the racks of clothing Molly remembered, there was only a small pad on the floor, as well as a panel on the wall just outside the door.

“Brad,” she asked, puzzled, “what have you done with all your clothes?”

“If this works,” he replied, “I won’t need them. I present my instant wardrobe.” Stepping to the panel, he punched several buttons, then glanced over his shoulder.

“Care to try it out?”

Molly shrugged. “Ok,” she said. “What do I do?”

Brad pointed toward the bed. “There’s a set of coveralls on the bed. Strip down and put them on.”

Once Molly was appropriately garbed, by Brad’s mysterious definition, he had her step onto the pad in the closet. The door slid closed, leaving her in darkness. After a moment, the door opened and Brad gestured her to step out.

“So what happened?”

Brad grinned. “Look down,” he said.

Molly did so, her eyes widening. Instead of the loose coveralls, she now wore a brightly colored dress. Amazed, she stared for a moment.

“How did you do that?”

“I combined my transporter with my matter converter,” Brad said proudly. “You just tell the computer what you want to wear, step inside, and whatever you have on is changed to the outfit you requested.”

“But isn’t that dangerous? What if it tries to change me at the same time?”

Brad shook his head. “Can’t happen. The computer recognizes that you are organic, and won’t try to alter you. It can only change your clothes.”

“But I do have to be actually wearing something when I step in?” Molly glanced toward the closet. “I mean, I can’t step in naked and come out wearing something?”

“Actually, you can, but only with this prototype,” Brad admitted. “I have my own supply of material to draw on, but my storage system won‘t work in the average home. For that, I need to design something like the vats in the matter conversion plants, but small enough to be practical in a home setting. I have all the components, but getting the size and power usage right is a bit more complicated.”

“That should take you another day at least,” Molly said, drawing a grin from Brad. “So, what else can this thing do?”

Over the next several minutes, Molly experienced a number of clothing changes within the closet. Her dress became a smart business suit, followed by a pair of jeans and a blouse, which, in turn, became tight shorts and a halter top. After this final change, Molly caught a slight gleam in Brad’s eyes.

“What are you up to now?”

“One more outfit,” Brad told her. “And I think you’ll like this one the best.”

Opening the closet, Brad gestured her inside, positioning her with arms beside her. He closed the door, and Molly patiently waited for the door to open again so she could see her newest outfit.

Suddenly, something seemed to draw tightly around her body, pinning her arms to her sides. Startled, she called out to Brad that something was wrong, only to heard muffled hums emerging from lips that refused to part. Shocked, and more than a little frightened, Molly tried to move her arms, but whatever it was holding her kept them pinned securely to her sides. Her struggles were only halted by the opening of the door.

Smiling, Brad drew her out, turning her to face the mirror mounted on a nearby wall. At the sight that met her, Molly’s eyes widened.

Staring back at her was a rubber fetishist’s dream. Her body was now sheathed in black rubber that faithfully outlined every curve. Totally seamless, the rubber had only seven openings. Two of these were over her eyes, allowing her to see. One lay between her thighs, while her breasts poked through another pair, bulging just a bit. Obviously, the chest holes were a bit smaller than the size of her breasts. The final two openings, at her nose, allowed her to breathe.

Brad’s reflection appeared behind hers as she stared at herself. Stepping close, he slid his arms around her, cupping and squeezing both breasts. Molly’s eyes closed as she softly hummed her pleasure. Helpless, unable to speak, she realized that she was now little more than a toy that Brad could play with as he pleased. The thought sent a shiver through her, and she pressed back against Brad, letting her body invite him to play.

And play he did. Molly had no idea how long he teased her, driving her helpless body to new heights of arousal. When he finally entered her, it was enough to set off what would be the longest, most intense, chain of orgasms she’d ever experienced. Afterwards, she fell contentedly asleep, still wrapped in her rubber, and just as securely wrapped in Brad’s arms.

Next morning, Brad put Molly back into the closet. When she emerged, her hood was gone, and her arms now occupied sleeves instead of being pinned to her sides. Otherwise, her outfit remained unchanged from the night before.

“How about dinner tonight?” she asked, examining herself in the mirror.

“Sounds good,” Brad replied. “Why don’t you make the reservations. I’ve got another project cooking that I need to check on.”

“I also want you to show me how to work the wardrobe,” Molly said.

“Let’s do that first,” Brad suggested. “That way, if I lose track of time, you can go ahead and get ready for dinner.”

Showing Molly how to work the new device didn’t take long, and Brad soon lost himself in one of his many projects. After practicing with different outfit designs, Molly joined him, and the day passed as days will. Finally, it was time to get ready.

“Think we have time to play a bit before dinner?” Molly asked, stepping behind Brad and reaching around to softly stroke him through his slacks. Feeling him harden, she glanced toward the clock. “Dang, not enough time.”

“Then maybe we should just get ready and go,” Brad suggested.

Molly nodded. “You first.” Nodding absently, his mind no doubt on his latest project, Brad stepped inside. Molly closed the door, then issued quick instructions to the computer panel. Soon, the panel indicated process complete. Smiling, Molly opened the door

Brad’s wide eyes stared back at her from the rubber hood covering his head. He now wore a rubber outfit nearly identical to the one that had held Molly helpless the night before. Only a couple of details were different. Smaller holes at the chest allowed only his nipples to protrude. Lower, a sheath tightly covered his hard cock, only the head protruding. A glint of metal at the base revealed the presence of a cock ring. His lips sealed, arms pinned to his sides, Brad could only hum and squirm as Molly drew him from the closet.

“By the way,” she said lightly, guiding him toward the bed, “I had a long talk with your computer while you were busy today. I hope you like the results.” Gently, she pushed him back onto the bed, maneuvering him until he lay in the center.

“Oh,” she added as she slid onto the bed beside him, “don’t worry about dinner, either. I forgot to make the reservations. So it looks like we have all evening to play.”

Grinning, she wrapped her fingers around Brad’s rubber-sheathed cock, stroking slowly. His eyes drifted closed, and soft hums began to emerge from his sealed lips.

“Last night was fun,” Molly said. “I hadn’t realized how intense it can be to not be allowed to cum for so long. Thank you for letting me find out.”

Lowering her head, she slowly licked at the head of Brad’s cock. A hummed moan was his response. Grinning, she raised her head to take in the sight of his rubber-encased body.

“Your turn.”

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