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A Weekend as a Sex Slave

by Happy Camper

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© Copyright 2016 - Happy Camper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; AI; robots/f; machines; latex; collar; captive; playroom; bond; xframe; nipple; stocks; tease; denial; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Part 1

I've always been a nerd, preferring to play with my brothers lego and my dad’s tools as a child, never much being into dolls apart from as a source for materials, much to my mum’s disappointment. Over the years I discovered computers, electronics, and eventually robotics. I ended up with a masters in robotics and computer science and fell into a few startups working on various aspects of AI and home automation. I struck it lucky at my third startup and cashed in my share options when it was bought out for a pretty good sum of money. Not quite enough to retire on, but enough that it allowed me very picky about what work I did and able to take extended sabbaticals whenever I felt the need.

After completing my PhD in AI I ended up as senior researcher for a smaller robotics firm, owned by some Korean megacorporation. We'd made excellent progress on humanoid robotics, but had struggled with the AI, we just couldn't pack enough computing power into the shell to enable even basic AI, never mind something good enough to be useful in the real world. I eventually came up with the idea of running the robots as drones wirelessly connected to a central processing until that could fully control them whilst still having enough processing power to achieve a reasonable level of AI.

  Now, having something of a kinky side mixed in with some serious introvertness, I'd always struggled to with relationships. I found the effort involved in dating to be mentally exhausting, so while having some fun at uni, I soon learned that I'd have to look after my own needs. A scare with a bloke who turned a bit psycho while having me spread-eagle and strapped to a bed put me off leaving myself in the hands of another. Masturbation was ok, but what I desired was to be controlled, to be manipulated, bent into shapes, allowed only the freedom some other intelligence would give and have it taken away at it's whim. Basically, be a slave to another’s will, but always with the freedom to get back to the work I loved.

  Over the years I'd collected enough prototype hardware and server compute power to build myself a set of robots. Originally built for performing house work, gardening, and even simple DIY they were quite capable of most of the tasks I needed. Firstly, I fed the AI with 1000mbs of research into BDSM, guides, techniques, equipment, safely, human anatomy, dietary requirements etc., and had it design various scenarios. By reviewing and questioning each scenario design I taught it how to perform bondage safely. Whilst doing this I rebuilt each robot, adding in a full set of body wide sensors, and giving each a neutral latex covering that was warm and pleasant to the touch.

The designs were two male humanoids at 6 foot 3 inches tall, with a nicely tone but not over-muscled build. The third robot was female, 6 foot tall, curvy, with good sized breasts that could be made smaller or bigger, large nipples with internal liquid sacks that could hold fluids of my choice. All were built to be taller than my height of 5.6, mainly to give a feeling of domination, but also to allow me to wear heels and still be smaller than them. All three had life like genitals that could adapt size and shape to various scenarios, plus they all had access to a kit of sex toys that could be used.

  I had the AI put all three robots through a series of bondage scenarios, using the inbuilt sensors to ensure that all bondage would be safe to perform on myself. This took a few weeks to perfect, but by the end I was sure that the AI could doing anything it wanted to me in a safe manner. I also built in a few emergency escape sequences should the worst happen.

  I built in 6 levels of bondage with some hardcoded rules. Level one was the mildest, such as being locked into a pair of 6 inch heels for up to 12 hours. Level 6 was the highest and involved strict bondage, for example a severe hog-tie or various forms of strappado. These hardcoded rules meant that I couldn't be in the strictest forms of bondage for than 3 hours and that a level 6 session must always be followed by a session at least three levels lower to allow time to recover and prevent strains or nerve damage.

I'd also set the environment so that two of my three meals each day was to come via a sexual organ of one or more of the robots. They could cum a special gel that had the texture of semen, but was much more pleasant to taste and was nutritious, they could provide water by 'urinating' and the female could also lactate various different liquids. To get this food I'd have to work for it, either sucking off or using my hands to wank one of the males and having to perform oral on the female to earn a reward. The third meal was a gourmet meal, that would be fed to me by the robots if my bondage was serious enough, otherwise I'd eat normally. I'd also programmed a rule saying that the final night of bondage was to be relaxed enough to allow normal sleep, as I didn't want to have to go to work on a Monday, after a weekend of bondage, exhausted.

  The final thing was a collar that could be locked on that had inbuilt monitors. This was used to monitor blood pressure, heart beat, and a few other functions and if any dropped worryingly low or I should signs of real stress, then I would automatically be released. It also had the words "slave" on a brightly polished brass plate at the front.

  My first experiment was simple enough. I set the system to keep me in bondage from 6pm until the following 8am. I was sat on the sofa watching the television when the clock hit six and the two males approached me. They pulled me to my feet and the second held my hands behind me as the first started to strip my clothes off. My heart was beating quite fast at this point and I was ready to call out the safe word if needed, but it was fine. I was gently stripped of my clothes and the female approached and put the collar around my neck. I heard a click as it was locked on. It was a good inch wide, not enough to provide much limitation in movement, but you knew it was there. It also had D rings spaced equally around the circumference.

Next a bondage belt was wrapped around my waist and cuffs attached to my wrists and feet and locked on. Three inch heels were slipped onto my feet. I was then led into the play room, downstairs in the basement. I was pushed up against a St Andrews cross and my wrists and ankles attached to each arm, leaving me feeling very exposed. The female went down on her knees in front of my and began to gently stroke my out lips and mons, with a very gentle vibration kicking in occasionally. This started to warm me up nicely and the two males started in on my nipples, sucking them to hardness. I started to moan a little and relaxed and closed my eyes, a few minutes later I felt a pinch on each nipple and opened my eyes to see a nipple clamp attached. Next they added a small weight to each, making the clamps go a little tighter and pulling my nipples down somewhat.

The female was now using her tongue and she was really getting me going. Just as I was about to cum, she stopped. I groaned in frustration and pulled at my wrists, but there was no way I was going to get loose. She did this two more times before I was allowed to cum and I had a huge orgasm, my knees giving way and seeing stars. My god, this was amazing! Once I'd recovered somewhat, I was detached from the cross and pulled across the room to a low pillory, into which my neck and wrists were locked. It was set low enough to keep me on my knees and I could feel the weights gently pulling on the nipple clamps as my breasts swayed gently.

One robot got onto its knees behind me and gently entered my sopping vagina. He slowly thrusted his 8 inch length in and out, not enough to overly excite me, but keeping me aroused. The other male got on his knees on front of my head and gently pushed his cocked at my mouth. Every time I sucked and licked on the shaft and head, the one behind me would give a good push, or rub its vibrating head around my hole. I slowly built up a rhythm on the dick in my mouth, sucking and licking away. I could taste little bursts of robot 'cum', sweet and apple flavoured.

As worked my head up and down the shaft I could feel myself approaching orgasm again. After a few minutes it hit me, making my muscles clamp down, I could feeling something spurting into my hole, then the robot dick in my mouth let loose, filling my mouth with hot sweet tasting goo. I swallowed the lot like a good slave. The robot behind me, pulled out as I moaned around the dick still in my mouth. Then a could feel it swelling slightly and cold water pumped into my mouth. I had to gulp it down, because I had no way of stopping it and I didn't want to choke on it. After a few mouthfuls it stopped.

The robots released me and took me up to my bed where I discovered it was 1am already! Wow, that time had disappeared so fast. They removed all but the belt and collar and put me to bed. The collar was chained to the head board by about 6 feet of chain and I was left to sleep. I woke up just after 8am, still wearing the collar and belt, but the chain and locks had been removed. I went for a long soak in the bath and went over the events of the previous evening. Can't wait for the next session to start!

End of part 1.

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