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What's Going to Happen to Baby Jane?

by Julien Sorel

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© Copyright 2009 - Julien Sorel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/F; drug; captive; machine; strip; prepare; infantised; wrap; stuck; hum; nosex; nc; X

Summary: Jane gets a job in a nursery, but her unstable co-worker runs her through the automated infant care system.
(Part of a series of cartoon-themed stories written for a real-life couple. - J.)

Jane had expected that her new job at the nursery would be a lot of work, but it was turning out extremely easy. A state-of-the-art automated system did all of the menial chores of tending to the babies' needs: the days of changing diapers, washing and feeding were over, and all she had to do was monitor the nursery and make sure that everything was functioning normally.

The other attendant working with Jane was a tall, attractive, rather cold brunette named Brenda who had been with the nursery for years. Jane tried to make friends with Brenda, but the taller girl was openly resentful of Jane's presence. At one point she asked Jane bluntly, "Why did they hire you? I was doing an excellent job taking care of this ward by myself. That was the word the director used at my last review: 'excellent.'" Jane said pleasantly that it couldn't hurt to have more eyes on the nursery, which prompted Brenda to walk away in a huff.

The situation finally exploded one Friday afternoon, as the girls began a weekend shift together. Jane was assigned to review the schedule that specified the order in which the babies would be cared for by the system, as well as the services that it would provide for each baby. But Brenda seemed to think that Jane was taking it upon herself to oversee Brenda's work. Jane defended herself, and Brenda charged off in a fury, as if she were going to report Jane. Fine, let her, thought Jane, returning to her work.

A moment later she saw Brenda returning with the same furious stride, holding an object in her hand. Jane stood up, wondering if Brenda were going to physically attack her.

But Brenda held up an aerosol can and sprayed it right in Jane's face.

"What?" said Jane, recoiling. Suddenly she realized that she was sitting in her chair again, with Brenda towering over her. The spray must have made her pass out for a split second and fall backwards.

"What did you do?" yelled Jane. But it wasn't easy for her to get the words out. She tried to stand up, feeling a little weak. Brenda pushed her back into the chair with one finger.

"You can't... caw... aww..." It was suddenly difficult for Jane to speak. What had Brenda done to her? She tried to grab Brenda with her hand, but her arm just jerked forward weakly and landed in her lap.

Brenda took Jane roughly by the chin and pulled her face forward. "Aaaww..." said Jane. "Fffff... Aaaww...." She had lost all control of her tongue and lips.

"You won't be any more trouble to handle," said Brenda, pushing Jane away. While Brenda logged Jane off of the terminal she had been using, Jane tried as hard as she could to get out of the chair. But no part of her body was working right - all she could do was flail helplessly. "Aaahhh... Ssss... Ffff...." she said in frustration.

Brenda whirled Jane around in the swivel chair, stepped on the chair's lever, and lifted the seat as high as it would go, so that Jane's legs dangled instead of hitting the floor. Then Brenda briskly wheeled Jane out of the office and toward the nursery area. Jane was having difficulty even holding her head up; it kept bobbing to her chest, or falling to one side.

To her horror, Jane was wheeled past the nursery and into the system's control room! Brenda was going to put her into the infant care system! "Aaaah! Aaaah!" cried Jane pathetically. Brenda rolled Jane straight up to the system's intake area, then entered a code at a console. The entire system came to a halt, though the machinery continued to hum, waiting for a command to resume.

With a deep breath, Brenda lifted Jane clean up out of her chair and rested her on the now-paused system conveyor belt. The brunette was obviously stronger than a normal girl.

Frantically, Jane tried to summon her strength before Brenda carried out her awful plan. But, though she was struggling with all her might, Jane couldn't even roll off of her back. Her arms and legs jerked ineffectually, not moving in the direction she wanted, or else moving too much or not enough to accomplish what she intended. And all that was coming out of her throat were gurgles and cries. Brenda could do whatever she wanted with her.

"People like you should never be in charge of anything," said Brenda, typing at the console while Jane thrashed uselessly. "They should never be allowed to supervise anything. They should just be put out of the way somewhere where they can't interfere with the good people. And if it takes a little nerve gas to put everything in proper order, then I'm more than happy to do whatever it takes."

Nerve gas! "Waaa...aaah!" cried Jane, tears spurting from her eyes.

"There's your personnel data. We'll just use that to make an infant record for you," said Brenda, typing. "But we'll need to change your age." Brenda picked Jane's head up a few inches, let it go, and watched Jane's effort not to let it fall. "I'd say your motor skills are about at the three-month level," she said with a snicker, filling in the age field accordingly. "See, some of us actually have knowledge of infant care and development. We actually worked here before the only skill you needed was how to push a button." Brenda looked the form over. "Let's get rid of your next-of-kin information, and put my contact info in there," she said, typing. Then she grabbed Jane by the hair and forced her to look straight up. Using a hand scanner, she scanned Jane's retinas into the system's security files. Jane gurgled in protest, but couldn't even keep her eyes closed.

Brenda returned to the console and hit a few final keys. "There!" she said triumphantly. "You're in the system now! Just try and get out! Just try!"

Brenda started up the system again, and machinery began descending toward Jane. Padded machine arms gathered her in gently, pressing her arms and legs inward and making sure she was centered on the belt and unable to roll off. A mechanical scanning device took a picture of Jane's retinas and identified her as one of the center's infants. Then the belt started up, and Jane began moving towards the machine entrance. The last thing Jane saw before the system pulled her in was Brenda marching off to resume her duties.

The padded arms released Jane in a spacious compartment where everything, including the robot arms, was colored pink and decorated with little pictures of cute animals and twinkling stars. A repetitive, tinkly melody was playing on an internal sound system. The horrified Jane was calling out for help, but she sounded just like a baby trying to talk: "Aaahhll...fff! Mmmuuh...Kkkk..."

Meanwhile, mechanical arms were delicately picking off Jane's clothes. Her shoes and socks went first; her white work pants were more difficult because of her kicking, but the system finally coaxed them off of her legs. Jane's sweater and white work blouse peeled off quickly, because her arms were so weak that they flew above her head as soon as the garments reached her armpits. The hardest item to remove was her bra, because the system identified it as an undershirt, and tried to pull it over her head without unfastening it. But she was finally rendered topless, after a useless struggle.

Jane lay kicking on the floor, clad only in her panties, which the system had left on her because it mistook them for diapers. All of a sudden Jane's face flushed red with a terrible realization: her panties were wet... and full! The nerve gas had taken away all control of her bodily functions.

Robot arms lifted the humiliated girl off the floor and slid a colorful plastic sheet under her, then put her down again and carefully peeled off her soiled panties. Jane sobbed like a baby while the system spread her legs in a V above her and cleaned her very grown-up, well-rounded ass with moist towelettes.

After the system had cleaned up Jane's mess, it started up the conveyor belt. Jane felt herself moving down a slope. A panel in the floor opened in front of her, and the naked girl landed in a shallow pool of warm, soapy water, with robot arms cradling her head to keep it above water level. Using soft sponges, the system slowly washed every inch of Jane's bare, pink body, taking care to scrub inside her ears and between her toes. Small rubber ducks and other bath toys floated by to distract her. Miserable as she was, poor Jane couldn't help but be turned on a little as the soapy sponge did a thorough job on her pussy, working its way into every fold of flesh.

Lulled by the warm water and in a sex daze, Jane barely noticed when the system lifted her from her bath and wrapped her from head to toe in fluffy white towels, then kneaded her gently until she was dry. But she became alert when mechanical arms spread her legs wide again. This was the part that Jane was dreading, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. First her ass and pussy were patted with powder puffs until she was white with talcum powder. Then, as she watched in horror, she was quickly, neatly wrapped and velcroed into a disposable diaper, then encased in plastic protective pants.

Jane had given up fighting, but the sight of herself in diapers made her start kicking and gurgling again. I'm not going to be a baby! she thought. I'm not! But all that came out of her mouth was "Ah-ba! Ah!"

The crying, diapered girl was then rubbed down with baby oil until she shined, a process that left her nipples involuntarily stiff. Having already measured Jane's unusual length, the system produced an elastic pink article of clothing that could have fit in Jane's hand. Stretched out by robot arms, however, the garment was revealed as a body suit with hands and feet built in, covered in prints of smiling animals. "Afff! Ffuuu... Ggg!" Jane protested as the system worked her wriggling body into the elastic suit one limb at a time, turning her over on her belly to reduce her mobility. When she was finally zipped in, Jane looked quite cute in her new outfit, though her C-cup breasts gave the suit curves that it had never displayed before.

Still on her stomach, arms and legs still jerking feebly, Jane was fitted with a pink baby bonnet that tied in a bow under her chin. Then the system spread out a sky-blue printed blanket on the floor next to her. Tucking her arms in at her sides, the system neatly rolled Jane up in the blanket, then fastened it around her with velcro. "Waaaa!" Jane cried as she writhed on the floor. Swaddled in the blanket so that only her bonneted head and her shoulders were visible, Jane was now completely immobile, and could be cared for without constant monitoring.

No baby at the nursery had ever needed as large a cradle as Jane. But the system assembled all cradles from modular interlocking parts, so it had no difficulty producing a unit suitable for an infant of Jane's length. The cocooned girl was lifted off the floor and lowered into her new cradle, with her head propped up by a bright pink pillow. "Jane' was printed on one end of the cradle in happy pink and orange letters.

To Jane's surprise, a robot arm descended to pop a pink pacifier into her open mouth. Jane looked up and saw a collection of shiny plastic objects hanging from the roof of the cradle, tinkling when they bumped into each other. Having nothing else to do, Jane gazed at the spinning and swinging toys.

The conveyor belt carried baby Jane out of the changing room, making her cradle rock gently with its motion. Hemmed in by the sides of the narrow wooden cradle, helplessly swaddled in the blanket, unable to move properly even if she were free, the exhausted girl stopped fighting her destiny. To her distress, she noticed that she was sucking on the pacifier for comfort. She stopped instantly, but whenever her mind wandered, her sucking instinct seemed to kick in again.

Jane was in the nursery now, moving past a long line of babies. The belt deposited her in her assigned space, where she came to rest, rocking gently, her cradle extending much further into the aisle than those of her nursery mates.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon, with light streaming into the nursery windows. Most of the other babies were napping, but Jane could hear some of them on either side of her, murmuring or trying to talk. She looked at the shiny objects above her. Without much hope of escape, she tried to push at the sides of the cradle, wondering whether she could tip it over.

As her rocking became more vigorous, an alarm sounded, and a light above her flashed pink and blue. The alarm wasn't a siren, but a tinkly "Rock-A- Bye Baby" melody.

Soon Brenda was standing next to the cradle. "When I heard the 'Bad Baby' alarm go off, I didn't even have to look at the readout," she said. "I just came straight here."

"Mmm...Mmm..." said the wide-eyed Jane around her pacifier, looking up in fear at the towering Brenda.

Brenda sat down next to Jane and looked at her, smiling. "I hated you so much before," she said. "But now there's no point in hating you. You're where you belong, and I'm where I belong." Brenda began to pull Jane's swaddling blanket down over her chest, then neatly tucked and folded the edges of the blanket so that it framed and pushed up Jane's jumper-covered boobs. Idly, Brenda tweaked Jane's nipples; Jane could do nothing but endure the erotic tingle, which traveled instantly from her nipples to her cleaned, diapered pussy.

Brenda removed Jane's pacifier. "," said Jane meekly. Not interested in Jane's baby talk, Brenda inserted a large baby bottle in Jane's open mouth. Then Brenda pressed a button on the bottle, and Jane's lips and gums were suddenly suctioned around the bottle's nipple, making an airtight seal. "Mmm-wwpp!" uttered the helpless girl.

Liquid was trickling slowly into Jane's mouth. It was milk, perhaps with something sweet added. When her mouth became too full, Jane had no choice but to swallow. Immediately the milk began to fill her mouth again. Brenda rested the bottle between Jane's pushed-up tits.

"In the old days, we used to use this bottle for uncooperative babies who might not eat otherwise," said Brenda. "I dosed it with a baby laxative, to make your first few days in diapers easier. By the time your system is full of baby food, you won't need the laxative any more."

"Mmmmm!" said the humilated Jane, tears forming in her eyes. But her mouth was full, and she had no choice but to swallow another mouthful of the laxative.

Brenda stood up, smiling down at Jane. Then she produced the nerve gas aerosol can and sprayed it right in Jane's surprised face.

"Mmm! Mmm!" Jane felt dizzy as the gas quickly absorbed into her bloodstream. How long was Brenda planning to keep her a baby? Did she say something about "my first few days"?

"It's nap time now," said Brenda. "The system will wake you up for a change in a few hours. We have to get you used to your new schedule." Then she walked away.

Jane took another gulp of laxative. All around her were the sounds of a roomful of babies breathing quietly or making tiny crying noises in their sleep. The shiny objects over her head were tinkling as she rocked gently. Looking up at them, the weary, defeated girl felt her eyes begin to close.

The End



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