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Winter Warming Booth

by Beast5

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© Copyright 2010 - Beast5 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; trap; torment; electro; public; hum; nc; X

A gust of cold wind hit Ona head-on as she jogged over the bridge, but the tall dark-haired girl didn't mind.  She was dressed for this weather - her long athletic legs sheathed in lined spandex, her torso protected by a snug windbreaker, even her hands and ears covered in gloves and a hat.  Ona took a lot of pride in the excellent shape she kept herself in, and a big part of that was not letting a little cold weather keep her from her daily run.  And really, it was a gorgeous morning, bright and sunny, just rather chilly.  There were a few other folks out in the park alongside the river - some other runners and a few folks walking dogs.  Everyone was bundled up tight.  There certainly wasn't a lot of skin showing on a day like this.

Ona ran through the riverside park almost every day, so she immediately took notice of a new structure that had been set up just off her path.  It looked like a big cylinder, maybe 8' across and 8' tall, that had just been plunked down on the grass.  A big sign next to a solitary door read:

Winter Warming Booth
Step Inside For a Break From the Cold

Ona's fingers were getting cold, and her curiosity was piqued, so she pulled the door open.  The first thing she noticed was how thick and heavy the door was.  Inside the windowless wood-paneled room was a low bench circling the perimeter.  An older couple looked up at her and simultaneously said, in cheery but urgent voices: "Shut the door!"  Ona stepped in and did just that, taking a seat opposite the couple and chatting with them for a minute about how pleasant and unexpected this toasty little warming station was.  Very soon the couple got up and said that they had dallied for too long already and had to be on their way.  Ona, enjoying the warmth and the rest, decided that she'd stay a bit longer.  The heavy door closed behind the couple, making a barely audible click that the girl inside didn't notice.

With the older couple gone, Ona felt a bit uneasy about being alone in this closed space in the middle of a public park, so as soon as her fingers were warm she pulled her gloves back on and walked over to the door.  But when she pushed, the big door didn't budge.  She looked around for a handle or latch and noticed that if it weren't for the break in the bench, it wouldn't be at all obvious where the door even was.  She tried to remember what the older couple had done to open the door, but she thought that they had just pushed.  Then, suddenly, all the benches in the room folded down and into the walls below them.  The movement made the increasingly anxious girl jump in surprise.  "What the heck is going on here?" she thought.  As if in answer, a portion of the wood paneling on the wall opposite the door slid down to reveal a screen that read:

Welcome to the epidermal revelation station.
Tap the screen when you are ready to begin.

Ona didn't like this one bit.  What the hell is ‘epidermal revelation,’ and why the fuck wasn't this door opening?  She began pounding on the wall where the door used to be and calling out for someone to help her.  She yelled louder and louder, but there was no indication that anyone outside could hear her.  She fought to control her panic and tried to methodically look around the rest of the room for a way out.  There was nothing to find.  Finally she looked back at the screen, which was still waiting for her to indicate that she was 'ready.'  Ready for what?  A minute ago she had no intention of 'beginning' anything with that screen, but now it seemed to be her only option, so she gave the screen a tentative poke.  The now very jittery girl jumped again when a drawer opened out from the wall on her right.  The screen now read:

1. Remove all of your clothing and jewelry and place it in the bin.

What the fuck?!  There was no way in hell she was going to do that.  She screamed at the top of her lungs for someone to let her out and she slammed herself into the wall where the door should have been.  She went silent for a moment and tried to listen for any sounds from the outside, but heard nothing.  Thinking about how thick the door had been, she wondered if the room was completely soundproof.  This was not good.  She had somehow triggered a trap, and she was thoroughly stuck.  But though there was apparently nothing she could do to get herself out, there was no way she was going to be stripping out of her clothes.  At least, that's what she thought at the time.  The screen began to make soft electronic beeps, and Ona saw that below the command to get naked, a countdown timer had appeared.  The screen made a soft beep every time one second went by:

56.... 55.... 54....

Ona briefly thought that maybe once a minute was up, this room would give up and let her out.  But as the numbers got lower and lower, the trapped girl got more and more worried about just what would happen.  When the clock hit 0, the screen announced:

Until you cooperate, you will no longer be
given the privilege of a heated space.

Ona felt a blast of cold air.  It seemed to be coming in from between all the wood panels, and soon the room was as cold as the outdoors.  Ona was none too happy about this development, but she had to chuckle.  Her mind had come up with all sorts of horrors as the timer neared 0.  A bit of cold was no worse than if this dumb booth hadn't been here in the first place.  It was going to take a lot more than that to get her to take off her clothes!

A humming noise from the ceiling caused the jittery girl to look up and see an array of nozzles poking out from the corner where the wood paneled walls met the ceiling.  She stepped away from the first one she saw, only to notice that these nozzles now ringed the ceiling.  Before she had a chance to cover herself, a blast of icy water hit her from all sides.  She was instantly drenched from head to toe. The cold air was now more than a small annoyance.  Ona renewed her screams for someone to help her, but got no more response than before.  She tried to do jumping jacks to keep herself warm, but periodic blasts of icy water from random jets above kept her soaking wet, and the air blowing around the room felt like it might be even colder than the outdoors.  Ona was now shivering uncontrollably and many body parts were starting to go numb.  She knew hypothermia wouldn't be far away, and when she saw that ice was forming on her shoes she made the decision that it would be better to obey the damn command than to freeze to death.

As fast as her numb fingers could manage, Ona began pulling off clothing and tossing it in the drawer.  Shoes, socks, spandex pants, windbreaker and long sleeve shirt all went in.  She hoped that the screen would be satisfied to get her in her underwear, but another blast of icy water told her otherwise.  She pulled off her wet sports bra, releasing her B-cup breasts and the nipples that had become rock hard from the cold.  Her panties were next, unveiling her nicely trimmed patch of pubic hair, and leaving her standing completely naked in the small room.  She screamed in frustration as yet another blast of cold water hit her right in the chest, shouting that she had done what she was told to do.  But then she saw that the words "and jewelry" had been highlighted on the screen.  "Fine, fucking taking it!" Ona yelled as she pulled off the couple rings she was wearing and her watch, and tossed them in the drawer.

As soon as the task was done, the drawer slid closed with a click and warm air started blowing out from the panels.  In a matter of seconds, the hot air had dried her skin and heated the room to at least 80 degrees.  Ona took a moment to just revel in the warmth before starting to worry about the fact that she was now butt-naked and all her clothing was locked away from her.  That included the key to her apartment and the ID and credit card that she carried with her when she ran.  She was in a real bind.  And that had just been command #1, what would be next?  Naked, trapped, and feeling very vulnerable, Ona’s mind came up with all sorts of horrible possibilities.  So when the screen changed, she was very pleasantly surprised to read:

2. Put on the approved running shorts.

A drawer to Ona's left had opened to reveal a pair of shorts.  They looked pretty skimpy, but she figured that anything was better than naked.  As she pulled them up, it became apparent that 'skimpy' was an understatement.  The shorts had high slits in the sides that left bare skin all the way up to the waist strap.  The panel in the back was just barely long enough to cover her ass and loose enough that any gust of wind would certainly bare parts of her cheeks.  Then Ona felt the waist strap tighten around her hips.  It wasn't painful, but it was worrisome that it had happened on its own.  She tried to tug on the strap, but its elasticity was now gone as well as all slack.  These shorts were as good as locked onto her, which was rather unsettling.  The screen then changed again, displaying a third command:

3. Put on the approved running bra.

Another drawer opened with this next item of clothing.  Ona was a lot more hesitant this time, not happy about the prospect of pulling something over her boobs that might be able to move by itself and not be removed.  But when the countdown timer on the screen started again, she quickly convinced herself that it wasn't worth refusing and getting another round of hypothermia-inducing blasts.  She knew she would pull this thing on if that happened, so she decided to save herself the trouble.  Like the shorts, the bra was a lot more revealing than any running bra she'd ever seen.  And as she had feared, the band underneath her breasts tightened and locked itself on as soon as the bra was in place.  The shoulder straps tightened next, pulling her nicely shaped boobs up, but still leaving them room to bounce.  Ona looked down at herself and saw that her nipples were clearly visible poking into the fabric.  As she watched, the shoulder straps tightened and loosened twice in fast succession, bouncing her boobs up and down and causing the silky fabric of the bra to rub against her nipples.  She grabbed at her mounds to stop the bouncing, but noticed that the rubbing had already caused her sensitive nipples to harden and poke out even further.  A flash on the screen caught her attention and she saw the next command:

4. Put on the collar.

Ona was already freaked out by having a bra locked to her chest that could play with her tits at will.  She was also especially sensitive about her throat.  She hated having anything press against her neck and wouldn't even wear high collared shirts.  There was no way she was going to put on the wide leather collar that was sitting in the third drawer, cold water be damned.  As the timer on the screen began counting down from 60, Ona started doing jumping jacks to try to raise her body temperature.  She was quite hot when the timer got to 0, but the cold blasts she was expecting didn't come.  Instead, she felt a searing pain across her ass.  She spun around to see what had hit her, only to feel a similar pain across her right nipple.  She realized it wasn't an external blow; it was her new clothing delivering some kind of electric shock to the sensitive flesh that was trapped beneath it.  Her left nipple was hit next, then her right nipple again, and again on her ass.  She tried to rip the bra off, but what looked like soft fabric must have been somehow reinforced.  There was no way it or the shorts were coming off.  As she realized this, she felt something tighten in the shorts, pulling fabric up and into her slit.  As soon as it was settled in, that fabric delivered the worst shock yet directly onto her sensitive pussy lips and clit.  Ona screamed, trying desperately to pull the fabric down.  But there was nothing she could do to stop the shocks.  Nothing, that is, but fasten the collar around her neck.  She hated herself for giving in, but she couldn't bear the pain anymore, so quickly grabbed the leather strip and wrapped it into place.  No sooner had she clicked the clasp closed than the collar tightened, just as she had feared.  It wasn't quite tight enough that it interfered with breathing, but it was terribly uncomfortable.  Ona quickly confirmed that the clasp was now locked shut.  She wasn’t happy about this at all, but when the screen changed again, she was surprised to see that the next command was one she could happily follow:

5. Put on the socks and your shoes.

Ona's own shoes, completely dried, were given back to her.  Unfortunately, the long socks she had been wearing were replaced with a short pair that were barely visible over the heal of her shoes, but it was better than nothing.  The next command took the sluttily dressed girl by surprise:

6. Enter your home address.

Ona laughed out loud.  If this thing thought she was going to tell it where she lived, it had worse programming than she thought!  A key pad was displayed on the touch screen, and she tapped in the words: "Fuck You."  When she hit enter, the screen displayed:

Hit enter to confirm that "Fuck You" is your address.
Be aware that the remainder of your clothing will be
delivered to this address following your run,
so be sure that it is a valid address.

Well shit, now Ona had to think about this.  Apparently she was going to be sent out running dressed like this.  The thought was mortifying; she'd be totally on display.  She tried to think about what she would do.  She should probably go straight to the police, but the station was at least 2 miles away and in the middle of a busy commercial area.  She didn't relish the idea of running through there, or going into a police station full of male chauvinistic cops, while she was dressed like this.  Her apartment, on the other hand, was only half a mile away through a residential neighborhood.  But she wouldn't be able to get in without the key that was with her clothes.  She could ask some neighbors for help, but she didn't want to do that dressed like this either.  If there was a chance that this thing would deliver her clothes so that she could get dressed before going to the cops, that would definitely be best. She still didn't want to give the thing her actual address, so she decided to give it a nearby intersection.  She knew there was a place there that she could hide, wait for the clothes to be delivered, then quickly get back to her house.

Upon confirming her address, the screen then read:

Thank you for participating in epidermal revelation.
You will now be released and your new clothing will lead you on a run.
Tap the screen for a demonstration of the command to turn left.

Ona stared at the screen.  She didn't like were this was headed at all, but there was nothing to do but tap the screen.  When she did, a gentle shock was delivered to her left nipple.  It wasn’t comfortable, but it wasn't really painful.  The screen then read:

Tap the screen for a demonstration of the command to turn right.

Ona yelled that she could fucking figure it out!  But she got no response, and there was no sense in delaying when she was apparently so close to getting free, so she tapped away and received the expected gentle shock to her right nipple.

Tap the screen for a demonstration of the command to run faster.

Ona definitely didn't like where there was going, but went ahead and tapped.  The shock she got across her butt cheeks was certainly not gentle, but it wasn't as bad as the shocks that had convinced her to put on the collar.  It also wasn't as bad as the command to run slower, she found out next, which was probably the same strength but was delivered to her cunt.  The next command was sure to be even worse:

Tap the screen for a demonstration of the
first-time punishment for trying to speak
or for not immediately obeying a command.

Ona had to hesitate at this one.  This was guaranteed to hurt, and knowing that made it hard to tap the screen.  But when the timer began counting down, she knew that she was going to get shocked either way, so she went ahead and touched the screen.  Pain seared through her neck.  Fuck, fuck, fuck, she thought, getting an idea of just how difficult it was going to be to disobey.  The screen informed her that subsequent punishments would continue to get increasingly intense.

Tap the screen for a demonstration of the
periodic reward for obeying commands.

Ona was almost as hesitant about this one, but she went ahead and tapped.  The fabric that had been pulled up her crotch began to vibrate.  The insistent vibrations seemed to center right over her clit, and despite herself, Ona got turned on and felt herself getting wet.  The vibrations stopped before getting her off, leaving her feeling unsatisfied.  She kept from touching herself and completing the job, not wanting to give in to this thing's power over her, but she knew inside that she was looking forward to her next 'reward,' and she hated herself for it.  The screen now said its goodbyes:

Thank you again for participating, and
for the epidermal exhibit you are about
to give to the males in the area who are
generally deprived of female epidermal
display during these winter months.


Ona was eventually guided to that intersection near her apartment that she had typed into the screen, but not until the sun was starting to set.  She had been out for far longer, and at a much faster pace, than she had intended when she left her apartment that morning.  Her muscles were absolutely killing her, but she had had ample encouragement to keep going, both from the collar and from the many many people she had run past.

Ona had certainly tried to run straight home when she was first released, but after the second correction shock, she knew she'd never make it.  She had swallowed her pride and tried to call out for help the first time she passed someone, but before she even got a full word out her collar cut her off with an excruciating zap.  She tried again right away anyway, but the 4th level punishment was by then so bad that she dared not try again.  And so she had run, wherever the shocks in her nipples guided her, and at whatever speed the shocks to her ass and crotch demanded.  Whenever she tired and slowed, a warning shock would hit her ass, and if her speed was not immediately corrected, yet another unbearable shock would hit her collar.

The weather stayed cold all day, but Ona was kept warm with the fast pace she was required to keep, as well as the burning embarrassment of displaying her body like this.  The whole length of her long bare legs flashed in the sun, the undersides of her ass cheeks showed with every step, and her breasts bounced wildly inside the skimpy bra that kept her nipples erect and visible at all times.  Whoever or whatever was directing her had no qualms about sending her through busy areas - parks, commercial districts, even a shopping mall and a library.  Wherever she went, she got appreciate cheers from the men, and usually snide remarks from the women.   They all thought she was a total slut, and she couldn't say anything to correct them.  Even if her collar did allow her to speak, the label slut felt about right.  The periodic vibrations in the crotch of her shorts kept her at a pretty high state of arousal.  That, combined with the constant teasing of her nipples and all the cat-calling she was getting had started to make her fantasize about jumping into the arms of one of the dozens and dozens of men that whistled at her and eye-fucked her as she ran by.

When Ona was finally steered back to the intersection she had given the computer, she was massively relieved to see that her clothes were indeed there, folded in a neat pile by the street sign post.  She was directed right up to the post then slowed to a stop.  As soon as she stopped moving, her collar made a small beep.  All at once, the collar, shorts, and running bra split apart and fell right off her body, leaving her standing there naked.  The mortified girl scooped up her own clothing and made a dash for her apartment, hoping nobody she knew was looking.

Once inside, Ona collapsed onto her bed, thrilled that the torturous run was finally over. After the crazy ordeal, it was hard for her to even decide what she wanted to do first: get in a hot shower, fall asleep right away, or grab a vibrator and finally get the orgasm that had been building all day.  But then one other priority entered her mind: revenge.  This whole thing wasn't planned and perpetrated by some computer, it was done by a person, and that person was going to pay.  She decided that before anything else, she'd better go pick up those damn running clothes and collar - they would be critical evidence when she went to the police.  But when she got dressed and went back to the intersection, her heart fell as she saw that the running clothes and collar were gone.  Shit, had some do-gooder anti-litter freak walked by and picked them up?  She looked up and down the street, but there was nobody in sight.  Kicking herself for not grabbing those items as soon as they fell, Ona then figured that she'd better go check on the "warming booth" in the park where this all started.

Ona wasn't up for running to the park, but it was a close enough walk.  When she got there, she found exactly what she had been dreading: nothing.  The booth was gone without a trace, and nobody in the park remembered seeing it be hauled away.  She would call the Parks Department later, but she was sure already that she wouldn't find anything.  With no physical evidence whatsoever, there was no point in even going to the police.  There's no way they would believe her story, and there certainly wouldn't be any way for them to find whoever did this.  Shit shit shit.  Some bastard had put her through hell all day long, and he was going to get away scott-free.


Ona was right that her tormentor was going to get away with everything he had done, to her as well as to the other dozen or so girls he had trapped in his booth in various parks around the city.  But Ona was wrong about not being left with any physical evidence.  During one of its many painful shocks, her collar had inserted a tiny grain-of-rice sized device into the back of her neck.  But since she'd never find it, it would never do her any good, and it might well end up doing the tagged girl plenty of harm.




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